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  1. It'S amazing that we'Re still falling into this x2 drop of AIGRIND. Hahahahahahaha The April Fools this year consists of Drop X2? I Went 47 Dungeon 0 Drop
  2. I'll take them as crumbs 🙊 I hope with all my heart that in the dynamic events in 4 days are still crowded. I will continue waiting for my level 30 and T5 with enthusiasm 🧔🙌
  3. Видимо мнение своих игроков АЙГРИНД не волнует, новый значок события является полезным, но заставляя игроков играть с новым интерфейсом для чата не кажется справедливым, но, как они сделали с изменением мастерства и добавил быстрый доступ, что никто не США, много жаловались, но ничего не произошло..
  4. @Reivenorik The game closes only when I try to grab some intem, or another player's character inspection
  5. It's not T5 but it's okay, let's hope they don't get bored as fast as the dynamic events before.
  6. These mini events are only fun the first 2 days, then they get tired of going because even the emoji drop are high. Bring a good update that you need enough, where we can all have fun, still waiting for level 30 and T5.
  7. Danfake

    No comment!!!

    That's your opinion but save them for yourself. I think that talking about you have a guild that was stolen no matter, either way is already yours thanks to a certain person who do not want to say his name, all BR knows the story of the great RIP=Hell robbery, you can go with your discord to play quietly and leave us alone. Clearly your ego is very big, ahhh if I go to war, I don't need to notify you if I go or not. Your haters with fake laughter you can stay, Greetings luck ✌ ️
  8. Hi, I have a problem with my APP Warspear, you must in when the screen freezes completely and just closing the game back to work. My Android is 8.0.0 and 2GB of RAM, I have no other games that are heavy or use resources from my cell and ban several vece in me happens when I'm in Dungeon or killing some BOSS epic.
  9. Danfake

    No comment!!!

    I'm sorry, but I resent that guy wants to make me look bad, where they don't call him If you knew that he has a stolen guild, he's an enemy of our guild who keeps trying to us all the time. It's a haters I won't say that again, sorry. I would appreciate if you close this topic please because I can not delete it.
  10. Danfake

    No comment!!!

    Now I understand all of why you stopped playing in BR-Tourmaline Hahahahahaha
  11. Danfake

    No comment!!!

    Hahahaha If a guild that was stolen, they cry where you are the one who gets the hang of it where they don't call you, go get print to this and post it on Facebook, because your elf bosses will leave you farm arena, you're pathetic PIR presume something stolen and even with all the money in the world I removed the thief and pathetic you are to get where you do not call just to create bullying, take your Cyber bullying to your babadore that I do not care hahahaha Ah luck with your mega best rogue that only you believe it, all MC hates your guild to be full of people false and scammer.
  12. Danfake

    No comment!!!

    The Druid continues to be very good at PvP if you have good CD kills anyone, in my server Um druid with Ampl + 6 and full CD kills a rogue full + 10 with team grandeur Do not say that all the classes are of the same function, a very ambigo example are the war of Map 2 always wins ELF most of the time not by gameplay, but because players see which class is more broken and move easily. To finish this issue at once, I do not think they put a change that hurts elf. The elves are mostly in almost all servers that helps a lot in their favor and most of them move because they know that class MC It is more suffered. The castle needs to change a lot so that the struggles are fair and balanced, the end.
  13. Danfake

    No comment!!!

    The problem will not be solved by recruiting 30 Lock (warlock), we want more balance in the class for better games and fun, you know the frustration that gives your guild feel useless only PQ A class is very powerful and block everything It is a constant claim but the fact that the Lock and charmer are good in PvP does not mean that it is good in other respects, and re-emphasizing the amount of stun that class Elf has Druid, BD, Paladin, Mage, and Ranger with your stun bomb soli look at those class And try to match it with a Rogue who has nerf every year, a Dk who only uses a silence and stum, shaman, Necro who uses fear but no one sacrifices points for 4/4 if it were not PvP. Making Uma compared the class elf have more skill stum in area than MC.
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