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  1. So many people are annoyed by this cuz some people do not have time to play and when they have and the log into warpsear just to waste time trying to play or even do 1 dg properly
  2. the lag gets worse day by day and we have no proper response from support about it. People have wasted tons of stam. If this is fixed we expect compensation. Proper compensation i mean not a pc of stam
  3. pve is way harder to pinpoint here there are too many ppl with pve chars who are really good have low amps Permastunning people doesnt require much skill tbh I ve played lock myself on US server had full lvl14 rewards later lvled to 26 Stun and run isnt much carrying your team is the hardest part where these classes fall Priest Druid Necro Charmer It really hard to keep yourself alive as well as your partner Only someone who has actually fought arena properly will understand
  4. Here is a List as an experienced arena player.Debatable but here it is.I may have forgotten some players For Max level arena Sentinels Blade Dancers- Elasiribd Kirito Chrisbd Zelmos Garry (There are other bds with good gear but in terms of skills they are better) Druids- Alexoholic Sleepercel Soulreaper Bzoz Itsmadness Priests-Denchheal Dim Rangers-Babocool Urscrewed Losthawk Mages-Sheispoor Imawizurd Paladins-Darkscum (no one makes arena palas really on Eu) Seekers-No arena seekers on max level not that i know of Wardens-People have amped arena wardens but no one goes arena with them at all Legion Barbarians-Vlaconan Myerika Sylar Etea (there are other barbs actually too many but these are who are skilled at using one) Rogues-Mymia Mrright Hunk Mohmed Shamans-Rhumulus Lordxx Necros-Amk Charmers-Banzuan Teyo Tinarusso Warlocks-Dodgers Saosao Hunters-None to be honest Death Knight-None here either This is my list.
  5. they even copied Runescape costumes like faceless assassin even the name is same
  6. I found him out his name is Asesino My friend told me to kill him and i did and i got the same pms
  7. This is something that is going over the limit I do not know if this is a bot or an actual person But hes going on for an hour My friend has ignored 18 of his or hers chars Please ban this persons device or I.P or however it works
  8. she used skill and u say they afk usually ppl do win lose so probably their turn to lose so afk
  9. You people lie so much it isn't even funny and Gabriel u too try not to share with astroquick ok? its pretty apparent with the difference in skills Mua and Huayan were my friends accounts who i know pretty well (they left game) and yet etea logs em (these are 2 lvl 28s a bd and a priest)(etea used em to have a upper hand like find ppl who ink and do a 2v3) on Random 3v3 whenever i inked etea follows me with mua or huayan and uses roar to find me and i have that video (biggest mistake he made yet) I will use it when its needed This is how am 100% sure he shares playground insult?
  10. So your saying vla can make 37k ap without sharing and garry cant make 38K? Dont embarrass yourself 5k ap per hr is easy
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