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  1. It was tied 2 Legion Flag and 2 Sentinel Flag.. But they only gave 1 star. @Akasha @Peony
  2. @Holmes They could decrease the FEAR and STUN of mobs 32.. They use too much and you don't have time to kill them.
  3. CC baul drop system is disgusting and unfair... I spent 25k CC not even a drope suit.. Other players only buy 5 baul, drop up skill The drop rate had to increase for those who open the most. 😔😔😔😔
  4. Почему 3 этапа тестирования? Много ли ошибок? Есть много ошибок?
  5. Why is claiming something crying? The point is that the Sentinel faction has twice as many players as faction Legion, as soon as the DC reaches those of Legion + Sentinels, the other half of Sentinels that did not suffer from DC, have already toppled all the flags.. And TP Guild, of course they're for use, that's why I said "in my opinion." Although I still believe that TP guilds should ban using wars for more fun.
  6. @Holmes AMAZING!!! Sarcasm When will they put stable servers? In BR-Tourmaline elf attacks T5, massive DC This war became pathetic today, and in my opinion should ban using Guilds skill TP in WAR, the sense of war is lost when 5 guild uses TP and massive DC attacks..
  7. I know it has nothing to do with it. But when will we see Nortland update? It's my favorite map @Holmes @Akasha
  8. So the shaman gets on a mini boat, to get on the main boat that's anchored in the harbor? Or maybe it's a parody of Pirates of the Caribbean hahahaha
  9. What's the use, release nick level 1, If in the end the rats that swallow first capture all the nick to sell.. 🤔 @Holmes @Akasha
  10. Eu não sabia do penalidade de 40% kkkkk Ainda jogo faz 7 año 😂😂😂 Bom post Edu
  11. @Holmes The million question... Will there be gifts?
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