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Warspear Online


We do not encourage members of the Forsaken to become friends with the Chosen’s, and the Firstborn’s in everything to agree with the warriors of the Mountain Clans, but following the rules below will help you not disgrace the honor of your faction (and not get banned, therefore)!


Remember that under nickname the same person is hiding as you are, so do not allow in communication:


1. Rude, offensive and provocative behavior:

1.1 derogatory comments about the gender, race, sexual orientation, age, physical/mental state, religious beliefs, or country of residence of any user;

1.2 derogatory characterization any user or Warspear online project using obscene words or constructions, both in an open form and veiled (skipping letters, intentional change in the order of letters, etc.);

1.3 information about alcohol, drugs and violence, as well as the publication of pornographic materials;

1.4 unreasonable aggression towards users, rude and provocative messages, aimed at creating an negative reaction and retaliatory aggression.

2. Creating messages that breach the rules of the Forum:
2.1 offtopic - messages outside the topic;

2.2 spam and duplicate topics - creating topics or messages that copy existing ones;

2.3 necroposting - messages in topics a year or more old;

2.4 non-compliance with sections - publication of topics in the wrong sections;

2.5 tag misapplication - the administration and development teams read all forum posts, and their tags should only be used in situations that require prompt reading.

3. Breach of the terms of the License Agreement, including:
3.1 announcements about buying or selling an account or characters, game items, leveling a game character for real money;

3.2 posting links to malware or fraudulent websites;

3.3 posting unofficially published materials.


4. Content outside the Warspear Online:

4.1 discussion of other game projects - active discussion of other projects, including the creation of separate topics (except for the appropriate mention during the discussion of any topic);

4.2 advertising any businesses, promotions, organizations and websites not related to Warspear Online.

5. Disclosure of personal information and attempts to impersonate another person:

5.1 disclosure of real personal information about other forum members (with the exception of the name);

5.2 posting false information on behalf of another user or employee of Warspear Online project, including the use of green text.

Restrictions for breach the above rules include (but are not limited to) the following:

a) deletion of the part of the message or topic containing violations (replaced by [...]);

b) deleting the entire message;

c) content pre-moderation for 3 days, a week, a month, permanently;

d) a ban on the publication of content for 3 days, a week, a month, permanently;

e) blocking access to the forum for 3 days, a week, a month, permanently;

f) blocking with subsequent deletion of all topics and messages.

Disregard of a temporary or final ban on communication, i.e. creating a new account is not allowed.

The Warspear Online Team

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