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  1. @Holmes @Peony Put the last phase of the "neutral zone" event What is the grace of crusar and that you kill the faction that has more player .. And lose the buff and transformatio
  2. And the nerf of the shield mage skill? That skill is stolen, absorbs damage ridiculously .. The only good thing is the Necro skill which I appreciate, but I smell like there will be a trap in that .. #NerfMage #NerfShieldMage
  3. They lacked warning, that there is also possibility of drop x2 potion mana and HP "Like every dumb fan I'll start to farm crazy and not drop, cry cry cry"
  4. Hi @Holmes I know this point isn't as relevant, but the translation or expression is wrong in Spanish. "Día de muertos" It would have to be "Día de los muertos"
  5. This idea of the day of the dead for Halloween, it was an idea of Akasha and Splendor, the two of them had proposed this idea two years ago, I think. And i credits it to them where
  6. What's the point of playing a Halloween event all over November? Halloween themes are all October, most MMORPGs trigger Halloween events in early October.They should leave all November to create Christmas events.
  7. Don't forget the Mages, any guild with broken Mage's troop is unparable. Obviously, if you write something like this, the Sentinels will go on the attack to defend their faction. This year was the worst year of class swinging, several class broken OP, and the worst thing is that we will have to endure the entire reign of the Sentinels until the spring of 2020 I'm telling you, I saw a lot of legion friends who stopped playing or moved Sentinelas.
  8. Children? Man I went 6 hour farm SEA heroic, do not drop any keys or item, only a relic, spend like 230k gold this week and there is no drop, 115 Dungeon done..
  9. The leader of this guild is from the United States? 🤔
  10. Отключить игру, Google.
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