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  1. The title is really self-explanatory. The Relic daily quest is in my opinion the coolest daily quest in game. In the times it was released the reward was fitting since the best weapons cost 500 CC at the time. Nowadays the inflation of CC is so high, the quest is not worth doing at all for 5 CC which is sad because its really cool quest which doesnt deserve to be abandoned. I suggest the CC reward should be increased to an amount worthwhile coming to this remote location, I say maybe 50 CC?
  2. How does somebody dare to deal massive damage to this guy and his group? Devs? Can we make sure this guy and his group do not take any damage?
  3. Yeah but one time payments would generate way less money than a continuous stream of sign purchases, stanimas, chests with best in slot runes and all that stuff so that is never gonna happen, which is what makes me sad since the game has a special place in gaming heart.
  4. Yes, so we do the hard maths, 1+1=2, without people spending money you can´t reach the endgoal of the game which is getting the best possible gear for your character. If only what you said was true, bosses and dungeons dropping signs, maybe with the slightly higher rarity than damage spheres, the game would be so much better, but sadly thats not the case because that would destroy the income generated by the game. All the success you can see in the game has money behind it. It´s like a big casino.
  5. You´re not seriously trying to make this argument, right? 99,99999% of signs come from the shop, you need hundreds or thousands of them to fully upgrade a single weapon. I got like 3 signs from a daily chest in total in my whole Warspear career. Anyways, lets not drag this out, this is not the thread to discuss this I guess
  6. I dont know, the core system of amplification seems terrible to me, youre pretty much gambling with signs which are only sourced for real money and the better gear you want to more you have to gamble, thats pretty bad
  7. The game market is very rich now, way richer compared to 2011, so I dont think too many new players would be interested in playing a mmorpg with this many pay2win elements
  8. I played since 2011 but last few years Ive been only lurking forums really, I remember all those people, was part of Pernicious around Chris before guilds were a thing My Sapphire druid was named Williager
  9. Technically you are right. But, what is also the truth, Signs, which the whole game is built around are exclusively sourced from Miracle shop, best runes for every slot are exclusively only sourced for real money, even better, Vamp runes are locked behind a gamling system of chests which are also only available for real money, best crystals are only sourced for real money. Yes, you can aquire those items by trading but that doesnt change the fact the the sources are still locked behind a paywall. Its built very smart because you can absolutely claim its not pay2win but in reality the paying is just moved onto another player. The game owners do not care who pays.
  10. Long story short, the game has been pay2win since they added signs and amplification system and is moving more and more that way with every update.
  11. I miss the old times when people understood the "War" part in Warspear. Instead of picking up their buddies and ganking you back after you kill them, they just curse you out in chat...
  12. Man I wish it was the actual aliances fighting instead of guilds teaming across the sides. Sadly that would mean even bigger loses for the Legion side
  13. No, I already included that 5 people finish the dungeon
  14. Throwing those numbers into a calculator gives you roughly a 0,7% chance of dropping the item
  15. If top 5 classes in Legion make up 30,03%, how do the other 4 put together the other 69,93% of the population? Same goes for the Sentinels?
  16. Whats the point? Phys chieftain is just a terrible rogue, I don´t see a reason to go for that build at the moment
  17. So it seems you agree with my opinion about the game being p2w? I don´t understand at the moment what are you trying to say, of course its your choice to amplify or to not amplify, but how is connected to my points?
  18. I am not talking about getting the piece of gear itself, im talking about amplifying and enchanting it, which increases the character strenght multiple times and the fact, that even when you choose to purchase Signs from other players to amplify your gear, it still requires the someone to spend money, in order for you to improve the gear.
  19. I am not arguing the game is unplayable without playing money. I am saying the system of gear improvement is designed badly for players experience and instead clearly focuses on being as profitable as possible, I dont think you can argue in any way that this is not the case.
  20. Items that are required to get the best gear are exclusively sold for money, even if you yourself dont pay the money, somebody else has to purchase them. On top of that you just gamble away the money to get a chance to get better gear. That is clean p2w.
  21. The easiest way to fix this would be to make signs not be Miracle shop exclusive and available to be farmed from mobs, quests and bosses (No, I dont count 10 signs from a guild tourny as a reliable source of signs, neither do I count the possibility of getting a piece of sign by completing the high end Kota quests in Swamps). But obviously, this would greatly reduce the amount of money the game is producing so its never going to happen. I´ve played this game for a decade, I was there when the amp system was introduced, I thought it was pretty cool but I remember trying to find out which mobs or bosses drop signs, I could only get spheres by farming. The content the devs are producing, especially the last year, is crazy good. But sadly, the game is pay2win in the roots and that keeps me from actually playing it and investing time in it.
  22. The game has huge huge design flaws that would put me off if I was a new player. You pay good money to spend time in dungeons in which the loot tables usually contain bunch of dogshit which doesnt even pay back the money you spent to enter + a very very low % of getting an very expensive item which makes you keep trying cuz "I might get lucky the next run". Then you take the gear you got and you spend couple of hundreds of dollars in order to be able to GAMBLE to improve the item immensely. Then you gotta spend more money cuz there´s arena gear which you also need to gamble to increase and also now, you gotta gamble your way through under water gear as well. And after a few months, new gear thats has slightly different shade of the previous color and a little bit better % of stats is released and the spending cycle repeats. The milking that goes on through the amp system, rune system, all different kinds of boxes, etc, is just ridiculous, it made me stop playing and I imagine it also stops new players from continuing playing the game once they understand how it works.
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