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  1. Hello there! Sun fortress items can be found inside lv28 solo dungeons, they are exclusive and available during this event only. With a bit of luck you might be able to get one for yourself, thus, Hurry Up before it's too late! Have a nice day 😉
  2. Higgings

    Steam hours

    I rather the precision of your finger which directly goes where you need it to go, more than a too sensible mouse which might make you use a pot instead of a skill (in critical situation). Well, I guess it depends a lot on what people use mostly to play though (Controller, Keyboard, Touch-Screen etc.)
  3. I pray devs consider to rework this skill. 10% of hps is simply too much. 😕
  4. Ahmm little off-topic. Did you guys change something on the forum's interface for Smartphones?
  5. @Reivenorik, I saw another change planned on the Russian section, about the new relic. Was there a bug or something?
  6. Guys, our servers are currently under maintenance due to some works, in order to sort out a problem with the World Dynamic Event. Our servers will be unavailable for about 10 minutes.
  7. Higgings


    Hello there! For these matters you shall contact the support team and provide them some screenshots which prove your statement. The forum is not the right place for topics like this, I fear.
  8. @Reivenorik I see we have brand new event weapons released in the craft. Are these weapons obtainable also in a different way than craft?
  9. I gotta say: the free runs in dungeon buff is extremely ace. Well done guys!
  10. Because the test time has expired; tomorrow we will have the final update 😉
  11. Not sure about those infos, but at 4:00 PM CET they might be testing stuff still, but at the weekend there won't be any test server to be sure since the update itself is supposed to come in few days more.
  12. Generally they do level up, but you should re-summon them again in order for them to be stronger; don't use very strong minions on native islands; it might result in being a waste. Low tier minions are enough for these places, usually, and they're cheap as well. Use high tear minions with more tough jobs (Ayvondil for example).
  13. All good dude. Good luck 🙂 @Reivenorik
  14. Hello my friend. I am sorry to come here not to actually help you with your problem, but since your latest topic is not yet closed I must ask you not to create new ones about the same subject, cause it goes against our forum rules. You may make this question to the latest topic you created and wait until someone replies. Thank you for the understanding and I bid you a nice day.
  15. Otherwise: #4, get some Soulwandering Potions #5 wait for those totems to hit spiders. Sometimes, those big red spiders hit towers and that results on them attacking the spider. But even that, requires a bit of luck since you need a red spider to spawn and attack the tower Hmmm I must correct myself. I forgot that nowadays healing generates an ammount of aggro. So even if spiders attack them, they might keep focusing on you.
  16. Ok, and we destroyed one of the Horcruxes. Where are the other ones?! 🤔
  17. Meh I don't see this thing as necessary, honestly; why would you contact an elf if not to insult him for having ganked you? xd
  18. Shall people post videos about these players?
  19. @Reivenorik the update's soon, but if you decided to post an "In Development - Part 2" in these days we'd definitely not be sad at all
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