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  1. Higgings


    These relics can be sold through the market. Follow the instructions Buudbd said. Mind though that these relics require the Guild to have a lv4 castle minimum
  2. Higgings


    They can. Just people must go to the castle's vendor.
  3. Higgings

    Fastest run in horror dg 28

    I am still at work... uff T.T
  4. Higgings

    Account blocked!

    Hello there! Please, send a message to the support team. They are the only one who deal with these kind of problems. Be aware that you may receive an answer in some days (from 5 to 14, but even earlier if lucky enough) Have a nice day! 🙂
  5. Higgings

    Change of sex!

    Do not lose hopes. Admins and devs daily work hard for the sake of the game. Just be positive 😉
  6. Higgings

    HP or LS

    Wew, 5k def. That's pretty ace!
  7. Higgings

    Weather and aesthetics

    Mmm am not sure, I never played it. But if it sounds nice, why not.
  8. Higgings

    Weather and aesthetics

    It would be interesting though. On night time, it would be harder to see enemies OR mobs might change and increase their statistics.
  9. Higgings

    [2018.11.14] Results

    Internship in my university took a huge ammount of my time. But also, the result of the contest before this one (The story of the character one) made me kinda disappointed. It made me pick the wrong decision when I saw this Contest, decision now I definitely regret . "But now is no time to mourn", said someone, and I am looking forward to see the next contest! 🙂 (Unless it is a drawing-contest... I am horrible in that)
  10. Higgings


    there are for now no reasons to close this topic, since no rules have been violated yet.
  11. Higgings

    My Steam account was stolen

    Please, mind that on weekends Administrators do not usually work. You'll have to wait until Monday for an answer, I fear 😕