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  1. draw things for Warspear

  2. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    hes getting smacked today boys
  3. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    adults acting like children, then proceeds to call me a child well i hate to break your bubble ela but sometimes when you get proven to be incorrect you just gotta admit your wrongdoing
  4. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    this guy is slightly demented i think
  5. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    rich in money, but not in mind
  6. Borrakk wh scammer

    well thats unfortunate :/
  7. you realise attempting to share accounts can result in a permenant ban right? why would developers make a feature that caters and assists something that is already illegal?
  8. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    LOL btw yeh the most accurate representation of the stuns duration is right below the character name, and yes you did misclick which means, you couldnt move for longer. your point is invalid
  9. Unbind scroll

    I prefer the unblinding scroll, fak shaman blind
  10. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    By stating that hashtag you are assuming that nobody else respects women and that you solely are the only respector of women, which is not only offensive to women as it shows that you have a degraded view of their gender, but also that you treat them not as mods of the forums but simply by their gender. which completely ducking irrelevant. to me it seems like you would treat a male moderator in a different way to how you would treat a female moderator which is unacceptable.
  11. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    This guy is actually a genius lmao
  12. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    Wha? I haven't spent anything on this game NOR have I even tried to tell kids what to do, why not you go start reading my previous comments and/or recognise satire before start pointless accusations. Thanks