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  1. Please create a topic in the support section and provide the necessary information
  2. How many skills per class?

    no one replaces me
  3. How many skills per class?

    Still awesome because your advices are ten times more useful
  4. How many skills per class?

    R.I.P. I'm not needed anymore :c
  5. How many skills per class?

    5 basic skills + 7 expert skills :)
  6. how to get to test server?

    The test server opens only a few days before an upcoming update.
  7. Faking screenshots / chat conversations

    Sorry but this is not the right place to argue about such things
  8. Weapon Is Lost

    In order to amp successfully you should use signs of imperishability to avoide losing the weapon
  9. Question about 3 relics

    Yea why? @Gladiator
  10. Question about 3 relics

    What would we do without you on this forum
  11. Login with steam account?

    If you are Android user you can download Steam from the playstore
  12. Need help with Necro build

    There are some suggestions
  13. why many ppls' char banned in SEA serve?

    They are right. Trading in game items or in game currency for real money is a violation of the EULA and therefore leads to ban.
  14. Phishing sites!

    Actually Snorlax is taking care of this I think. Someone also posted it on Discod