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  1. Indeed rogue is one of the weakest classes right now. I suggest you make a BD on elf side or change to Barbarian on mc side.
  2. No, you are wrong. All the dogs take the same damage regardless of how many dogs are spawned. I have tested.
  3. great ideia, but won't be implemented because aigreed will lose money.
  4. This is one of the best talents in the entire game. It's FREE 13% damage reduction calculated AFTER defenses and resilience. Also, even if you have 9K hp, the dogs will still be alive after you die. Calculation: Suppose you have 9000 hp and you start taking damage with the key talent active. Redirected damage = (13/100 * 9000) * 3 = 3510 Dog hp at level 5 is 3.6k ish on level 32.
  5. The problem with seeker is when used with stun buffs (like I said before: potion, food, scroll, horror talents. No need to sacrifice resilience). With daggers you can easily permastun + big damage one target because high attack speed = more chance to proc. This is my only complaint. Maybe nerf stun stat and make it proc only once each x seconds so that the target can find a gap to defend himself.
  6. Guys, stop downplaying seeker damage just because you are on their faction. Seeker with dagger and stun buffs (from pots, scrolls and horror passives) is OP, period. It has nothing to do with him having better gears or better amp. Unless you are a DK or a barb, you will die before you can do anything. And BD is op because of the stun/debuff ignoring skill and insane damage. BD anti stun skill lasts for too long and let's him completely ignore one stat/aspect of the game which is resistance. Yes, mage and barb also has anti stun skill but for some reason they gave a much better version of it to BD.
  7. Please fix the talent UI. It get's messed up every time you go to login screen to change characters. Only solution is to close the application and start again.
  8. I have relic of magic reaction on my necromancer's nightmare and sometimes it doesn't activate when it should. It started happening after one of the recent updates. To fix this, I always have to go to skill menu, turn off magic reaction relic (select another relic instead), save, select magic reaction relic, and save again.
  9. nabnecro

    Server down

    Sapphire is down
  10. nabnecro


    Seeker is op right now, but developers are very slow to do anything about that (this is why blade dancers stay op for a very long time before it gets any nerf).
  11. LMAO at nerfing necro even more. Now you can't even use poison shield to defend against rogue's first strike on stealth! Also, poison activation can now be blocked and dodged (which doesn't even make sense) No offense but you guys are a joke, this is one of the reasons this will be forever a amateur game run by amateur development team.
  12. Currently, necro is the worst pvp class in the game while blade dancer is #1. Yet, developers decided to nerf necro AGAIN and buff blade dancer AGAIN. Shows how clueless they are about the game. I have both charmer and necromancer (both properly geared) and the difference is like day and night. Necromancer is absolute garbage for pvp and will be even worse after update. Removing the acid rain + poison shield combo is the dumbest thing they could think of. It's like the philosophy behind their decisions is "make necro easier to use but at same time make it worse".
  13. How can game developers be so clueless about blade dancers being broken?
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