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  1. Oh definitely. Road to 10k dmg
  2. Higgings

    Magic damage test

    Screen_Recording_20220115-145536_Warspear Online.mp4
  3. Consider Knight Curse only if you're building your char upon magic dmg. Stick otherwise to Sharp Shadow. ^^
  4. They can do it - no problems for arena
  5. Merged arena might be challenging indeed. About servers - no thanks.
  6. Hello there! My apologies, but such reports won't be heard by our Support Team If you want to report players, please, send a message to "[email protected]". However, mind you that the support team is currently not available due to holidays, thus you will receive an answer starting from the 10th of January Apologies for any inconveniences and I bid you a nice day!
  7. How funny. This was my mantra as DK for... hmm... 3 years until now?
  8. The guy who used guardian owes the guild 100k Guild Points + a 10% more, because he did so and tried to hide it to me.
  9. The bug has been sorted out already ^^
  10. It will be sinergic with DKs in arena. You can spam several skills on a resisting character and see flames being triggered instantly. It's a very interesting change.
  11. First of all... drops Second, signs sellers Third, a lot of will to build one for PvP Fourth, more signs sellers Fifth, giving up out of despair and sorrow because I realize that if enemies target DK first all of these efforts will be futile. Sounds like a plan huh?
  12. Wait until some decide to build a proper DK magic dmg based for arena. I have good vibes about it.
  13. You could simply replace said relic with some other that you like more.
  14. Welcome among us mortals, where you have to lose some stats to gain other better ones. You'll get used to it
  15. Priest is not the only class which lacks of detailed skill descriptions.
  16. Higgings

    Restricted trade

    Your request won't be heard by Support Team here, especially if it's an account related problem. You're doing right by messaging them, yet unfortunately there is no other way to deal with this.
  17. One of the few genuinely amusing topics I have read in this forum this year.
  18. Magic Damage became an important part of the build of a DK. In particular when it comes to a kinda new way to tank. Since quite a bit now, Magic Damage is allowing DK to follow the path of "the best defence is the attack". Reaching a moderately high ammount of magic dmg, in fact, grants you the use of AoE skills such as Curse of Knight or Sharp Shadow at its fullest. This new update grants us the possibility to go for a permanent use of Saturation with no costs of HPs: this is maybe one of the best gain DKs have got. They are officially the Vampire Class of this game, capable thus to reach a tremendous ammount of Life Steal permanently and without the use of very expensive books. Magic damage, furthermore, allows you to tank several mobs thanks to the AoE strenght it gifts DKs: combined with Life Steal, it allows DK not to die if seized by several mobs, independently of their strenght, but only if they won't resist skills such as - indeed - Curse of Knight And here we start with the cons of this build. It's basically slow. Appropriate for a tank but not suitable for 1vs1 PvPs or eventually against bosses such as Orcinus. 1h maces make the class not use the strenght Magic Damage gives the DK to its fullest, thus I - for now - wouldn't advise to use such maces. Though, it surely grants you more def. It suffers a lot the Resist Parameter (this until our beloved devs decide that it's time to make our skills not dependent on resist, especially if they plan to nerf them heavily and not to reduce their cooldown in any way.) That being clarified: would I advice a Magic Damage set? Answer: absolutely yes (now). Pros: •Relatively Cheap to get •Very High Damage output against crowd of enemies •Capability to use the Combo Satu + Sharp Shadow at its best (and trust me, its totally worth it) •Very High affinity with Life Steal, easy stat to achieve (now) for DKs Cons: •It depends on the enemy's resist. Should you resist some skills, the strenght of the build decreases by 40%~ •Inefficient in 1vs1 PvPs •Incapacity to endure very high damage (high risk to be one shot by veey strong enemies - thing which is now being controlled thanks to the future buff to Secret Reserves) •Pretty useless if you're stunned/your cooldown gets increased due to some debuff, as it's a very slow build.
  19. Any news for the fellow DKs about the Curse Skill being a bit more than useless against enemies who resist the Debuff?
  20. Not even close to that. Dark Wings are utterly useless in end game contents.
  21. Precisely. That's more than enough to cancel the skill entirely.
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