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  1. Hate to break it to you but you're wroooong No idea who's still around here, maybe Nosotraes?
  2. Crabs are somehow ugly animals. That's how I feel about them
  3. I see, it's just the same as two years ago feels good to see that some things never change lol And @Buuuu is the best! If you get the chance to join his guild, take it! Then you also have very strong players to support you when you're questing or wanna do arena, whatever...
  4. Random revival Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  5. Uhh for me it was DK, Warlock, Necro, Rogue, Druid, Priest, Paladin, BD and Mage... Most classes before expert skills and stuff came. I must say that I had fun playing all of them but in general my favourite map with classes was definitely Forsaken If my old friends hadn't quit the game, I wouldn't have switched to Sentinels later on although I fell in love with playing a Druid which remained my favourite class in that faction
  6. I looooove Snowboundaries because Winter is my all time favourite season, has always been and always will be! And the female costumes are so elegant, cute and prettyIt totally gives me happy Winter vibes (despite people killing each other xD)! Though a few years ago there was a Halloween with a chess and little snow theme which I also loved very much The dark mysterious Halloween mood always gets me as well! Both events have their charms
  7. I miss working with you guys It's true
  8. That's unfortunate... Anyway, sorry for taking it out here. I'm gonna drop it because it's not the right place for guild conflicts. Plus I'm not even part of it .-. When I quit, Mercs and Potatos were like best friends :c I guess that's why it frustrates me a lot
  9. To be fair, I didn't defend him I often complained to him about his hate towards Sentinels and actually don't get what's coward about evading an enemy city, even if it's with pots, scrolls, guild buffs etc. But he can be fun if you try to get along with him And about the pvp thingy: I don't know, you two talk it out (if it's possible). It happens so often that a weak player "ganks" a super strong one in a helpless situation and the strong one becomes mad and challenges the ganker for pvp, just to show that he is superior. What's the point of a pvp battle if it's already sure who wins and who loses? It's not a fair battle, it's just to satisfy your own hurt ego (with "you" I don't mean you in person, to avoid a misunderstanding here).
  10. I'm not gonna turn this into personal drama now but the person I was talking about, I've known her/him for over 5 years and we spend a lot of time together. What about you? That person wasn't always bad but very twisted to some extend... And since you are specifically addressing me with something, I assume you know me personally? You are calling him a low amp coward and at the same time you want to challenge him with your +9 char? You should offer to challenge him with a char that is as low amped as his if you don't want to look like someone who gives objective choices knowing very well that both of them will result in embarrassment for the other one.
  11. There are just some people you are never gonna like, no matter how hard you try As long as you try and don't judge someone beforehand it's alright I guess... No one has to love everyone, that's impossible
  12. Potato sucks anyway They used to be nice in the past but since one specific person joined them... They should have kicked that person Edit: I swear this is gonna be drama
  13. Lol we should take the topic to Twitter and make #SaveDelicious the worldwide trending hashtag no.1 Anyway, hope you guys will have a shot at getting your guild back It sucks to lose something that became like family and especially if it's something everyone put a lot of effort in to build...
  14. Hey hey, welcome back! It's always a blessing to see former players returning to our little universe Good luck building your new account As for characters to play with: Nobody recommends Druids I heard Paladins are liked very much on the Sentinels' side
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