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  1. The Paladin's Light Aura talent Everburning Candle has not been working if other Paladins in party have their talentless Auras active since the release of the talent. It's very frustrating.. Please fix it.
  2. 1. I think it's good as it is. 2. Unnecessary 3. The skill is underwhelming. But I don't see how making it activate on skill hits would make it that much more effective. Unless it would proc AoE damage on AoE hits, then, we'd be talking about a skill worth the investment. This does seem interesting, but also can be useless if the chance is bad. If it would be like the Priest's aura talent, then it would be good but also redundant. For Paladin, I much prefer a strong guaranteed blow with cooldown. 4. Yeah they need to do something about this skill. I like the idea of debuffing healing on enemies, the skill could be very meta. But it's just too weak in every place of the game, maybe only in mass fights. Even then, I wouldn't reserve one of my skill builds just for that scenario, especially that there are better skills to level up for those cases. If the effect was stronger the less opponents are affected, then I would consider it. Because 30% heal reduction on 6 players for 9 seconds is actually fine, maybe it could be 30% on 6, and then it would add +4% for every less player affected, making it reduce 50% healing on single targets. It'd also come with a progressive duration nerf of -1 second though (increased to 10 seconds to 5 s). Also Charmer's Goading would get a similar effect - balance maintained. 5. Physical Paladin does not need more damage, let alone, AoE damage. And of course, not a stun. If any effect should be added to shield strikes when wearing 2-handed weapons, it definitely should not be stronger than the shield effect. So maybe a cute little magic/physical DoT damage, rather than instant damage. I would like to see magic incorporated into the skill though. Even magic 1-handed maces need such a bonus. And lastly from me: 6. Buff Faith Reckoning talent
  3. It's passive, you can't/don't need to assign it.
  4. I think there is also a balance aspect. For most classes, branches define the class, I can speak for Paladin more specifically, you can play a warden-like tank, magic damage/support, or tank physical single targeted damage. 3 totally different playstyles and their strengths and weaknesses compensate for each other, i.e. if you want to do damage, you can't have too much support and vice versa, and if changing between these 3 were not bottlenecked, be it knowledge or any other resource, it wouldn't make too much sense. I would love to play the 3 styles all in 1 day depending on what I'm doing, but at the same time, if I would place myself as my enemy, I would hate the fact that the same player can have maximum potential in a raid boss war, then go into arena and also have the perfect build for it just because he can switch branches so freely. I feel like it would make everyone less counterable. Now whether it costs too much knowledge, or if it should be changed e.g. gold, or for free but just a time cooldown, it is a different story, but I do see the importance of such limitation. Regardless of what it is, I don't mind having to be "locked" into 1 branch for like 1-2 days, whether that's because I need that much time to collect the required knowledge or because it is free, but there is a cooldown. One idea I have is to have a fixed amount of knowledge, maybe something like 10k max, rather it being scaled up depending on how much knowledge is spent, it punishes maxing out the talents. I have all my talents at level 1 so if I wanna switch I would spend something like 12k (not even 2 days' work nowadays), while maxed branches need like 24k, it is not really encouraging me to level them up... Another idea is a "grace period" - Swiching branches only starts costing whatever after like 1 minute of switching, so that mistakes like that don't happen.
  5. I would like to see more buff/debuff manipulation skills. Maybe not dispelling but something similar like a debuff that blocks incoming buffs for some time, or a skills that switch active buffs/debuffs between the character and the target. They can also be done as support version - transfer buffs from an enemy to a selected ally. They would need to introduce a skill mechanic that requires selection of 2 targets (which honestly opens up the possibility for so many new ideas for kind of "next-gen" skills)
  6. That one just means invulnerability, i.e. not being able to be targeted, I think it's mistranslated. So it's just like Crucible, which is already a very flawed design because it is very easy to instantly stun/kill people as soon as they get out of the immunity. If you opt to initiate by stunning, there is a good chance you might get resisted and it will be a wasted revive. It's even worse than Crucible because you only get 1 chance. My point is, if they're gonna go through the effort to add a "comeback" mechanic, then why not go the full way.
  7. Every class needs to re-activate their permanent skills and gear passives before they even re-engage in the fight, if that will prematurely remove the immunity, then might as well not have it. It's pointless. I think it should be limited to attacking enemies or supporting allies.
