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  1. Omercix

    New Skill Blood Shield

    This is so bad, all of them should stack otherwise it does not make sense.
  2. I have 8.5k def now , and yes today I deleted the game from my phone too, I will stay here for discussing just like you.
  3. Omercix

    Papa Smurf Killing Elfs at Camp Ghaspel HELP!

    Killing lvl13 players is so much fun , nice video
  4. I aggree with you but I can tank mobs and boss at hard techno easily because that mobs are hitting melee. Take 2 necro with you who has full posionous shield and you can tank every dungeon or boss with a massive mob spam , if mobs are melee. Actually this skill was very strong before , now it has +%12 pene. It is a huge buff for me.
  5. Omercix

    [Update Daily] Relic Location?

    5cc everyday
  6. Omercix

    [2018.09.14] The XXII Arena season is open!

    Seasons should take 1-2 week atmost I think, so that arena matches will be more dinamic and more challenged.
  7. Actually almost all mobs in game are buffed with more pene and crit. It has written in release or announcement notes I think.
  8. Omercix

    New Skill Blood Shield

    I thought same but I do not have enough gold(resources,time,power) to try this.
  9. Yeah , in old times if you want to get a common essence or catalyst you have to dissasembly a grey or green named weapon.
  10. Why I cant see the images you post :'(
  11. This is for dissasembly achievments coz devs removed most of the green items from game.