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  2. все правильно поняли, забанили устройство мое, а акк мне не известен. буду обращаться к оператору, чтоб предоставил все интернет сессии с 15-16 числа и пускай Техподдержка проверит на IP и убедиться что с моего устройства подобных действий не было
  3. What Serbia?? Well, you may be right with the cost... Here's another, half-ready work of mine.
  4. On this stop fix bug preventing retrieval of characters... low ap Needed for new shit like wth you only get 150 ap out of 2 tics that is insane price and raise gold drop rate ... everything seems fine besides that also a implement to see char gear and bag when retrieving
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  6. No one is happy here, everyone is harmed, what you're talking about is bullshit! You must be a secret GM or pull ws bag, no one agrees with you, do not you see it? I'm hating this game more and more, and more!
  7. Let me tell you a little story: In t4 on map 4 I needed help with a Yellow quest. It was with the many wisps that appeared. I needed help. And even though there were boss farmer/questors close by it took me awhile to get it done. The refused to help me even though it would have taken 2 mins at the very most. Like I said: if people have less gold to spend then they cannot buy things to advance unless sellers drop the price. Will they? Most will hold out for as long as they think they can. Plus not to mention prices of arena tickets and more advance crafting resources have gone up in price. I know a lot things on here you cannot do alone however people are doing different things. You make it sound like people will drop helping guild members with their quests, arena, hunting enemy players or whatever for me. On another note players keep on calling out for help on the world chat for help with dgs or bosses on their map 1. Few help them. I do help them whenever I can but few others do.
  8. This game has only gotten worse every att you're wasting time, groping in the dark besides coins being so expensive the amplifications are unfair we spend a lot of time and $$ here for that? To have no respect at all? You do not even listen to us, we can not say anything! It is not worth playing a game where the player does not have the respect and feeling of the GM of THIS GAME! We are wasting time they are going to get worse!
  9. Gms, please, let the mobs' items be worth what they were worth before, do not you realize that this update hurts both who sells and purchases items with gold? You just disappoint, do not respect the people who play this game. Each update you give a way to make the game worse, until when it will be so you do not give the least to us who play your game, do you only care about yourself? And they are still arrogant! When we come to complain, they do nothing to solve the situation!
  10. befriend? is that food? is it edible to eat?
  11. Hey Gm Need to fix the ferocity weapon bug, it's hitting less than the normal pvp staff.
  12. Oh, i didn`t know abt this topic, been scrolling and translating the russian forum when they posting and so on....
  13. Games evolves + now you will have to interact with other players, befriend them and play together to gain the same as before. I say it is a big plus and probably the main idea from AIGRIND. Will be easier for low levels to find friends to play with. You can also make more chars and use them to craft materials while your main doing the gear crafts.
  14. PvE режим на данный момент растоптан и с принципиальной точки зрения, и с практической, и заведомо поставлен на позицию гораздо ниже арены, че в нем забыл то?
  15. намёк на то, что уровень в варспе лучше сильно не апать.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Да если сделать рандомную арену 5_5 3-3, народ сразу туда ринется) лично я точно)), сливать патькам в фул величии вообще неинтересно... Чтож пускай дальше собирают патьки себе для слива и аренят сливом, так же круче) хд...
  18. Короче, лично мое мнение: арена 5/5 буит мертвой до тех пор пока не сделают рандомное попадание на нее, чтобы нельзя было аренить в собранных патьках, потому что аренить никто не будет против патьки с топ ги с фул величием и аурой гладиатора, это чистый слив, никто не хочет так аренить... Надеюсь ув. Разработчики в будущем сделают рандомную арену 5/5.. , вчера все прекрасно жали арену 5-5 рандомно народ радовался этому, никто не собирал патьки, и когда все жмут рандомно то шансы на победу у всех примерно 50-50, но как только вылазит топ патька в фул величии, вся эта балансная арена превращается в унылый слив крч обидно..(, кстати если введете только рандомно попадание, сливы пропадут сразу и арена реально заживет))
  19. One thing about this is with people getting less gold overall people selling items will have a harder time selling unless they drop the prices. People cannot cling to each other all the time. People are doing different things and have different ways of getting stronger.
  20. Why do you guys play a MMORPG game pretending to play alone?
  21. Anohter thing to be implemented by manager and ingenier to give to developers to do at craft by reach a goal lvl in craft to open more slots up to 15 slots to can craft more fast and easy{max craft task in same time 15 slots same ast stalls how are made}!!!!
  22. u did not get it or u just troll here? i have higher char dont care i writed sample example lol {facepalm} and is true cocoons was better!!!
  23. Well like everyone has said since 2011, even i have been told it. Make a higher level char for farming it then
  24. Everything is good except the Amount of gold dropping from mobs! Cocoon was much more better :'(
  25. If u can beat them solo 28 level bosses with level 6 go ahead xD drop gold 1 does worth-ed? <<<<---- AS SAMPLE EXAMPLE
  26. There is also mini bosses, bosses and dgs
  27. Happened but can be changed to solo player get gold amount by lvl higher mob than him more gold :P is something simple to change amount by crown level colour of mob! exemple signs of filth past droped 20g piece now worth nothing... so we need be made an limit of gold at solo players farmers!
  28. Короче крафт умер, осталося он глубоким зодротам. С 18 лвл на 19 лвл на 120к опыта крафта. А с таким количеством заданий на крафт, задача на массовый сбор ресурсов будет примерно раз в 2 дня? Или больше? Теперь без задротсва сколько месяцев, лет крафт с 18 на 20 качать?
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