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  2. Where are you following the news? Can't find anything on this forum, and Russian forum is hard to track.
  3. Iserega кид

    мораль сей басни такова на склад что ценое поставишь то будь готов лохом ты станешь
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  5. for years the low levels are abandoned

    Wait. What? U do map 1 dgs with lvl 19 char or did u mean map 2 dg?

    I love shield+rain=heal. Otherwose i propably wouldnt have survives all the way there
  7. Ayvondil boss locations

    SATRAPS OF THE FILTH There are 8 total satraps (first picture shows locations) 2 on elf side 2 on mc side 4 in middle on neutral zone All 8 are required to kill for achievement PONTIFICES OF THE DEPTH There are total of 10 pontifices. 5 on elf side and 5 on mc 2nd screenshot is mc side 3rd is elf sode pontis All 10 are required to kill for achievement 80k (89k or t3) There are 2 bosses on both sides and 4 bosses in middle 4th picture shows location on elf side (those caves) 5th shows mc side locations (again,caves) If you go to opposite factions side you get poisoned and it will drain your health 90k (95k,t4) There are 3 on elf side and 3 on mc side 6th picture shows locations on mc side 7th shows locations on elf side (thank you Jenon for sendind that) 200k (or part of t4) 8th shows their locations. Orange line is where pteriks (one of bosses) might be. Everytime it died it spawns to different location (there are few more tiles down but map didnt show all at once) Blue spot is engineer but well talk about it later RAID BOSSES 9,10th picture spawn and costume 11,12 faceless and costume 13,14 black elm amd costume 15,16 engineer and costume Kronus (i know its not in ayvo but i include it anyway) It took 2h to take these ss (and find them from google,thats why names are covered if i wasnt there) Engi and elm fights are only ones that i havent been in so i couldnt take my own ss.
  8. Server Overloaded?

    Hey there! I guess that was because of test server too
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  10. Server Overloaded?

    Server overloaded? It is taking a long time to log in, in Server BR-Tourmaline I have good connection always happens at certain time of night because this happens
  11. Well i hope GM will make everyone have a chance to win something. Because GM like to make the dg's harder and harder every year and now alot people dont get a chance to win anything becouse the dg is too hard for them
  12. Вот такой плащ очень нужен рейндеру после изменения прицельной стрельбы.
  13. Маги и пвп.

    Я говорил про 2х2 арену, ты мне предлагаешь за дк нагнуть мага 1х1. Не стоит смешивать несмешиваемое.
  14. Do we know the exact date that the update will arrive?
  15. Test servers are currently offline. They will be opened tomorrow. Just follow the news.
  16. Мошенники сервера Ru-Amber

    Новый кид амбера Iserega вынес склад под чистую Как только получил иследа
  17. Iserega кид

    Выгреб все под чистую Как только получил иследа((( скринила не все ток часть
  18. for years the low levels are abandoned

    well i agree about the lvl 14-16 dg, but for the rest i think it wouldn't make sense to lvl up if there wasn't some unique things only high lvl could drop:for instance bank costumes, skill books and OP relics. And i am one of those lazy ppl who do not want to lvl up. I reached Ayvondil at lvl 26 when i was able to solo chainless cuz was too lazy to find a pt. Im still lvl 26 and the only dg i could make profit from is Kronus (other high lvl dgs not available yet), and i only spam it during event cuz otherwise it's too long to find a pt. Im sure it wouldn't harm high lvl to add dgs for middle lvls with mid lvl rewards, but i disagree with more. I think that when u understood it game gives a lot possibilities for low lvls. For instance i can make 10k in 3 hours just doing solo map 1 dgs, crafting and farming and 4-5 swamp quests with lvl 19 druid. See? i have almost no tie with ppl in game, i do not buy mcoins, i don't play much and very irregularly (almost only holydays), and still things are going quite well, i am even developping my own guild now. If it was easier don't u think it would be unfair for ppl who lvled up to 28? Dropping troll under lvl 20? cmon u can't just come into the game and become Cresus without playing. Lvl 20 is not even that hard to reach, since u can do it with map 2 dailies, u do not even need ayvondil.
  19. Don't use google translate First answer will be "In English, please". As a russian native speaker I don't understand anything
  20. Хочешь красиво? Рысуй САМ! Вкусы у всех разные, всем додикам неугодить Темболе это безплатная игра, она некому нечего недолжна.
  21. weww i want that staff as 24 lvl :*
  22. Ура! В полноэкранном режиме вы не можете увидеть, где вы перемещаться с помощью мыши, увидеть круглый круг, но не двигаться я двигаю мышь и посмотреть не только клавиатуры мыши стрелку стрелки прибоя! Исправьте эту ошибку на ОС (Windows 7 32бит полный размер экрана FHD 1900x 1080, двойной 3.06) (ATI Radeon X1950 Pro Gaphics). Благодарим Вас за письма и scuzama плохо на русском языке! I wait answers in ENGLISH!
  23. for years the low levels are abandoned

    The game is good the way it is meh. And there has to be a difference between levels somehow
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