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  1. People should go to an event because they get rewarded if they do so, and not because you get punished if you don't. You should encourage people to win, and not force them to fight.
  2. Yet you wanted to "burn him" because he had a human reaction. Because he tried to give you infos yet you wouldn't listen to him. Well... everything speaks for itself.
  3. On that video, you're the cause of that guy's attitude.
  4. Well, I told you what I think No comments.
  5. I don't know what you're trying to prove. The "toxicity of the community" I believe. Yet, the guy there tried to give you infos about the dungeon, since - from what it seems - you haven't run that once. In this case, you had to follow the experienced ond instead of acting on your own. The reaction of that guy might be exaggerate but not unjustified.
  6. There are several things which need to be adjusted on DKs. Not only Reserves.
  7. @Rayotenper If you want to add something more on your post, there's the Edit Button. There's no need to spam.
  8. Artists shall be encouraged and not banned. Your spam is the kind of spam that every moderator/administrator would deal with with immense joy.
  9. The point of a rare book is mainly to preserve their rarity. It's also more convenient in terms of incomes; people would have to spam again to find a new book again, and the buyer would have to find gold again to buy the book. This is also a reason of why some costumes have been changed from "None" to "Receiving" parameter. I'm not sure this thing will happen, or at least if it will, it won't be anytime soon, I fear 😕
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