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  1. @Akasha Hi, it is getting very stressful completing quests live on T4 lately, waiting 10 minutes for each one, with many other PTs trying to complete, I suggest changing the time to 3 or 5 minutes, making it like T5 pirates who only activate for whoever have the quest .. There are a lot of players who don't have that much time in the game, and wasting 2 hours trying to complete it becomes frustrating, please try to change the mechanics of that quest, many will be grateful.
  2. Here with the protection of a necro.. ūüėĆ
  3. When you finally manage to complete the dungeon "Mitico Coliseum and SEA Mitico"
  4. Congratulations!!! The gift is beautiful, beautiful suit, at last after many years they strive on something cute....
  5. Hi, I come here because they said we came here and don't put 1 star Play Store.. It is frustrating not being able to defend flag, because the server hold many players, please fix problem. Today we lost war because the server kicked out all the LEGIONS, I guess the elves happen too, but whatever solutions to this problem so we can have a fun war, sever BR-Tourmaline. Now with the new GvG, the one with a war star, has a lot of advantage. @Holmes VID-20200605-WA0075.mp4 1591410134296_001.mp4
  6. Eu nao comprendo oq tem q ver isso aqu√≠? Ss MC ss matam entre MC (Ss ta vermelho e pra atacar) na WAR mapa2 MC sao neutro, ss vc ta falando pelo GvG por isso e nome Guild vs Guild A discuss√£o √© pela att de skill novas desvalanceados, e voc√™s v√™m e mudam de assunto, so vamos esperar ss chega equilibrio.. Eu nao jogo de Rogue mais sinto muito como esse belo class fica in√ļtil pra casi tudo. E ss for choro entao "Quem nao chora nao mama' FIN
  7. Serio MAN, MC nao quer participar e sabe pq? Esse cancer de mage faz estrago antes de WAR comencar, combo paladin, atordoar infinito, isso desmotiva muito ir pq sao bem roubado.. Eu nao ligo pra PvP Mas PvE skill lado MC sao inutil, pq skill PvE elfo leva tudo, ja vio como faz dano PvE Ranger, Mage e Seeker, ja vio seeker solando tower com 1 adaga e ainda faz critico atoa de 5k com 1 adaga..
  8. Of course they're sentinels hahaha I'm from the BR-Tourmaline server and I say with property the suffering, for the skills that are defvalued, infested with Mage and Paladin. Now with the upgrades you'll earn, you'll be more powerful.
  9. Impossible, the preview gives to think that sentinels won everything.
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