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  1. Blow of the silence skill do not deal any damage , it increases both magic and physical damage for only the next any kind of attack .
  2. I recorded a video on test server , it can be useful for learning skills. There is amping part in the beginning you can skip that.
  3. Can you get ss for all levels of "Otherworldly Fire " skills description. ?
  4. Nice job
  5. LOOOOL its really funny to see how elasiri is afraid of being banned or etc. I was online when he was writing this also he writed same things on mc side in eu-emerald world chat.
  6. Yeah it could be really boring when you hunt cicada , you have to wait some elves to kill that cicada in that location and begin searching again for the new one.
  7. lol
  8. Did someone got this relic ? Its empowering type , right ?
  9. Actually forsaken map has the longest quests in all factions , they all have same difficulty but forsaken quests are just take more time to complete so this is why people think its hard to level up in there. Just buy a great or normal xp pot (or use gift one , if u make a new char devs gifting u a chest which contains and xp pot) and join a guild with xp buff then u can make your char 12-16 level in 1 day. I did it with my new charmer , yeah it was boring but when I completed all yellow quests in forsaken map I was level 16 and it took almost 1 day. (8-9 hours of playing).
  10. This is not a pvp , its just show us how gankers play this game.
  11. Some people says its bugged , I did not tried myself but it could be changed with this update and as always , like an background upgrade , they did not mentioned it in update notes.
  12. This guy get the all information about the barbarian skills , its hard to write all of them in skill description but we still need more information about the skills.
  13. Hm I think they still do not give us all details about the skill , look this 3 skill from new class Charmer : It gives some information about skills but not all , for example call skill , mob lives for 35 sec but what about its stats , like hp , dmg etc... Also as always the first damage skill in all classes probably have similar stats but we dont know exactly how much these skills dmg depend on our character's physical or magical dmg. Its a great idea , since expert skills added for classes they give some informations about the skills but we still need much more of them.
  14. Lol