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  1. nabnecro


    Funny topic, I kill paladins easy. Tip: Stay away from banner and don't be close to your teammate or else fetter will stun more targets from your team. The only class who needs to be nerfed right now is barbarian.
  2. nabnecro

    [2018.09.28] Meet the event "Hot weekend"

    Does level 28 get book from berengar tower heroic? or only from mythic?
  3. Was this on the first test day? I heard they nerfed it on the second open test.
  4. Read my post again, maybe use a better translator from English to whatever your native language is.
  5. The cooldown stat affects how quickly you recharge your skills. For example, if you have 100% cooldown, your skill will recharge twice as fast (thus a skill with 30 secs delay will recharge in 15 secs).
  6. Barbarian is already the strongest class in the game (pvp and arenawise). It's insane how some people have the guts to ask buffs for him 🧐
  7. Pala was over nerfed, druid root duration increase was unecessary and necro and priest ressurrection skills should be allowed to be used 1 time per match on arena (or number of uses on arena increases with skill level). Otherwise, nice balance changes.
  8. nabnecro

    Account sharing on US-Sapphire

    Hello, I suspect a player named Irfu is sharing his account with other players so he can spam arena 24 hours per day (or close to that). Server: US-Sapphire. Is this against the rules?
  9. I will wait for an administrator to answer this question
  10. Hello, I have a question. Suppose a charmer wins arena season (1st place). Will he be able to choose the type of the ring (magic or physical) and boots (cloth boots or heavy boots)?
  11. nabnecro

    The point we came to

    Only a few classes have enough damage to kill a warden. If your charmer is physical build, you can kill him using knowledge of deadman (don't use normal attacks or any other attack skills)
  12. nabnecro

    Warden , need nerf?

    Devs fail to see 1 step ahead of their noses. Warden became broken after developers decided to buff the block status (now blocking dot skills).