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  1. And how would this be a good way to test things, exactly? What kind of result would you expect from datas obtained by devs themselves playing the game using boosted items for this purpose during the ammount of time equals 1 week? This is not the way you test features properly. An actual process takes a lot of time. Sure, I would agree on twice a year, but once a week is kinda meaningless objectively. You don't see it because you are not the guy in charge of planning updates with new ideas everytime in a game 13 years old. You don't even need to be such a guy, tbf. All you need is a more realistic point of view. This makes no sense Did the idea of making new classes exactly to balance the old ones existing ever cross your mind? They added new classes so that to balance both sides with what they lack/need the most. They do even explain why they introduce such changes/classes now. Before it wasn't like this.
  2. The taming idea is indeed brilliant. One of the most popular features this event offered. I really hope they will give us the possibility to tame/craft the minion we need more in specific situations in the future.
  3. Hmm no, I Don't think it's the case. But you're trying to drop an extremely rare item, so it might be quite normal
  4. This is materially impossible to do. Have you ever updated a character maxing out every item just for the sake to have a character updated? If the answer is yes, then you'll certainly know that it isn't cheap. Nor it is convenient for devs doing so, because you'd have no datas at all to base said updates on. I'm not quite sure you got what I precedently meant. I meant more incomes in terms of money. You earn more money by updating new classes rather than making few little adjustments on already strong ones.
  5. You're confusing "being capable to AoE stun" with "being able to do it for a long time". Locks can indeed give a huge aid in this sense. Sure, they can't withstand damage as much as a templar would, but in terms of crowd control Locks have got a wider range of skills at their disposal. The only difference is that Templars can actually benefit from their own stunning abilities, making them more consistent in comparison with Locks. I'd personally say that you might see people arguing about their ridiculous survivability effects more than their stunning capabilities. Without them, they'd be as dangerous as a Lock. The fact that they can also stun is a consequence of another fact which is that they can live long enough to stun and help in this way even if seized by enemies, and that's even more ridiculous than everything else. Even Chieftains for example do provide some help with the CC, but you won't see them being blamed about their strenght because the average level Chieftain dies if being pulled in a crowd. You will see them being terribly strong in dmg output because in environements like arena you lack of one condition necessary to annihilate the class: the crowd. The same can't be said when we speak of certain elven classes, where a crowd is not enough to kill them thus you just end up stunning/disabling it and deal with the rest of the team. Stunning/Disabling is also a weak point, which in this game requires some good brain to practise or at least a synergistic team which you'll rarely find in random arenas. That's the point: classes on the elf side are simply more consistent and complete. However, that doesn't mean that Devs do prioritize one side more than the other; the proof is that MCs have been massively buffed in this last patch we had. In addition, there's litterally no income in investing in a side which is already strong and letting the other die. Balancements do provide them far more money.
  6. It can work the other way around. Why exactly elves and not mcs, if this was the case?
  7. Why should they? What do they earn by doing that?
  8. Congratulations to you all! Splendid works. The dedication you put is simply remarkable. Can't wait to see the next contest!
  9. This is stunning. Unbelievable. Great job bud!
  10. They don't need to, since they check statistics of the game. This is their source of infos related to the game.
  11. I'm going to watch you in the theaters in a month. Mind you, not to make a botch of things with the multiverse!
  12. It's not "secretly". It was a bug which now has been fixed
  13. Well, it's pretty obvious that every faction will say to be the weakest in comparison to the other, when the best they have to offer is a comparison between, for example (albeit I've actually seen stuff like this in the past), the defensive capabilities of a Charmer and a Paladin (Sentinels) or a Rogue and a BD (Legion). You're looking for proves and statements which usually contain a high ratio of biases, cause most of players don't look at the wider picture. The wider picture sees players not making comparison between 2 classes, rather the general type of the class itself (in other words, comparing all of the tanking abilities of the game's tanks rather than 2 specific and potentially different classes). It doesn't mean that you won't see good points and answers at all though. I'm also curious to listen what people will write.
  14. What's exactly dev's reason to favour one side rather than the other, taken by fact that devs don't actually play their own game?
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