  8. Introduction I recently I got to play with 1st Paladin Branch, Reckoning, and while testing it out, I gotta say, initially, I wasn't impressed by the damage that the branch seems to advertise. After all, it does say in its description that it provides "combat power that brings fear into the hearts of their enemies". But after testing it in reality, it got me thinking, how much damage does it really do in the grand scheme of things. Since we can't make conclusions based on our feelings, in this topic I'd like to examine the damage contribution of this branch to the overall Paladin damage and compare it to all magical Paladin damage sources and multipliers/buffers. This includes the following parameters: - Reckoning branch +15% magical power - Reckoning branch DoT (Damage over time) - Sacred Shield talent "Sacred Teaching" +15% damage buff - Harad's Banner damage + 25% damage buff - Harad's Call - Sun Seal - Paladin's Prayer - Purifying DoT This will accomplish two things: 1) Not only we can have an objective, mathematical view to the effectiveness of this branch in providing damage to the Paladin, but also 2) it gives aspiring Paladins an idea of their damage skills, and what to prioritize in using and leveling up, if they want to maximize their damage output. Methods You can skip to the results if you don't care about how I generated the data. To make things simple, yet representative, I went to solo Spawn. This boss has 1.5m HP, I recorded the fight, and I went back and looked at how many times the DoT debuff "Faith Reckoning" activated and other damage skills were used. Then, I did some maths to calculate much damage each skill contributed to. Additionally, I was able to computationally determine the amount of damage that accounts for the 15% additional magical buff from the last talent. Basic paramters First of all, some basic parameters that go into the calculations (Figure 1). The total damage dealt killing Spawn is obviously, Spawn's HP of 1.5M. The total amount of time spent to kill it was about 11 minutes and 20 seconds. The DPS was also calculated. Crit Damage is x2 of a normal hit + the Critical Hit Strength stat that you have, since I have 20.5%, the final multiplier would be x2,205. The magic values were taken from the game with or without the mentioned modifiers (Figure 1). Finally, since I had 51% Critical Hit, all damage numbers were simulated with 50% critical hit rate, so I multiplied half of the hits by the Crit Damage multipliers. Figure 1: Overview of base stats. Data collection Here, you kind of need to trust me that I didn't prioritize using or not using certain skills deliberately. Even though, not all skills were used immediately when off cooldown. This could be for several reasons. 1) There are many skills off cooldown at once, here we prioritize skills that hit harder or buff up the next attacks, for example Banner always first. 2) Getting Fear'd by Spawn, after that, typically, I would prioritize jump or banner. 3) Getting a combo, I would not waste Purifying before I try to use Fetters first to get the DoT. That being said, I did not play it perfectly, I did not want to even, I wanted to rather capture an "average" fight, that is not being meticulously played to optimize the damage out of every move. Even the skill build is not a perfect damage dealer build, it's rather a balanced defensive/support damage build that I can recommend for end-game content (Figure 2). Figure 2: Skill build Different aspects were collected differently depending on the quickest and most representative ways. For the easy to count damage skills, I counted how many times I used the skills throughout the fight (Figure 3A). I didn't bother counting how many times I proc'd a critical version the Paladin's Prayer, so I just assumed that half of them were critical since my Critical Hit is 51%. I wrote down the damage multipliers for each skill. Of note, Harad's Call and Sun Seal have an additional 8% from the Reckoning branch. For Harad's Banner, I accounted for an average of 9 hits on Spawn (10 is max on a single target, but since the mobs eventually come in, it gets reduced sometimes). The same was done DoT procs from Reckoning branch and Fetters of Justice + Purifying. Here I additionally multiplied the number of ticks by the multipliers 4*25% and 3*36%, respectively (Figure 3B). To complete all damage sources, I also counted how many auto attacks and Purifyings were done in 1 minute and multiplied that by 11 (11 minutes total fight length) to estimate the total number of hits without having to sit through and count every hit (Figure 3C). Figure 3: Overview of the damage skills that were applied Finally, to calculate damage buffers' contributions, I calculated an uptime for Banner, this means the % of time where Banner is active on field. For this I multiplied its duration of 12 seconds by the number of usages (12*31), giving us 372 seconds, which is about 55% of the entire fight. !Note: Banner's own damage is always buffed by the 25% buff (unless resisted of course). Therefore, for Banner's damage I separately calculated it with 100% uptime. For Sacred Shield's additional 15% damage, I estimated an uptime of 50%, this is purely an estimate according to me watching back the recorded fight. In reality this could have been +-10%, but such variation won't be of any significance at the end. As for Rage, I measured the time I had the buff