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  1. Higgings

    Phishing sites!

    You guys can update the chat filter adding this new site these bots are spamming?
  2. My apologies @Psyborg, I meant no disrespect. If you think that there is a bug, and you actually proved it, then I guess devs shall look at it as soon as possible. For this reason, I am leaving the topic opened, in case they (and you, mainly) want to talk to each other! 🙂
  3. Was he 3 yards close to the guy who triggered the relic?
  4. Higgings

    Live on T4

    I think the reason of why these baits take that much time to respawn is cause otherwise those roads would be complicated to be crossed, in case a team mate dies and has no life scrolls. I would not mind though to see the res time decreased just a little bit.
  5. Nop. It says: increase the basic healing skills of members of the character group by 20%. Only members in your party benefit from this relic. If you want to benefit from the relic, your teammates will need to get one.
  6. Higgings

    Skins on weapon

    Hello there! Nop, once you put a skin on your weapon, you cannot take it back and put on another weapon, unfortunatly.
  7. Higgings

    LE JEU EN FRANÇAIS ! French its here

    Mind that the translating process is not an easy thing. You don't just snap your fingers et voilà! le jeu est en Français! (Unless you're Thanos) Jokes aside, as I said, It is a thing that takes a lot of time, especially when it comes to translate every single piece of equipment, every single dialog (those same dialogs no one or few ones actually read), every event etc etc. They never said that they won't ever translate it, just I am kinda sure it will not be anytime soon, I fear.
  8. Higgings

    Buff and debuff symbols

    That works like Necro's link. A percentage of damage you receive is transferred to your team mates and viceversa.
  9. Higgings

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal, there is a new site these bots are spamming. Give this screen a look. 15th July 2018, 8:45 CEST.
  10. Higgings

    rogue need SKILL DODGE OR STUN !

    Not to count fero, resilience and resistence which may be added on a dodge build
  11. Higgings


    Not reporting such cases may lead to perma bans, if this reveals to be a bug and he is profiting of it.
  12. Higgings

    DressUp warspear avatar on android

    I fear you'll have to contact the support team for anything like that. P.S: please, do not post your account login in forum next time. Just follow this link: https://warspear-online.com/en/support/other-issues