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    Device blocked

    Good morning! In order to sort account related problems you should send a message to our support team: "[email protected]" They can help you out. Mind that you that it might take up to 5 working days in order to receive an answer. I bid you luck!
  2. Not too long ago I have received the same report by a friend of mine. Looks like indeed that they don't reach the ammount they should @coldravens has got a video about it.
  3. You can run Swamps being perfectly naked. This is how I did those quests.
  4. If we speak of low amped DKs - they couldn't do even Myth Sea or hard Nadir. If decent amp, they can at least survive. But since we are assuming a solo scenario where DK is protagonist, having mobs around it only helps it healing itself via Life Steal.
  5. If those 3 skills alone let him save a player from imminent death then yes, of course it's a hated class Furthermore, Hated skills are mainly the Shield and the healing ones. I doubt that the problem here is related to his banner and Root skills.
  6. It's something you should agree with the Support Team. We haven't got a precise answer for this question.
  7. Good Morning! Response usually takes up to 5 working days. Support team shall give you precise infos about how to pay your debt.
  8. Good morning! Refunds of any kind go against EULA. The only way to unblock your advice is to contact the support team. It's usually necessary to pay back what you refunded Send a message to this address: [email protected] I bid you a nice day!
  9. They require you to be active; which is different. Being online - when you are in an active guild - is something which comes natural to do. Your aim is focusing in a guild which is active and eventually sponsors items in return of activity If it's true that counselling the money-way to make gold is a bad advice, it's also true that saying "go on with the game and you'll get good eventually" is hypocrite. This game - as every RPG - requires grinding in order to become strong. A player who likes the game will gladly stay online and will eventually become rich and strong. Nowadays it's far easier obtaining items and gold compared to how things were once. My personal advice is finding an active guild, but before that, you should focus on (even low amp) items and your level. With some patience you'll achieve your goals.
  10. The deletion of a character does not sort the bug in any way. To fix a bug players usually report it to the support team or write a topic on forum on the Support Section.
  11. No suggestions all in all being given I'm moving the topic.
  12. 900 per dungeon and 900 per quests/activities. You most probably have to update the game on your phone. Does your equipment still appear on your PC? Or it's missing from there too?
  13. Everything listed has been fixed. The rest, most probably not. You have to update the game, I think.
  14. This can be already seen. You just have to search through the guild logs. All in all these are infos we already can see. If logs result to be too old it also means that the player scammed the wh long ago and nobody even realized about it. Plus, it's the responsibility of the Leader and his heirs to be careful about who they give ranks to.
  15. Imagine if it was actually worth it. Spending 10% hps for a Buff which lasts 12 seconds, or 33% HPs to ignore the next auto attack... *sad dk noises* [joke]
  16. Devs have got several means to discover such users. They could find out in other ways, if they would want to.
  17. This goes against EULA, so there might be a risk for him to be banned, should someone report him and prove that he effectively has created 3 accounts.
  18. I recognize this would be a significant step forward, but it's not recommended by devs (I believe) since players wouldn't buy items such as Oblivion Books.
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