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  1. Whats with the emotijs? I always thought developers were supposed to be serious in situations like this, considering it is a formal message where thousands of dollars could have been potentially spent on an account, i dont think its the time to laugh at another persons mistakes, considering you are of higher position than most. And secondly, who cares, ban them all.
  2. i call bullshit on that one, knowing warspear support, they prolly just saw the website advertising in a screenshot on a forum post, and took the WRONG name under it LOL
  3. you realise the chance of you winning is literally one in 10,000 or so, which is incredibly small, so why again?
  4. Sorry i think auto correct kinda screwed you over, lemme help you there bud. Me? Banned? i dont think grinding for 5 years just to get acceptable gear gets you banned.. wait..
  5. yo whats with the font size, ill have whatever drink ur having.
  6. Me? Banned? i dont think gods get banned..
  7. Sorry i think auto correct kinda screwed you over, lemme help you there bud. Why can we have fun in events? getting banned for no reason loses all fun during this time.
  8. you are missing the point, devs, hear me out on this one. Implement a chat regulation where you are not allowed to send the same message to a chat twice. because nobody actually types these messages manually, its all done by a bot. example: Urscrewed: Wow you suck Urscrewed: Wow you suck Info: You cannot send the same mesaage twice, please change it up. Bots: duck
  9. damn, whatever will the <500 people who have access to castles ever do?
  10. Lmao, old players getting banned for no apparent reason? Wow, ur killing off the only player base you have.
  11. pay real money, or expect to grind 4 years to even become slightly decent.
  12. whoops sorry xD, i looked at op then just commented didn't scroll through.
  13. The game is dying friends.
  14. Let's be real, the forums are dead, well, the English ones are.
  15. really? i needa get posts approved? wow thanks...
  16. Just add a feature that doesn't allow the same message to be sent over 2+ times, forcing you to manually change something every time. I've seen a few other games do this and it is really effective.
  17. I think something needs to be done to quel the toxicity of the community.
  18. Well I once parried a hamstring and he was pretty pissed about it xD
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