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  1. They can change it to 30% flat without interaction with magic deff cuz to be real almost everyone have around 50%. As for my opinion i support higgys opnion the book have like 1% drop rate its most rare book in the game it drops 1 time a year sometimes it dont drop at all, its to be expected to be verry good, and last as jcbreff said the players who are likely to own it are already almost unbeatable and sure they still can lose vs team of well organized players with the same amps and gear in arena even with the book, unless more than 2-3 players have it but that won't happen soon. Also i like how nobody say anything about merman tanky armors wich are also broken alot in arena and are more accessible than this book.
  2. Why not insted of kill the boss the quests change to "particapte in the kill of xxx boss" simular to battle pass daly missions you just need to hit the boss few times to get the quest done will solve the problems when there are more than 1 pt in the area, killer pt still will get drop but others will get quest done so no need to wait 10mins boss to ress will be much easyer to implament that giveing bonuses and stuff( o tho is not bad as idea it promote team play insted of doing eveything solo).
  3. you guys didnt understand me i only pointed that cd build comes with some sacrfaces, i never will want to remove cd gears lel. Then they will become like necro skeletons a.k.a lifesteal batterys for the enemy, the best solution is to make em take some of the resilence of the user but not the all.
  4. The problem with charmer dog as i hear is not the dmg, its the fact its hard to kill due to the skill and resilence stats, so i think what they can do is make the dog take only 50% of the players resilnce to make it less tanky but not to easy to kill, also when charmer build full cd he sacrifice other stats like resistance and resilence, they shouid nerf this build but a little to make it more balanced but not destroy it completely the more styles 1 char have for you to play the more fun is it.
  5. Orrr they can make it soo when you sleep the target it become immune to all dmg and only necro can attack it, that way will be more usefull in mass figths and 5v5-4v4 arena ofc it for balance purposes it can gain this effect when skill is developed to 4/5 and 5/5.
  6. I did some diging in russan forum and in fact they plan to update necro shield and death soldier skill as for the other skills: Deathly eye: Skill need some update mostly with the combo with poison spit(maybe make it so prock the poison effect with 1 eye buff only) but overall skill is fine its mostly pve skill and can make huge difference in dung 5/5 + castle relic it instantly destroys 150k hp on 650k hp boss (like the boss in myth sea) wich save like 1-2mins from the run. Nightmares: It needs more range 4 yards is too low especially when most cc have 5 yard range so you are instantly on disadvantage, o tho i wont mind some debuff after sleep ends like silnce or stun but this means there should be some compensaton nerfs so it won't make the skill too op Connection: Maybe if they make transfer 1 more skill debuff like pit or the poison effect from rain and spit will be cool, more dmg transferred to connected targets also will be nice since its extremely situational skill and besides connection-infection combo and huge number of mobs most of the time is useless and puting 4 point on it is huge sacrifice. P. Shield: Maybe abit more dmg will be nice but again its okey skill since you can have it perma and it does dmg every second Acid rain: I wouid of reduce the main cd by 5 sec, and make it get extra poison tick per skill point so there will be a reason to lvl it up. Infection: I have idea to make the skill more interesting but idk if the mechanics of the game allow it, so the idea is to make it castble on allays and enemys, Used on enemys is same debuff as it now. Used on allays it reduce the dmg they take by same amount as the debuff (18% 4/4) and after the buff is gone it heals the target for the same amount as the dmg from the debuff( if the infection do for exmple 2k dmg the buff part will heal the allay for 2k). Death soldier: Againe super situational skill somewhat usefull in gvgs and war and ship/grotto events and thats it in other instances you end up with dead skill againe, the fact you need to wait for something to die and hope its 2 or 3 things that die soo you can maximize the use of the skill is soo bad it almost hurts physically, and on top of that skeletons do not share your stats and they really do not care for the necro, your geting rekt but player or mob nah skeletons will decide to go kill some spider in the other end of the map. So there is many ways to fix this: Solution 1. Make skeletons spawn without need of a corps, to balance it out they can make em spawn abit slower or the posbilty to destroy the totem. Solution 2. Make the totem come with preloaded 2-3 cropses againe at 3/4-4/4 for balance purposes Also skeletons share some of the necro stats like pene,crit,acc,ferosaty, resilnce and fury and can be navigated by applying eye to the target.
  7. Actually can be done verry easly, just each switch will cost 1 book of Oblivion, since i doubt devs will allow people to freely switch between skills even with 30mins timer, its like giveing us 10 free sings of amplification each day (o tho it sounds awesome if they do it) As for gvg why you need pvp skills, pve skills works just fine since you max the dmg skills and aoe skills and in gvg clearing huge number of players fast is key, i see reason in the aoe cc like dark circle, but you can always max that one and put other points on pve skills.
  8. Well most of the guilds want activity on gvgs and sometimes on t5 events(ship and grotto) after that nobody will complane why you are offline most of the time.Honestly the faster and best way to get well amped and rich is to progress faster to lvl 28-30 were most of the big guilds looks for players, also main quest line gives tons of gold, and you unlock t4 and t5 quests which also are gold mine.And then big guild comes which offer more opportunities, beside the op buffs most of the guilds storage is full of gear and relics from max out players which is verry usefull for new players and people wont mind if you take free or just put some small amount of gold, also t5 events helps you grind currency to be come powerful in water sector, and even better rottuing and nocturna events that can make you rich in a blink of an eye (need alot of luck tho), not to mention you can find alot of friends there and people who will to help you progress fast and sell you cheap items. So my advice is progress fast and join active guild.
