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  1. The over powered classes

    Thousamds of dollar, not a hint of skill in it. And i did quit braindead boy.

    Well you are just dogs though.
  3. The over powered classes

    Lmao unbalance this, unfair that. Its a game, it isnt perfect, grow the duck up.
  4. Goodbye, quitting, leaving, urscrewed, as always.

    Eh i already quit. Warspear with cinematics? Why though
  5. Dude do you know how skilled elasiribd is? He is the most op bladedancer in the entire galaxy, i wish i could be like ela and be king of the universe. Now let me introduce you to the art and skill of the bladedancer. STEP 1: Amp +10, if ur not +10, you suck, and wont win as bladedancer STEP 2: Err. Thats it Enjoy ur global dominance in the art of point and click.
  6. The betrayer Aliexpress(Koreagunba)

    God who cares if you care so much about that garbage, pm me in game ill give you 10k i "scammed"
  7. Arena Award eq

  8. GM , Moderatör Pls Urgent help!

    Well if he says he didnt, and they cant prove it. Technically you didnt?
  9. Warspear doesnt work with vpns?

    Its not an issue xD
  10. My cl quests took 3 months as well Now everyone does them in 2 hours
  11. Warspear doesnt work with vpns?

    Which vpns work with warspear then? Like if youve done it before