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  1. Poison was nerfed too much :( 3% killed me in like 30 seconds, but this 0,5% just tickles.
  2. Elm has met his equal. ...No, I'd still bet on Nian. Also please make an option to disable the flying numbers. When everyone and their uncle is poisoned, it lags a lot.
  3. Just a simple suggestion

    "File cannot be opened." Without seeing what you're suggesting I can only wonder why you would use the small ui if the buttons are too small.
  4. a few questions

    1. I don't play warden enough to answer this one. 2. Doing story quests gives you nice equipment while you're still in the first island. 3. The dungeons are marked as skulls on your map. Walk to one's entrance and see what's its recommended level, and if it's close to yours, it should be good. 4. At your level quest rewards should be sufficient. If you somehow disposed of them, you can get lv 10 equips by crafting (or buying from someone). They're actually the same pieces of gear. 5. Don't craft until you have a steady income of gold. However, it's not a bad idea to craft the level 2 (10) items if they're better than what you have. 6. Gold: farm monsters, do arenas, complete dungeons and quest. Your level limits a lot, though. 7. The only way miracle coins make you stronger is that they can be used to buy signs of imperishability. Always use an insurance when amping, for reasons you surely now know. (Also, don't amp trash items, you'll only have lost your money once you find something better.) 8. Rides are sort of minigames only available during events. Go to the Snowy Bound, enter the castle grounds and see what rides there are. Entering the attractions costs tickets, which can be bought on the miracle shop or found inside krakatuks and various other things. The rides reward you with good luck tokens, which can be used to purchase nice items from a vendor outside the ice castle entrance. 9. An event celebrating the new year, lasts until the end of January. Only during the event can you enter rides and special holiday dungeons with seriously awesome drops. The dynamic events also give out nice rewards (but mostly pots). 10. That's pvp equipment. Find a shop in the first town of any island, and there should be an arena supplier inside. You can buy these items if you have enough arena points. Note that the suppliers on each island have different selections of goods, based on the level of the island itself. Also note that you should in no case use the pvp gear in pve unless you want to die. 11. A level 1 axe costs only 5 gold, and is generally better than nothing.
  5. Already? Christmas is early this year.
  6. SUOMII!!!!

    * *) ei ole sieni
  7. Ranger Skill

    1. Position bug is guilty here. The monsters may not be exactly where the game client shows them. Manual exploding would probably cause the bomb not hit the monster at all, which would be even worse. 2. This skill is meant for group play.
  8. Achievements help, hints, and questions!

    How to complete the Steam achievements "Death proof" and "SUPER DESTROYER"? I have some hunches but am not willing to waste items in case I'm wrong.
  9. How many skills per class?

    I may be a little late but here are rogue expert skills: * Elusive jump: Jumps to the enemy and deals damage (4/4 is equal to 5/5 merciless strike). Won't crit, but deals 50% extra damage if the enemy is poisoned by poisonous blades. * Poisonous blades: Puts poison to weapons making the next successful attack poison the enemy for a while. Nice damage. * Flurry of steel: Throws a knife to an enemy, deals little damage but is (obviously) ranged. * Ricochet: Throws a knife damaging multiple targets. Haven't got this skill myself so don't know exactly how this works. * Absolute reflexes: After dodging an attack, dodge and attack speed increase a little for a while. * (Something): Lowers the target's armor making it more vulnerable for a time and deals a little damage. * Extermination: Increases attack speed and skill cooldown reduction.
  10. Best Class

    I'd recommend anything but warlock or mage for a beginner, as their light armor and lack of heals make them vulnerable. Charmers can let their dogs do the dirty work while at low levels, and wardens are half-immortal. Deathknights are also an easy tank class. Rogue, ranger, hunter and bladedancer are fairly straightforward damager classes. If you want to be a healer, a pure healer (not a hybrid) is your best bet. Necros and priests are burst heal classes (and they have a shield), while druids and shamen are HoT. Generally speaking burst heals are easier to use, but your opinion may vary. You can have up to eight characters within one account; you can create eight different classes and see what kind of playstyle you like the best. *) When you get to level 18, you can start to buy expert skills. These skills make some of the classes play differently, but you don't have to mind that at the beginning.
  11. A faster way to chat on pc

    I have my f1 and f2 in the forward/backward buttons of my mouse. Helps seriously on a laptop that has tiny F keys and the wonderful and very useful Fn key.
  12. How to make all emojis only by typing the :words:

    :lovepig: The best way to find them out is to first add them to the chat from the menu, and then (before sending anything) opening the keyboard. This doesn't work in all versions of the game, though. Also some of them are not very helpful. I know for a fact that the clown smileys are :clown1: to :clown8: but have no idea which one is which.
  13. Yes, they do: Native islands: 13 Tower: 20/22 (easy-normal/hard-heroic) Coliseum: None Garden: 22/24 Termitary: 24/26 Tree: 26/28 Techno: 28/30 Kronus: None Event dgs: Recommended + 2