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  1. I believe this thing will be adjusted. You are not the first one to complain about this problem.
  2. Higgings

    Cheap coins in china?

    Would you mind to also post the link of that topic? Recently some people in game asked me questions about this topic but I couldn't find any link.
  3. Higgings

    [2019.01.16] Results

    hah very nice! I can't complain either,I got 2 fury crystals. I hoped for the CoolDown ones though xD
  4. Higgings

    [2019.01.16] Results

    Just received my set of chests! Thanks and great job to every winner!
  5. Higgings

    Fantastic drop and Where to find it.ll Drop list

    Events like this current one ^^ (14th January 2019)
  6. Higgings

    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    I'll write it here too - Waw 😮
  7. Higgings

    New Rogue Skill Suggestion

    Not really forbidden, just it would create a negative visual impact, also known as Visual Pollution. Just try to use normal sized letters from now on please: you can be decisive even writing normally :)
  8. Higgings

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Perhaps you're right here. Though, you guessed the wrong one as well. Julie, where are you?
  9. Higgings

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Hai hai! That's hard, but I'll try. Gladiator! I summon you!
  10. Higgings

    Druid's Invigorating Stream

    That's quite a bold statement. What reason would they have to delete a conversation about skills anyway?
  11. Higgings

    Druid's Invigorating Stream

    May I advance a suggestion? Why don't you guys do such kind of changes a bit more often? I mean, twice a year would also increase the interest on creating new builds and studying new ways to learn about our characters both in PvP and PvE aspect.
  12. Higgings

    [2019.01.16] Results

    Ohooooo thanks!
  13. Higgings

    Amplification chances shown in percent

    Don't confound honesty with transparency, please. It is clear that some of those infos are not available for us to be seen and there must be a reason for that. People would keep amping even knowing the chances of success anyway, I guess >.>
  14. Hello everybody, ladies and gentlemen! I wish all of you a wonderful year, full of accomplished achievements and prosperity, both in game and outside! 🙂
  15. Higgings

    [Higgings] - [EU-Emerald]

    Well, in their defence, Oracles never saw anything like "Grinch's lair, keep off!" at the entrace of that cave... Or so they said
  16. Higgings

    [Higgings] - [EU-Emerald]

    Our oracles are trying to find it out... I can feel the Grinch struck again
  17. Higgings

    No fix icon ?

    not really, more likely the skill image is designed with vanished borders when found on book sellers. Exception is made with these last skills, where we can clearly see squared-borders. It is more likely a visual error, nothing serious. Just it might be """"annoying"""" to see for some players. 😅
  18. Higgings

    A suggestion for a new type of chat

    What would this chat differ from the already existing world chat? Perhaps you have got something more precise in your mind in order to improve this feature you suggested?
  19. "You should have gone for the News and Announcements" - "NOO"
  20. The problem is that, when these posts are created previously and moved from a place to another, we can't neither see any email pop-up in our Email Account (for those who follow the News and Announcement's section like me) nor anything in the "New Topics" section.
  21. Higgings

    Why no exp per kill?

    Or simply they thought to make a different system of EXP earning. He could have at least given it a chance... yea, pity
  22. Higgings

    New Rogue Skill Suggestion

    The reason is written down below
  23. Higgings

    1st Day in Warspear

    Heh, it might take a bit. I need like a hour free to think about it 😅