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  1. Morgana

    Battles for the Territory!

    @Buudbd hey you topic stealer!!!!
  2. Morgana

    Battles for the Territory!

    Why would you get any?
  3. Morgana

    Inequality of classes

    I would also like to resolve your thought of entering the enemy islandsNo one is able to do so!!!!
  4. Morgana

    Server Transfer

    Merging servers isn't a problem here. On test server it's literally data of all servers thrown together. The main problems lies in separating them again
  5. Morgana

    What to do on lvl 28?

    At lv28 or even earlier, a lot of people join guilds which participate in the tournament With your guildmates you can spam dungeons to earn guild points and drops, do quests to get guild points or farm bosses. You could also try to get arena rewards or help low levels to level up. Just a few suggestions I don't know whether you play using mcoins but a lot of people focus on getting decent gear and working out which stats and skill builts they are most comfortable with.
  6. Morgana

    Guild Minor Addon

    Yea would be nice to know it, at least for leader and heirs
  7. Morgana

    How is this possible?

    9894 ain't 10k, my friend :') you weak
  8. Morgana

    How is this possible?

    Hey there! Nowadays it's possible to reach such a high amount of hp if you are using the right gear and hp bonus pots/scrolls + guild buff and arena buff So no, he is no dev or admin :)
  9. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. That's why it's called 'luck' Nobody forces you to play anywayThe dungeons are pretty easy though so everyone should be able to complete them if you play carefully. Also, please take care of the language you use on the forum! We want to maintain a healthy atmosphere
  10. Morgana

    Why no exp per kill?

    You can level up by doing quests. There is a huuuuge sturyline to explore while playing Warspear and in my opinion it definitely makes up that you can't gain xp by killing monsters!:) Lv28 is the highest at the moment but lv30 will be released next year, probably in spring Besides, there are a lot of players who levelled up just by questing and there are a lot of people who really mind
  11. Morgana


    Hey there! There used to be copy paste option but developers removed it. I don't know why but if I had to guess I would say to make it it harder for people to spam world chat with the same phrases all over again
  12. Morgana

    I need help asap!

    Hey there! When you use an experience potion, the amount of xp you gain already changes in the quest discription. Without xp pot the quest 'Forest Band' would give you 5xp and it would show up like this in the quest discription. However, since you have used xp pot, the quest discription had already changed it to 10 Hope this was understandable :D Good luck!:)