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  1. kimkaa

    Level for Amp

    being f2p player i would suggest to just save all your gold for max level equipment and level up. you could buy some cheap stuff on the way to make things easier though.
  2. It shouldn't matter whether u put 1000 signs at once or 100 signs ten times, right? Sometimes it feels like it does matter i swear. After wasting a fortune i also noticed how I sometimes get very easy amps even to +10 when I'm amplifying a couple of items at the same time switching the item after every 3rd sign. Feels a little sketchy at times but what do I know
  3. Happened to my lv14 rogue too. Also an arena winner. But my shaman lv14 who placed 2nd last season still has it. Maybe every player who won the last season lost it.
  4. It's all good I appreciate your point of view and didn't mean to accuse you of anything. I just hear the money argument a lot generally. And you are right it's not gonna directly increase the income at all that's not what I meant but just improving the game overall is going to attract more people and keep the old ones in here longer. Even if this was implemented it wouldn't drastically change the game to be much better but it'd be a good start anyway.
  5. True but I don't think stalls are that significant part of income for the company. Moreover, it's not good to always think about the money first but to see past that and realize these kind of features improve the gameplay making it more convenient and just better for the consumers. And that can lead to increased income for them. After all, lots of people including myself have many different items to sell and purchase at the same time so I would definitely need to buy the stalls even with this system.
  6. I mean is it necessary to see other's selling or buying offers at all? It could all be automatic. You put a repair scroll for 1 gold and the system will search the highest offer available and you will get the best price for it. If you put it for 1000 gold you might have to wait a little until someone makes such high offer. You could also put a buying offer of a thousand (1000) repairs 600 gold each and the system will automatically purchase them as it finds matching selling offers(and you offer the highest amount among the buyers). The point is you don't need to see anyone else's offers and it is all automatic. Kind of like Runescape's Grand Exchange is (or was at least back when I played it like a decade ago 😂). Of course this wouldn't solve the problem with transferring but it would definitely make buying and selling items so much easier.
  7. I was referring to Akasha's comment. And I believe she suggested an automated system
  8. This part confused me a little. Are you saying if there are multiple buying offers lets say 80g and 85g and the 80g is an older one and a seller puts the item for sale for 80g it should be sold to the 80g offer? It should always be sold for the highest price possible so in this case for 85g in my opinion. Or in your case it should be sold for 99g even though the seller put it for only 80g.
  9. Yes yes yes I'd need this badly
  10. I meant these green and gray equipment no one really uses them since you can get blue equipment very easily too even if you are a new player. Thank you for the reply though and letting us know it should be coming.
  11. No one buys them now anyway since there are craft belts. There are lots of useless equipment in the game already
  12. Make earthquake like it used to be. It should disable movement for that small moment even if the damage is dodged.
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