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  1. I agree with you totally my friend. But it would be appropriate to post in the right class discussion regarding the other classes. I know myself how strong bladedancer became in the last updates regarding the rush dash resist and new resistance expert skill which have 100% chance of resisting any negative effect. What more?-- with so low cd time you can cycle rush and resist skill so easily which makes any negative effects from other classes resist all the time. I believe that's why warlocks, charmers have been going towards extinction as well. I wish the developers also pay attention to the
  2. As a Bladedancer, I can understand your statement as I know personally myself how Bladedancer is buffed many times in the past updates. The fact that I am still playing my bladedancer and love to play also proves that fact. But, I would like to add a small correction to your opinion regarding the buffs. Our talented devs have analysed a lot of factors for which bladedancer is overpowered and also provided nerfs for bladedancer class regularly. What I actually did was simply accepted the fact about the nerf and found another ways like changing skill setups, getting non class expert skills or ge
  3. Congrats to all winners! 🤗 . Kudos to their artwork skills. Really mesmerizing !
  4. @Manthra First, I appreciate your clear representation of the injustices mentioned in your post. 😇 I can totally understand the post u have written above because in the past, i was only thinking about only my class Bladedancer and did my best as Bladedancer. But in that process, I forgot something very important about Legion faction classes. I would like to reassure you that our talented Developers have already worked on this issue and they have provided solution in the last updates. If I say everything in this post, its not fun right? As a fellow player at warspear online like you, I wa
  5. for Deep-water redfish , u can use following symbol in map. P.S: Harpooners is a t5 pirate bait quest Please find this in map for needletooth fish
  6. Yep. He is not zeus. He seems to despise Legion faction so much and he wants to spread the negativity to Legion faction by making Legion faction switch to Sentinel Side. I see some people who spreads the same negativity in elf world chat in spamming and expects all elves to join Themercs and Perni("TrUe ElF AlLiAnCe"). I feel pity towards him while watching him spam elf world chat everyday.
  7. yes! in US-Sapphire server
  8. If that is true, I think the developers thought the subtraction of 2 secs was necessary to keep the chieftain skill balanced. I can share my personal experience of testing the Resistance skill for Bladedancers which was nerfed thrice in terms of durations and effects in the test server. But According to my personal opinion, I feel the skill should be given 2 secs more making chieftain skill 8 secs or atleast kept 6 secs.
  9. Thanks a lot for the clarification. @Wongs @TheCaster Lets check the actual duration in the real server.
  10. My sincere apologies again. Now I understood my mistake again. I was only trying to extend the explanation of an Admin by giving a live example happened in the past. Please forgive my unseemly actions for doing so. Because many leaders in all servers are currently abusing the bugs and leading to irreparable damage to the players and even warspear currency economy affected by it. This social evil of abusing bugs has spread like wild fire and thus plaguing many players currently in warspear. It is burning situation right now due to recent events where the
  11. Warspear game system has locked the rotting effect at 20% reduction. Even if 100 players apply the same relic activated on same enemy, the effect is locked at 20% for a simple reason that people don't abuse this relic. Imagine a situation like this: 20 players make the relic activated on same enemy in a "continuous" manner. If the relic follows your explanation, the boss/enemy will be dead with just the relic itself when the rotting effect reached 100% or close to 100% when the relic is activated "continuously". That is exact reason why the game system has locked the relic at 20% r
  12. There are already some issues of some classes attacking through blessing guild skill. Please fix them.
  13. I have faced this same issue and couldn't cancel on time due to my poor internet connection. Some of my friends also faced same issue. I agree too it is not a bug and it is our responsibility to check twice or thrice before amping. This below suggestion would be very useful if a warning message is shown if a player tries to amp without a sign.
  14. You meant the below change right? @rafa9876 You are right. There is possibility of 1 hit or even 3 hits of the multiple hit skill can get nullified based on when barrier is activated due to new barrier skill change. Apologies for wrong info. Thanks for correcting me. It's a good suggestion for new chieftains also to not use this multiple hit skill while the mage barrier is active and also pay attention to when was the last barrier activated so you can time the multiple hit skill.
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