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  1. Winter

    Expert Books

    Short and simple; item / mcoin / gold option to recover expert skill books (oh and relics) versus overwriting them and losing them.
  2. That's hilarious ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Edit: less funny now lol
  3. Are the citizens of this place perhaps into banking also?
  4. Probably same as snow (description never changed) boost the defensive % of described skill
  5. Older cliwnt no skill fx are being shown *never mind fixed*
  6. Special thanks for this was driving me crazy
  7. I'm gonna give it a shot but i still think it's bad UX I'm right handed my mouse is to the right of the screen most of the time 2 clicks is a lot faster from that side You are also forced to use the hamburger menu when your character dies as the left menu above is replaced by revive Still think a single click chat button on the right next to the menu or replace Interact would be better as chat is used more Anyways on another topic why exactly can't you click out of mcoin shop without clicking close?
  8. When are we gonna get that 2nd developmental preview
  9. I'll try to keep this short and simple Add a gender parameter for all costumes (this already exists, example medal costumes) Costumes such as Spawn, Engineer wouldn't have defined genders and would count as costumes, all other "costumes" would be clothes Achievements for clothes would have 3 tiers example, collect 10, collect 50, collect 100 or what have you Achievements for costumes would be similar to clothes Separate achievements for raid boss costumes can be added as Mythical achievements An achievement for costume collector can be added for anyone obsessed with owning them all While on the topic this should be applied to smilies also A separate inventory for outfits should be made when you click Menu > Character > Outfits Outfit inventory slots expandable through Mcoin items That is all and for the love of all that's holy please add a bank/locker system
  10. Winter

    Rogue Nation

    [email protected] Rogues are also better at pve, can hit max speed with axes...
  11. I wasn't joking about this btw, seriously I want one of those hairs ๐Ÿ˜„ Add a vendor to the event so can buy with gold/cc/mcoin/idc or change the parameters so it's easier to complete or something
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