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  1. I liked that too, it was cute. But I gotta agree that this year it was hard for them to decide for a winning place.
  2. Hello there! I've moved the topic here, since you may have found a bug, indeed. You shall wait for an answer from our admins, if you want to receive a detailed information about this problem. Mind that on weekends they do not work; another reason to beg for your patience here. I bid you a nice day!
  3. They won't be at top rankings because they're old, but because they fight for that. As soon as a new guild does the same that new guild will see its name among the best ones.
  4. That's a guild event - I suppose they should find a guild to join in.
  5. We're still talking about the Paladin, right? Because from the description you made, it kinda looked like we were stuck on 2015. Paladin has got a huge buff during these past 2 years, and Illumination deals very high dmg if maxed and with a good ammount of Magic Damage.
  6. It depends a lot on when they'll see your costume. Since it is the 19th (and I hadn't noticed before until now, tbh) it might not be convenient to edit the suit completely.
  7. My humble advice is to correct that as long as you can: meeting the rules of the contest is the first step to make if you want to try to get winning place.
  8. Higgings


    I received an answer the next day the last time I messaged them. It's highly periodical: there are times when they are very full and others where they answer in like 10 minutes. 4-15 days is the official ammount, but I believe that the section requires a little update.
  9. Higgings


    Hey there! Have you tried to send a message to the support team? They have got also the ability to investigate on what track some items have "chosen". I advise you to contact them pronto anyway, since the more time you waste and the harder it will be for them to investigate. Here's the Support Team's Email: [email protected] Mind that you might need up to 4 working days for an effective answer. Mind to check also the Spam Folder often. I bid you a nice day!
  10. I would see this more as a minion than as a suit.
  11. The contest doesn't require that. A frontal pic shall be enough.
  12. Higgings

    1v1 Duel

    A Royal Rumble alike arena.
  13. Every player needs a specific item for sale. The system is automated: you'll never know what comes next as discount. P.S: the support section is not the right section for such topics. Actually, the thing is not even a problem itself and cannot be "sorted out" in forum. You'll need to be patient or to find for a solution like the Arena Damage II. It is the only thing I can tell you, my apologies for that. P.P.S.: the topic has been moved.
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