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  1. old question but need proper answers.

    No I think it's fine the way it is And to me it also makes sense that only dodge is affected by accuracy
  2. The over powered classes

    As long as there is no violation of forum rules the topic can stay open Yes I'm fair but if it's gonna be closed for some reason you shouldn't open a new one because spamming and necroposting is prohibited-_-
  3. The over powered classes

    As long as I decide them to be
  4. The over powered classes

    Mewingdrip, Elasiri, Madz101 Please stop insulting each other and cool your heads down. Otherwise it will lead to temporary mutes or bans.
  5. important question

    Unfortunately you have to be a little bit patient(
  6. important question

    Please contact our technical support at [email protected]
  7. The over powered classes

    And once again I'm glad that I don't play on EU
  8. The over powered classes

    Since when is the topic about Hassn?^^ No one really cares about him and the majority was happy that he quit
  9. The over powered classes

    Many people pay a lot of money and it's your decision after all I guess
  10. The betrayer Aliexpress(Koreagunba)

    Wow, he 'stole' a bunch of trash from the warehouse How about not putting things in warehouse that you don't want to be stolen? And he won't be banned for his 'crime' since he didn't violate any rules...
  11. Hello! :D

    It can be a pain sometimes
  12. Hello! :D

    Hey hey and welcome :)
  13. Can you let's us restore acc again??

    You can restore characters already
  14. need help in profile photo and rank

    Once you have reached 12 approved posts you will be able to set a profile picture and once you are at 500 posts you can change your forum name and your member title/rank