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  1. whats the success rate for critical enchatment?

    On an average day, you will spend 20 to 30 runes/crystals for an great enchant (so it's around 3.5% to 5%). HOWEVER bear in mind this: Same applies for runes and crystals. So, don't try to use more than 30 runes/crystals per day.
  2. My account was blocked for no reason

    Already sent and they gave me this nonsense answer
  3. My account was blocked for no reason

    Support's response: "Hello!Dear Player,The account xxxxxxx has been blocked permanently due to serious multiple violations of EULA and our terms.The reason of account blocking:Advertising fraudulent sites in the game" This doesn't make any sense, I never did such a thing lol.
  4. All my accounts were blocked for no reason. The only thing I can think of is that I play warspear from 3 different locations (work, home and cellphone) and the system is thinking there are more than 1 person getting access to this account.
  5. About Arena 3x3...

    Time to start merging servers, or at least merge it for arena demands.
  6. Is this game still pay to win?

    Pay and abuse the system to win (this applies to all arena rankings). You don't need skill, just need to have a lot of friends to abuse the system with you.
  7. Real PvP cave

    If you were to understand warspear mechanics, you would understand 1v1 will never be fair in this game.
  8. I will try with my necro today (only done with charmer, shaman and lock for now). Maybe mental pit and panic can slow down his healing rate. Priest maybe impossible if low amp. The only thing I can imagine is using that AOE buff skill to buff all helping mobs's attack. Update: It was very easy for my necro. Was using a +10 arena staff, lightning minion mental pit 4 and panic 4. I just kept killing the black mobs and spammed all attack skills on spawner when there were no black mobs left. My guess is that mental pit reduces both the healing rate and healing value (just like when used on players).
  9. A little advice for people having problems against the spawner: If you are damage dealer, you just need to nuke it. If you are a stunner (lock, charmer, dk, druid, paladin) , just apply your longest stun cycle on crystal, he can't regenerate health while stunned. If you are a tanker, aggro all the black mobs so they wont kill the white mobs.
  10. Real PvP cave

    Pvp (as in duel) and pvp cave was the worst thing invented by our warspear community. It's a cancer for this game for many reasons I and I hope the developers never take this suggestion into account.
  11. Blade Dancer bugged yards ?

    Im summary, there are at least 3 factors (that I'm aware of) which can induce position desync (ie. will make the game show the position of the players in the wrong place). 1) Using any skill while walking: As you use any skill while walking, your client will show your character as he is walking nonstop while in reality, your character stayed 1 yard behind while doing so. 2) Getting hit by any attack: Same situation as #1. Everytime you get hit by any attack while walking, your client will no longer show your correct position on the map unless you walk into a spot and stand still until your server hitbox (your real location on the map) reaches the spot your client is showing to you. 3) Lagging: Each time you lag, you stop receiving packets from the server. In the meantime you are lagging, your client will not show correctly the placement of players and monsters on the map (this is expected). WHOEVER, after you are back from, let's say, 2 seconds of lag, instead of updating the placement of everything on the screen to their correct position, your client will just keep showing the wrong placements unless you reconnect or change the map. It's ok to show wrong placement of players if you are lagging, the problem is that the correct placement is not updated on the screen even after you are back from lag. As you can see, any player can use situation #1 and #2 (specially #1), to purposely induce enemy player client to show the wrong placement to them. This is specially useful to catch people who is running away from you on circular maps (I do it myself and sooner or later always catch people who is trying to run away) or to make other players miss their AOE skills (skills that are targeted on the ground instead of the player). This whole scenario affects every class in the game but I would say it specially benefits classes that are stronger at close range (BD being the prime example).
  12. Blade Dancer bugged yards ?

    Watch the video.
  13. Blade Dancer bugged yards ?

    Position desync can be induced even if all players have perfect connections with low latency and 0% packed loss. This is warspears netcode's fault even tho some moderators say otherwise.
  14. I love solo dungeons, hope it doesn't require too much amp to complete them.
  15. Some balancing suggestions

    You are right, maybe introduce some passive skill to necro/priest that provides this stun protection only on them.