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  1. In order to be good in both you'll have to build a mix and a Critical Hit set. With such items you'll lack of skills which might be considered as supporting skills hence you sacrifice something for something; no pain, no gain. Other classes have got anything by sacrificing 0. I could make a few names but you might guess them on your own, AND this is not the right topic for that.
  2. I could keep on for hours and moreover, this topic of yours is still opened. It goes to the voice "necroposting" and it goes against rules, especially if these topics have already got some answers. If you really (really) have to go on, please do it at least on conversations that are still opened. Thank you for the understanding.
  3. You might have misunderstood the way this relic works: it reduces the maximum ammount of Health and does not deal damage of any kind. Once the relic reduces the enemy's max HPs by 15%, the only way to make it work again is to trigger the relic in the exact moment where the effect is still running, otherwise you won't see further actions from this relic.
  4. Hello there! I fear that the forum won't be able to help you to sort this problem out. You shall send a message to the support team ([email protected]) describing what exactly happens in these ratings. My apologies, but I have nothing else to say. I bid you a nice day!
  5. Some mobs, especially the new ones, tend to resist debuffs. In which scenario did you face this kind of problem? The more details you give, the better.
  6. I really wished to participate to this contest because I love writing stories, however, yesterday and today I had my last exams of the carreer... I had little to no time for an application 😕
  7. Don't turn this topic into a "Class unbalance" and blah blah. We have got several opened topics for that.
  8. Could you provide more infos about this? Idk, something like a raw idea of how it works? Because it would be impossible in a system matter and it shall be something that can be extended to everyone, if you want it to work properly. The idea is to make everyone experience something new, and not giving old players a mean to change factions: you won't make the overpopulation problem better otherwise.
  9. You made a good question. Whatever selection I take, it would make of me an hypocrite. If I had the chance to select a character from 0 based on interests, then I'd stick to DK If I had the chance to select a character that I rate cheap to build, I'd go for HoT (Healing on Time) Healers; charmers I believe. But shamans are the 2nd one I love the most. Now, the thing I would definitely go for, using your logic, is Bladedancer. This class has basically everything. Any build you give this class is designed to work perfectly. Damaging builds, Elusive Builds, Tanky builds... Now, do I think that there's a solution to this overpopulation thing? Yes I do. Do I think that this solution is doable? Yes I do, but no I don't, because doing it would mean that Coin Items will be more accessible and this represents a loss in terms of economy. The reason of why people won't pick new classes is because it takes like several months for a ftp (which is the majority of the game players) to create a decent one, unless you are a veteran of the game and you build a character using your several milions earned through the time. In that case, anyway, the FTP player won't go to the opposite side, because they have no realistic mean to exchange their fortune from a side to another without being scammed. It is not the "I'm not interested on that faction" problem, I believe, the reason of why people choose one and one only character (maybe 2 or 3 but still in the same faction); more likely, I believe that they do that because the game offers low chances for a player to become decent starting from the first bases of the game (thing that, I have to confess, has been reworked at least on the native islands, where the hero's journey is now easier). The day when signs can be exchanged for Arena Points or Reputation points or when you achieve like 5 pcs of signs for completing a quest, or again, the exchange of currencies (gold from side to side) can be easily achieved, it will be the day where, imho, more players will start to switch sides and more new players will feel comfortable on playing again.
  10. @TheCaster Do you think this might work? (Check your latest comment)
  11. @TheCaster this is why. There was another topic opened and I thought it was a good idea carrying on there the conversation. This happens when people don't check carefully before opening new topics (I'm not blaming them... it can happen of course). Suddenly another topic appeared, hence I decided to merge both this and that topic (title of which you can see it now) and to carry on here again the conversation. Our job is also to maintain a clean environment on the forum, and it's not an easy thing when people open several topics just to add one word or two in a conversation that can be normally continued on an old topic.
  12. Please, if a topic talks about Warlock's Skills use this thread to carry on the conversation.
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