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  1. TheCabbage

    Need tips

    The fastest way to level up is to do all quests possible every day, with an experience elixir. However, collecting 30 to 40 fangs/tongues/whatever is boring, and the xp/min ratio isn't great. I suggest you take note of the fastest dailies available; for example quests that only require you to kill things (and not collect anything from them) are quite fast and they progress very straightforwardly. If you've never been to the swamps, pay a visit. There are a bunch of easy story and daily missions - check the guide on the guides section of this forum if you like. (If you've been there and sworn you'd never come back, you were either too low level or did something wrong. It's very much doable in purple level 17 gear that is fairly cheap on the market.) If you are a group player, once you reach level 18, you could go to the first level of the Astral labyrinth and do the boss quests there daily. Some of the bosses there may also drop very nice equipment for that level.
  2. TheCabbage


    Ten minutes later...
  3. TheCabbage

    cup of water quest

    The cup you're looking for is indeed there.
  4. TheCabbage

    [Help Request] Game Progression Unclear

    It's the heart symbol in the lower right corner of a post. That may be because few people do those. Once you get to high enough level, those quests disappear. And those that do do them, may not look at the market and/or are poor. What I used to do long time ago, I collected the items when those weren't the quest for the day, and sold them when there literally was a queue for the objectives.
  5. TheCabbage

    Name character Suggest

    Ironic. What I'm saying is that to my eyes, system like this would be too easy to abuse, and some people would certainly do that, if for nothing else than annoying others.
  6. TheCabbage

    Name character Suggest

    I actually know of no one who has ranDom capital letters in their first name. More actually I think even most governments wouldn't allow that. (And I wouldn't want people with horrid names like THeCabBagE <ranDmgUIld> questing around me.)
  7. TheCabbage

    Level 13 Rogue

    If the quests don't involve killing elite monsters (yellow crown), they should all be very much doable. Can't remember those two off my hat, so I must not have been struggling with them too much. If it's the one with the three trolls, you could always resort to waiting until it's as a daily for others.
  8. TheCabbage


    Or this if you're a member of the Legion:
  9. TheCabbage

    [2018.04.09] Game servers restart

    Two questions: 1. Why was the order of things in second hand dealer changed? My muscle memory doesn't like that. 2. Why was castle "Dragon Ness" moved so far away? For pvp reasons? (And what does ness mean anyway?)
  10. Or: Change password regularly and don't have it remembered by the game.
  11. TheCabbage


    The boss decided he'd take everyone with him - he was one hit away from being defeated, but suddenly dealt 1200 damage to finish me.The silver bar was not worth the life scroll.
  12. TheCabbage

    Real PvP cave

    Free chaos and shared chat may be too much to ask for, but for the first one... (Seriously, the devs made a better pvp cave that is actually made for dueling but it's hardly ever used.)