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  1. 4. It's somewhat annoying, but an easy way to tell how much buying in bulk "saves". 5. Good idea. 7. Actually nice idea though few people would be seeing that 9. That would destroy the market when people wouldn't sell miracle items to get gold. 19. Do you mean a chat that doesn't occupy the entire screen? If not, you can already press Z to instantly open it, type and send your message and then F1 out.
  2. My uncle once won bronze in a junior skiing competition because the other two participants were professionals. The trait seems to be genetic.
  3. The new classes that came in 7.0 have some extra legendary achievements like being the first charmer to get maximum reputation with a faction. Yes, that's dumb.
  4. If anything, at least the suggestion is well crafted, but I liked someone else's more general suggestion more.
  5. 1. Look for Rush of Knowledge or other special events. One of those rushes just ended yesterday, though, so the next one probably won't be too soon. 3. It's a passive skill.
  6. Their level is rounded up to a multiple of five; as such there are only level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minions. For example players from levels 21 to 25 all have their minions at level 25. I'd prefer something more like this image, a list of skills isn't very informative if I'm a newish player and have no idea what a library or a charmer is.
  7. But you can still farm those dungeons with your lvl 13, if only thrice a day.
  8. Was browsing the Ovi store top games, not intending to download anything. Then I found this and had to eat my words, as the features were something I had never seen before in a mobile game.
  9. The fastest way to level up is to do all quests possible every day, with an experience elixir. However, collecting 30 to 40 fangs/tongues/whatever is boring, and the xp/min ratio isn't great. I suggest you take note of the fastest dailies available; for example quests that only require you to kill things (and not collect anything from them) are quite fast and they progress very straightforwardly. If you've never been to the swamps, pay a visit. There are a bunch of easy story and daily missions - check the guide on the guides section of this forum if you like. (If you've been there and sworn you'd never come back, you were either too low level or did something wrong. It's very much doable in purple level 17 gear that is fairly cheap on the market.) If you are a group player, once you reach level 18, you could go to the first level of the Astral labyrinth and do the boss quests there daily. Some of the bosses there may also drop very nice equipment for that level.
  10. The cup you're looking for is indeed there.
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