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  1. The leader of this guild is from the United States? 🤔
  2. Отключить игру, Google.
  3. I wanted him to turn on the water but the manager was not there, September 21 is the beginning of spring in South America and Youth Day :3
  4. Danfake

    SEA hard help..

    Thank you very much good man
  5. Well I know Paok is from my country, that church is definitely in his city. If he goes to church and takes the picture with the Warspear Online sign and the date will be worth him for the contest?
  6. Danfake

    SEA hard help..

    It's worth waiting for the video and thank you 🤗🤗🤗
  7. Danfake

    SEA hard help..

    Does anyone have video or a guide to complete SEA HARD?
  8. That picture looks like it's edited. I mean the Warspear Online sign, it looks like I'm just adding the poster to an existing image.
  9. Well there's a saying that says "For taste colors" I'm also not a fan number one of the underwater sector "T5" But little by little I adapted and now I do daily missions alone or 2/2 Administrators wanted to bring a super update without developing the entire industry. I just hope that the concept of water + oxygen is only in T5 and that never again appears another side hahahaha The concept itself of T5 I like, but many mechanics are a headache that get bored. The only thing I love is the GvG killing mobs is beautiful and competitive, fulfills the function of entertaining.
  10. So the only events for what's left of the year will only be Halloween and Christmas event? No new skill or class balancing? For the love of all the gods.. Then until 2020, Mages' armies will continue to govern all events. I understand that they want to release good content but performing a general swing I do not think it is very difficult, now with the 3 new skill points there is more imbalance of class and skill..
  11. Please don't give Capitalist ideas to AIGRIND, I hope this biome and oxygen system is only on T5, I don't want to see it on Halloween, much less at Christmas events.
  12. Sorry, but I'm stressed a lot, because I'm Necro 4 years ago and I saw the elves claiming for MC's skill and quickly they were nerf, but I'll try not to claim much forgiveness.
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