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  1. Winter

    Rogue Nation

    [email protected] Rogues are also better at pve, can hit max speed with axes...
  2. I wasn't joking about this btw, seriously I want one of those hairs 😄 Add a vendor to the event so can buy with gold/cc/mcoin/idc or change the parameters so it's easier to complete or something
  3. Great work, if added female version also please.
  4. Can you guys make the hairstyles at least tradable, kinda frustrating to be doing this a week and gotten none. It's also winding down so no one cares to complete the quests anymore so it just fails.
  5. Jees these dagger weapon skins just keep getting bigger and bigger 😄
  6. x.X should specify defensive skills within the relic description to avoid confusion then as it was used assuming it would boost everything
  7. If this is the case please look into
  8. Should have done it on snow map
  9. Winter

    About the "Icy relic of Intractability"

    @Reivenorik Please make sure it works for Seekers also, sacrificing alot of mana to be using this 😄
  10. Winter

    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    Sooooo when we gonna see the second teaser to the underwater territories?
  11. How about removing low level craft items from event dgs, i.e blue and green catalysts, essences and substances at this point I’d rather get air than see them, you’ve already saturated the drops with 2 sets of levels of items anyways or add stam pots, hairstyles, minions or something less frustrating for such a long dg.
  12. Winter

    The seeker's mana drain is too high!

    Sadly one of the downsides, stack energy reducing relics and mana regen gear until you find a happy balance. Has been a complaint since the class was introduced.
  13. There better be a barrel costume like in the artwork!