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  1. This is just one event thats been made public and got a 1000+ views many people have been through this and have gained way less support than this Since we are getting a chance why don't we ask the questions now and then so next time something similar happens we atleast know why or how. Or we have to make a topic and wait for another few weeks if it happens again. I don't wanna stir up trouble or something.Its just that this matter has been unattended for too long and given chances to cheaters than having good and honest players winning.
  2. dead topic? keep it alive till we get a response
  3. YAY...... same event again weeeeee am so hyped sike am not....
  4. Erm hello? You were losing by 150k ap so you reported him and your winning.
  5. Time doesn't stop you know. The time for arena season is running out while we sit on out bums and watch it happen. Tbh comparing to other communities which review bomb or take the game down completely. (sue games in some cases. WS has a really peaceful community and that's actually what makes the games administration carefree. Like earlier in spring event we had these server issues people lost sets of stams it was going on for a week and then what we get messages ingame after a week that server isn't stable don't do anything at that specific time. And the disruptions kept happening people complained a lot. After that they "fixed" the issues. But hello? where is the compensation? Where is my great upots stams minions? Just an example not putting it on u higgs showing people. Played since 2012 but never have the admins been so carefree like the past 2-3 years.....
  6. The thing is on EU-server Chinese players are really known for rule breaking mostly to arena related stuff. Like buying and selling accounts with rewards or paying some money or mcoins to spam arena for them. Most of it goes unseen for some unknown reason. The most pathetic part about this topic here is we still don't have any response from the support team on the forum. (not talking about mods) Actual proper "technical support". Hey do you realise your lying to yourself. Am in your qq group just dont know. let me strip you guys So when muyan got banned his guild quit and left a lot of characters to this person named Iyouhun this guy can log everyones accounts in his group and also a few elf chars to afk. He wakes up first starts spamming with 6 accounts logged in.He takes all the wins because rest all of em are afk then other two(vsopsb and gzgzgz) wake up and log their own accounts and when elf come to block they log afks. Then when they have work Mymia and Macabre log all these accounts for spam. The funniest part about this is these people take ranks both in level 28 and also 22. WHICH IS HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE TO CONSIDERING YOUR HUMAN. So ofc they are cheating and its obvious. The difference in skill and the combos its obvious. Also ivyouhun is a bought account and i know for a fact so does the "technical support" cuz i already sent hard proof.
  7. This has happened a lot of times and i totally agree with these people. ALWAYS AUTOMATED REPLIES. No one actually cares. As an arena veteran this has happened to me and "technical support" has taken no action at all. If you keep emailing they just even stop giving automated replies or copy paste replies. I have also reported these people with actual genuine evidence and i am 100% sure support actually knows these people share and use auto demand. Its pretty sickening.Basically arena is like who shares and cheats more wins. These people have been reported last season too. With solid evidence and no reaction from the support. I think its time for support to crack down on such cheaters. This is the reason i have stopped spending on the game. Look at this screenshot what more do you need😂 I do have many other screenshots but contains personal info of people that i cant put here but i have sent it to support..... well doesn't matter. Only thing the solution i see is now is reverse the ban on my friend or ban these people which is 10000% fair in as how this game works or how the devs say it works. If not then the system is rigged and biased towards a certain community or person. Support please reread Eula 🤣
  8. So many people are annoyed by this cuz some people do not have time to play and when they have and the log into warpsear just to waste time trying to play or even do 1 dg properly
  9. the lag gets worse day by day and we have no proper response from support about it. People have wasted tons of stam. If this is fixed we expect compensation. Proper compensation i mean not a pc of stam
  10. pve is way harder to pinpoint here there are too many ppl with pve chars who are really good have low amps Permastunning people doesnt require much skill tbh I ve played lock myself on US server had full lvl14 rewards later lvled to 26 Stun and run isnt much carrying your team is the hardest part where these classes fall Priest Druid Necro Charmer It really hard to keep yourself alive as well as your partner Only someone who has actually fought arena properly will understand
  11. Here is a List as an experienced arena player.Debatable but here it is.I may have forgotten some players For Max level arena Sentinels Blade Dancers- Elasiribd Kirito Chrisbd Zelmos Garry (There are other bds with good gear but in terms of skills they are better) Druids- Alexoholic Sleepercel Soulreaper Bzoz Itsmadness Priests-Denchheal Dim Rangers-Babocool Urscrewed Losthawk Mages-Sheispoor Imawizurd Paladins-Darkscum (no one makes arena palas really on Eu) Seekers-No arena seekers on max level not that i know of Wardens-People have amped arena wardens but no one goes arena with them at all Legion Barbarians-Vlaconan Myerika Sylar Etea (there are other barbs actually too many but these are who are skilled at using one) Rogues-Mymia Mrright Hunk Mohmed Shamans-Rhumulus Lordxx Necros-Amk Charmers-Banzuan Teyo Tinarusso Warlocks-Dodgers Saosao Hunters-None to be honest Death Knight-None here either This is my list.
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