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  1. 4 of 10 I hope this year there will be permanent updates of new map, new level, new more permanent events.
  2. Could use a crossbow, so as not to be so dependent on two-handed weapon.
  3. Monday first test Tuesday second test Wednesday filler test Thursday update Friday Christmas Eve, time to prepare punch Merry Christmas Saturdays
  4. Same thing as last year.. Let's hope to test in the test. That faction fight I do not like every year the same, it is evident that the faction with more players will always have advantages. Alliance events we never won in BR-Tourmaline Legion side.
  5. @Nolan I keep thinking... In short, DEVs do not listen to players... they only hear the whining of players doing PvP 1vs1, The Deathly Eye skill It deserved a total change, take out that x2 combo to activate. Increased their CD for 7 seconds, continues with the same effect of decreasing magic defense with the difference that will be 14%, effectiveness in boss, i can't say the word but it's the same ****. It was practically an indirect nerf, because we used the Skill to activate CD with relic, now with 7 second impossible. I feel helpless because of what they are going to do to my class. Every time I start reading the skill I find more failures in the future.
  6. RIP NECRO 2014 - 2021 "Rest in peace Mr. Necromancer, He lived quite a while being dead ironically"
  7. @Holmes Decrease basic cure of all classes. But what happens with the shaman's Totem Heal? With Castle potion of 60% gives a lot of heal in GvG, WAR.. In the end they will leave the shaman better healer and with new buff.
  8. I'm mega frustrated, I don't feel like entering the game. Developers every year lie to us in that x2 drop chest, It's a vile lie. The worst thing is that always together a lot of chest and 2 or 3 chars, never drop anything. Hopefully one day the drop system will change. "Player in depression who ran out of gold, he also didn't get drop dungeon"
  9. The relic from the dead area, It's interesting, decrease speed, attack speed in area.
  10. Regardless if the player is rich or not, it is not the point that I wanted to imply, the Seeker does exaggeratedly high damage with a PvE set, his basic dps destroys you, I was using a PvP set, he was using PvE equipment, in addition to the ease that it has certain classes to do anything alone, it is not the same with all classes.
  11. They are PvE, only in GvG are mobs PvP The game itself allows you to be stronger to the class that are already strong, full of buff, skill and relics so that certain class are OP.
  12. @Nolan @Holmes Here you can see how ridiculously strong the Seeker is in PvE, the basic damage level is very high, I kill myself with 2 punches and I'm supposed to have my PvP set and he uses PvE set. I don't have as much faith in rebalancing when the Developers tell you "It's not a game to play alone" but every day they make certain class is OP and independent, to kill a BOSS who isn't supposed to kill him alone.
  13. Beautiful, subtle and not exaggerated, the visual bugs are constant, I liked the idea of the Skeleton Toltén.
  14. You failed to mention the shield. It is the weakest shield in the game, just like that of the priest.
  15. I didn't like it, but I understand that the survey was based on questions from well-to-do players who in that form already have stable chars. Many classes are already well balanced for the function they were created. Basically they were based on what a player wants for their chars without sizing the function it fulfills. Many basic skill of varias class are obsolete for the current game, requiring adjustments or improvements. Base the capacity of each class on what it should have, but each class is linear in its function. Certainly in PvP is where there is more imbalance, But increase stats control, damage, defense to class that were created for a certain function. I totally agree that VAMPIRISM has to nerf to balance the party when it comes to Dungeon, PvP, GvG, etc. Exactly, on the one hand the mandatory BUILD helps the guild a lot, but it is for the same reason that it loses functions. Remember the Chieftain Baas the full DMG Physical towards quite a bit of damage in x1 boss.
  16. Hi, It's been a long time, the Chieftain and Templar class, they still did not receive a name in Spanish, even in Portuguese it has a name. @Nolan @Holmes
  17. Updated on the latest version.. The error continues.
  18. @Nolan Is there a solution? I've tried to use repeated relics and it doesn't give me my medal..
  19. I used the 5 attack relic and it doesn't give me the medal. Screens.
  20. Unnecessary suggestions in my opinion. Everyone is free to show off what they want, but I see it as visualizations where those who load coins can boast better. If you give animation to every skill out there, it's ugly and will end up being a generic MU to shine on.
  21. Nowadays it is very easy to complete medals.. I leveling up little by little you get, I raised a class from level 1 to 32 today I have 350.
  22. All very nice concept, but In Warspear there is a giant problem in PvE, Many classes are devalued for dungeons.. What would be your solution to not becoming a Tower to go with 1 Tank + 4 dps with pet heal + pot HP? It would be great if the tower is mandatory to go with 1 tank + 2 or 3 dps + 2 heal optional.
  23. Last week I opened 200 baules of map2 in my necromancer, no dropped. Today I opened again quite a few baul in the Chieftain, no drop. Assumed to be x2 drop. At least I would have liked to have had the whole emoji collection, but even the emoji don't fall. Let's laugh so we don't cry hahahaha BaitSpear
  24. In Wow I understand that by doing 4 hour farm you get your mythical drop item, in Warspear one can do 300 dungeon and not drop. But a random player arrives using his stam free and drop easy, that for me is frustrating and unfair.
  25. These are the reasons why I hate Warspear random system. It is very frustrating to open this amount of baul and not drop even 1 costumes or book.
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