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  1. You basically wrote what he is asking, the difference is that he focuses on Lifeforce Pots only and is suggesting a way to deal with those.
  2. In order for your research to be faster, I hereby advise you to look in game more than on forum: it will be a more dynamic system in this way and there is a higher chance for you to find a guild. I bid you luck!
  3. The battle for a castle thing was also suggested by me. I believe the war day should be changed due to this.
  4. I missed the part where this skill was op enough to remove the critical hit tbh. Even more now since it can be resisted on both Damage and Stun
  5. This is why our batman was offline. He is in the Hawaii huh, @Reivenorik?
  6. Owwwww *-* In general this is a very nice ammount of fixes/changes. Very well done guys!
  7. Jacksepticeye's theme song AND I'm there: Hi mum!
  8. Epic but unfair, since one of the two will lose everything for a decision taken by a third party.
  9. I see now. Understandable the need you feel of having more players. But I really believe that marging servers is not the right solution, not for this problem at least. It is also true though that people are discouraged due to these afk parties and people sharing. It is a more complicated topic than it may look
  10. Yea, let's just throw the milions, gps and time used to level up castles for the sake of having few more players playing :3 if you merge a server with a low population of Mcs already to another server where the elf side takes the majority of its players, you would not solve the problem of the overpopulation; you'd make it worse. You mean creating a new server test server-alike for the arena?
  11. The thing you are asking is currently not possible, technically. Moreover, those who hold the same castle on US and EU... how would you solve this problem?
  12. 1vs1 :3 Devs expresseexpressed an opinion already about it
  13. Higgings

    HELLO! :)

    Hey hey! Welcome to the forum!
  14. Wait so this actually was a bug - we thought that the reason was cause many of us were on a battle mode.
  15. If you mean talents - yep @Reivenorik the quest that comes once you enter a dungeon on the new map is shown as "Quest not found"
  16. True, but none of them are supposed to contain the same conversations. Please, do not create further topics/comments with the sole purpose of talking about this conversation elsewhere: this topic is still opened for this purpose and there is no point on spamming the forum. P.S: the topic has been moved - no bugs have been reported here.
  17. @vla-wot Creating new topics about the same conversation is forbidden on the forum, especially if that topic is not closed. Please, keep using this topic to carry on with the conversation.
  18. Higgings

    Charmer Wolf bug

    Some time ago I had received in game a message about this precise situation. I am not sure as well if this bug has been finally fixed
  19. I believe bosses on new lab can be still farmed even if lv32 nobody aside developpers know it. We can't say with accuracy when and if they're going to be released.
  20. Higgings

    Boss Mounts

    They actually even said that there won't be such feature.
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