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  1. Question: in "guild vs guild" event can 2-3 guilds get that awesome free dungs buff or just only one can have it?^^
  2. coldravens

    Druid's Invigorating Stream

    I play from 6 years but i aweys thogth will be usefull to have 3 heals in 1 char back then when armors were low tier and when dungs like hero tree was new.I wont tell how many times i found myself in trouble cuz i have 1 heal and team needed heals when my heals was on cd, esspecly when you face 100 north winds😻, or after hard tehno was here i really wish i had secret link maybe wouid of save me the 13 lifescrools to pass it.Anyways that was on mc side i gues elfs were differnt story.But i never imagen someone wont want char with 3 heals back then. P.s personal record yesterday normal tehno done with 10mins left, (just wished we had 2 hunters shouid of been 12mins left xd)
  3. coldravens

    Druid's Invigorating Stream

    Actually infection was nether that good in pve nether in pvp but for some unknow reason they decide to nerf it, i agree some of the skills got nerfed cuz people were conuseder them too op in pvp while they are normal in pve, cuz at this age 80% of the people sit in pvp cave/arena and brag who is the best i feel that "real" pve players are really low at moment, in my server mc side you can count on hand the good full pve build tanks, cuz everyone is maxing all sorts of cc and its common to see 10k deff dk/barb with 1/5 taunt.As for your druid problem its just wardens beening toooooooo good at pve on the point that they dont really need heals they can take 4 dmgers and still do the dung fine. I suggest you try some crazy pt comps like ranger seekers and mages, since mages can do the work of the tank(with castle agro pot) that will be fun to pull of and play around P.s: here is my try necro,rogue and shaman in hard tehnohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSz3B4EybOw (it was pretty fun and relaxing^^)
  4. coldravens

    Druid's Invigorating Stream

    While talking about useless skills can we have changes for necros faitfull connection and infection skill cuz they are useless too.
  5. coldravens

    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    Crying on the 10 set sings fail from +5 to +6 on my 26lvl stun bow (Only system in all games witch you can spend for gaineing nothing)
  6. Gzzzzz higgyyyyy Hope you get really really awesome stuff this and next year P.s:If you get that silver fox costume sell me pls
  7. Problem is people then will start to complane that easyer lvls have low drop chance and will demand high lvls to be nerfed.
  8. Wew dung was not hard at all if you play smart and dont rush but all changes are wellcome too
  9. Why arena ride need 3 players minimum can you change it back to 2 players minimum cuz its hard to find 2 other players sometime.
  10. Can we have sneak-peak of the new relics? (atleast one of them)
  11. Bobooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ill miss you (bobo= baby pumkin minion)
  12. NIceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee when i just waste 8k tokens for pumkin minions
  13. He said he is tired with that big head with 3 eyes soo i let him take rest and have some drunks in forest castle(he said he will share some drops but shhhhhhhhhh)
  14. Guys i found 3 sam hains hideing in t1 castle xD
  15. Description bug detected(i hope its bug)
  16. Me tommorrw in the bomeberman ride and dung
  17. coldravens

    Making the Impossible Possible

    Mage have alot of dmg skills and alot of aoe dmg skill witch helps much more in clearing dungs also they have free 50% acc buff that means they will dodge rare or more likely never dodge also due to that and that mana refund they can put stats like crit/pene were other classes put acc or mana regen, thats why they are best in doing dmg from all classes. Rogues is pure dps and bd is tank(or more likely offtank) ofc rogues will do more dmg from bd, i was just pointing that for tank bd do insane dps and have good skills like shield, auto dmg buff and i remmber cd and attack speed skill too on top of 8k deff Mc do have pve chars like rogue,hunters me too have hunter full pve(comabat stance 5/5, dmg skill 5/5 attack speed 4/4) and yea he do amiezing dmg but its nothing compared to what mage can do and im pretty sure rangers will do better as well. P.s oh and i was browesing russan pve section and i found video were mage had 8k deff without scrolls/pots
  18. coldravens

    Making the Impossible Possible

    I cant agree to be honest in my opinion elfs have much better skills/classes for pve, you have mage witch is the best dps class in the game, bd-1500 dmg on 8k deff + 40% more dmg on basic auto attacks and rangers are pretty good too.Look at the bd hp at boss he bearly go down and thats without heal minion, mage go 1 vs the pack mobs left and he dont even go to half hp, every mc caster class will be dead in 2 sec if they do the same that video showes what elf classes can do. P.s If you go 5 mages with full buffs you will probley do it with 14min left
  19. I just want drop rate to be more than hero nadir, that will make me happy and for rides i cant wait they are my favorite(i aweys think devs shouid make some permament ones like "burn the pointy or something".
  20. she did the smart thing and quit play long time ago she is here sometimes but rare xD. Btw if you go in mc side tehno pm me i want to see your mega charm on healers
  21. will be nice but i play on the mc side so i cant xd
  22. Im a healer and i get same 1 drop every 1 year idk how the system works too
  23. 92 runs nadir only 1 drop wellcome to club my man