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  1. Arena 3x3

    5 mins of applauses for this guy! Approved!
  2. Arena 3x3

    Lv26 red weapons with a set bonus... maybe they could trigger the Resilience bonus if you have got 2 pieces of such weapons ( like 2 blades, 2 axes or 2 daggers. Or a mace and a shield But staves? Err.... no idea. But wouldn't you guys like to see red weapons?
  3. Imbalanced Characters.

    Over 50. Wow, over several milions of players you managed to count 50. Is a huge number, this one! No doubts! Is this the topic where you counted(?) 50 mcs crying about Counterattack?
  4. Imbalanced Characters.

    Yea, every second of the first 5 seconds they used to read about that buff. And "whole mcs" lol. How many of them? 2? 3? Happens every time a lock Kites. Which means in every pvp they do. Pay attention to that, if you will fight a lock again, in the future
  5. Imbalanced Characters.

    Nah, you need the guy you pvp against lag, and here you go.
  6. Imbalanced Characters.

    Am I the only one who would study a way (and thus lose time) to maximize my Resistence and Resilience in a balanced way to be a tough enemy in arena? Every sec? Stop using internet explorer dude. We talk about 2 years ago. Check the latest posts in the support section and see what they talk about
  7. Imbalanced Characters.

    Touché, we were not better at all during that period, lel. But in our defence, we complained cause we """""thought"""" that MAYBE 1.2k damage as counter was kinda exaggerated, especially if you did not have any mean to neutralize it.
  8. Physical Damage and magic

    Unfortunately, in speed matters, it is as slow as any 2h weapon (but a little faster than a spear)
  9. Physical Damage and magic

    16 skill points available. EDIT: 152425 players replied before me (._.)/
  10. This amp rate is bullshit

    Then simply do not amp, if you are afraid of wasting too many curriencies
  11. Physical Damage and magic

    •2h axe is meant for chars using full Damage sacrificing the speed •The Arena Spear has got physical damage as first statistic, and if you have got a magic dmg build, it is definilty not the weapon you should choose, imo •2h arena mace has got Magic damage as first statistic AND ferocity. Would suit a paladin perfectly if it bases his play-style on magic damage entirely.
  12. Imbalanced Characters.

    The only post of "mcs crying" seen so far was about the Resistence Rune.
  13. Imbalanced Characters.

    I can sum up everything he said in 2 sentences. 1st: mcs have too many stunning and recovering skills (even tanks) and that is not fair. Elves do not have these skills. Please #Balance this 2nd: spent tons of coins but my weapon did not raise on level. Fix this and, with this, mcs skills. I had read everything, and he really brought nothing new which has not been brought already in this forum since last month. My apologies if I sound harsh, but it is not easy replying everytime to the same topics >.>
  14. semi retiring.

    I wanna remind you all that In this topic the rule of not creating Flames is still valid as well as it was on other topics ^^
  15. This amp rate is bullshit

    No one forces you to amp lol. When you do, you either are aware of the "Risks" (item loss or item not being amped) or you do not try at all. Is like trying to win a lottery and you sue the event creator cause you did not win after several lottery tickets purchased xd