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  1. Hello, I have a question. Suppose a charmer wins arena season (1st place). Will he be able to choose the type of the ring (magic or physical) and boots (cloth boots or heavy boots)?
  2. nabnecro

    The point we came to

    Only a few classes have enough damage to kill a warden. If your charmer is physical build, you can kill him using knowledge of deadman (don't use normal attacks or any other attack skills)
  3. nabnecro

    Warden , need nerf?

    Devs fail to see 1 step ahead of their noses. Warden became broken after developers decided to buff the block status (now blocking dot skills).
  4. More content focused on boring grinds instead of fun gameplay. Yay
  5. I will get back to this game when the following issues are addressed: 1) Too much advantage for mcoin users. 2) Too much advantage for players in high level guilds. 3) Game rewards spam instead of skill. Ie: Winning arena season is a matter of having more time to spam tickets ( or having a friend to do so while you sleep ) and not player skill. 4) Outdated net code.
  6. nabnecro

    Solution to permanent CC(crowd controls)

    The solution to permanent CC is accpeting this game is not 1v1 oriented and have your teammate cover your ass while you are being controlled.
  7. nabnecro

    My account was blocked for no reason

    I think the link is fixed now:
  8. nabnecro

    My account was blocked for no reason

    Now I understand what happened, please read this:
  9. Hello guys. I have been playing Warspear for roughly 5 years now. First time I give it a go, I immediately got hooked by the art style and graphics of the game. I started a necromancer and named it Negativism because of a band I liked. I have other level 28 characters and most of them are also named after band names I liked. I consider myself a competitive player on any online game I decide to play, so it wasn't any different in this game. After I got to level 28 on my characters, I started focusing on becoming a strong pvp player while also being good at making gold by my self. Then, I have learned about the amplification system and enchanting system on this game. This was the only aspect of the game that I really disliked, the random nature of the amplification system is very similar to luck based casino games where you need bet real money. After some calculated risks, a fair amount of real money spending and and a lot of gold farming, I managed to build optimal pvp characters. Since then, I started uploading a few videos on youtube, farming some strong bosses and beating what most consider the strongest players on US-Sapphire. While I have a tendency to be a troll on online gaming, I did make a few friends and there's also a lot of people who respect me because of how optimal I play my main classes (necromancer and charmer). Recently, I haven't been very active and used my spare time mostly to play arena and block (and annoy) strong players (on both MC and elf side) who abuse the arena system. Many times I have thought about quitting the game because the game has become so stale and repetitive, with arena season dominated by the same group of unskilled players working together to abuse the system and no one to confront them due to fear of being kicked from their guilds. And now, I just got the final incentive to completely drop the game: AiGrind banned my main account. At first, I honestly didn't understand why I got the ban. And today, after reading a post from Daria, I finally understood what happened: A long, long time ago (guessing 5 months or more), there was a bot advertising a scam website on the world chat. People who know me, are aware that I'm a very sarcastic person. So what happened was that I jokingly replied to the bot by something like "wow this site really works :* (heart shaped eyes face)". And that's it, I don't run any scam websites and even if I did, I would never be dumb enough to use my main account with +10 gears to advertise this kind of thing. I was however, dumb enough to trust that AiGrind would not warrant me a ban over a single sarcastic comment I did regarding a scam bot. Anyway, I hope I made it clear that I'm not a scammer, just a person with sarcastic sense of humor. I wish good luck to all the friends/people who have supported me during my stay on US-Sapphire. Peace out.
  10. nabnecro

    whats the success rate for critical enchatment?

    On an average day, you will spend 20 to 30 runes/crystals for an great enchant (so it's around 3.5% to 5%). HOWEVER bear in mind this: Same applies for runes and crystals. So, don't try to use more than 30 runes/crystals per day.