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  1. 1/4, I think 4/4 would be 900~ Didnt test 4/4 🙃
  2. Eu tenho uma base, so que realmente não importa pq eu tambem quero o update este ano. Assim que espero que você tenha razão..
  3. Those relics do not work if you are alone or are they just weaker when alone? (the first 4, the last 3 definitely need a group) "chance of application of the attack effect " and whats this? If the skill has a debuff or something? "Guild fame: increased the amount of Guild Points obtained by guild members on skill levels 2 and 3 (10-15-20% -> 10-20-30%)." Guild points? Not arena points?
  4. Acho que vai ser meio ano depois da atualização do nível 30 definitivamente em 2019
  5. He said in discord that its not castle related Who knows
  6. If you level frost bolt it will have more stun time
  7. I'd just ask for faster movement when out of combat (someone mentioned faster movement here) Then again why should the characters move faster when safe but slower when in danger?
  8. If thats your main concern of unfairness... I don't mind that features like this cost alot at all In fact i wouldnt mind if they increased the cost of everything cosmetic to decrease the price of everything else that is required to become stronger.
  9. Nowhere does it say its free That would be way too unfair for those who paid already, dont you think?
  10. rafa9876


    Dodge is negated by accuracy, mobs usually have above 15% accuracy and will hit most players who do not focus on increasing their dodge stat way above that percentage. Block and parry on the other hand are unaffected by that and will eventually work even at 0.1% Likely also depends on the level of those npcs, you could try doing the same test with level 1 mobs.
  11. I'll wait for the next "in development" post, but for now it looks really promising. I wonder what those buildings in the castle would be.... shops?..or do they just give a buff / improve defenses? Would fancy something unique! (guild market, minigames, customize a house?, mini bosses, dungeons) Idk, I'm just letting my imagination go wild
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