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  1. Your character effective accuracy = (accuracy % - enemy dodge%) For example: If you have 30% accuracy and enemy has 40% dodge. your effective accuracy= (30-40)= -10% ===> which means you have 10% chance of missing attacks on enemy
  2. @Holmes @Peony There is an issue with the world event "Shadows of Past" Stage 3 is getting finished very fast in 10-15 secs and most of us arent getting the stage 3 rewards.
  3. This video need some edits. Please use your creativity and edit it.
  4. The new skill spirit of resistance doesnt remove negative effects caused by relics.
  5. I understand your concern. But you need to understand the pace at which the game is moving forward also. When Ayvondil t4 update came, many could solo termitory dgs. That doesn't mean Aigrind has given up group play. It is just because of the level updates, skill updates and new gears updates. Now currently, we are at Mermen dungeons era. If you really want to focus on the seeker soloing technopolis hard mode, you can clearly see how many passive skills he have gathered to do this feat. Not everyone can do this so, AIGRIND always favors team play
  6. @Holmes for us sapphire and br-tourmaline, its on next day aka 31st may
  7. The 100% immunity which you attacked in Lostsignal post is barbarian's nature. Barbarians have that skill. Immunity doesnt mean 0 dmg, it means resisting all debuffs.
  8. You really like to complain a lot while u overlook many things. Let me tell u why 1. The topic here isnt about aoe stuns/buffs. Even if the classes you mentioned have aoe stuns, the chances of actually having to stun with them are very low(they dont work often). 2. druid roots, pala fetters can always be removed by purify pots. You forgot charmer class also has aoe stun. 3. The "high chance of resist" from scrolls doesnt just work for sentinels, it works same way for all classes. If you want to counter the few stun skills sentinel classes have, you can also use the same resist.(in fact many actually do) 4. Most importantly, if you count all the control effects(many of which have 100% success in working), legions classes have , they are in fact more than double in number than the sentinel classes. So, clearly legion side has better control in pvp. 5. Since you didnt do homework for your own barbarian class which you have been playing all the time, let me enlighten you. The skill with 100% immunity is called "Barbarian's nature". It gives 100% immunity for 10 secs.
  9. hiee julie , i can understand the frustration of many people here but i am sure developers are giving great thought and doing their best to balance everything
  10. Very great update, totally loved everything . Good job developers. It was worth the wait ! 😊
  11. In some servers, legion side is more populated and in other servers, sentinel side is more populated. I can understand the devs dilemma now
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