on for 5 minutes of the fight to end up with about 75% of the time being under Rage, which itself, adds about 6% damage to skills (since in my case it added 6% magic overall). Finally, the additional 15% magic was accounted for. For this, simply, I saw how much did the magic value increase by +15% magical power (of the raw magic), and it ended up increasing my magic from 1074 to 1186, which is about 10% damage increase for 100% of the time. Figure 4: Damage buffers Now, all we need to do is calculate the damage that is be expected from each skill with these mentioned parameters! Results But who likes to look at numbers only? Here is also a visual representation: Take your time, take all these numbers in, and let's talk about it: 1. Banner - The ultimate offensive skill! Calculating the damage dealt by each skill by how many times they were used, we can see that for example Banner dealt 21% of the damage on its own, this is by far the biggest portion of damage of any damage source. Additionally, Banner. buffing damage dealt by 25% for about 55% of the fight, also contributes to an additional 14% damage. totaling up to a remarkable 35% of the total damage of a magic Paladin! In comparison, Harad's Call, Sun Seal, and Paladin's Prayer did 11%, 6%, and 7% of the total damage, respectively. But it is important to note the # of usages, and their proportion to their cooldowns. I calculated a "Spam factor". Which basically means how efficient I was in "spamming" the skills. In other words, what is the amount of time wasted when the skill was ready to use but I didn't use it. 100% spam factor means I would immediately use the skill all the time as soon as it is off cooldown. Using this factor I can also calculate how the damage would look like with "100% spam factor" (corrected DMG): Spam factor Corrected DMG% Banner 91% 23% Call 76% 14% Seal 52% 11% Prayer 50% 14% Even though all skills having 100% spam factor is unrealistic, this gives you an idea on the damage potential of each skill if I spammed them equally. Regardless, it is still not a completely fair comparison because all skills except Sun Seal are 4/4. If maxed, Sun Seal would have contributed to 8% of the total damage (15% corrected), which would be the 2nd highest damage skill for Paladin. But obviously, only on a single target, that's why I don't level it up. 2. Reckoning - Does it really bring the heat? The main reason why I even wanted to look into this was to see how good is Faith Reckoning's damage potential, specifically the last talent. According to my data, it does contribute to a significant amount of damage. The DoT alone did slightly over 10% of the damage. If we count every hit that could trigger a Reckoning Proc that is: Banner x9, Call, Seal, Purifying, and Purifying DoT x3 (yes they can trigger it; and I don't know why Prayer hits don't seem to trigger it), that counted/calculated in my model, and use that to calculate the probability of Reckoning procs, I ended up with about 19%, which is on par with the 20% described. So, on average, it triggered every 7.5 seconds, dealing pretty much 100% of the magic over 8 seconds each time. To put it into perspective, Harad's Call (178%) was used at a rate of about once every 14.5 seconds. Thus, it is not a surprise that they both did almost the same amount of damage. But we should also not forget that it also adds 15% magical power, which in my fight, contributed to about 7% of the total damage. In comparison, Rage, which added 10% power (phyiscal and magical!) for about 75% of the fight, only contributed to 4% of the total damage. In total, The last talent of the branch adds to about 18% of the Paladin's damage, which is the second highest damage contribution after Banner! Next, I wanted to see how does Reckoning contribute to AoE damage, and since it would be very time consuming to count Reckoning procs on multiple targets, I just did a purely mathematical simulation based on my results, since I know that the data that I have is pretty accurate. I won't bore you with the details, but here is an overview of the calculations if you want to check it for yourself: First of all, Reckoning would increase the average magical Paladin's damage output (including single target damage and AoE) by almost 40%! This includes 27% from the DoT alone (52508 = 100%), the rest is from the +15% additional magic power: If we look at the damage distribution of the 3 offensive abilities over the increased number of targets, we see that while Banner becomes relatively less effective, and Call becomes relatively more effective, the Reckoning DoT remains more constant: 3. Physical Damage is not very negligible for magical Paladin You would think that physical damage is not meaningful for the magical Paladin, but these data show that it deals more than 15% of total damage. Additionally, Purifying can trigger a magical damage DoT, both of which can trigger magical Reckoning DoT. But also, it is important to note that it is only 10-15% damage, that means in cases of potentially receiving heavy damage from melees, it might be worth to keep your distance, sacrifice this 10-15% damage and stay alive. This is more for PvP, as a magical Paladin, I would not recommend staying in melee range of other melees for extended periods of time. It would be interesting to compare this ratio of phyiscal to magical damage with a one-handed magic mace + shield. Conclusion Important! Limitations of this analysis Even thought this method provided a pretty accurate representation damage distribution in my fight against Spawn with less than 5% error margin, it still is only representative of soloing a boss, be it Spawn or any other boss/mini-boss. Because it is based a fight of "spamming" skills, apart from short interruptions by Spawns fears. The simplicity of this model brings a couple of consequences, few examples include: 1. This does not factor in AoE which disadvantages Banner, Call, and Reckoning DoT that also applies on these two AoE hits. The latter would markedly have an increased activation rate, when for example Banner hits 5 targets 6 times (30x hits vs 9 hits here). 