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  1. Morgana

    Can't create new char in sentinel side?

    I believe I gave you an explanation already, therefore opening a topic about it is quite unnecessary. Once again, like Jcbreff said, the issue is caused by overpopulation in the Sentinel faction. To maintain/reach balance, developers decided that it would be the best when it wasn't possible to create Elf/Chosen characters anymore. If you wish to play a sentinel class, I recommend you to choose EU-Emerald since it is the only English server along with US-Sapphire.
  2. @BennyBT awww yay you are there, too! Congratz!!!
  3. Congratz nub @lallouss It was all Delina's and my doing
  4. Morgana

    A question, looking for answer

    Mhm, in general it's prohibited to use software other than the Warspear client itself to open the game, e.g. downloading Bluestacks to emulate Android, to prevent people dualling accounts on one devic. Take a look at this page, there you can find all downloads for the different operating systems, including Linux :) Warspear-online.com
  5. Morgana

    cup of water quest

    Could you please post screenshots of the quest description?
  6. Morgana

    sharing information

    No one, except developers and admins, has any information .-. They don't even share stuff with moderators so I don't really understand what you are referring to
  7. Morgana

    The new level up system update 0.7.6

    They usually come when new areas open Ahh, I just read your other topic, you mean character classes. Sorry, my mistake :) Thought you were talking about adds because goblins and troll like adds exists.
  8. Morgana

    How to do this quest in Ayvondil

    The quest says that you need the required quest item 3 times, not two times
  9. Ahh, you shouldn't go there.. If you were in our shoes, you would share our concern. This is not about having attitude problems but about having put lots of effort, resources and team work into something. Besides, if lallouss was able to figure out how to do it, I'm sure you can do it, too. Nothing can be created out of nothing
  10. Morgana

    The new level up system update 0.7.6

    Well, it actually is because it shows how determined you are A lot of people went through it
  11. Morgana

    [2018.06.09] Game servers restart

    I advice you to stay friendly and respectful to Higging as he is only trying to help to make things clear. If you can't take things the way they are, you can either discuss about it politely or if you can't do so, you should leave the forum.
  12. Chill I get why he doesn't want to tell anyone because mercs spent lots of time, pots and life scrolls to figure out how to kill it the best way. Haha. YOU are lucky that we aren't on EU
  13. Morgana

    The new level up system update 0.7.6

    Where is the challenge in that?
  14. Morgana

    Press F to Pay Respects

    Hehehe then I can command you around Kidding x.x You and rolando will always be my bosses