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  1. Full Size Shadow warrior Mini-size Name : Ichigo Server : Us-Sapphire The costume is made of Cloak of Darkness which is said to ward against demons. The clothes are made of special fabric which is highly durable and lightweight and cannot be easily damaged by demons. Shadow Warrior wields two black swords with which he can slice demons and kill them with Dark magic infused with the swords. The warrior wears mask all the time to conceal his face as he does not want fame and unwanted attention and focuses hunting demons lurking in the darkness. Story: The Shadow Warrior was a normal kid named Akira until age 14 living in mountains of Godgorrath like anyone until his whole family was devoured by a demon while he was away spending night at his uncle house. When he comes back, he comes to know the harsh truth. He learns the existence of demons from the explanation of his uncle who was secretly a Demon Hunter. The uncle trained Akira about how to fight against demons. The various types of difficult and harsh training given by his uncle made him learn all the Shadow techniques required to hunt demons from darkness . He aims to make the world of Arinar a peaceful place with no demons through his journey and the missions given to him so that other innocent citizens don't face the same tragedy as him.
  2. It so happens that in US sapphire server, Legion faction doesn't get reward in last stage of " Chernobog Time"world event due to overpopulation on sentinel side. It is requested that devs make the last stage area of World event neutral area so that Legion faction can also get rewards in last stage.
  3. The description of Strike Hurricane is wrong. It says 25% both attack speed and cool down at 4/4 skill level. But in reality, it is 15 % more attack speed and 25% more cool down speed. Please fix description. @Holmes @Peony
  4. I didn't understand this achievement. This achievement requires all the members of guild involved or is it misprint? what if the guild has offline players? lvl 12 guild has 100 people, does it require 100 players to be participate in boss raid? i think it is not possible
  5. to get max talents in ship graveyard. Do you think its end of warspear after t5 phase 2 update in spring 2020 or will continue , with perhaps new island update?
  6. These changes are impressive but they have a lot of consequences. I hope devs will make necessary changes to the game features. For example ,the flag hp in wars should be increased to account for the extra dmg increase from skills.
  7. Rearranging: Why don't you learn to write question first? 😝
  8. I think it's temporary for one season only. This has happened before few seasons ago.
  9. @Holmes @[email protected] The gold to receive lvl 29 arena item to sell to npc is showing incorrect. Selling lvl 29 arena weapon to dealer should give more gold.
  10. Haloween is kinda far , like 2 months more. can we have special event weeks meanwhile so we dont get bored?
  11. It doesnt work. Fury buff works only in underwater
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