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  1. New CC items or even dubloon items from npcs take very little in terms of resources to add whether they be cosmetic based, consumables or anything else. Those types of items with an insane amount required let's say 50k+ CC for super rare items the vendor has acquired, they could relate to the weekly wars also if not cosmetic (skins, costumes, hair) So let's say winners of the wars now receive CC at the end similar to Chaos event (something would need to be done participation wise to stop afk people is all) but yeah you receive CC and GP to the winner. Add minions, buff scrolls, costumes (recolor a dragonborn if you must and make a commander costume), no one wants this but armors with attributes similar to T5 that only work in Irsenort for war, that kinda stuff for CC currency. There's a lot of interesting things you can do to refresh the game without having to write tons of new code until larger updates are available.
  2. Appreciate the update on progress, I do think a class re-balance even if no new experts should be scheduled this year however even if further revised at spring.
  3. Oh and off topic but also a Barber npc would be nice who can sell the hairstyles in game (mcoin sets available at npc also) So when you buy or acquire a hairstyle, you "own" it and for a fee at the npc you can change it back to previous styles owned. This won't affect coin sales as should still be you buy say Barber Set you get 1 choice, so "owning all" you'd need to buy that item multiple times. Hair colors should also be sold at the npc but they should always be 1 time usage so never "owned". That is all.
  4. @Reivenorik relay this to devs please Can you guys please give all classes the option to choose the skins we achieve based on weapon types the class is able to use. (Example you play Bladedancer you get access to dagger + sword + axe skin choices) Getting 400+ achievements is already no small feat but to then to get a skin for a weapon type you don't even use (2h in my case) that is 1 time use is insane. As these skins are also not easy to get and you can't get them back, can you give an option to unbind/cleanse only those skins (mcoin or in game item) so they can be reused. Benefits ----------------------------------- More unique looks (e.g. 3 rogues all using same dagger skins not limited to those, thus varied looks) Mcoin usage if unbind option is available Me happier 😉
  5. Tf... ignore me just salty from the opened chests and quest done prior this
  6. Chaos event just ended, the largest guild decided to go to war hence the numbers, usually half the population stays in T1 As per incentive to make people go to war this I believe has been suggested multiple times but to no avail. That whole war system of Irselnort needs to be changed and rewards offered to winning alliances (buffs, GP, chests, special DG access, gear etc) based on participation, kills that sort of thing, I could go further into this but rather not as seems futile.
  7. Can we get a normal weakish potion seller npc please (not food), considering they burn through so fast?
  8. Exactly how was it not working before? Also does this stat only affect maps where you can drown? Basically does this work in ST dungeons?
  9. Once a week would have been better imo to keep ppl from maxing it out too soon, since dungeon will give also, but either way
  10. Also not many have high talents which will give resist to stuns/blinds/poison and so on which will allow for easier passage @Reivenorik Side note: There's an annoying issue crossing maps and mana regeneration where it will just drain if you cross, stop and recross maps. As using a class with 2 continuous skills little annoying to have to reactivate them constantly. Curious minds also want to know what % does critical hit book give
  11. Invisible > net it > walk left to draw it out
  12. Love update, good job Just one little thing, how about giving classes that can uaw different weapons the option to pick the achievement skin they want ...a 2h skin is useless to me
  13. That's gonna kill so many people taZc1oM.mp4
  14. I actually meant to revert back to personal based use, should have been clearer. Like if you overwrite a skill, old skills are still available
  15. @[email protected] Due to all these passive expert skills please consider giving us a mcoin option to unbind old skills used, same to relics and weapon skins
  16. This is usually a problem when content becomes to easy to beat, i.e 1 stam spammable due to complaints then everything drops in the space of a week and becomes worthless, then devs hoping it will last longer now have an angry mob of players demanding new stuff. Hopefully the difficulty of the new area and it's drops are kept hard to get to keep things fresh for a while while allowing devs time to work on future expansions. Lol okay
  17. Lovely, now can I troll and inflict bleed on others so they get eaten or is the bleed different to normal bleed?
  18. Winter

    Proposing Changes

    So this class has been neglected from the get go; a lot of garbage expert skills, rag doll in pvp, no significant buffs to fix their downfalls and all around frustrating with mana changes, insanely high mana consumption AND accuracy (as it's a melee class) being heavily required. I'm just going to spitball a couple changes to improve the class as played it since released exclusively, feel free to chime in or add your own input. Base Skills Splitting this skill is fine, with the last update boosting it's damage and lowering cooldown, can't complain Harad's Shield Honestly also fine, the shield is like paper and is usually broken in 1 attack anyways just means your damage buff is available after one hit. Adding a low to medium chance to evade melee attacks at 5/5 at a percentage or control effects if the shield can absorb more damage would be welcomed. But it can stay as is in my opinion also *Cosmetics; change the effect to be more subtle so it's not a giant disco ball Inspiration Great skill but should raise either accuracy or attack speed as the skill develops also as seekers significantly lack those stats Disappearance Also no major complaints *Cosmetics; change the smoke to more like a teleport fx or lightning like inspiration, it is a paladin after all (not too picky on this just saying) Exacerbation This one should be changed a bit where at higher levels it has a chance to see cloaked characters but only temporary example; 3/5 show hidden enemy targets within 4 yards for 2 seconds, repeats every 8 seconds after example; 5/5 show hidden enemy targets within 6 yards for 3 seconds, repeats every 6 seconds after This would help a lot in pvp vs cloaked classes and wars and adjust current play styles *Cosmetics; is a smaller circle or effect too much to ask for? *Mechanics; Lower the insanely long activation and deactivation time of the skill, it's infuriating, also relics are useless with it as it is @Exa mechanics; consider continuous relics as long as the skills of classes with these abilities are up instead Expert Skills Sun Nets All good no issues Solar Power Again no major mechanics issues fair trade offs *Cosmetics; Semi copied Mage effect, can we get something new please? Splitting Blow Would rather this be a short ranged attack (2 yards) or maybe even long ranged to slow targets down, as melee can be blocked/dodged/parried so ya Its effects else wise are fine Bloodthirst Also fine skill, instant which is good but i didn't touch on like all seeker skills mana consumption could be altered Attraction Okay this is useless, by the time you pull (and there is a casting delay) and the target is immobilized the debuff wears off before you can even get one good attack in. Give it the exact same activation as the harpoon skill from the spring event where there was no delay and maybe add a bleed but no slow as a debuff versus the increased damaged with the copied DK skill effect *Cosmetics; Redo the whole look just unsalvagable Inner Rage Useless passive, by the time it activates you're basically dead, change the whole thing Either a mana restoring skill to benefit pve, remember leveling this will limit other skills you can add points to Or a skill similar to rogues old absolute reflexes to benefit pvp which would evade "only" ranged attacks (note not control effects) This would allow seekers a chance to actually get within range of others rather than being kited to death by bows and magic Exhaustive Blow So useless it's not even funny, I have no solution for this maybe replace it entirely Perhaps a short range aoe debuff that will lower cd, dodge of targets in range for a bit Dangerous Blow I guess all classes still need one useless skill, we'll appoint this one ours, high energy expensive, low damage, ya That's it, won't hold breath for changes but if introducing new pvp content, try to balance the scales of power fairly
  19. Not gonna take up a lot of time here, current decorative skins are huge, future batches think "Illusion Kris" size ~ Kthnxbye
  20. Booooo lol, you've made us suffer a long time, make it worth it
  21. Winter

    Expert Books

    Short and simple; item / mcoin / gold option to recover expert skill books (oh and relics) versus overwriting them and losing them.
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