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  1. How many skills per class?

    I wanted to avoid to put a Barbarian, because it has always been considered as a strong tank, more than a damager. But agree with Benny about The Barbarian being a very strong Opponent. Take in consideration this class too!
  2. How many skills per class?

    Classes which rely on pure strenght are several: -Bladedancer: this class is one of the best damagers in game atm. He can wield 2 weapons, and use Heavy Equipment and/or Lightweight equipment, which makes the Bladedancer hard to defeat for tanks, a pain for healers and a pain of Lightweight armor users as well. Has got plenty of offensive skills as well as buffs, and defensive skills: definitly one of the most dangerous classes due to their strenght. - Disadvantages: This class suffers a lot against Warlocks, Deathknights and Charmers ( quite like almost every class who PvPs vs those above mentioned characters ), since all of these 3 classes can Perma stun the opponent, with the right build, and for a Bladedancer is not easy to counter such skills. -Rogue: Another pure damage class. He is able to wield 2 weapons as well, and strongly relies ( but not always ) on his Dodge statistic: with the right build, he can reach a very high % number of such statistic, making him very hard to touch. A rogue can also become invisible, and while being under stealth mode, his attack increases a lot, in order to deal increased damage the next attack he does. Wears Lightweight equipments, and can be very dangerous for Casters. - Disadvantages: rogue lacks of a proper stunning skill. The only way he has to cool an enemy down, is by sleeping them using Gouge skill. -Seeker: this is a new class, not even 1 year old, but even if it's "young", it's damage output is incredibly high. Counts on several damage skills and few defensive skills as well, and can either wield 2 Daggers ( and becoming very... VERY fast ) or use a 2 handed weapon, for a bigger damage but sacrificing its attack speed. Seekers can use Lightweight armours and can become Invisible like Rogues. While being invisible, their speed increases, and that allows them to walk faster than usual. Kiting a high level Seeker might result hard, also cause of their Constant Energy Consumption skill, which disadvantages an enemy hit by a seeker, slowing them down for a while. -Disadvantages: Like rogues, they lack of a proper stun, and the only way for them to cool down an enemy is using an expert skill, which works exactly like rogue's Gouge. Also their Constant Energy Consumption skills require a lot of energy regeneration in order to keep them actived for a lot of time, especially if we use all of our Skill Points on such skills. That might result on Sacrificing some statistics like Critical hit or Penetration for Energy Regeneration: this class needs a good balance to work properly! -Ranger: Rangers were the only class who could use a Bow and a Crossbow ( until the update 7.0.0 ). Very high damagers, thanks to their Blessing Skill mostly, a ranger can count on several damage skills, and can rely on Dodge as well. They prefer fighting from the distance, disadvantaging in this way a Melee class. Against Cloth Armor users, they result to be excellent. Has got also some Disabling skills and a Stunning skill; In case the Melee class comes too close to the Ranger, the ranger either Stuns it or makes him run away from him, and that gives the Ranger time to send himself away from the Melee weapons user or attack while he runs away. Can also count on an incredible attack speed, thing which can be improved, since a ranger can only wear Lightweight Armours. -Disadvantages: they need sometimes to kite the enemy, if it reveals to be too strong. -Hunter: it is the bow and crossbow user of the legion side, it is a new class, exactly like the Seeker. This class is maybe one of the classes with the highest Critical Hit reachable, thanks to their Constant Energy Consumption Skill, which increases its Critical hit damage and its Damage as well. Wears Lightweight armours, and many consider them as a "Phisical Damage Warlock" or a "Ranged Deathknight", due to their controlling skills ( available as Expert Skills ). Results to be very strong against Cloth Armour users, and can count on several damage skill and some above mentioned Controlling skills. -Disadvantages: like seekers, they need some energy regeneration on their equipment, if they want to keep their skill actived as much as possible. -Mage: Magic Damage user, can wield a staff and it is one of the strongest character, when it comes to damage many enemies at once. Counts on Several Damage skills, as well as some buffs and Passive Skills. Can create a Barrier which protects him from any attack, and increase its Defensive Statistics with 1 skill only. Combining some skills, will result on triggering additional debuffs for your opponent, such as Stun or even Fear. Uses Cloth Armours, which means a low ammount of defense ( generally, if you aim to be high amped it can also reach a nice ammount of defense ). Can also buff himself or the opponent with an Immunity skill, which will result to be incredibly strong against Warlocks or Charmers or any class which relies a lot on controlling the ememy. -Disadvantages: it is one of the first targets in arena, cause they can be annoying some times finding it against you, especially if it is skilled enough. Stunning/muting him for a long time may result on being an easy target to kill. Here you are, these are the classes I think that may suit your playstyle. I hope I have been useful, and if more questions cross your mind, do not hesitate on asking, again :) Have a nice day!
  3. How many skills per class?

