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  1. t5 down the map those green and blue jellys witch fear you every 1 sec xd
  2. Medusas are very profitable to farm as well and there are some areas witch have 1-2 of them
  3. Necro and priest shields are bouth bad, i tested it 5/5 with 1050 magic power and it didn't absorb more than 1800 points of dmg witch is verry low for max lvl shield
  4. Okey this is nice basicly the old infection before the first change, but still can you change the dmg from neutral to be necros one and maybe also allow it to crit. Also also bone shield and skeletons can use some love too
  5. also death solder skill, all summons got buffed expect necros skeletons they need some love too
  6. Only that, thats not enogth were is: infection rework dead solder skill changes( like skeletons have same pene,crit and attack speed as the necromanser and way to guide them to chosen target) boneshield buff (like i made 5 posts about that, this skill needs buff from long long long long time)
  7. You forget that if you wana play hybrid chiftan (witch is the optimal way to play it in my opinion) you cant get much psy power does far you wont do much autoattack dmg, and if you decade to build full psy chieftan then you lose 3 good dmg skills wich 2 are aoe and you end up with the wolf and frenzy skills as main sorce of dmg bouth on high cd, thats why for me 20% speed is not good enogth to trade 3 decent skills for it, and to be honest i preff if the skill was giveing 11% pene and some cd insted of 20% speed in with mace, wouid fit much more the theme of the chieftan. And last chieta
  8. 20% for melee class is kinda low indeed. Also hunter speed skill was giveing 22% speed but they nerfed with 4% then they nerf the speed of bows and crossbow, and also they nerf the main dmg skill by increasing the cooldown by 2sec, its not that chiftens are op just hunters are overnerfed
  9. Problem is higgy there are too many classes and its imposble to think a unique skill and playstyle witch others dont have.But they can give every class a set number of good skills witch to help the class doing there job without building in certen way to be effective and do there job,at moment some of the mc classes bearly have 1-2 to start and we se the results of that.Honestly devs shouid look at the numbers of players in every class and ask themselfs, "why this class have less players" , "why nobody wants to play that class","why 90% of the players play this class", and make open discussion
  10. Also devs shouid question themselfs why people want to switch to elf side and why mc sides get empty and empty everyday tip the problem lies on the weaker skills some chars have ( cougth dk, necro cougth)
  11. i think it can even disspell relic can remove heal buff, idk but i beleive magic ban as well remove healing effects
  12. Thats indeed heavy accusations pls provade screen shot or video were the hacker says or shows he is from yy, if you believe what players say in world chat then ill desapoint you most of the info from there are lies cuz since yy is big guild there alot of haters out there that blame on it almost everything that happens on mc side
  13. not everyone play tank or rogue also you cant stack much resist without arena rewards and not much players have them, honestly stun lock is the most stupid thing ever fun for you verry unfun for the enemy
  14. Just remove the healing enhance interaction and the book will be fine after all in other hand we need protecion vs stuns as well
  15. Ooooo se they do guild restoratons well i hope they restore it then cuz mc side allready lack big guilds and in general to delete your guild sucks alot, i dont wana imagen what person you are to delete not only the guild but the char as well and that char had like merman set and arena rewards.
  16. Idk how it works in pvp esspecly vs high dmg chars like bd and ranger, but in pve its totaly alsome with alot of deff it litterly reduce dmg to 0 vs weak mobs, i gues you have not much deff with pvp armors cuz skill works best with alot of deff also as i said bouth chars do tons of dmg thats why you may not notice it i gues
  17. Yaaaa plsss i hope i see necro and priest shields in that post
  18. Its this in almost all games witch have some sort of competition, you will find alot of toxic players just cheak other games and you will see same thing, as for helping new players i stop cuz as soon as i start help someone he starts to ask me to be there personal minion for the rest of the week and not only that they beg me for gear and gold like lol, sorry that verry desapointing As for pvp stuff its free to play game we all know how this works, some people find pvp fun and there is skill involved in going arena figths soo it not only spaming skills to victory, but deffently a high amp
  19. Well i gues you can make more but this is my record for now^^
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