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  1. That x2 bait I don't believe it, I know 6 years playing you learn hahahaha Speaking of important issues.. 1 - When we'll have a Guild level 14 update or if we have it. 2 - Please don't take out new class "that's not the solution" fix existing skill for a good balanced. 3 - Improve update on map 2 or Northland.
  2. Same solution as Arena and Castle.. In Arena and Castle you can't do TELEPORT, I'm not a genius at programming video games but he created that algorithms to prevent something are already there.
  3. WAR and that room are completely different things. So what is the goal of putting 5k reputation restrictions to enter the room?
  4. @Nolan @[email protected] They had 1 year of time to solve problem using skill guild TELEPORT. The first one to get 5k reputation can carry skill TP 60 members of his guild to kill BOSS RAID CHIMERA, I'm angry and frustrated, members without 5k reputation being able to enter 5k reputation boss room. They're going to do the same with the 10k reputation boss raid. Do something for God's sake some of us strive to make a reputation for getting boss, that a guild with TELEPORT mate boss is unfair. ACTIVE GUILD SKILLS ARE NOT READY FOR EVERY GAME UPDATE.
  5. I suffer from tripophobia, it's horrible to see that head Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. Visuais de habilidade para elfos sempre foram melhor trabalhados, mas uma mudança visual seria bom pra Cacique..
  7. Para de ser chorão.. Olha a class roubado de sua facção, é depois vem mimir forum. O cacique q vc vio solar uma dungeon maioria são +8 +9 +10 com vamp, relic, etc Qualquer class dmg como Seeker, Mage, Pala sola TP sendo +8 full vamp. Cacique foi lançado por AIGRIND pq MC não tinha DMG boms como elfo tinha, também lançaram templário pq elfo não tinha class com tanto controle, analisa class de sua facção e depois vem pra falar merda o dois junto em Fórum. Beijo 😘
  8. Vamos ver s AIGRIND faz rework de Charmer..
  9. The update does not appear in the Play Store, Will it take you long to get out? You can't see the features well if they're not updated from the Play Store..
  10. Don't make promises they can't keep, they're allelusioning the players. And the area stun skill?
  11. I find it unlikely that anyone could hack an Warspear account out of nowhere, I believed that the guild owner shared his mail or account to a friend or acquaintance, stole from him. The same thing happened on BR-Tourmaline with a guild level 7 and they never did anything to return it to its owner. Although selling accounts, guilds for real money is prohibited, Eb BR-Tourmaline is doing all the time, but AIGRIND covers his eyes.
  12. Let's hope it's as fast as possible, because wars are still going on this week.
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