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    AoE MC

    Necro skeleton totem is counting as a summon not AOE otherwise then we need to count charmer dogs as well
  2. Agree, they need to make it work only when pala is in pt, if other buffers cant use buffs without pt, pala should too.
  3. Don't worry guild member told me the skill point talant cost 72k knowledge, so if you are not nolifer prepare to wait 1-2 years before you get to your desired talant, i don't understand whats the point to rise the limit of day knowledge and in same time to make all talants double the price, and we don't mention how retarded it feels to do same quests and dynamic over and over and over especially if you are old player this s..t becomes annoying as hell, soo basically this update we bring new stuff but you can access it after huge amount of time and grinding, just i dont get it and it don't make sense at all.
  4. People will still amp even if they know the % chance cuz good luck doing pve and pvp with +2 the % show is for clearty only, we all know that at best from +9 to +10 the chance for amp is 5% honestly the amp system is not that bad, its the way we get the sings its only bound to mc users and no were else you can get them, which is the worst system ive seen in reality game is not f2p cuz if you dont have payed users in your server game becomes unplayable you cant amp you can repair you will be able to do dungs 2times per day, if we can have good amount of free sings per day/week system won't be soo bad same stands for stams( o tho idk why dung cost stam at first place it should be way to earn gold not lose it) just all comes that essential items are bound to mc and you are left at there mercy which is the worst idea ever.
  5. Guild skills are the least of the problem, lack of content drive's old players away, new player's face reputation wall, xp wall, and lack of proper starting gear, and if somehow you get to avoundil then you need to face the pvp zones between towns imagen you quest and some 32lvl come and one shout you, and and if somehow by some miracle you still play and reach 32 lvl you probably will want to join big guild but big guilds want pvp set and you wonder how to get pvp set and by some asking and searching you find you need to join arena and earn arena points, you dmd arena you go in, you get matched agenst full arena awards max amped ppl you die litterly when they look at you, you go out you get 31 ap you are happy cuz maybe you can collect ap no matter win or lose you go to arena shop you see 1 armor cost 31k ap and weapon cost 87k ap you throw the phone and regret your life choices. Thats why there are no new players, as for the old ones most quit play cuz game is boring or there friends stop play, and all 180 ppl you see per day(which to tbh is amazingly alot knowing the state of the game) are either people who log 20-30mins per day to help guild and whiles and no lifers who cant quit due to addiction or investing too much into the game. This game have alot of failures but devs don't care cuz they can just milk whiles and nolifers by doing the minimal, its your typical f2p game no days.
  6. Should of stop for the 2nd weapon when you saw it didn't go up after bunch of sings, you got soft locked( thats what we call when item doesn't want to go up) but yea amp system need rework and also they need to show the % of success for different lvl of amps.
  7. Dw elf players will come soon and say how this is verry balanced and all you need is to stack 100% resistnce and you will be fine and how you are noob for not using resistance castle scrool 24/7 wich you can buy from any npc, and how in fact the mc chars are broken ones. #nerfchiftensandlocks Sarcasm btw
  8. Yeah as aweys shy to say that banner debuff everyone with 25% dmg incrase, can stack as well(the thing you crying about) also you have 2 aoe ccs as well, templar flow stacks as well, bunch of other skills stacks as well, but noo its chiftens problematic skill that it does 60% of the magic dmg btw not even 80%, mages can do the same as chiften and they have much more aoe, oh and gues what there stones STACK as well, do you know whats the problem is, you know, i know it ,all mc side know it, you can't spam lifescrool, you guys are so used to win everything with just overspaming lifescrool that when now you use it and insta die due to aoe you come here and complain cuz personal matter not cuz there is broken skill or mechanic, you guys solidify that most elfs are low skill players useing broken classes and mechanics to win there way. Oh and btw devs don't care what we say, they balance the game of russan forum opinions, if they say skill is ok they wont change it. Have fun.
  9. Impossible to make people play templar????? What the ....!? Did you go arena recently? 95% of the times there are aweys templar in the enemy team, in mass battle/gvgs there are like 40-50 highly amped templars every time. Good at only one thing!? Lel every class can do massive dmg in bouth pvp and pve and be useful in all game instances when build rigth, if you lack the knowledge and skill to do it, then its your problem not the class. Locks better than templar, sureeeee class who have one of the best cc in the game, can wear heavy armors can save a pt member from dieing oh and can also heal vs cloth user wich have stun and silence, ill gladly take your templar and give our locks anytime. Oh and there only 2 classes that can resist templars flow, barb and chiften, other classes are siting ducks when 50 templars spam that skill. In line of the thred i dont see reason for yet againe nerf the only aoe class in mc side.
