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  1. Aww how lovely! It looks simple yet beautiful and elegant😊 Especially the diadem I wanna have it lol😳 I don't think we have a decent female yellow dress yet so it would be great to get a fancy one☺️
  2. Sounds interesting tbh but not sure in arena situations for example if five Rogues party up for 5*5 arenas (or even 2*2, 3*3) if it's not a little too harsh to play against up to five people more who can basically use all skills😄 Could be very imbalanced in some situations so it'd be necessary to find a decent way to make it work. I guess people would have the same concerns when it comes to GvG or other pvp situations🤔 Else than that I still think it's an interesting suggestion😊
  3. Hopes are high that Horrow will give you some entertaining pve stuff to do this time😄 But yea, I'm also someone primarily doing pve, pvps are just not my thing. It would be cool to have something challenging again:) Help me make it active again! And you too
  4. I see and tbh I feel the same way about pve😂 Like after 4 years my equipment isn't even up to date because I stopped spending real money and yet the hardest dungeons are pretty easy to handle with a decent party. My hopes are high that Halloween will be exciting and if I remember correctly, a few months ago there was some sort of introduction post with some type of new guilds (I know they were called differently) so yea, kinda looking foward what the future updates will bring🤔 So you're more of a pve player than pvp as well? Why are you sulking
  5. You're already annoying enough on Discord haha, please stay away Yea understandable but also sad that you decided to leave :c Maybe switch sides and come play with us on Sentinels? That's great to hear🥳 The game eats way too much money if you get into spending once x.x And about my life, been having ups and downs but in general I can't complain😊 I'm finally so far that I can prepare for my finals which is still about one and a half years ahead but I hope it's all worth it! My family and friends also all got well through the pandemic and I'm very thankful for. Did you stay well too?
  6. Ey Raaaaislin, good to see you! How ya been? I think I've seen you around but not sure tbhMy character is Xbluebirdx on Sentinels, maybe you've also seen me somewhere :D Hellooo! We don't know each other yet either, do we?🤔
  7. I see haha .-. But it's nice to meet you then! I just saw that you're on US-Sap, which faction are you playing there? We might know each other in game
  8. We don't know each other though or am I that forgetful😁
  9. Well, two weeks ago or so I decided to come back playing and since I've been away for a long time, on the forum as well except for 3-4 short visits, I was wondering who's still here? Especially those that were already active before 2018/19😅 I'm a little sad that it has become quiet or at least a lot less active around here🥺 So I thought it would be fun to catch up a bit, how everyone is doing, what you guys been up to in game but also in real life...🤗
  10. Uhhhh that sounds so exciting!!😍 About the new type of guilds: so could it possibly happen that players from the same normal kind of guild that exist now go head to head in competition when they join different non-playable guilds?🤔 Only assuming that there MIGHT be competitions between non-playable guilds😌 Good luck with the further development!🍀
  11. For the sake of old names and iconic drama... Swaz (or Swazz or Swaaz or Swaazz or howsoever)
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