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[2017.10.24] Update 7.2: Realm of Nightmares. Release.

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6 часов назад, Dariantes сказал:
I dropped this item and when it connects to other players who apparently use android (I did not test on the players with pc) 
the item buga the game and closes.

PS: Does anyone know how much this item is worth? credito be one of the first server to drop. :biggrin:SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH


Yeah, thanks, we are already working on figuring out this issue.


UPD the issue only appears on old clients. If update the game to version 7.2.0, the problem will disappear.


3 часа назад, Danfake сказал:


Please diminish the fear, it is exaggerated does not give nor to attack :ping4:



We'll check this too, thank you!

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Bloodthirsty Acella's Lair (recommended level - 16)
- unique weapons of levels 14 and 16 with Vampirism bonus
- unique cloaks, rings and amulets of levels 14 and 16 with physical/magical damage and Vampirism bonus
- common empower relics

K that very cool but if it lvl 16 recommended all lvl17/18... cant drop or only 2 level around the level required can drop?:snack-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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On 11/10/2017 at 4:27 PM, Daria said:


All gear for the horror event has already been made. We'll what it will bring us. :flying-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


Nothing new on accesories it seems, they are the same 2016 ones :sadowl: Also no diff cloak with mana reg for physical classes :cryingpumpkin:  

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11 hours ago, Urscrewed said:



there is a better way 

Just collect free mobs first and get em to the cloud

then hit the feared ones one time then go stand in the cloud they will follow u 

ranger is best or u can use the dreamthrower with 100% accu

also u might wanna get token buff from event :)

ALSO Eu crashed :|

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