  10. People give you examples, answering like this you nicely dodge the fact that elf chars are much more op than mc, idk why elfs shoud win everything, and last then all stacking skills uncluding elf ones must be removed to be fair. (waiting the"there is noting to do with this topic pity exuse")
  11. Not only that but we can no longer cast it in neutral mobs like those in dung to heal them, or cast it on our minion's, one of the fun aspects on necro was the ability to cast p. Shield on minion and use it to agro/slow mobs in laby which become even better when they buff minions now this is gone as well, they really try to suck all the fun of this class like really hard pvp part is garbage now pve part as well is heading that way, im loseing brain cells trying to find the logic behind those changes like really hard, like how and why, why change skills that are fine and bearly do anything to skills which need total rework or massive buffs, just some day ill find the answer.
  12. Niceeeeeeeeeeee, good job lets nerf the necro even more for no reason, cuz his pvp game was bad lets nerf his pve game as well why not, you really really try to make the necro unplayable, at this point i feel like you guys have competition " how to make necro players rage quit" you are doing good job for now. I just don't understand why you touch 2 of the necro skills which DOESN'T need change, explain to me whats the reason whats the purpose, how do you test those things, do you test it of full +10 necros with godlike build and merman armors and you say "holy s.. this is doing 10k dmg need dodge or/and block modifair" if so then you guys are more incompetent than i Thought, honestly start playing your own game as p2w and f2p and then make balances, thanks.
  13. Yeah i saw before, since i check russan forums alot about the necro cuz you guys are much more active there, and i have absolutely same opinion on suggestions on necro skills with you guys, your suggestions are good i may only add to make death soldier skill not to need bodys for skeletons to spawn cuz this make it useless skill or just rework the skill to spawn 1 super skeleton with maybe some skills on it.
  14. Am is there any plans for more changes for the necro? specifcly infection and dead soldier cuz current changes are abit lacking and people are not verry happy
  15. Im done too, just can't handle it, feels like devs punsh us for playing char witch they designed, and worst you hope for proper adjustment of skills and you get like what, acid rain deals 0.2sec dmg faster, holy moly ill break the dmg mater in dungs, as you said what's the point to give ideas and suggestions when nobody reads them, this class is like the bd but opposite will be forever in the dumpster, i just hope they put a warning sing for everyone before they chose to play necro, so people don't suffer like us, there is abit of hope in the test server but knowing with who we deal, im not verry optimistic.
  16. I hope russan players are verry unhappy with the necro changes cuz if those pass then clearly in russan servers they have differnt necro class
  17. I did provaide feedback, sugesstions over and over againe, resuilt was same over years, even russans in russan forum wanted same buffs as me the resuilt was same, honetly thats why im upset with, if they listen to the communty now insted of me beeing upset i wouid of congratz them about the nice balance changes.
  18. Oh boy i was waiting soo much for this rebalance, and ofc devs didn't disappoint, some how they mange to make necros from worst of the worst to unlimited trash, just do you know what buffs mean? Ill explain to you, it means giveing better numbers and/or effects of certain skills which community thinks they are too week, thats what it means, so lets do little overview of the changes shall we? Nothing to comment here, overall more dmg is aweys wellcome. Okey finely, after 50 years we finely don't need to spam 2x eye for sligth dmg bost and hp reduce, this wouid of being such a good update if you didnt ruined it soo bad, were to start first you increase the cd from 7 to 10 sec, why not to make it still hard to consistently reduce bosses hp and have more inconsistent dmg, reduce the hp reduction debuff!? Why? This make no sence 4% is alot esspecly for high hp bosses nobody asked to nerf that was nothing wrong with it, wont comment the deff reduction thats just usless. I dont undertand why you give and then take just buff the skill without compensation nerfs Have eye to be on 7 sec cd reduceing 14% max hp and you have nice and good skill without being overpowered. Idk to laugh or cry or bouth, basically feels like you put this so it looks like you rework buch of skills, in real you did nothing, just wana lie to yourself. If they says there is nothing change i gues nothing change. This change i can summ up with the three employe meme were the boss slap his hands on the table and ask "Yo guys how shouid we change faithful connection" 1st says" put limit ot pve targets" 2nd says "less dmg transferd more diration ot the skill" 3rd says" how about remake the skill to be usefull in all situations" "3rd one got thrown out of the window" Joke aside, only you can make progressively useless skill even more useless, before atleast you couid of use it in some dungs or guild events now even that is taken away, nobody and i say NOBODY will take this skill unless there are 20 memers who wants to try to blow the enemys just for fun, after update that skill will be litterly scam of 40k gold. First this is one of the strongest necro skill and didn't need any changes idk why decide to include it here, second only change thats nice is the duration of 12 sec at all lvls others are just stupid and make no sense at all, idk why you change the ticking speed from 1 second to 2, this basically make it like mage wild fire, one of the strongest aspect of the skill was that it was doing constent dmg nonestop, and dont get me started with the other effect, idk why all necro skills have unga-bunga effects, just state it heals for % of the magic power and vula you have nice bonus. Overall if you wanted to change the skill just give it the dark power combo(the one i stated) and maybe increase the dmg abit done, no need the nonsence you did. People wanted dmg to be