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  1. It's not like the players who main seekers here haven't asked for other skills to be improved but every time what happens, given more dmg skills (most of which are unused mind you) I'm not going to even bother making suggestions for upcoming changes, the Russian side can handle that. Seekers are strong in PvE but there's a significant difference between a normal seeker and one maxed amp with mermaid gear, rare books, full relics, max talents, etc, etc as with any class you play. If there's anything causing imbalance it's the speed meta that exists for basically all classes, have max speed you're op vs anything in PvE realm, there's a reason there's characters that forgo all other expert skills to just go full rare books if they can afford it as skills just slow down attack output. As Speedom said full auto build is end game which is infact boring, the only way to fix this would be to make other skills more usable so points are spent into those and are insta-cast/burst or very little delay or nothing changes and everyone carries along with their current builds nerf or not or they move on to the next strongest character after changes.
  2. There's alot of effort that went into this, a million times yes please consider
  3. If the extra animation frames haven't been removed to kill the delay on that skill it's still a problem @Peony
  4. Jees, Can you guys make Mermaid Trials a little earlier on Sapphire? Some of us can't make that time.
  5. I’m just jelly Chieftian speed skill can be kept on 95% of time no books
  6. @Peony Okay food for thought on Seeker class, if in a fixing mood - Extra Animation Frames | Attraction After pull, until animation finishes playing you just stand there like a punching dummy unable to hit until it completes (1/1.5 second delay of nothingness) The event that had the harpoon skill worked the way this should with no delay once pulled. Some love with a unique animation would be nice, just saying. - Target Bleed Removes Disappear Seeker bleeds "target", uses Nets then Disappear, now hidden when "target" bleeds Seeker loses stealth - Map Mana Drain Easy to reproduce turn on Exacerbation and Solar Power, keep crossing maps, see how many times you have to reactivate skills Immunity positive effect stops mana regeneration (fine no complaints) but consuming skills should use 0 while its on, the moment you move drain resumes *also affects other classes but none as much as Seeker due to multiple consumption skills + new armor skills now*
  7. There is your solution that doesn't create new balancing issues since this is all about GVG rite?
  8. I dunno how many times this needs to be said, there is a "massive" delay on this skill, nothing you do to it short of removing said delay will make it useful. Any other commentary on this class is all in the class section by the others who play it, won't waste my time repeating here.
  9. I hope this fixes the server stability never disconnected and lagged so much, literally every 30 seconds doesn’t help in mermaid dungeon.
  10. Nono do it but give inplace of all the craft junk dungeons give lol
  11. Acceptable suggestion, maybe 2 hours instead of 4 for guilds that lose or an maybe hour actually and less merman rep or none
  12. Can I get this moved to bug reports if the powers that be see fit please so can get a definitive answer on if can be corrected.
  13. Wouldn't mind this, rogues basically got Bloodthirst + an almost guaranteed stun
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