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  1. Hello there! Please, contact our support team in order to find out what happened: they are the ones in charge to deal with these measures.
  2. It is an incredibile work and I apologize for my late reply, but irl university activities are litterally killing my time (in game as well). Very well performed and congratulations for the dedication you've put on the work!
  3. All you have to do is being patient. I've lost the count of how many times you have written that around the forum. Spamming this will not speed up the request whatsoever and a Class Adjustment was planned, as written by @Reivenorik, on Autumn. Please, do not spam the forum further with this or at least do it on a more appropriate topic.
  4. Waw *-* Perhaps this will be the time we will be able to do all of them ehe xd
  5. I'm experiencing a bad lag as well. It disconnects me from the game
  6. You basically wrote what he is asking, the difference is that he focuses on Lifeforce Pots only and is suggesting a way to deal with those.
  7. In order for your research to be faster, I hereby advise you to look in game more than on forum: it will be a more dynamic system in this way and there is a higher chance for you to find a guild. I bid you luck!
  8. The battle for a castle thing was also suggested by me. I believe the war day should be changed due to this.
  9. I missed the part where this skill was op enough to remove the critical hit tbh. Even more now since it can be resisted on both Damage and Stun
  10. This is why our batman was offline. He is in the Hawaii huh, @Reivenorik?
  11. Owwwww *-* In general this is a very nice ammount of fixes/changes. Very well done guys!
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