  9. If i get 1 sets pots i can use 1 pot per day soo its more than 1 day
  10. Finelyyyyyy the 3h questing just to do that 1 bait which someone aweys open is gone, best update ever
  11. Thats true, but the main reason people dont go to war is cuz there is no real prize, no ap, no imperials, no chest e.t.c, most people want something which they can use more than 1 day.I aweys didn't like the stars they fell soo dull, imagen defending/attack soo hard pull some good strategys and the reward is 10% mana reg, 10% defense stats and 10% dmg and resi for 24h, kinda feels bad.My opinion war shouid stay cuz its a unique event only it needs real rewards and system which make abuseing it hard(cuz no matter what you do there will be aweys that dude, who will find way to abuse it). Im sure alot of people will join war if they receive something usefull at the end, and with some new rules and systems can prevent people from afk.
  12. This goes same for the mc side and i play on eu server (suprice suprice) and i know how wars proceds, and i can savely say elfs win 80% of the time. Anyways my idea was just to make war more attractive for people so more players come and not wars to be one sided(many times) cuz the lack of players and good rewards such ap an imperials presented in a fun way can do that .
  13. well they can just go out of town and attack, with there stun skills there are also helpfull to desrupt some of the deffenders im necro and im too better at deff but i move out and attack as well xd
  14. Other solution is to reward players depending on the dmg they do on players without a cap for example every 50k dmg done(for differnt lvls shouid be differnt number) you recive 10imperials and some extra imperials for dmging the flag to promote ppls to attack also.Its not the perfect system but i think it may work with some rules.
  15. They start to do that for example in myth nadir now totems debuff you for -50% attack speed and cd, still im sure max out players can do it 5 dmgers party, and i dont mind it if you have merman armors 3-4 books and you are full +10 you shouid be able too do it.But when averge players start to go dungs with tank 1 and 4 dmgers then we have problem ,at moment is common people to look for only dmgers and 1 tank, even necro is not wanted anymore, besidess merman other dungs can be done with max out tank and 4 averge dmgers with proper builds for the dung, its kinda depressing when you see everyone looking for dmg and you poor necro is left in the dust and its hard to fix this cuz if they buff the mobs then will be immposble for the people with low amps to do it and if they nerf the lifesteal bonus there will be a wave from crys since most of the ppls play dmgers.One solution is to buff healers dmg abit or give them more powerfull buffs so they have better chances to be takein in partys.
  16. Swamp quests-kotravava territory drop also 17lvl items even 18lvl sets if you are lucky and they are relatively easy to do, you can get good gear by doing them everyday, also also keep checking the market for some blue equipment people sell it cheap most of the time and its pretty enough to help you advance does far helping you save gold for high tier gear.
  17. Easily? You need atleast 90% cooldown to make it 6 sec, im at 73% cd and mine is at 7sec and you need sparing ring, cape and amylet to have that, does far sacraficeing alot of other usefull stats like mana regen,lifesteal and hp and still will be soo underpowered as i said previously shield will block 3 attacks insted of 2, also even in such low cd you wont be able to spam it cuz you have other skills to use unless you spam only the shield. Do we play the same game?Since when blocking 1 damage attack(auto or skill) on a castble skill with 6 sec cd witch is not that low is inasane value, Especially at lvl 1 skill, basicly it become castble mage barrier every 6sec(if you have 90% cd) and were this will be usefull pve?pvp? Look if it was blocking also 1 cc or debuff then ill agree that will be good value.
  18. Since nobody comment on this ill be the first, this looks verry verry underpowered, so insted of the shield absorbing 2 hits now will absorb 3 hits(remember necro/priest shields are super weak) yeyyyy, it makes it almost useless i hope at test it receive some buffs. Suggestion: Instead of the 1 time make it for next 3-5sec to absorb all dmg.
  19. Maybe if it contained some nice jucy book or costume would of been more fun
  20. Most of the time yes but also sometimes it enters in to connecting window as well, without showing this massege
  21. Weaken only the pvp side of the set, the pve side will be same, still will be extremely good for tanking mobs and bosses as i said in my opinion its wrong a pve armors to be meta in arena kinda make no sence. Ehh i feel your pain higgy (sad necro crys) but you know down there its abit(alot) too strong to be left to stay as it is.
  22. Its all luck man, my sea staff is still +8 while i probely used like 50+ sets sings from +8 and still didnt get +9, only yesterday i used 10 sets and didnt go up, all i can recommend is to try it slowly, like use 5 sets for a day and if they fail try next day or everyday try 3-4pics on it.
  23. Sometimes when someone log in to your acc it appears as lag untill you relog, probley same thing happen to you.
  24. Same here my 2nd account doesnt register, my accounts are as well numbers i need to type it manually, I gues it really have to do something with the emails not bound to it.
  25. I hate myslef to say it but vla is rigth, heavey merman set should not be that good in pvp since the main purpose is to help tanks vs mobs and bosses, also its pve set, pve sets should be good only in pve in my opinion, we dont have pvp set good in tanking mobs right. There is simple solution to that just remove the dmg reduction vs players and the set shouid be significantly weaker in pvp.
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