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  1. The over powered classes

  2. The over powered classes

    You rate vla Newbie as well... make up your mind please.
  3. The over powered classes

    Alright, my bad
  4. The over powered classes

    One little question, was that a personal opinion directly meant to me? Not true. Meditator managed to kill Agankstar 1vs1. It took something like 15 mins, but he did.
  5. The over powered classes

    Everybody is asking it. - The suggestion has been made and explained? - in their way, but yes, it was. - Everybody has read and expressed their opinion? Yes, it happened. - What should happen now? Devs should just read that and give their opinio; if they don't, the topic becomes simply useless, as well as a place where the flame will never finish.
  6. old question but need proper answers.

    Ok in few words Every char has the chance to attack a monster and dealing him a x ammount of damage. This chance of hitting, though, depends on another factor called "Dodge". Every hit you give the enemy, there is a chance ( triggered by the RNG of the game, and depending on the enemy's dodge ammount ) to miss such attack, causing the failure of dealing damage to your opponent. Now here it comes "Accuracy", because this statistic decreases the enemy's Dodge ammount, depending on your ammount of dodge. To make a pratical example: Attack ----> Dodge ----> Accuracy Where " ----> " means "Depends on" Or again: - Enemy's dodge: 50% - My accuracy: 20% Result: The enemy has got 30% of probability to dodge my attack ( and not the 30% of probability to receive a successful attack ) Now, a little opinion about your suggestion: You said it right, they made accuracy cause the ammount of dodge a character like rogue can reach is extremely high. The same thing cannot be said with Parry and Block. In my modest opinion, these statistics are Balanced already, because both parry and block have got a condition of triggering Parry: Defends a character from most of the enemy's attack, but ONLY if these attacks are Melee attacks thus: the counter of this statistic, if ever made, would be totally useless for Rangers, Casters, Hunters. Block: Defends a character from Most of the enemy's attack, either ranged or melee, but ONLY if the defender has got a shield equipped on. Thus: why even adding a counter for this statistic? The max of it is 25%, and no one will ever reach such ammount in PvP, unless you sacrifice better PvP items for PvE ones ( with a resi rune on them, maybe ) or thanks to some relics. But still...
  7. improvements for charmer in pvm

    Yep, that build can work too ^^^
  8. improvements for charmer in pvm

    I have read the whole text. For sure, you got some of the mechanics of a Charmer, and that's great to see. Just some things I didn't agree: Call: This skill depends already a lot on the physical damage, and since a charmer has got a lot of stuns, giving the dog more buffs would result on it being too op. On the other hand, It is true that its hps are low, if you use the dog in PvP or anywhere else: an enemy with ferocity oneshots it and heals something like 600 hps if it has enough life steal. I'd increase the dog's hps depending also to the level of the charmer ( and not his hps. It would be cool, i know, but too op xD ) Same story for the Bird's hps Warrior Healing: the health ammount is low, I know, but you must also keep in mind that in PvP, a charmer would be way stronger than it is already now. For now, I think that this skill can work good enough even without buffs. Got told also that some players can solo heal even during quests and bosses, as charmers. In my opinion, this class is just a lot understimated in PvE. That's it. Energy Manipulation: for the current skills' setup, this is maybe the weakest skill. It does not give a reason to increase it in Points Matters. Making it a Passive skill might be very interesting, instead. Make it work with x Chances of success. The new skill you suggested is way too op to keep it with the Energy consumption system. It would be a non stop heal. Definitly too op. If you change this system with a normal one ( mana cost - skill casting ) then it can be really nice, for the way, you explained, it works.
  9. arena reward and more

    I have heard somewhere that they are planning in the future to make us players choose the kind of equipment we get, as soon as you become the winner of an arena season. Now, I don't know if they meant the way you wrote, but that's an idea that many times has been suggested to the developpers. I like the inquisitor's items unlockable in the miracle shop, as soon as you achieve 200. The only bad side of this, though, is that they would lose the rarity these skins already have. A way to prevent this, is making these skins with the parameter "Receiving" even while buying it on the miracle shop. So that it could only be usable and not resellable, keeping the rarity of the skin safe ( of course, you can always put the skin on a weapon and then resell the weapon, but I think that it is not that bad than selling an inquisitor skin alone )
  10. The over powered classes

    Write that to ela. It's him who wrote that. I have just brought an hypotetical conseguence of the post he wrote, which is actually not linked in any way to the topic either. You can call it "off topic" xd
  11. The over powered classes

    With this sentence, you have said that it happened the reverse of everything you stated. Following the reasonmemt of this post, if you say that Locks will be nerfed, it means they won't.
  12. If you mean expert skills yes, it is possible to replace a skill with another. Follow these steps 1. Buy the desired skill 2. Open your menu, and go to the Skills list. Scroll until you reach the Expert Skill's menu 3. Select the skill you want to replace with a new one, thus click "Menu" - " Add skill" and confirm. In this way, your old skill will be removed, and replaced with the new one you have chosen Hope I have been useful!
  13. The over powered classes

    Well, more properly, it's the topic where you are trying to ask for a nerf of Locks and Charmers.
  14. The over powered classes

    Well, actually the name says "The Over Powered Classes", so as long as the topic are op classes, we ain't going off topic. Otherwise the topic would be named "The op classes, Charmer and Lock"