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  1. Get experts first. Experts stay forever; equips do change.
  2. I would disagree. Don't forget Sharp is a Ranged Skill after all.
  3. Points 1 and 2 from Steel Hurricane are intriguing and interesting. I like the concept a lot. I said enough of Saturation as well. Idk personally what else should be done in order to let them get that the HP cost of this skill is complete nonsense.
  4. Just a little correction: Relic of Continuous Effect doesn't increase the stun time, but the time this skill lasts in order to be used against the enemy.
  5. This doesn't enter among my jurisdiction. Report them as I did long time ago. You're in forum now, and everytime you were restricted, you knew the reason. One last thing: Let's end this here, shall we?
  6. Trust me... not a big deal. I've also got Distortion of Life.
  7. Everytime you received a restriction we have also written a clear reason of why of this measure. Forgive me, but you shall just keep speaking about the topic's subject (because we are slowly turning it into one of your several other topics all around the forum) and seriously refrain from acting like a victim, at least when it comes to restrictions given. If nothing more needs to be added here, then there's no reason to keep the topic opened to let other themes not related to the topic itself be discussed.
  8. It's a sad yet inevitable truth buddy. Life is made up of choices; if you refuse to make them, someone else might make them instead.
  9. Miracle coins. Invest on pvp items and books. Join a high lvl guild, spend time and patience on imperials of greatness so that you can get very good arena items and eventually Compete against them. There are solutions, just they're not easy to get. Yet, they remain solutions
  10. Same place. Kill mobs in there with your same/higher lv and you might obtain a chocolate heart chest. In there, you shall find quest items
  11. Shall we also speak about the skill not being able to crit?
  12. Because you're using a 2h weapon and a critical hit set, thus you're focusing on offensive stats more than defensive. Saturation would cost you HPs in a less measure than usual (600 hps maybe?) But you'd be defenseless against critical hits. Blood Protection shall give you a second chance - well, you'd die slower - more than Saturation would. You don't have a counter which tells you that Saturation will cost 0 from now, and in a dynamic situation you can't really do the math. It's enough to have 51% of HPs to see your bar being depleted and that makes this skill unreliable.
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