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  1. Diver mob now ress every 5min, good job guys i gues we cant have nice ways to earn gold, expect 10h farming/dunging for 20-30k gold you really care for the free to play players, also thanks for the buffed normal sea dung as aweys silently.
  2. Come on guys this is unfear let the timer be as its now, its not that op conseder we need to spend oxysgen to farm him.
  3. Huge lag spikes every 5-10min its verry annoying to play like this, yesterday at nigth was the same.
  4. Thats what we needed, abit more sorces of pirate chest key, maybe make them drop from bosses too? More way to obtain gold is aweys welcome, thank you for that
  5. I have question how much time it takes for the chest to spawn in sunken ships?
  6. it on a land dont worry you dont need oxysgen to run it
  7. problem is Oxygen runs too fast, esspecly when figthing and you figth almost all the time cuz mobs agro on you nonestop.It will be more easy if we can purchse vuals in npc shop with gold not that speal couns, cuz not all can spend 5k all the time for oxysgen tanks
  8. What about low dmg pt start to kill the boss, bring it to 40% hp and then some full +10 pt come and get the kill cuz they do more dmg, how is this fear to the low dmg pt witch probly are guys who are questors and try to improve.Thats totaly unfear to them to get rowed by much stronger players, not to mention it open new ways bored people to troll other players.
  9. Oh look guys another boreing event with endless spam for deff yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, while people just stop play cuz game lvls of boreing is at max.
  10. Dont want to be rude, but we wait 3 years for that new sector like come on, people make full new games in 3 years.Idk for other people but my patience start to run verry low.
  11. Guys there are like 4-5 days of none stop lags in eu-emerald, in random times (but mostly in around this time), can you explane to us whats happeing and if posble wearn us if server desrupton will happen so we dont waste stams in dung.Cuz its verry annoying to play like this. P.s also maybe conseder some compansation for the cased inconvenience and im not talking about only 1 stam pot. thank you
  12. Question: in "guild vs guild" event can 2-3 guilds get that awesome free dungs buff or just only one can have it?^^
  13. I play from 6 years but i aweys thogth will be usefull to have 3 heals in 1 char back then when armors were low tier and when dungs like hero tree was new.I wont tell how many times i found myself in trouble cuz i have 1 heal and team needed heals when my heals was on cd, esspecly when you face 100 north winds😻, or after hard tehno was here i really wish i had secret link maybe wouid of save me the 13 lifescrools to pass it.Anyways that was on mc side i gues elfs were differnt story.But i never imagen someone wont want char with 3 heals back then. P.s personal record yesterday normal tehno done with 10mins left, (just wished we had 2 hunters shouid of been 12mins left xd)
  14. Actually infection was nether that good in pve nether in pvp but for some unknow reason they decide to nerf it, i agree some of the skills got nerfed cuz people were conuseder them too op in pvp while they are normal in pve, cuz at this age 80% of the people sit in pvp cave/arena and brag who is the best i feel that "real" pve players are really low at moment, in my server mc side you can count on hand the good full pve build tanks, cuz everyone is maxing all sorts of cc and its common to see 10k deff dk/barb with 1/5 taunt.As for your druid problem its just wardens beening toooooooo good at pve on the point that they dont really need heals they can take 4 dmgers and still do the dung fine. I suggest you try some crazy pt comps like ranger seekers and mages, since mages can do the work of the tank(with castle agro pot) that will be fun to pull of and play around P.s: here is my try necro,rogue and shaman in hard tehnohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSz3B4EybOw (it was pretty fun and relaxing^^)
  15. While talking about useless skills can we have changes for necros faitfull connection and infection skill cuz they are useless too.
  16. Crying on the 10 set sings fail from +5 to +6 on my 26lvl stun bow (Only system in all games witch you can spend for gaineing nothing)
  17. Gzzzzz higgyyyyy Hope you get really really awesome stuff this and next year P.s:If you get that silver fox costume sell me pls
  18. Problem is people then will start to complane that easyer lvls have low drop chance and will demand high lvls to be nerfed.
  19. Wew dung was not hard at all if you play smart and dont rush but all changes are wellcome too
  20. Why arena ride need 3 players minimum can you change it back to 2 players minimum cuz its hard to find 2 other players sometime.
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