2. The Solo aspect disadvantages Paladin's Prayer, which contributes to more damage with bigger party sizes. 3. Skill build is not "fair" for all damage skills measured here (e.g. Sun Seal) 4. The way damage buffers were calculated is not very optimal, I assumed that all skills are being buffed equally, when that is not true. Also an uptime of Sacred Shield of 40% is very variable. Sometimes, you don't receive much damage so it is 100%, and sometimes it gets destroyed before you get to do more than 1-2 hits. This varies Shield's contribution from from 0% to 15% each usage depending on the fight's nature. 5. Purifiying DoT is the lowest damage (2%), but, this a boss fight, where Fetter's of Justice is mostly resisted. 6. The AoE simulation for Reckoning has a major flaw: It assumes 100% of the Reckoning damage is dealt, and that mobs don't die over the period of the DoT (Same for Banner) Summary and overall review of the branch Here, I wanted to answer the question. Does Reckoning actually add any significant damage the Paladin's current damage? The question of whether or not this branch is good for in relation to game's current meta, i.e. when comparing to the environment and other classes is NOT addressed in this work, for that we'd need to compare with other skills/classes. The question of balance is also NOT addressed. With this work we can mainly get out with this conclusion for the Reckoning branch: Reckoning Branch is arguably the second best offensive aspect of magical Paladin. It's contribution is comparable with a maxed out Harad's Call. However, one big flaw is that the damage is dealt over a relatively long period of 8 seconds, which means the damage could be wasted. Side conclusions: 1. This should not be a surprise for anyone, Banner is the best offensive skill for Paladin by a large margin. Must 4/4! 2. Prayer, Seal, and Call have an equal damage distribution potential of about 15% each (on a single target) 3. Perhaps another interesting result here is that Sun Seal might need a buff. Sun Seal does not deal significantly more magical damage than the AoE skills Harad's Call and Paladin's Prayer (Not AoE but ally buffing) even on a single target level to justify leveling it up, nor is the healing effect good or better than the effects of Call and Prayer beyond the single target damage anyway. But that's off-topic! So, does it add to the Paladin's damage? Yes, depending on how you look at it, theoretically it can add from 20% and up to 40% more damage. The question whether this addition of Paladin's magical damage (which is already pretty low) of any practical significance in the grand scheme of things. Overall, I'm happy with the amount of damage I can deal whilst being this tanky and support-y. Because, of course, this is not the only aspect that this branch offers. Everburning Candle (Aura's talent) is a very strong defensive support talent that was not the focus of my work. It would be interesting for the future to do a breakdown of the defensive contribution and compare it with the Bulwark of Faith branch as well as the damage potential of Holy Warrior to see if overall, this branch is well worth the investment. That being said, I do think the branch does serve a purpose, and I don't think Paladin itself in its current form deserves to deal too much more damage than it currently can do with this branch, perhaps if the damage from Reckoning was a bit more immediate, or if it had an additional damage support aspect to the party like the Priest's Valor Aura talent, it would more fitting to branch's advertisement of the offensive capability in the description. I'll leave it at that! Thank you if you read this thing :)
  9. So Talents will be reworked in 2 weeks like last year?
  10. Don't worry guys, the upcoming Arena update will fix all of the problems.
  11. I agree with the title but these 3 ideas are terrible 1. No, Light Aura is perfectly fine as it is. 2. Weirdest place to put damage on. 3. The skill needs to be reworked entirely. Making it rely on auto attacks is not it. Reckoning branch does also need a bit more damage or damage support rather, making it the ultimate support branch The first Heavenly Light talent in that branch should be replaced to an additional 5%/10% damage on Prayer. And Faith Reckoning DoT should apply to all party members attacks with a reduced chance for every additional party member, so like 25%-20%-15%-10%-5% (for 1-2-3-4-5 party members) chance to apply. I'd add from my side: Illumination additionally instantly applies x1-2 (depending level) Faith Reckoning DoT damage on enemies Also maybe make that DoT from this branch stagger enemies. (The one that applies from Purifying/Fetters combo does!)
