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  1. I miss the old times when people understood the "War" part in Warspear. Instead of picking up their buddies and ganking you back after you kill them, they just curse you out in chat...
  2. Man I wish it was the actual aliances fighting instead of guilds teaming across the sides. Sadly that would mean even bigger loses for the Legion side
  3. No, I already included that 5 people finish the dungeon
  4. Throwing those numbers into a calculator gives you roughly a 0,7% chance of dropping the item
  5. If top 5 classes in Legion make up 30,03%, how do the other 4 put together the other 69,93% of the population? Same goes for the Sentinels?
  6. Whats the point? Phys chieftain is just a terrible rogue, I don´t see a reason to go for that build at the moment
  7. So it seems you agree with my opinion about the game being p2w? I don´t understand at the moment what are you trying to say, of course its your choice to amplify or to not amplify, but how is connected to my points?
  8. I am not talking about getting the piece of gear itself, im talking about amplifying and enchanting it, which increases the character strenght multiple times and the fact, that even when you choose to purchase Signs from other players to amplify your gear, it still requires the someone to spend money, in order for you to improve the gear.
  9. I am not arguing the game is unplayable without playing money. I am saying the system of gear improvement is designed badly for players experience and instead clearly focuses on being as profitable as possible, I dont think you can argue in any way that this is not the case.
  10. Items that are required to get the best gear are exclusively sold for money, even if you yourself dont pay the money, somebody else has to purchase them. On top of that you just gamble away the money to get a chance to get better gear. That is clean p2w.
  11. The easiest way to fix this would be to make signs not be Miracle shop exclusive and available to be farmed from mobs, quests and bosses (No, I dont count 10 signs from a guild tourny as a reliable source of signs, neither do I count the possibility of getting a piece of sign by completing the high end Kota quests in Swamps). But obviously, this would greatly reduce the amount of money the game is producing so its never going to happen. I´ve played this game for a decade, I was there when the amp system was introduced, I thought it was pretty cool but I remember trying
  12. The game has huge huge design flaws that would put me off if I was a new player. You pay good money to spend time in dungeons in which the loot tables usually contain bunch of dogshit which doesnt even pay back the money you spent to enter + a very very low % of getting an very expensive item which makes you keep trying cuz "I might get lucky the next run". Then you take the gear you got and you spend couple of hundreds of dollars in order to be able to GAMBLE to improve the item immensely. Then you gotta spend more money cuz there´s arena gear which you also need to gamble to incre
  13. I somehow cant see Legion winning this construction event even if there´s 30% extra points awarded to them on EU Emerald
  14. The developers need to allow themselves more time to make content. If they just upped the level of gear to 32, they wouldn´t have space to do that again next year because there´s no lv34. Since the release of the underwater area, they completed the Ayvondil island and they don´t have the room to up the max level higher. The game seems to running healthy so I believe there´s next area in development, but obviously they need time for that. That is why I think there´s no higher level of haloween gear this year, only better version of current level.
  15. They´re developing the gear and content for max level players, that gear being lv30 now. They have no reason to make better accessories for lv6 players.
  16. Why is this even a question? Obviously max level is the main focus of development.
  17. Those buffs from the world event are very strong this time! People will actually make sure they finish this event
  18. I think it´s time we fire Sam Hain Every time he´s hosting an event, everything goes wrong
  19. Gotta update, reached level20, got a little bit of gear upgrade, put the skill up to 3/4 and now its starting to do a bit better. Went from 270 magic to 350, skill from 1/4 to 3/4 and the damage the skill does to a target is 8x times higher. So I guess it could really use a bit of buff at level1, maybe 1 or 2 procs more.
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