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  1. I was doing this since I started to craft somethings. In my shaman I only crafted lvl 10 amulets (craft lvl2 ) which gives exactly same amount of resources when you dissasembly them and until reach lvl 10 in amulet crafting I only got 24-25 energy essences.
  2. I think this will increase the Money Supply in the Warspear Market , which will lead to inflation in the prices . So I mean stock some items like reapir , teleport , life scroll etc. coz it will be more expensive due to FARM BOTs
  3. What ?? New expert PvP skills and how that minions will work ? I mean they can be used in arena or like pvp in game and wars etc ?
  4. Yes , I am sure that some people using auto farm program
  5. Great job Idk what mages skills do but he dont get much damage from bosses , even tanks need healer minions or pots for these bosses (except barbarians ) . I want to see more videos like that
  6. Ofc 4/4 extermination. Also u can get axes which has att speed like techno. I have a rogue which has 500 dps.
  7. Max Resist with oprillon
  8. Hi check some issues on eu-emerald, magnacarta cant level up to 10 . When they try it servers gone down :D
  9. Yes contact with support they can help you, I got back my first char at us after 5 years past.