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  1. @Alexhealer It usually happens if you buy mcoins with a different email id instead of your warspear id. Although, the ban is temporary. I hope that clears your doubt.
  2. Please use spoiler option to contain the videos/pictures uploaded. Thanks
  3. There is no talent to evitate critical hit. However, you can take following tips to evitate critical hit. 1. Try hitting the mushrooms regularly around the map to get buffs and survive in the boss area. 2. Increase dodge stat to increase your dodginess to evitate critical hit. 3. Use Solidity runes and increase your defence to reach highest solidity possible to avoid critical hit. The talent Survivability IV talent reduces the critical hit dmg taken.
  4. I meant the highest limit of parry is 30%. It maybe possible with some relics and gears combination.
  5. Added Mermen Trials Event. Please do check. and leave feedback. This guide is welcome for players' suggestions as well.
  6. I am not able to remember the quest name. If it is a yellow or story quest, this guide doesn't cover them. However, if you can post the quest with screenshots of quest description, I might be able to help. 😇
  7. Please help how to do this quest. Thanks
  8. Sai Chandra


    I have seen these cases a lot in the past. It usually happens if you are paying from an account which doesn't have your name on it. I can suggest you to pay from an account which is yours. If it doesn't solve, please contact support team like Nolan wrote.
  9. The area shown on map was spring world event stage 2. While you are afk, the event stage 2 ads killed you. Once the stage 2 is over, the event ads get disappeared.
  10. Ahh I understood. Its been a while since I played. I didn't check the changes of the new system.
  11. It happens when odd number of guilds participate in mermen GVG. For example, if the server has 3x lvl 12 guilds and 1 lvl 1 guild. There is no choice in this case and the system will match one of the lvl 12 guild with lvl 11 guild. I can suggest you to level up your guild to use guardian...obvious right?
  12. I see two versions of Windows versions on the warspear website namely : 1. Version 9.4.0 for Windows Windows 7/8/10, 1.4GHz, 2 GB RAM, 200 MB HDD, OpenGL 3.0 2. Version 9.4.0 for Windows XP Windows XP SP3, 1GHz, 512 MB RAM, 100 MB HDD I tested and played both for a long time. I feel like the OpenGL version is just a magnified version of Windows XP small screen for full screen mode with loss of clarity. I request developers of warspear to please increase resolution/clarity of Windows XP version for high end/ high performance devices and make it full screen version. Thanks
  13. How about try to quest/level with other players? Warspear is afterall a multiplayer RPG game. I would suggest you to try new classes which u haven't played before for new experience.
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