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  1. Account Recovery

    @Liidert seriously, it's not necessary to repeat what has been said 2 times before
  2. Account Recovery

    As Jcbreff said you have to wait for a response
  3. draw things for Warspear

    @AnreeNeo did you participate in the costume contest?
  4. draw things for Warspear

    This one is badass I wish I was good at pixel art, too xD But I suck at it
  5. draw things for Warspear

    No idea who ruined your post but I hope it won't happen again
  6. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    No need to lock it. It doesn't matter who started it, it matters who by-passed the limit of what is tolerateable and appropriate
  7. Hi .

    If you are lucky it will get a great enchantment again but the chances of losing it is more likely
  8. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    @ELASIRI last verbal warningyou should stop the drama. And I don't like repeating myself soo.. yea. Next time it won't be a verbal one. Don't even justify yourself as there is nothing left to say
  9. Hi .

    No xD either normal enchantmend or great one
  10. Hi .

    Yep, it's all in the hands of Lady Luck! You just have to keep on using runes/crystals.
  11. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    Because he obviously doesn't respect women
  12. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    You are a lot but certainly not a gentleman^^
  13. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    Nobody has to respect all women. Just because we are women it doesn't mean that each of us deserves respect. There is a reason why people say if you want to be respected, you must earn it. You just said by yourself that you don't respect women lol. I start feeling discriminated
  14. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    I find it rather disrespecting to say 'respect women' because it kinda means they are only being respected because of their gender and not because of their personality