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  1. @Kien Please, add stuff in this topic if there's something more that needs to be discussed. There's no need to create a new thread for the same subject.
  2. A wonderful speech no less, but alas, I'm afraid this can't be considered a Poem, which is the way an entry should be made if you want to write something for the contest. Would you want to reconsider and try something else? You've got some time left ^^
  3. Heya! Bear in mind that a Poem shall not contain more than 12 lines. You might have higher chances to win if you follow the requirements.
  4. Heya! Bear in mind that a Poem should contain no more than 12 lines. Meeting the requirements of the contests shall grant you more chances to win ^^
  5. First thing that comes in my mind is that this is a different Kind of stun, provided by a ground skill. It appears logical seeing the stun's effect over as soon as the Skill's effect is over as well. Or again, I remember that the stun Dark Circle provided was a completely different kind of stun (some time ago, Dark Circle was capable to put an additional Stun Symbol beneath your HUD, in case you were already stunned by other means), which makes me think of an outdated/different way the system sees this effect (this would explain why resisting it once nullifies the effect instead of re-applying continuously). Or even more simply, it can be a bug. No idea really. Here, an admin can be more precise.
  6. We're speaking about a ground skill, that's why. Different from any kind of stun/disabling effect. It doesn't change the fact that Resisting it nullifies said skill entirely, on the contrary of Templars whose effect re-applies every X seconds. Keep saying this and I'll make sure you'll take yours, even if I'm not working today. Or, since it appears to be the solution, he can bring a Mage with him. Or simply again, wait until the circle disappears exactly like the Legion Side does for Templar.
  7. You gotta see the realistic picture rather than the bigger one. In the bigger picture even a Necromancer can move away people with Panic. On a realistic Pov, however, Necros would probably die if he even tries to approach the enemy, as well as DKs would just get stunned the very moment it pulls the enemy out from the seal, resulting on the foe just running back where it was. Do people have skills in this sense? Yes, of course they do (Bigger Picture). How effective are these skills in this scenario? Close to no effective, unless you're a Chieftain or a Barbarian (Realistic Picture). .
  8. Yea. Evidently devs have seen nothing wrong on a char capable to ignore around 8k DMG and heal itself in the process. Oh well I'm looking forward to see the critical heal from Life Steal our class will be capable to achieve.
  9. What would happen if, let's say, you had no choice but going back to the zone a Templar has put his Whirlwind? (Let's say a Flag during war or a Seal in arena?). You are giving as certain that if people go inside there again it's cause they're stupid. It's not about stupidity or lack of tactic. It's about the impossibility to counter this skill even with a statistic created to counter such skills. And that should not be the way of it.
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