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  1. Morgana

    HELLO! :)

    True words have been spoken
  2. Morgana

    Post liking

    Posts in the Tavern section aren't counted, unfortunately xD
  3. Morgana

    ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

    Oh, that's definitely the Korean TV show 'Hello Counselor'! It's absolutely hilarious Can only watch it with subtitles but it's a lot of fun. What is your favourite place to visit someday?
  4. Morgana

    Post liking

    Some actions require 12 approved posts e.g. uploading a profile picture. I reckon reacting to other people's content is one of them
  5. Morgana


    Well, we don't know which langauge you speak so it's hard to help.
  6. Morgana

    Small tips and suggestions

    I like the idea of changing animation and color of attacks and skills But forcing people to sell their items is a big 'no' from my side
  7. Morgana

    Gladiator Books

    No problem :)
  8. Morgana

    Gladiator Books

    Actually you can get books and costumes from map 1 chests, however, the higher your level, the lower your drop rate will be
  9. Morgana


    You have to kill 10 Mages of lv20 or higher.
  10. Morgana

    Balance the drop rate on DG !!!

    Fact is that all players have the same drop rate. They can't change it because few people are unlucky
  11. I can't see them either Edit: They just popped up .-. I can post screenshots of them if you want :D
  12. Ohhhh you! That's my favourite TV show ever! Katy Mcgrath plays Morgana so well so I chose her as my forum character
  13. Morgana

    how did u end up playing Warspear Online?

    I did that as well but I graduated a month ago and gonna attend uni in October No time for games then!
  14. One entry per person Good luck!
  15. Morgana

    how did u end up playing Warspear Online?

    Well, when I was 14 I wanted to know why people were attracted by online games as I couldn't imagine it to be fun Warspear was the first online game I saw at Google Play so I downloaded and tried it for some time xD Eventually, I found out why people were attracted by such games although it remained the only one that I've played so far. I quit playing a few months ago because during the past 5 years everything remained quite similar and until something new will be released I'm going to focus on important things e.g. studies