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  1. IS this the same resistance in arena armours ?
  2. yes rangers can !

    Very nice , next time show your stats too.
  3. Charmer vs. Faceless

    It is actually distracting , I can not focus what he is doing in the background
  4. Music is improved ? I liked the new one , I was playing without music for a long time but today on PC I noticed that music is changed a bit. Btw how can I earn these items ?
  5. Barbarian, Death Knight or Charmer?

    Pvp with noobs? Easy wins.
  6. Player's Real Life Pictures

    Add me at steam @Daria maybe we go some duo or squads
  7. EU-Emerald 10 lvl Guild Berserk

    11 months , very nice
  8. Player's Real Life Pictures

    I thought its a pubg screenshot
  9. List of annoying idiots

    No lol they drop shits.

    It is a ride I think, isn't it?
  11. Why are you guys spamming dungeons?

    need more choices for this question
  12. Where are these ? I can not find them
  13. Probably this is the problem