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  1. Because you're using a 2h weapon and a critical hit set, thus you're focusing on offensive stats more than defensive. Saturation would cost you HPs in a less measure than usual (600 hps maybe?) But you'd be defenseless against critical hits. Blood Protection shall give you a second chance - well, you'd die slower - more than Saturation would. You don't have a counter which tells you that Saturation will cost 0 from now, and in a dynamic situation you can't really do the math. It's enough to have 51% of HPs to see your bar being depleted and that makes this skill unreliable.
  2. I'd go for that, yea. In order to respect your first requirement of not being (too) squishy
  3. Then go for a 2h mace (preferably the spring one) and go for a maxed Aura of Hatred instead of Death Call. Maximise your stats on Critical, accuracy and penetration. You won't be spamming skills since cooldowns of each skill are decently balanced, so you shouldn't be running out of mana too soon.
  4. If you want to be a DK capable to tank, forget the 2h build unless: 1. You have got high life steal or 2. You have got a Mermen Set for tank. If you desire to be tanky somehow then I would send you a link from calculator about the build I think it's decent for a hybrid dk damager: https://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/295278 Skill wise: I'd go for 4/4 Call, 3/4 Sharp, 3/4 Curse and 3/4 Blood Protection. Switch call to 3 and sharp to 4 if you plan to PvP more than you do PvE.
  5. Definitely better but still not enough. Stronger skills do exist in game yet they cost 0 to be activated (cough cough* +40% basic dmg *cough cough) That depends on you. Sharp Shadow is a hybrid skill and hit one target. Curse is nice to deal dmg AoE wise And it's affected by dmg multipliers (aka ferocity, depth Fury and so on...) You'd better tell me first an idea of DK you'd want to create. We might work on a build after.
  6. DK-Damagers always existed. The difference is that they're less effective compared to other tanks (maybe a bit better than Paladins). In terms of Magic Damage, the result is satisfying. With this update, Magic Damage DKs have got a further reason to exist as damagers, hence, as players who decide not to tank. Certainly, we are moving to a nice point but DKs definitely deserve more love in terms of Defensive Abilities. In PvP, yes. In PvE, close to no unless you use minions. DKs have got no endurance abilities aside Reserves and due to the skill's very high co
  7. Higgings


    I've learned the Never say never motto by experience, so I wouldn't say that this shall never happen in the game. Maybe one day, but personally (and frankly) I have low hopes on this happening.
  8. I could get an item +10 with far less signs if I just stopped trying after the 30th. This is how I got my items maxed.
  9. That's another story though. But investing on an already old feature is not a good idea, as it will result on the suggestion being ignored (most likely). Amping is what gives Devs their daily bread alongside other features such as arena or dungeon - they won't change it that easily. I would be the first one to appreciate the change, should that ever be made though.
  10. If nobody was that rich then you wouldn't have maxed players at all.
  11. In this case, go to the YouTube videos from your app or site and copy again the link. Replace then the old link with the new one and it should display the video instead of a link after few seconds. Let me know; I will eventually do it for you if further problems occur.
  12. It's not a nonsense if you wear the shoes of the ones who invented this method. If you failed an ammount of 50-80 signs on a weapon, then you should simply stop amping now and try eventually later, unless you're extremely rich and live following the "time is money" motto. Amp system works this way since always and I don't really think it's going to change anytime soon.
  13. Higgings


    That's pretty much doable I don't think this will ever be allowed, considering that books are very rare pieces of someone's build. It's not convenient in terms of rarity and in terms of "incomes" either, considering that it would be more profitable for devs to make someone spam hours and hours to achieve (eventually) a book more than letting him/her pay even (let's say) 3999 coins to unbind a book.
  14. It's enough waiting for few seconds when posting a youtube link in order to display them as videos instead of links.
  15. I'm referring to Deminerd, who seem to have understood the problem. Moreover, if the form used to "tell people to understand something" is the one which has been chosen here: Then you're not heping us to understand, but you're making the guy who tries to help you look like a fool. If he could've understood the problem by reading carefully (thing which I'm more than certain he did more than once) on the other hand you could've as first sent a video so that he could've got the problem on a first glance. This is what I mean. Anyway, these word
  16. You can talk seriously and frankly without being disrespectful and aggressive. Nobody said that your problem is not a problem, rather to describe it with more details and eventually a video. That would help us to better understand the problem.
  17. We don't need aggressive users either Being polite and respectful is not only due to someone who is trying to understand your problem, but it's also a rule of the forum. Keep that in mind
  18. Some of my members found the same problem. But maybe we just did something wrong
  19. The problem is mainly related to the costs behind all of this. Translating a game to a completely new language is a huge effort and an expensive manoeuvre nonetheless. It's an investment, which you normally don't do to satisfy - let's say - 50 players. If a lot of Italians will request for a translation, then the process might be seriously taken into account.
  20. Ciao! Di solito inseriscono una lingua in relazione alla quantità di giocatori presenti nel gioco stesso. Ad ora, Warspear Online non è conosciuto molto in Italia, ragion per cui investire così tanto tempo e risorse per tradurre un intero gioco potrebbe non essere proficuo. Se nel futuro la situazione dovesse cambiare, stai pur certo che il suggerimento sarà preso in considerazione 🙂 Ti auguro una buona giornata!
  21. Higgings

    Debuff druid

    + 1 root/disable, + 1 sleep, + 1 root which they can endlessly cycle. Moving the topic elsewhere; nothing is being suggested here.
  22. Does the keyboard normally work outside the game?
  23. Yesterday I got my 1st semester done... xd
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