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  1. This is how I set up my skills and I'm also a full pve player!:) When it comes to basic skills from the first screenshot, I believe that is the best set up to have. Hamstring is kinda of no use because bosses resist it in 90% of cases. Aggro is just semi necessary if there is no other tank in your party (Warden e.g.). Whether you level up Parry or something else to 3 is up to you. But if you go for equipment which contain the stat parry, make the skill lv3. I have a non-parry built but even then it helps now and then! If you go for full parry built, make Parry lv5 and Sap lv3. In all other cases, Sap lv5!!! When it comes to expert skills, you have quite a lot of choices :D It's not easy as everything also depends on the gear you use. Personally, because nowadays Bladedancers don't tank very often anymore, leave Counter Strike at lv1. The cooldown is kinda long compared to the effectiveness of the skill. The little damage reflection really isn't worth it. In my eyes, Enlightenment is very useful! At lv3 it increases your accuracy more than 10%. A good amount of accuracy is essential for a damager! With my gears, guild skill and Enlightenment my accu reaches 47%. Also, if you go for a dodge built (parry is better though), Enlightenment increases dodge as well. I hope I remember this one correctly that on lv1 Enlightenment only increases accu, on lv2 it adds up dodge and on lv3 it adds more accu again. So lv4 would increase dodge again, and that's useless unless you go for a dodge built. Shield is also essential at lv3/4 because sometimes you have to use Rush to aggro mobs if they start attacking healers or someone else is going to die. It absorbs a pretty good amount of damage. I don't own two skills at all but I might change that. There is also one skill that increases attack speed + decreases skill cool down and another skill which lowers enemies evade attributes + increases penetration. At this point you have to decide whether you wanna go as full attack Bladedancer, semi tank or tank. With my set up I can tank everything in dungeons (I'm full +10 though, with +8 and lower you couldn't do that) and I also deal a lot of damage usually. I guess I am semi tank/semi damager. Besides skills, I focused on attributes such as accuracy and critical hit. If you wanna be a tank and go full parry/dodge, don't level up any skills that boost your attack. If you wanna be a damager to 100%, don't mind shield, 3/4 Enlightenment, and split the other 4 skill points the way you consider as usefull. Attack speed skill + cooldown would make a lot of sense:) Hope this was any helpful! It can take a while to figure out the way you like to play. Until now, I haven't met any BD who pays attention to the same stats as I do. A lot of them are happy with 20% less accuracy with a preference for penetration. But penetration is of no use if it dodges your hits very often. Play a little bit around, try different set ups and decide for yourself what you feel comfortable with! The advices I gave are supposed to give you a deeper insight in what options you have, some little ideas that might be helpful in developing your own thoughts
  2. It took me 5 minutes to find the chat + app crashes when inspecting gear or people
  3. Morgana

    Newbie need tips

    Hello and welcome to our community! The whole forum is full of information which has been collected since a few years. In the section "New Players" you can find two topics which give some advice to newbies. Else, there is a section called "Guides", which is also filled with topics related to certain subjects. Good luck and have fun!:)
  4. Let's just say that both of you are the masters of your classes
  5. Lol this is my favourite scene out of all 3 movies
  6. Yea he should make it up by buying a set of Princesses of the Spring Moon for me and a set of champion's haircuts
  7. @Reivenorik wow I'm disappointed that you never pay a visit to Livi and me!!! You should come join us in Themercs for a few days! Or just one at least
  8. Morgana

    HELLO! :)

    Welcome baaack!!!
  9. Morgana

    Help me

    안녕 하새요! 율야 입니다. Sorry, that's all I can say for nowI started learning Korean 4 months ago but it's very hard! Anyway, I was searching for someone from Korea to play with and maybe to help me get further knowledge about Korea and its culture/language! However, I'm playing on US-Sapphire You haven't progressed much yet, so if you are willing to switch server (starting a new Mage on US-Sapphire) I will be able to help you finish all quests + provide you with potions and minions! I would be so honoured and happy
  10. It's legal as long as you don't pay with real life currency but only with in game currency/items.
  11. Awww so adorable!!! Good luck, Jo!
  12. Morgana

    No comment!!!

    @Danfake I don't know what he said but please don't insult others :D (calling pathetic etc.)
  13. Morgana

    No comment!!!

    Please don't tell me that Warlocks aoe stun is useless against enemies!! I agree that Elves have more aoe stuns but they also have a chance to fail Also, nowadays stun can easily be avoided by buying gears which contain the attribute to avoid them and also by adding enchantment...
  14. I loooove this one!!!! Had the great privilege seeing her performing this piece live last year!! I had to cry, no more words needed to explain how incredibly beautiful is was My input for today xD
  15. Morgana

    No comment!!!

    Your translator doesn't translate correctly so there is no sense to discuss this topic with you any further as there is obviously a language barrier. On US-Sapphire there was a time when MC won war all the time. That's a very weak argument. +6 Druids can't kill full +10 Rogue. Wanna know why? A +6 Druid probably doesn't even have arena gear nor an arean wepon as he can't even afford amping his normal gear. +10 Rogues tend to have full maxed arena gears and weapons which means they would be able to kill a Druid within 3 hits :) If you know one single +6 Druid who can kill a full +10 Rogue then it's a rarity and that player must be extremely skilled. At this point you shouldn't start generalizing though. Just because one out of thousand people can do it, it doesn't mean that the class is broken.
  16. Morgana

    No comment!!!

    The actual joke is that Druids used to be good in pvp and pve aspects until MC players complained about its opness in pvp. So Druid got nerfed, now it's freaking useless in pve and okay at pvp. You see, one class can't be perfect at everything. There would be no use of having different classes if all of them worked the same way. I strongly believe as a MC player you do not have the right to complain about Sentinels' stun classes Pala has one stun, BD has one stun. Druids, Mages and Ranger have multiple stuns. Warlock, Charmer, Barbs, Hunters, Dks , Necro got multiple stuns Others got at least one stun. If you really wanna compare them, then MCs have more stun skills in total And for godsake, if you owned a castle and recruited 30 Warlocks, 30 Mages wouldn't be of any use either.
  17. Morgana

    No comment!!!

    Then recruit 30 Warlocks if it bothers you during castle wars lol. Yep, Mages are pretty strong in pve but I wouldn't say they are overpowered. The player has to be skilled and own a well-built character + they need good teamwork. You can't just put 5 random Mages in one party and expect them to finish TP hard-myth without dying countless times :D Two days ago we spammed TP myth with 3 Mages, one Priest, one Druid. And even in that constellation it happened that people died every now and then. Please don't forget that the risk of dying is much higher with such a party than while having a tank..
  18. Morgana

    No comment!!!

    It's basically the same if you'd use 20 Warlocks. And they wouldn't even have to be op. Full area stun 24/7 does its job well.
  19. Yes, because they never took their equipment off. If they took it off, they wouldn't be able to put it back on either.
  20. Sorry lol, I just started playing the game again after a break of a year. So I'm not familiar with events at the moments Thanks for clarifying!
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