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  1. Also, I don't know if I agree with that, I'd say left branch is physical damage PvE or PvP and right one is magic for both too. Since the left one compensates for the lack of healing for physical damage build by making rampage heal moon and the 25% magic+physical damage is a nice bonus on a spear.
  2. It's seems to be focusing on single target physical damage with spear. Seems like an attempt to make a DPS BM, mainly for raid boss parties but I don't think it's better than Seeker or Ranger and I don't think it's useful anywhere other than that, so I don't see the point of it all.
  3. The hell is a Summon Woodhead? Is it one of those 3 minions that were sold in the arena shop years ago? What about this rare item:
  4. ctrl with pinky is even more awkward I feel like. I use thumb to press alt. I wouldn't need to move hand at all, since my other 4 fingers are ready on the numbers 1- 5 or qwert.
  5. I don't know what's with the first picture, but I totally agree. We need a more convenient way to switch between talents (first stage talent options and talent branches).
  6. They better add some banger middle eastern music for the new map. Something like this I think fits the game and the new theme very much:
  7. I think so. But regardless, opening lower level / cheaper chests is not a bad idea since you can open more chests for the same amount of Arena points. Now we don't know the chances so we can't really say which option gets you better odds, so it comes down to preference, and if you care enough about the buffs that high level chests drop.
  8. Yeah the knowledge grind that we need before we start to "play this update" is slowing starting to hit me. Especially as someone who plays 2 characters. I wouldn't care to play casually and spend a year or more to finish my talents if they didn't make such a huge impact in PvP mainly. But because they're so impactful, you're constantly gonna feel like you're behind if you don't spend hours every single day getting every last bit of knowledge. We don't necessarily need more things to grind to give us knowledge because to complete all activities that give out knowledge is already very time consuming. We need more knowledge for the things we already have. Also I REAAALLLY love how devs put the 50% discount on the skill talents right BEFORE this update and before giving us a hint that we'll need to study all talents for the new ones. I for once, didn't care to level up the talent Moon Touch + for example that costs 30k for 5% extra damage. Now of course, I'm f*cked because I have to do with for the full 30k amount. Of course I didn't know this moment would come, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this.
  9. Ok we might not wanna see this spam when we've killed enough for 500 knowledge.
  10. Wait that formal is yyyy/mm/dd apparently. I got the 10+ year one
  11. That's where mods come in. They don't have that green name for show only, do they now.
  12. Hey, let them! The russian post has 25 pages of comments under it, why can't we have a more active community. I think people arguing is great for the forum culture and admins should encourage it because it promotes forum activity. I remember one of the more active days, I would have back and forth arguments why Paladin should be buffed, and look at us now, stronger than ever, Paladins really owe me a lot of the buffs. Hell, I might start doing that again. I went to check and I think I haven't really gotten into it with someone since 2020, it was about palas being able to self-cast sacred shield (*cough* @Higgings), and guess who won. Keep arguing guys! You never know what might get devs to buff your class.
  13. I hear you, even if magic 1h paladin is like one of the worst builds offensively, but being "unkillable" even with no damage hasn't stopped people from complaining about Wardens back in the day. And I feel like with something like 15% Parry, 25% block, 600-700 magic, 10k HP, 40%+ damage reduction (MM and 30% HP Inner Force) might be getting close to that "unkillable" status. Now granted, every class is seemingly getting stronger, so we still need to see how it plays out, at the end of the day, reapers and like you said, chieftains are still a thing. Btw, I totally see people trying to make it work with magic hammers in some situations since it works with parry as well.
  14. Oh, wow... Interesting... Cool, cool.. Nice. Talk about a meta shift. I'm interested to see how this will work. Will all amount of healing in the entire party be counted and every 2 seconds 8% of that healing that happened in the 2 seconds applies to all characters? If so, it can kinda get pretty juicy. Do all healing effects get counted? Do heal multipliers affect that? Do non-skill heals get counted? Does the healing of this talent count? That would be a crazy circular bug. So many questions, can't wait to test it out in the closed testing that I'm definitely going to be a part of!
  15. Sorry to burst your bubble, it's not only 112 players in the ss, but also it's fake/photoshopped... Here for example, it's impossible to have players stand like this in the game.
  16. It's actually not the case with moon. It does break those cc effects and it's really only a problem for PvP (was too lazy to make PvP screenshots)
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