counted as necros, people wanted skill to crit, Here you go guys take that 2% more dmg debuff be happy overall you guys did nothing againe In general this skill doesn't suit the necro, i never like it, this is a skill for tank its ment to jump in the middle of the figth and disrupt everyone not to be in fragile char and be used only when someone jumps you, in one word againe situational skill(starts to become moto of the necro tho) Same as nightmares you did change nothing, i feel like you guys didn't know what to do (for some reason) and just throw random stuff on skills which dont need change. Is this out of season Aprils fool joke!? No littlerly this is insulting to all necro mains, you guys at this point joke with us, do you know how much 25% shared status is??? If i have 50% critical strake my normal skeletons will have like 12.5% crit, thats just, shouid i say something?imagen how much mobs/players necros will destroy with 12% crit, 4% pene and 4% fero skeletons thats sooo good xdddddddddddd In conclusion you guys did nothingggggggggg, againeeee like last year, you didn't adress the main problem of the necro which is the weak pvp side, and did verry verry poor work of changes in the weak skills and changeing skills which dont needed change, not only you didnt buff the necro but you guys make it even more worst than before, I didn't know this was possible but apparently you did it congrats. Sorry for the long post but im verry verry disappointed againe(idk why, i shouid of expect this knowing our devs)
  19. Honestly this is mostly devs fault, lack of content, lack of changes and overall balance, sadly pretty much most of the nice players left due to there is nothing to do and mostly cuz this game fells more like second job than fun game. Also the game itself promote toxicity all raid boss wars, territory wars is about who will throw there wallet in to the game for the win ofc people start to become toxic winers mock losers, losers insult winers and even good players join the toxic war cuz they cant take it anymore, still if you see some good person join the trash talk doesn't mean he become toxic, its peobley he got bad day or just his nerves give up. And last i don't think is okey to live in this game, we live to play not play to live, and last if you feel the game doesn't bring you fun just take break for few days/mounts.
  20. Hahaha how much common is the pene book? Probably 10-15 players have it from each side which is around 5% of the player base, also you said it if the other dude is +10 and you +8 shall we nerf amps cuz give unfair advantage?Thats your logic thats what im trying to make you understand, and for the infinite time this is f2p game ofc people pay to have advantage over others and thats the bread and butter of the free mmos, every one have bs op items which give payed users broken powers thats why we have whiles who put there entire sellary here thay are the 1-2% of the player base the same % you guys are unhappy if you don't want this then switch the game or stay in the pve zone. Also you start to argue with yourself, you start to see that your arguments have basically no point and no ground.
  21. Were did i mention 1v1 in this post ill repeat again and again and again that i was useing example of your logic, also read my post againe i was talking for 2v2 mostly, prove players who use such books are unbeatable in 2v2 if bouth sides have same amps same books, cuz if you go vs +10 player with max armors 11 books + octo book and you have 1-2 books ofc you will lose 100% he will rekt you even without octo book cuz he have huge advantage over you. Read the post of this dude he say it verry well, long term short he is damn right everyone is copying same builds over and over again, its same use chars who have tons of cc and rotate them nonestop till the enemies die people are so used to this brain-dead gameplay that when book comes and counters this they lose there minds, well try something different, try different builds different tactics different chars if people in other servers can do it then you guys can do it too.
  22. Game from long time is about guilds vs guilds mc and elf side don't exist, also is it our fault that other mc guilds are populated mostly with greedy players with no respect for each other?Will take exactly 1 week before dramas and figths occurs, imagen 10 players want rank 1 in arena or 2 allied guilds get matched in merman gvg nobody will make expection, i preff nice guys from the other side guild who can work thogther rather than people who wants to take everything for themselves. Also there is downfalls sometimes cant win em all. Haha, yea cuz "fixing" a book which 3-4 players have will make game sooo much better, forget the broken chars which need nerfs, forget the mm tanky armors who are broken as much as octo book and many more issues that the game have and are 1000 times more immportant than some 0.001% drop rate stupid book.
  23. No you guys need to turn your brains on and start to think, i was giveing you example of how you can tell same thing for other books if you have pene and i don't, then i want pene to be nerfed cuz its unfair to me and it make me lose arena its absolutely same logic you use guys, also you said it 99% don't have it so whats the point to nerf it? Give us a prove that you can't win 2v2 with guys useing the book, while bouth sides have same amps, same gear and same number of classes books, in this age everyone can make videos rigth? Give us prove that will help also devs to acknowledge if there is need of a nerf, and last why insted of nerfing one dumb book, why just dont nerf the retarded op chars which have 8 sec stuns, silnces fear and dumb tankyness that will benefit the community much more, oh rigth you guys use them so thats why you stay silent, typical syndrome of "i have it its ok even its broken as hell, but when others have it and i don't then its broken to unplayable level"
  24. Im useing your logic status make huge difference haveing extra pene or attack speed is game breaking thats why those books cost milions as well by your logic we shouid nerf those too cuz it gives unfair advantage over players who don't have em, thats what you complain about, its basically the same.
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