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  1. He is a barbarian, unless you mean his target which could be a paladin
  2. Didn't seem like an error to me, pretty sure I am my own ally. That could hurt the viability of the Crushing Will set on healers though.
  3. Then you can't get rewards? It means ingame name
  4. Actually mage barrier was changed so its the other way around. Mage barrier counters it completely and will block all hits. (Assuming the barrier is activated by this attack) I saw a video about it doing 300 damage 3 times, with autoattacks doing 668 damage. Now the question is if it was 1/4 or 4/4.
  5. I agree with your suggestion, currently its just way too annoying to deal with considering its just a book Also is that russian but with english alphabet?
  6. I noticed that problem, which is why I often invite weaker players as many pts will prefer to invite strong rangers/seekers/bds. Getting friends to go with you might be a good idea too, and also if you want you can tell me your ingame name and I will invite you for some runs at least. Sometimes there's players asking for "last any" which might be a good way to get into a party. (Usually they are currently using a unity potion and someone in their party left and they want to continue as fast as possible)
  7. Congratulations to the winners I actually guessed the top 5 and ranked me at 8th place But I will try harder next time
  8. Technically vampires are part of the whole undead group. And anyone can be turned into a vampire, I don't see the problem with his idea.
  9. Unfortunately most portuguese speakers who are comfortable with english are in the english speaking servers. You will definitely find some but it will be hard to fit in
  10. I agree with your firstborn idea, but I think I'd prefer the forsaken class to be pure dmg as they lack a dmger that can compete properly against rangers/seekers Warden was nerfed hard enough that its only just barely better than dk. If possible a vampiric or demonic class would be cool, which could transform into their other form, and it would, just like the second heavy armor mermen skill, dramatically buff some stats while giving some downside while transformed. Their key ability could be basic and look like this, tell me what u think Skill with constant en
  11. Nicely done, and it was your first time doing something like this too. I just noticed how much the commentary helps, that voice fits very well into a story like that. (I didn't have time to add an actual commentary to my video, rip) The audio sounds fine to me btw Why skip the isle of Mountain Clans though 😞
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