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  1. I like your new profile picture And yea, I agree anyway. Small guilds are left behind and big guilds can keep too many members. Max. amount of members should have been kept at 50-60 slots
  2. Level 13 Rogue

    On which server are you playing? Maybe any forum member can help out
  3. @Daria yeehaaaa I gave you the no. 1000 like
  4. Looking for a guild

    The time when I started playing it was enough send one message :P
  5. Looking for a guild

    Hey there! To find a guild to join is probably easier by searching in game than on the forum. Spamming worldchat is the best option in my opinion
  6. The Day has Come where I Leave.

    @Turtle In their defence I must say that nobody should get special treatment just because you spent a lot of money on the game. The decision is yours and you haven't paid for special treatment after all, but for miracle coins. That's something I will never understand about people. That they think they can buy respect or special treatment
  7. The Day has Come where I Leave.

    Awww, good luck in real life Ryder! I'll definitely miss seeing you around It's been a pleasure playing with you in the last 5 years
  8. need help

    Charmer is part of the Legions (baaaad) and Druid is part of the Sentinels (very awesome!) @Higgings Seriously, I'll quit replying to topics xD You are putting like twice the effort into it than I do
  9. need help

    Class with minion skill: Charmer However, all classes can summon minions for a time period (1h,2h,4h,...) which can be purchased in the Mcoin shop or at the second hand dealer. Classes with healing ability: Shaman Druid Necromancer Priest Dark Knight Paladin Warden Charmer (not sure to 100%) Dark Knights and Wardens require specific armor stats to have a decent healing skill.

    I really don't see where the problem lies. Like others said before, there are other classes that can't solo bosses/mini bosses as well. In fact, when it comes to questing rogues have a huge benefit with the ability of going invisible, ESPECIALLY on Norlant Swamps.
  11. I'm gonna ban him if he starts stalking her Creepy little weirdo @Sai Chandra
  12. Dungeon Drop chances

    They would have told us if they had decreased the drop chance You just got unlucky

    Switch class if you don't like the way yours has to be played
  14. Phishing sites!

    Yayyy filter! Good job
  15. Solution to permanent CC(crowd controls)

    And I don't want to see such idiotic changes on skills because someone isn't able to enjoy himself in other aspects of the game Well that was your mistake anyway :)