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  1. Aye, am aware of this. I hope they create the same topic they made on Russian Section even Here... some friends of mine are complaining about this too :/
  2. The fact that the Energy Regen is Halved during a fight is normal: it happened even before the update.
  3. Then it's normal. Nothing changed here
  4. Okay then am out of ideas If you meant instead that the energy regen is not halved in battle mode, then you're wrong. It was like this since always
  5. It has always been like this, while being in battle mode The only difference is that now, the LV4 passive guild skill's strenght is halved: from 30% to 15%. So now, you have "lost" the 15% of mana. As a result, you'll finish it a bit earlier than usual. But a good Energy Regen will sort out the problem.
  6. Higgings

    I need help

  7. So I guess the number of members won't change. Alright, thanks ^^
  8. Higgings


    A very well made topic. My best wishes. But I will be honest, I am not sure at all if such thing is technically possible :/
  9. Btw, does levelling up the guild up to 12 also grants to invite 20 more members (Total: 120 people) ?
  10. Most probably this week, but it is not sure yet. So have patience :)
  11. Higgings


    For that char only. At least the free bag
  12. Higgings

    my opinion. the game is not going to die

    It's quite normal that every update is meant for devs to earn something. You cannot just expect that devs work for free, lel. Comments right now are balanced, from my point of view. Few ones are the ones who "shout"