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  1. It's not very clear to me the link between the current way the BP can be obtained and the chances of being robbed.
  2. This is not the right place for such requests. The only way to contact our support team is via Email or Web Site. We cannot help players with personal account's problems on Forum, unfortunately.
  3. Good morning! First things first: this is not the right place for such reports, for this is a matter which can be sorted out by Support Team only. Here's the address: [email protected] Second: your message is very confusing. You bought 200.000 coins? You bought 20.000 coins? Did you even buy coins or was it something else? Whatever the case, make sure to be as much precise as possible when contacting them, so that they can help you out pronto. Mind you, though, that this is usually a measure taken for those who have violated EULA. I bid you a nice day!
  4. I hope you're aware that this request is kind of absurd...
  5. Keep in mind that you can always edit your order topic to add further infos ^^
  6. And then we all wonder why private testing sessions exist.
  7. Could you be more precise please? What codes are you talking about?
  8. I don't think this is right. All you can do now is just selecting a minion from the equipment slot Or checking its infos if you had already used one
  9. You can't really have a set board list for items for sale, for players change their prices constantly in accordance with the demand of a specific item. You could check on market for the same item you're trying to sell and you could go for a lower price (should you find one) or a completely new price (if at that moment you're the only one selling the item). Market also displays the average price an item is being sold for. In other words, it's easier to look for such info directly via Trade Chat or Market/Second Hand Dealers, rather than here on forum.
  10. Have you tried it with an HP Regen + Shield Build? That's practically busted.
  11. You go and try to study mystic arts for years not losing your sanity in the process!
  12. If you want to add more infos on your thread, all you have to do is edit it. There's no need to write a further reply to add just few things. Please, keep that in mind in the future.
  13. Would you mind reading again what he actually wrote?
  14. It's surely an accessible statistic for us players to base our suppositions on yet a high biased one when you have to objectively classify a character in accordance with theit power in a specific scenario, for dungeons are not the only PvE content the game has to offer.
  15. Yea well, starting from the fact that we can see it as a pretty personal pov of how class behave currently, saying that rogues are better than Templars or even than Shamans is hazardous indeed. But hey, it's a good start for a good debate, I suppose! Also, DKs in PvE are pretty nuts, I can guarantee. And the build is also kinda cheap nowadays, thanks to the presence of a Perma Saturation.
  16. And a man can dream. But there's this bad(?) part where eventually you'll open your eyes.
  17. There might be a hundred reasons why they decided to do so. Remains the fact that you can't really ask for more updates after you recently had one...
  18. We speak of their main income item; I believe you'll hardly see any reworking in this sense.
  19. Wouldn't it be more simple for you to actually make a BD?
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