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  1. I said difficult, not 'can't'. Not the same, last I checked. Still, I don't see in which world mages have the same damage output as priests. But you do you.
  2. Well, I would argue with this little part, it is extremely difficult to hold agro with a mage in party 😅
  3. My fiancée loves pugs. There isn't a day when she doesn't tell me about how she wants one. So the idea came that there should be a pug in the game. But not just any pug. Here's... Agent Pug, at your service. Loyal, fierce and... Extremely chubby. (I will try to update the submission with other perspectives as well until the deadline)
  4. As usual, it's an honour to be highlighted, my brightest days might be over in the world of Arinar, but I still appreciate it! Happy New Year!
  5. Undebated winner in my opinion 😉🤫
  6. So, after countless days of drought and absence you have finally downloaded Warspear Online again. What were the reasons of you leaving the game in the first place? Being overwhelmed by everyday life or an intense conflict in game that made you click the uninstall button, not looking back? Or just simply getting bored of the game? I feel you. Have been there a couple of times myself. Now, how about letting me help you getting back into shape? There, hold my hand. Whew, it’s got a bit soft after all this time. Navigating strange new seas Now, fellow player, as you don’t set sail without knowing the waters, it is not wise to even touch the game without having at least a general idea of what has changed since you leaving and if there is a current seasonal event running where you can find some quick action immediately after returning to the game. The game’s forum at https://forum.warspear-online.com/ is a perfect place to gather this information. Consider it as a... detailed navigation map for your upcoming old but new adventure. The main menu & logging in Not a whole lot of things have changed here honestly. It’s a main menu, after all, not your face. (You have gotten older, so I assume you have changed at least a little bit...?) The menu is dressed accordingly to the seasonal event (as usual). And the build number is over 10! Say whaa- and what’s that familiar sound? The main menu song! Oh boy, haven’t you forgot how great the sound of this game is! ta-da, da-da-da-da! The first thing you’ll need to do is finding the password to your old forgotten character. Obviously. Is it an email address with a password you have been using for a lot of other places as well? You live dangerously, I must say, but well, you are in luck this time. Just input the data and you are in! Hooray! Seriously, though. Don’t use the same passwords everywhere. Now, if by any chance you don’t remember your account email or password, I can’t help you as I don’t know it either. I’m not a psychic, jeez. But remember, support can help you at https://warspear-online.com/en/support. Probably. Hopefully. Now, everyone is sorted and ready? Let’s jump in! **LOUD PORTAL SOUNDS** Wow, such new stuff! Now, that we are in the game, take your time to have a look around. Depending on when you have last played, many things might have changed in the game, like changes to the UI, the reorganised menu (image #1), the new gear loadout (image #2) or the new personal storage (image #3) where you can put all your stuff and access it with other characters on your account (given that they are on the same server). Cool! Again, I don't know when you were last here. The above mentioned are just things that were new to me when I started playing again. If you put the game down even earlier, there might be many more features and things you have to (re)discover! Again, the forum is a good place to catch up! I'm out of gold... And where's my stuff again? Maybe you are in a position that for one reason or another, your inventory is mostly empty and your gold purse is sucked dry. Perhaps you transferred all your stuff to a bank account or gave it to your little brother... If so, try to get what you can back. I always had a bank character to store the most essential items and a considerable amount of gold just in case... You know. This case. Returning to the game. But there's also the way we used to do it when we were young. By doing quests, dungeons and farming some enemies. That'll get you started. What else can I do? 1. Do some quests to get the hang of it again. 2. Join a few arena fights and show them how it's done (or fail miserably)! 3. Try a dungeon or two. If one of the seasonal events are up, definitely do more than two. 4. Go through your inventory and try to trade some stuff. As I said, this way you'll also get a handful of gold and essential stuff to make your next steps easier. Consider joining a guild if you had been kicked out while you were gone. If you are lucky, you will get into one where they actually speak your language and the guys are (somewhat) active. After all, this is an online game, a game to play with others... Maybe some players will recognize you. "The great *insert your name here* has returned to the game, all hail! What a day it is!" Maybe nobody will care about you. *cricket noises* Either way, make sure you enjoy the game this time. A fresh (re)start, might I say? You haven't come back to the game again to grind and grind and grind and grind and g.... Have you? Well, that's most it has to it, fellow adventurer. At least for now. Good luck on your return to Arinar and don't forget: SYSTEM: NEVER SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT INFO WITH ANYONE! DOING SO WILL RESULT IN THE PERMANENT BAN.
  7. To be honest, I even feel 1 month as too short, as someone might easily have a time in their life when they can't play for a month for whatever reason.
  8. I like the idea. Unfortunately however, this game was never good at maintaining content in this way; players would eventually quickly outgrow one boss or dungeon or area.
  9. You might try to start your game session with all other applications closed and RAM cleared. Also, as suggested, turn off all in-game sounds. Poco X3 is a new phone but is a low-end midranger. It might not be able to manage many apps at once, starting clean might help a little bit.
  10. Interesting. I believe solo dungeons should be a thing on all the islands in WS. Level 6-12 on the starting island, 13-20 on Islernort, 20-32 on Avondyl.
  11. Over the years there was a point when every single class have had their "it's too powerful, nerf it" moment.
  12. I'm not sure how they would implement it under the current system of revive scrolls, but it's a nice idea nevertheless.
  13. This is an old problem. Sentinel side has been getting stronger and stronger as the years went by and I always felt like the same wasn't true for the Legion. As an example, undoubtedly bladedancer was the easiest character to play because it literally had no downside, and such classes will always attract more people. Now we are at a stage where Sentinels are as a whole better than the Legion because there are more people there. I don't think anything can be done at this point without breaking the game.
  14. I would love to see them have a rework on some game mechanics and maybe a freshening up on the game as a whole. Islernort for example. Also some new stuff for the lower level maybe? Haven't seen that since the arena gear update. I have been playing the game for 6 years now (with smaller-bigger breaks) and looking back I see just how much I have changed during that time in every aspect. How have you changed since your first ever login into the world of Arinar?
  15. Look at that! How great is it to see the new people amongst us! Welcome! And thanks for the honor of including me once again. I know I haven't cooperated a lot this year - we'll see a definite change in that in 2020. Cheers!
  16. I could very well do it, but that's just not the same 😅
  17. Nice from you, @Akasha, thanks! I'd even pay for it if it was the case, I was just a bit disappointed last year for not having that in the package... Not that I don't like the WS one, but oh well 😂
  18. Last year there was the contest "Legends of Arinar" which promised some great Warspear merch as rewards (I actually got one of the bundles). However, the hoodie I got isn't exactly the same as on the teaser photos. I have (a very cool) Warspear typo on mine, on the official photos there is an Aigrind logo on the hoodie, though. How could I get my hands on such hoodie? I really like that design. Like I was a member of the developer team.
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