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  1. The update is so soon probably gm out of holliday cash and theres allways new stuff to buy on xsmas event with coins 😁
  2. 8 h passed allready and still no update😪😆 Bye accounts all deleted 😂
  3. Fix rogue reflex its usless skill now Now rouge is junk
  4. Why gm love elfs so much when u gona give reflex on rogue back u give to elf good stuff and counter on bd is back
  5. new update or just server down couse last night i got lots of game crash when trying to open crafting
  6. Wtf when server starts again?
  7. They got our moneys no need to fix it fast they doit slow *Z*
  8. Us server doing same thing
  9. When u guys increase ampf rate we spand to much gold and money for buying sings ?
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