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  1. techno bosses

    There is no point to use grimore or sinister strike while boss get stunned , because you hit "True Damage" to boss at that time but yeah you are right it is a bug. Also silencing or using hex etc. on boss blocks the peridoic stuns at boss.
  2. Not only costume prices are more then 1m gold. I Sold "Physical Def Book"(Drops from engineer) for 1.2m 4 months ago. Its price is higher now about 1.5m and probably chinese guys could pay much more.
  3. Hi help me please

    Idk what level items do you mean for beginner items but I can tell somethings about skill build. First make dark shield 5/5 , it decreases all upcoming attacks depends on your level and defence . Then you can make thorn of the death 5/5 for dealing some damage and make provocation 3/5 . Some people use full provocation skill because of healers' or damagers' aggro sometimes overcome your aggro but I think it is enough if you can deal some damage to mobs or bosses or if you use Great Relic of Menace on that skill , 3/5 provocation will be pretty enough.
  4. The scammer's unlucky day

    offtopic Hi bro, come back darksoul guild (new name TSK)
  5. Receiving 0 dmg all the time

    Yes there are chaos everywhere in Test-server lol
  6. Receiving 0 dmg all the time

    I know this is not a bug but level 8 isn't a bit higher for 2nd castle ?
  7. Receiving 0 dmg all the time

    Nice bug
  8. [2017.08.10] Testing update 7.1. Guild Castles.

    UPD Important news! If your guild leader can't participate in the testing, you may create a new guild and make a leader (and commandor) of your choice on the test server. There will be no punishment on joining new guilds, the limit of guild level for capturing the castle will also be disabled.
  9. Receiving 0 dmg all the time

    all the time or some damages ?
  10. Guild Castles Beta Test!

    Yes I saw that video , thank you for info
  11. Guild Castles Beta Test!

    After capturing throne and time for defending throne ends what happen ?
  12. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    When will you open test servers ?
  13. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    Which youtubers You broke my heart daria
  14. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    finally Lordmuho Eu-Emerald TSK guild