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  1. I hope this fixes the server stability never disconnected and lagged so much, literally every 30 seconds doesn’t help in mermaid dungeon.
  2. Nono do it but give inplace of all the craft junk dungeons give lol
  3. Acceptable suggestion, maybe 2 hours instead of 4 for guilds that lose or an maybe hour actually and less merman rep or none
  4. Okay thanks so much
  5. Can I get this moved to bug reports if the powers that be see fit please so can get a definitive answer on if can be corrected.
  6. Wouldn't mind this, rogues basically got Bloodthirst + an almost guaranteed stun
  7. Okay this has existed for a while and super annoying and no idea why it still is a thing. When you cross a map you get the immunity buff for a short while until an action is taken, normal classes with no constant mana draining skills don't notice this, Seekers on the other hand with 2 skills that drain insane amounts do however. With the added change where energy regen was changed to 5 seconds makes it harder (even if you move) for mana to regen with those skills on. Fighting any class that likes to hide and go back and forth at crossings can easily obliterate a Seekers skills cause the buffs to also go off (delayed cast times don't help) making it vulnerable and in PvE is the same with crossing maps at bosses and what not. Fix: Make constant mana consuming skills use 0 mana while the immune buff is on until you move then it can start to drain again Not suggesting mana be restored same as with hp regen they should stay frozen at their amounts just the skills don't consume while buff is on. P.S. New skill also doesn't work due to position bug at times
  8. This. Ask for defense since class was created get bombarded with damage skills, considering how much PvP will be required it really should be. That or fix/adjust the useless skills now smh
  9. Pretty self explanatory, make all world events reward GP for participation, at developer discretion obviously but harder it's deemed higher given. This would really help for seasonal events when you guys go crazy with amount available, so those who can't make all plus do dungeons as well have their time counted in their guilds. On the topic this should also apply to war in Irselnort to also boost attendance (won't work, but it's a start) or war points (new currency) gained from actually being active on all maps. This is possible as shown by rewards at snow event and others. Castle siege events can benefit by GP as a reward also, they are guild events after all.
  10. You guys always do this, at least make the hairstyles tradable/sellable
  11. New CC items or even dubloon items from npcs take very little in terms of resources to add whether they be cosmetic based, consumables or anything else. Those types of items with an insane amount required let's say 50k+ CC for super rare items the vendor has acquired, they could relate to the weekly wars also if not cosmetic (skins, costumes, hair) So let's say winners of the wars now receive CC at the end similar to Chaos event (something would need to be done participation wise to stop afk people is all) but yeah you receive CC and GP to the winner. Add minions, buff scrolls, costumes (recolor a dragonborn if you must and make a commander costume), no one wants this but armors with attributes similar to T5 that only work in Irsenort for war, that kinda stuff for CC currency. There's a lot of interesting things you can do to refresh the game without having to write tons of new code until larger updates are available.
  12. Appreciate the update on progress, I do think a class re-balance even if no new experts should be scheduled this year however even if further revised at spring.
  13. Oh and off topic but also a Barber npc would be nice who can sell the hairstyles in game (mcoin sets available at npc also) So when you buy or acquire a hairstyle, you "own" it and for a fee at the npc you can change it back to previous styles owned. This won't affect coin sales as should still be you buy say Barber Set you get 1 choice, so "owning all" you'd need to buy that item multiple times. Hair colors should also be sold at the npc but they should always be 1 time usage so never "owned". That is all.
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