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  1. TEST about some necro skills

    I think he meant that if you spend 3 skill points on poison shield (to make it level 4), you will get to heal 210 * 4 (840 total). Also don't forget the necro will have to lose time casting 2 skills. I guess it's a nice gimmick to use on dungeons but outside that, it's ridiculously weak compared to any other heal in the game. For example: druid can use secret link level 1 (doesn't have to spend any point) and heal more than that with a single skill casting. I know it's offtopic but I will go as far to say necro is the worst class in the game right now with the new resistance stat. Necro is all about debuffing the enemy and now each one of his half descent skills has a chance to fail.
  2. Attention pls, inform to all charmers

    Also, if you have all the expert skills like myself, hotkey only the skills with the shorter cooldows so you have a faster knowledge recharging rate.
  3. Join LeAcHe GUILD!

    Wow epic video bro, gratz. Only reason I dont join Leache is because there's a noob charmer ganking everyone.
  4. Charmer useless in snow EVENT for sure, thanks GM

    nah, same damage as warlock if you know how to play.
  5. necro compare druid

    I will be the first one to answer your question instead of babbling about unrelated things. Necro is better at PvE. And that's about it. Currently only the following classes are usable on arena: death knight barbarian charmer druid paladin blade dancer All other classes are just for PvE and you shouldn't even bother getting arena gear on them. Unless you have fun beating people with poor knowledge of the game/way worse gear. Edit: If you are part of the stupid group of players who gives 1v1 any relevance, I guess you could use hunter and warlock, get first signal, stun cycle your enemy to death and feel good about yourself.
  6. Cyberworld deleted BlitzKrieg ]:> (US-Sapphire)

    The thing with passing only to heirs is a lie, I already lost a guild because it passed to some random noob who was not heir. The only way you can be sure is to kick everyone.
  7. Cyberworld deleted BlitzKrieg ]:> (US-Sapphire)

    cyberworld = cybernem?
  8. Cyberworld deleted BlitzKrieg ]:> (US-Sapphire)

    How did you had a level 14 guild?
  9. I'm damage and healer, SEE the picture.

    I agree, a proper charmer can out damage warlocks with same amp. My +7 charmer can do almost the same damage as my +10 warlock.
  10. Shield rune for tanking

    Both are equally good. If you are the type of person who don't mind relying on luck, choose block. If you are the type of person who wants stability on everything you do, choose defense rune. Don't forget max block is 20%, so if you have otherwordly blessing on 4 maybe you don't need block rune. Edit: If you will use your charmer for PVE tanking, use block rune. Edit2: Yes otherwordlyblessing is already useful on level 1 because it also heals you a little.
  11. Weapon Is Lost

    Oh, the heartbreaking moment when a noob realizes this is a pay to win game
  12. So, gladiator chests costs 250 ap on map 1 (native island), 450 ap on map2 (irselnort) and 650 ap on map 3 (ayvondil). Is there any difference between those chests besides the level of scrolls and potions you can get? Does gladiator chest from ayvondil (650 ap) have higher chances to give you book of resilience or costumes than chests from native island (250 ap)?
  13. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    First of all, it is a 7 yard stun that can be countered by: Necro shield skill Shaman shield skill Dk shield skill Priest shield skill Mage ethereal barrier Paladin shield skill Bd shield skill Druid healing barrier Barbarians and mage's anti cc High dodge In other words, it can be countered by half of the existing classes. Secondly, from where did the argument that having more range on stun is op came from? I never saw any necro complaining that druid and paladin can get initiative over necro's 4 yard stun and stun cycle him to death. This only matters if you think the game is a series of 1v1 matches. Which you all should have learned by now that it's not. If you got stunned, it's your teammate's job to support you and keep you alive. This is basic strategy that every 1v1happy player have difficulty to learn.
  14. Charmer - Spawn kill in solo

    wow charmer op! gm plz nerf!
  15. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    The extra damage and the stun only activate if the first attack attack does more than 0 damage. Again, you are complaining about a skill you have no idea how it works. Which is exactly the behavior of someone that cries instead of trying to figure out the game.