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  1. Avoid inserting other variabilities. Put only the real damage a char can reach, because if we have to consider also several buffs a char may have, then something like this happens:
  2. They get 40.6% if great charm. Bet you are considering the Ferocity skill, otherwise Idk how you come up with 45%. Skill which you include as "normal", obviously. And for that you're saying that a Barb or a Dk deals as much damage as a Bladedancer, which has the help of several more passive statistics. Okay Ela, no point to carry on. You're clearly trolling there and am kinda tired to explain the obvious.
  3. And I guess you saw each one's build, one by one. Secondly, "26%" penetration + 38% ~ ferocity (Since I guess you know every barb or the majority of them uses a normal dmg crystal and not a fero one) compared to a +26% pene + 38% ~ ferocity + 40% from power of blades. Please, tell me again how those shielded chars hit like a bd.
  4. Higgings

    Greatness sets bonuses

    But different level. It makes sense actually, because those 2 items, even with the same name, have a difference with their bonus value, even if really small. Answering your question anyway, yes. The first bonus of each set is actived. The 2nd bonus will be available only with the full set of the same level.
  5. Owww I see now. Right right
  6. Higgings

    Best Class Overall

    It's understandable anyway that Elf side will say that Mc side chars are the best and viceversa. It's quite normal
  7. Higgings

    [2018.09.20] Game servers restart

    Mind that mobs may hit the minion once the hero dies. And against a minion, several of those mobs maybe tough enough to kill it immediatly. About the easy tech problem,idk. I was spamming it with friends lately but I could not find any bug there 😕
  8. Higgings

    [2018.09.20] Game servers restart

    That's awesome! Thank you for fixing them!
  9. Higgings

    Changing resolution

    I have the reverse problem on my new phone, which is supposed to be better than the old one I had. Yet, I have a low quality image. Pity
  10. Higgings

    Recovery Hackers and wrong working support

    You'll hardly receive some here, cause it is still a matter of personal data. The only way to actually try to do something is contacting privately the support team through the link I have posted. My apologies, but nothing else can be done through the forum for matters like this.
  11. Higgings

    Ayvondil Fourth Town Bait Quests

    However, that might make things harder for who dies and has to come back. Now with resurrection skills the story is different, but still not impossible.
  12. Thanks for having summed up.
  13. Higgings

    Recovery Hackers and wrong working support

    Let's avoid please to create misinformation against the support, especially if we are not 100% sure of what we are saying, shall we?The only way for them to give datas of an account is to answer to every single question they make, and those questions can be answered only by the real owner of that account (I am talking for personal experience). You said to have connected your account to facebook, right? If someone knows your facebook data and your account is connected with it then maybe this is how he has managed to hack you. Or, again, you may have downloaded something by clicking on weird links. Try at this point to contact the support team to find out what exactly happened. ( https://warspear-online.com/en/support/other-issues) or If you did it already, then please have a bit of patience Thank you a lot for your patience and understanding in advance.