  12. Where is the "knowledge" part of the "Knowledge Rush"?
  13. newcomers that have a maxed out character that can solo end game content!
  14. Yeah, it's not a "bug". It's worse - bad design. Damage reduction, especially with heavy mermen gear, needs to (and -by admins- will) be reworked eventually. Currently they all add up and it makes the damage reduction too strong when there are many layers of them. It also makes it possible in extreme cases for a PvP geared tank to receive even 0 damage in a PvE setting, and vice versa, PvE gear in PvP setting. Because it doesn't matter if the initial damage is 5k. If it's possible to reach 100% damage reduction, it will be 0. Remember when Paladin received 0 damage at like 10% HP in the last rebalance test server? Of course instead of fixing the problem with damage reduction calculations, they nerfed Pala. So let's see what they do now.
  15. PvP NPCs and quests sound cool and all but you're really not being generous with these drops of information you're dripping on us... Hear me out.. Add bots in Arena.. I know, I know no one likes fighting NPCs instead of real players, especially in arenas, but if you make the NPCs smart and strong enough (automated depending on your level), it'd be more fun than fighting most players, better yet, fighting no players, because Arena would be active, at least if you only meet them when match making takes a long time.
  16. Damn I get that TikTok brains want their info in less than 10 seconds... But 500 words is nothing, it's gonna be interesting. Good thing I already got my 9k+ word Pala guide out of the way with a win. Multiple entries is a cool compromise though, already brainstorming a lot of good stuff... Is there a limit on how many entries per person?
  17. Very disappointed in this update, where is the 100% chance to +10 weapons?
  18. Let me be more fair, I guess... On paper the new matchmaking and league systems sound good but they require a large active player base that does not exist at the moment. Without addressing that, this sneak peak provides nothing promising. Ideas to drive up arena activity: Make fighting in the arena free, i.e. remove tickets. But matches would give only rating points. Remove "demand all modes" button. Purchasable items "(Great) Gladiator Elixir" with increased prices will increase the rating points by a specified percentage and additionally give arena points in the value of 100%-150% of rating points. Rating points count towards rankings, technically you should be able to climb to the top league ranks for free! Well, time and probably a whole lot of top-tier buffs make it not so free... Depending on how players spread in the new leagues, top 50% or so of active players ranks will also get a chunk of arena points at the end of the season. Could be a certain % of the rating points, depending on their league. Arena points/shop: Arena shop items that are more frequently updated with items that are relevant not only for arena but also for mass fights, items such as anti-control foods or anti-resistance buffs for example, or special minions with AoE effects. As far as I know, most if not all AoE skills from minions were removed at one point, so they would be very expensive, but also unique. This is important for end-game players of the top guilds fighting in raid boss wars and such, it will keep arena relevant for them forever basically. For newer players, get rid of the chests, add the costumes to be directly purchasable, and the books too but make them cost something crazy like 500k AP or something. People Like to work and grind towards a set-in-stone goal in MMOs... Add more books too, why not. Rewards for new league rankings can be whatever but ideally, the top league would give seasonal buffs that contribute to mass battles.
  19. With all due respect, what a whole bunch of nothing...
  20. Because the 2nd branch makes Paladin very, very strong in physical damage for 1v1 and small fights, but weaker in AoE and support, which is a fair trade-off in my opinion. Other branches are magic based, either tank or damage focus, but very much lacking damage in 1v1, again, a fair trade-off. But now the middle branch doesn't have that down side, you can just toggle the talent off, and not miss out on its AoE damage for cases where you need it like dungeons and GvG, giving less reason to go for anything other than the 2nd branch. Especially the 1st branch, which was underwhelming already, but at least was made for dungeons and mass battles. Now it doesn't really have that edge. It might have a bit more damage and support than a magical build with the 2nd branch, but it's not enough to not have the physical option. The same applies for the 3rd branch but in tankiness.
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