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  1. Ok,:) i gonna try again ty all,apreciate your answer
  2. Why,why,whyyyyyyyyy I tried to amp staff,bought 9 set signs started to amp and only +6,same time other personas was camping same lvl ítem and amp to +10 with only 5 set signs,have i bad luck?whats the sistema of amp,if same happen to me again i delete ,as no mc buyer its hard to save that gold to waste it T.T
  3. youdiesoon

    Quests :(

    Both of them are in caves on green area,try search inside,they waiting you:D
  4. Todo el daño recibido sera aumentado no es debuff?
  5. Gracias por poner en la nueva skill el efecto adverso de bajar la defensa,era lo que necesitábamos ...menos defensa...para morir antes...todo un detalle,dos expert de cuchillo...
  6. youdiesoon

    Bloco chat

    Este es el foro español no brasileño
  7. Mueve el tópico al br ,este es el forum español
  8. He is everyday using inapropiated langaje to eveey ppl Name dogpee
  9. Hola. Podían subir el ratio de los drops mas de 50 hechas y solo me salen esferas y pociones de arlequin,y otra pregunta,habrá semana de doble drop? Gracias
  10. I cant play,gane always conecting and cant change acount
  11. You know,ela own AoA too sooo suspicious
  12. How can 2 guilds lvl9 and lvl8 who was out in 1 year sudenly appeared with new owner?? Suspicious...boughts for gold...?bought for real money?idk...suspicious.
  13. Just make all arena fights random
  14. I prefer to be in love than sleep,if you prefer sleep ...well ...good night and good dreams
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