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  1. Not exactly last wish but could be cool if they had an ability that revived them after dying but with a debuff that drains their health rapidly, and if they kill someone the debuff disappears. (would obviously have a long cooldown)
  2. Yeah this looks really weird on some costumes...
  3. Unfortunately magic damage is already rather low even with staffs, and considering how inefficient high cooldown is... I'd find it pretty interesting regardless though, maybe the spell book could be 1h or the new weapon could be a wand or orb.
  4. It feels kinda off that they can use bows if most skills have "dagger" in their name or have text like "quick sweep of two swords" I'd edit those slightly maybe. Other than that it's good imo
  5. Better to keep all interactions global between clones. As in, the clones are always the same thing and follow the same rules except they perform an additional action depending on the skill that summoned them. And they will copy other skills either normally, with reduced efficiency, with no actual effect or not at all. Also I just remembered that big warspear battles already get quite cluttered these days, not sure how clones would influence that.
  6. Unlike elf side who had a semi tank before getting warden (the bladedancer) forsaken actually has a really good tank (death knight, even though he could use some buffs) so I really don't think they should get another tank. Unless you make it a really unique one, and I think you were on a good way to make it unique. And I agree with full physical as not a single class in forsaken uses physical only, although it could be thematically accurate for the undead to be using magic all the time so... Conclusion, thinking more about the skills is the way to go.
  7. The illusion theme actually makes it pretty easy to come up with multiple skills. They just need to be balanced, possible, and fit the game in some way.
  8. Sounds like a class I would hate fighting against xD It definitely sounds very original so I would be happy with something like this if it were to be added as is. Also a class that actually wants to stack Retribution? Nice. Although I'd prefer a class that can transform, it could be harder to balance and implement so... The skills could be called "Protective Phantasm", "Thorned Spirit" and "Otherworld Connection" Assuming you are going for a ghostly theme, they don't particularly suit the illusion theme but hey, it would be a forsaken class so.
  9. I've been looking at the wiki and considered improving it a bit as a wiki makes it easier to find specific things, while searching a specific term in forum can give you too many answers. (some outdated)
  10. If you look at skill changes in the past you can actually find out many of these statistics. Well excluding damage, heal and shield calculations where they just say "increased damage/heal/shield" which is probably what you wanted to know.
  11. Oh yeah because they seem to do those every 2 years now We will get new classes though I'm assuming
  12. Which server do you play in? You should save the gold you get from quests as much as possible so you can buy gear later on
  13. Также очень плохо с другими магами в группе. Гугл переводчик 😞
  14. It is kinda funny that warden actually has the lowest cd too, at 7
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