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  1. You can use magic ban too for 1 stack. But if you aren't fighting a boss it's very hard to reach or keep 10 stacks all the time yeah...
  2. rafa9876

    Rework mage skill

    The attack speed on dragon eye is definitely useful on a mage but I agree that penetration might make more sense. Personally I'd want its duration increased to 20s too. (Note that dragon eye is actually still a strong skill) Very good suggestion on Aura of Fire though.
  3. I think they could be the ones to receive a passive skill that buffs the warlock whenever any enemy resists any skill. Could make it like "for every time an enemy resists any ability, warlock gains a stack." and then "At X(3?) stacks he gains a buff" or "For each stack he gains X." The buff could be anything, to damage, defensive, crowd control or even to buff the next ability to apply its full duration debuff 100% of the time. A passive skill like this would be relevant in any high level content, as even normal mobs start to be able to resist. Stuff like this already exists in relics, activating after an enemy resists the skill.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have any elf side character in the US-Sapphire server. I would recommend asking world chat to help you with those bosses and then re-check every town you've unlocked for yellow quests.
  5. Could also just add a stun or silence if you manage to bring someone to 0. It just wasn't fun to have negative mana and not knowing when it's coming back imo...
  6. The Norlant Swamp has quests available for your level. But to progress on your main questline you might need to go somewhere else, if you tell me your server and character name maybe I could help you with those quests and we check it from there.
  7. Personally I would keep the current effects and add something else to all factions.
  8. I just feel like it would be a really boring rebalance if all they're gonna do is change the numbers and minor things like "can stack". I hope they actually add more depth to all characters, not just mages, so I invite other people to be a bit more creative with their suggestions.
  9. Considering the skill rebalance I'm just going to give my thought on some skills and combos. Old Combos: Blazing Ground + Fireball - Remove the fear combo with Fireball, it's just annoying most of the time. Instead, you could make the fireball increase the blazing ground duration, damage or range. Or you remove the combo completely. Blinding Fire + Frostbolt - It seems weird that the stun part of this skill was moved to Blinding Fire, as it is the better one of the two and makes it almost required to make it 4/4. Before this you had to choose between accuracy -45% or 2 more seconds of stun. I would revert this change and add a movespeed debuff on Frostbolt together with the attack speed debuff and reduce the duration. New Combo suggestions: Overload + Basic skills - I made this suggestion in another post but I really like it so I want it to be seriously considered at least. The Overload damage over time debuff does not stack so any mage can override it regardless of damage difference, so I would change it to be more unique : When the mage gets the Overload buff after casting 5 skills their next basic skill is buffed up. Fireball - deals a certain percentage of its damage as AoE damage around the target. (+strong increase in damage based on overload rank[maybe +8/14/20/26%]) Time Warp - reduces its own cooldown upon cast. (by 60/70/80/90%) Stone Shatter - gains 1 increased range in every direction. (+small increase in stun chance based on overload rank[maybe +2/4/6/8%]) Illusory Chains - blocks the ability to use skills for targets affected. (+minor duration increase based on overload rank [like +0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8 or less) normal duration still based on chain rank Sun Armor - gives a buff for a few seconds that causes all attackers to be blinded and run around aimlessly for a short duration. (example, buff lasts 2/3/3/4 seconds, attackers are blinded for 1.5/2/2.5/3) ^ Possibly risky idea because it gives the same issue that I mentioned earlier, making it almost required to make it 4/4. But it does sound rather interesting I hope alternatively make overload stack up to 5 (boring) so a full party of mages can each apply their own else could add a simple combo like Fire Aura + Blazing Ground - If the mage enters the Blazing Ground area with Fire Aura active he gains +4/8/12/16% critical damage or some other stat. Thoughts on some skills: Blazing Ground - Clearly intended as a skill that's "just there" so can keep it as is as long as there's at least 1 combo with it. Or change it completely. Fire Aura - Just small bonus damage that costs energy to maintain, mostly disregarded. Magic Ban - Basically PvP specific skill, powerful enough in small fights I guess. I don't really use it, mage isn't intended for small fights in my eyes. Ethereal Barrier - The changes on this skill confuse me. Why was it buffed in PvP and made less useful for weaker PvE players, particularly without vampirism? I just leave this 1/4 as a PvE mage as it does basically the same thing as at 4/4, thanks for the 3 skill points. Hard skill to balance, maybe make it a constant energy consumption skill (mage already has another passive) Ennoblement - Risky to mess around with. Dragon Eye - Was nerfed plenty already, the only strong part right now is the mana regen. Any further reduction needs to be compensated with another stat(penetration or crit dmg). Personally I'd increase the duration to 20sec or give it back the 25% accuracy from before. I believe all casters should have more advanced combos but the expert skill global cooldown makes it tough
  10. Try yourself, I won't bother with this as it's obvious
  11. They could add a "combo" with Dead Soldier allowing you to cast Bone Shield on the Totem, creating a skeleton manually. Wouldn't be a crazy thing to add...maybe make the power of that skeleton be scaled with Bone Shield level rather than Dead Soldier.
  12. Highest possible should be 1600ish I wasn't trying particularly hard actually
  13. I think all classes should benefit in some way, with some getting more than others. Many of the mages and other non mage players I know think mages are rather weak. Personally I believe mage is good right now so I hope the changes don't affect my playstyle too much.
  14. Could change it to only boost the experience on quests completed with other party members that were at the same location with the same quest
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