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  1. Нормально ли, что скелет не взаимодействует с навыками области? 20230605_102625.mp4
  2. Ожидания V Реальность Некромант Death lv_0_20230602015024.mp4
  3. I do not see the sense or usefulness for me, to continue gaining reputation of newts when I no longer need it. They could change the reward for players who have already completed everything of reputation mermen.
  4. The conquests are of each class, not of the account. There I summarized it. You can always experiment with new classes, I always do, I already leveled up each existing class in Warspear. But my achievements of my Necromancer are of the Necromancer, end.
  5. That's called the weird stuff system, If everything can be achieved again eternally with your new class, It's going to be easy for you to do nothing more because your other character has already done it.
  6. They would automatically render the medals irrelevant, they will get everything in their main character. The conquests are and should be personal or no one will try again, in Warspear they only give you skins, emojis, haircut and suit. It does not influence or modify your character in power. Legendary ones are and should be personal, Example of PvP your class gave you an advantage or your money the power to dominate the rank, what relevance does it have that your new char wins something legendary with your new class?
  7. Melhor opção pra xaman é deletar. 😌
  8. @Holmes @Dr Strange 1 час попытки завершения Пожалуйста, включите больше коробок!
  9. Affff Points for alliance is an unfair system.. The alliance with more players you will always be the winner 1 #
  10. Vai ter que sofrir ate natal Marchielino, so la vai ter att balanced skill.
  11. I didn't like the change in the bag.. As it is currently it is already good. 😪😪😪
  12. For the mass production of pots to rankers hahaha It would be simpler the mass production of positions, parchment and relics, which will lead to the uselessness of the other castles (Uselessness in the sense of abusing the production of benefits such as pots and parchments) . Currently I do not see the profit utility of the castle for the player, it only benefits the owners of guilds, nothing is gained by the player currently of the castle. I do not swallow the Chinese tale of buff pra enter dungeon for free, because currently the only good castle for regular farm is the Dungeon SEA.
  13. Player.. Always trying to justify the unjustifiable. Nobody says that it is the same as the DK problem, the problem here and it bothers me a lot that developers and administrators make changes very quickly when the whining is from some elf, and it is unquestionable because it is enough to see the immediate changes. The skill of the guilds were not made for the WAR, there is always some kind of bug. It gives huge advantages and in the end it becomes guild skill war, and the alliance war is left to adorn or name.
  14. @[email protected] Let's hope that devs change the mechanics as quickly as they usually do when some class or player legion have advantages in skills
  15. 1 - Danfake, https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/profile/43349-danfake/ 2 - Oscar Javier Muñoz Maciel 3 - 26 4 - Paraguai 5 - Educação Universitária - Cursando Quinto Ano Faculdade de Direito, Ciências Políticas e Sociais. 6 - Sim, Servidor oficial da Discord BR-Turmaline, forum Internacional e forum português. 7 - Experiência em administração não, experiência em outro fórum só como membro. 8 - Eu costumo visitar forum 6 ou 8 vezes por semana, mas quando tem ou vai ter atualização entro forum cada dia. 9 - Nas minhas palavras eu poderia dizer que obtivo de um moderador é de alguma maneira ajudar os membros em postagem olhar o que el quer dizer ou precisar ajuda, tentar resolver conflitos de jogo no fórum, verifique se ninguém infringe as regras do fórum com algum postagem. 10 - Administrador e Desenvolvedor acho que conecta sempre bem com a comunidade, eles sempre tentam ajudar, suportar muitas reclamações não é um trabalho fácil. 11 - Poderia ter mais concurso de criar item, tipo concurso de criar um skin, concurso de criar um pet, criar um mini mapa com mecânica, criar uma dungeon, a comunidade Warspear é muito criativa para muitas coisas, esses concursos podem ajudar os desenvolvedores. 12 - Eu estou me candidatando porque gosto de Warspear tô jugando há 7 anos ja, acho que tenho alguma experiência com jogo, ainda é bom aprender algo novo em um mundo onde a Internet é o pão de cada dia de muitos, qualquer tipo de experiência soma. 13 - Gostaria cuidar forum Espanho, Português é Internacional. 14 - Tenho: Danfake#7104 15 - Eu jogo há 7 anos ja, Server: BR-Tourmaline, Nick: Danfake, Guild: Kingdom (Suscetível de chute)
  16. Keep in mind that it's almost 4 +- years since the Pirates update. The problem is not the ease of PvE, Each update has its difficulty, they only become easy because obviously you got improvements. A clear example was when Beregar Guard was just launched, That dungeon was challenging in its time, the same goes for T5 today. Lack of challenge in PvE is the fault of developers for not releasing anything new update. Only Parts Updates.. Raid bosses in my opinion for me it will never be a raid if only 1 pt has drop possibilities, It's like 1 PT farm and the others give support with no chance of getting anything, Sooner or later any boss raid will become easy, any mechanic can be learned is easy. Exaggerated Vampirism always leaves many class obsolete for dungeon, it requires revision years ago. The war hummmm I can say about this, in the 2015 2016 2017 was fun, today it is the most boring and obsolete event for my taste, To the rank arena helps a lot but as most wins rank with trap, secondary chars, farm PT Loser hahahaha
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