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  1. Haha , he assume that he is a skilled player , lmao
  2. WS MATH

    % buffs do not stack onto each other. I mean like guild damage buff , +%5 dmg buff from ring or +%25 dmg buff from power of relaxtion do not stack up to each other. For example if your basic magic damage was 500 and you have guild buff+ ring with %5 + power of relaxtion . 500 + 500 x (%10+%5+%25) = 500 + 500 x (%40) = 700 .
  3. Oyundan Videolar..

    Şahaneymiş mehmet geri dön :D
  4. Oyundan Videolar..

  5. Hard Technopolis 1 Stam

    I have done with 1 stam like 5 months ago , but this one is a different way which people do not use much. Also with a better pt (maybe with people who use expert skills ) I could done much more faster than this pt.
  6. 'Görev Yardım Merkezi '

    Dostum quest dialog unu da atabilir misin?
  7. Here is a video where we completing hard Technopolis Dungeon with "The other Way" . I hope you enjoy. Ps: I had to remove the sound due to license problems
  8. crossbow too hard go to +10

    Is this real ?
  9. Of course, a deathknight represents warspear.
  10. youtube channel

    Devam abi çok başarılı
  11. 5/5 Combat Stance > 5/5 Fatal Shot ?

    Great relic of energy stability is really important at this point.
  12. Ayvondil IV - Legion Quest Guide

    yep I said keep openning