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  1. Have you updated the game to the latest version? UPD: yea I confirm. Drops from easy-normal-hard-heroic can't be seen nor they appear in any kind of form.
  2. This kind of feature existed for a long time, hence I higly doubt it is a bug. The section of the topic is correct, but I can try to tag @snorlax or @Akasha so that our guys could look into that a bit more closely.
  3. The war system should deserve a complete update on its own... as well as Guild Tours. There's a lot of potential achievable from these 2 scenarios.
  4. 📢 Attention The list of skills changed during the 3rd test process can be found here in a more detailed way
  5. I'd agree with that... they gave bds axes, let's make charmers illegal too, shall we?
  6. Hybrid classes are supposed to be discrete in all of their innate abilities. They should not be able to overcome the strenght of a class specialised exclusively on damaging; if this happens, it makes the hybrid class broken, or the specialised class in account too weak.
  7. Which is ridiculous if we take into account that a rogue's supposed to be a damager and a bd a... idk... tank?
  8. This has been suggested already. I'm sure they've taken already in consideration the idea, but most probably we won't see it coming in this update... Sure thing is, this kind of feature is becoming every time more necessary to have.
  9. It most probably was nerfed during the test.
  10. Nothing was shown about this skill. Most probably nothing will be done about that
  11. Actually it kinda is... considering that nowadays tanks reach easily ammounts like 10k hps. That shield can be also casted on both you and allies... But I've seen more op skills.
  12. 📢 Attention The list of changes has been shared. You might find it right here:
  13. 📢 Attention Some skills adjustment might be published soon enough on the Test Server's Topic.
  14. I believe they're considered the same way as Charmer's dog and bird, in terms of summoned monsters.
  15. I definitely can see everything you mentioned brightly. This might be a serious problem when it comes to wars and PvP scenarios Many vs Many. I believe devs are already aware of this though... and I'm really, really hoping that this 3rd test will change a thing or two.
  16. Wise advice you've given, I would follow that as well if I were you. how about you all chill a bit huh? Come on, why even bringing personal stuff here? If you have got some problems, please sort them outside the forum.
  17. Moved the conversation here. I believe that's a better place. I suggested you the previous location, but after a more careful read I changed my mind. Feel free to carry on the conversation and the thoughts. I'd be delighted actually to hear more points of view.
  18. This is where my Deathknight fellas wonder if a dead heart can still beat, and a dead body can still cry... Well guys... yea, both can do their job
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