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  1. Good evening! I want to remind you that these problems are sorted out through the support team ([email protected]). Please, send a message to this address explaining them the problem. Mind thay you might receive an answer within 5 working days I bid you a good day!
  2. You guys have the power to be unsatisfied even when you actually get something rare and worthy. Do you really expect devs to send you a daily gift with a rare suit in it?
  3. If you got PoB maxed then Flash at 5/5 is a waste of points imho. I'd use them somewhere like Parry - just to be somehow good on def, or Taunt - so that your healers won't rage at you if they crit heal Or split them on both: Taunt AND Parry
  4. I believe he meant Hamstrings, Parry and Flash Strike
  5. Hello buddy and thank you for your report! I have to warn you about something though: these kind of reports are not solved on forum. If you believe that someone is breaking rules and you can prove it (basically the same way you wrote this post) you can send a message to the support team and tell them what it is happening. Here is their address: "[email protected]" Mind that it might take up to 4 working days for an answer and that the support works during Working Days Only (Monday-Friday). I bid you a nice day!
  6. RNG is far linked from something which you define "a God", but, answering your question, yea, Warspear Online is a fantasy MMORPG game.
  7. Higgings


    Just for you to know, the sale of accounts (and buying them as well) goes against EULA rules: the permanent restriction from accessing the game is expected from this violation. I invite you to read carefully the EULA rules in order to avoid any kind of disciplinary measure. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://warspear-online.com/user-licence-agreement&ved=2ahUKEwjPv7TMou_lAhXR26QKHYlGDC4QFjAAegQIBxAC&usg=AOvVaw1tROlP5srwr4rE7TBTfu73 Forewarned and Forearmed my friend. I bid you a nice day!
  8. I'm missing the part where you deal devs some damage while doing this. Careful with the language, by the way.
  9. Google Play feature is necessary in order to active this option.
  10. Hey there! First of all, open the game and select "new account". You will open a popup with the EULA rule on (I hereby advise you to read it carefully) and once you accept every term you will automatically create an account Don't hesitate to ask for further doubts. I bid you a nice day!
  11. The idea is good. I like it. This would give, for example, GvGs a bit more of organization. But I'd give this privilege to the Leader and to the Commander only: let's give this position a bit more importance.
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