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  1. No motivation to spam dg if drops are same as last year's...
  2. What about dungeon drops? Level 27 cloaks and rings maybe?
  3. I'm wondering who's the best DK in us Sapphire

    He is asking who is the best. Remember, "best" means the most effective. Not the player who plays most aligned to your individual definition of fairness.
  4. crossbow too hard go to +10

    "Several computational methods for random-number generation exist. Many fall short of the goal of true randomness, although they may meet, with varying success, some of the statistical tests for randomness intended to measure how unpredictable their results are (that is, to what degree their patterns are discernible)." What I'm saying is that, warspear RNG looks very suspicious to me in the sense that it should be the same success rate at all times but, more often than not, weird things happen like trying to great charm with 350 defense runes in a row all failed while on another day, using just 15-25 runes can great enchanted each piece of your equipment. It does look like sometimes warspear throws the dice and only number 1,2 and 3 come out as result while on another day it works as it should (ie: u can get numbers 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 1/6th of the time).
  5. I'm wondering who's the best DK in us Sapphire

    Because using the optimal build for a certain class makes other people lose against them, and since you are salty because you lost to a certain person you will never admit that person is good. /thread
  6. crossbow too hard go to +10

    Correction: They dont' want to reveal actual chances. See other mmos and they always reveal success chances for improving equipment. From my experience, +9 to +10 weapon looks like 0.5%~1%.
  7. crossbow too hard go to +10

    There are many reports that the RNG on this game is ducked up and depends on the period of the time you are amping. Because of that, you should never use more than 10 sets at one go because amp is "locked" at certain times. Try using 5-10 sets one day, if it doesn't amp, try to spend 5-10 more sets on another day.
  8. "Screen bugs" explained

    The guy made a 4:21 video showing everything that can induce position desync and you guys still talking about connection's fault rofl. Walking from one side from the map to another while getting hit and/or using skills will make the screeen show the wrong placement of your character no matter how good is your internet connection. You will only able to see things on the correct placement if you change map, disconnect and connect or click into a cell and stand still until the server hitbox reaches the client hitbox. And prolly they will never fix it because: 1) It would be too much work to rewrite netcode. 2) Layman like you and 95% of the players who doesn't understand anything about netcode in online gaming will still buy that it's is our internet's fault.
  9. "Screen bugs" explained

    Finally a video explaining this. So there's 3 known ways of triggering position desync: 1) Attacking someone 2) Getting hit 3) Using skill while you are walking You mentioned each of those actions delay your position by exactly 1 tile but I think it delays like 0.5 tiles each time. I mean if you use 3 skills while walking you will be something like 2 yards away from where you really are and not 3. There is one more way of getting the wrong placement of players on the screen which is: lagging. But the most important thing that this video showed is that, unlike some moderators said and repeated like parrots, position desync is not player's connection fault. It can be caused by the simple fact of 1) attacking someone, 2) getting hit, 3) using any skill while you are walking. And to aggravate the problem, the client only refreshes the screen when you transition into another map or when you log off and log on. I'd rather see people teleporting but being show on the correct position than see everyone walking smoothly but not on the real space they are occupying. I understand warspear is an old game but this kind of outdated netcode makes classes that rely on area of effect skills very unpleasant to play. I hope a developer take notes on what is in this video and try to improve this situation.
  10. sell steam bender costume 300k us-sapphire mc side
  11. Amp is broken

    Hello, can you guys check if there is anything wrong with my account or character? I have a chamer called Tchernobog on US-Sapphire, used more than 1400 signs on mace and it doesn't amp. Spent already $500 and got nothing in return.
  12. The over powered classes

    good old r0land
  13. PvP and Arena discussion board

    They already changed the system so we can get more arena games. Skill points doesn't matter much anyway, what matters is amp level and player skill.
  14. Seal arena - Nerf life seal

  15. Ranger Is Too Overpowered!

    Looks like, I overestimated you when I said you could take off 25% of my HP.