    It may take a while, since we speak about 16 classes with 7 expert skills each e.e Why don't you instead try to explain which qualities you're looking for on a class? Something like a class' ability to tank strong opponents, or a class with healing abilities. Or a pure damage class, able even to use invisibility to sneek onto the enemy faction's Lands, or a pure magic damage user, able to deal with several opponents at once. Or a class which can be very useful in PvP, if you like this side of the game more than its PvE side, and so on. I'll try to help you by choosing the most suitable classes, who fullfil your requests :) Otherwise, you may just go to this site: https://ws-db.ru/classes , the only problem is that this site is kinda outdated, and lacks of 4 classes and some expert skills, but it can be useful if you want to make something like an idea about the class you're going to play.
  4. How many skills per class?

    A class can have a maximum of 7 unique* expert skills. The total ammount of expert skills a class can have is 9 *With unique it means 7 expert skills which have been creaded exclusively for a class, and not available for another; for example, Death Call is a unique skill available for a Deathknight only , thus, a Shaman cannot use Death Call in any way. And what would be the forum, without your useful advices too?
  5. How many skills per class?

    Hello there, and welcome to Warspear Online! Before starting, I moved the topic into "New Players" section, because for some weird reason I could not reply, on the previous Section Now back to your question :) Each class has got a maximum of 5 basic skills and a maximum of 7 expert skills ( currently ). Once you reach the lv18, the character gains the access to the expert skills. You can only add an expert skill if you have got a free slot available. Slots can be unlocked every time you reach the levels 18-20-22-24-26-28-(30) + 2 more expert slots, which can be unlocked only by using Miracle Coins Expert skills can be obtained in several ways: - Special rewards in dungeons (only during particular events) - Special Drops from Bosses*; some of these bosses are the Pontifexes, bosses located beneath Tlaskoe - Purchased from the Vendors, for 40k gold. *some of those Bosses can also drop special expert skills (Passive Expert Skills) available for any class. These bosses though require to be in a party and to be kinda expert of the game, cause they may be tricky to defeat. I hope I have been useful, if you have more doubts, do not hesitate on asking again! Have a nice day!

    Whoops My bad

    I see no timers displayed.

    More likely is a quest. I see some Bowls there.

    What are those buffs he has got? :o
  10. Minhas conta foi bloqueada

    Hello there! I am sorry to hear that, but I fear that for such informations you'll have to contact the Support Team. Provide them infos about your account ( such as Email Login, Characters' name in that account, their level etc ) and send everything to [email protected] Mind that they will answer within 5 working days. Good Luck!
  11. List of annoying idiots

    Hunting AA :3
  12. Need more active skill slots

    Theoretically it can be done, I think. It is enough to use the same mechanic we have for guild skills and apply it on our normal skills. But Idk if this is technically possible, that's more something that an Admin or a Dev can answer in the best of the ways.
  13. The last week of the event, most probably! But expect something on the Black Friday as well! Last year we had Relics Discount, for example
  14. Lvl14 "pros"

    Not dead here, but fights became rare or when you find one, there are newbies/unexpert players. The few times i found op players I had a lot of fun. Couldn't care if they used Pots/Cards or whatever more, or If i lost, as long as they kept demanding, I was happy xd. This is basically what's going on now in EU. Tavern was the place i loved a lot in events, but unfortunatly it became kinda empty now. Arena 2x2 is the category more demanded atm. 3x3 is more rare, but it's pure fun when it comes . In my opinion it is time to re-open the 3x3 normal category. Many will demand, but I guess the plan for devs is making players to get a full arena set in 1 season. Maybe they may change rewards places ( for example, an arena ring + equipment in seals 3x3 and 3x3 normal, or a cape + equipment in 5x5 arena and amulet in arena 2x2. All available in a season. ) And thank you for the compliment