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  1. Pretty sure that's intended, the missing health effect is just there so that it still heals something even for non-magical Chieftains. If you want the healing to be more powerful when low health just use a Relic of Resilience
  2. Pretty sure you are just confused because what you actually completed was hard garden. Note how you only have 1055 reputation with the Maliat Elves which means you did it during the anniversary. Additionally you receive a total of 210 reputation by doing easy, normal and hard termitary which means there's no way you completed them...
  3. rafa9876


    If you have 2 devices you can play on (for example pc + phone), you are allowed to use both to play on 2 different accounts. You can use the blade dancer to help your other character and get lots of gold (because you wouldn't have to spend almost any gold on the other character) Other than that yea the only option is to suck it up......or buy miracle coins.
  4. 890 * 1.14 = 1014 890 - 37 = 853 -> 853 * 1.2 = 1023 890 - 57 = 833 -> 833 * 1.21 = 1007 math working fine
  5. Maned wolf reduces the cooldown of the Portal skill, allowing its usage while inside the area. This however leads to situations like these upon logging in (I logged out within the area) , I am unable to move or do anything at all. @Holmes @Nolan Warspear_Online_2022-03-22-08-35-17.mp4
  6. Pretty sure they have the right to shut the game down at any point without needing to refund anything. They should give a warning though. Considering they might have financial issues they will probably want to keep it running as long as possible.
  7. Rewards and quests will be the same but it's still nice, makes the game world feel more alive to have some choices.
  8. Do you want to have more relic activations or not? Make up your mind. First you complain that you can't do as much as before and then you complain that you need to do too much. You don't need light aura to be active for the entire fight, cancelling it doesn't slow you down (other than clicking the button) And technically you can get MORE relic activations than before now.
  9. Use Light Aura, Heal yourself, cancel Light Aura, wait 15~ seconds for cooldown, repeat
  10. You can ditch Light Aura completely and just cancel it immediately after casting it. Due to its reduced cooldown (20 instead of 30) you actually get to use relics more often than before.
  11. Your total regen : 48 Your total regen with aura : 48-10 = 38 Your total regen in combat : 48/ 2= 24 Your total regen in combat with aura : 24-10 = 14
  12. You shouldn't react like that about it, it is extremely obvious what I mean if you play mage. Multiple overloads do not stack even thought almost any other DoT does. shield skills not even a mage skill nor even related to this not sure why your mentioning it
  13. They gave it the overload treatment, I would be extremely surprised if this was not working as intended. The bug was fixed, now 2 blazing grounds do not cancel each other and instead the first one takes priority.
  14. it is intentional, making solo mage better but multiple mages worse
  15. For me it works correctly, the first blazing ground applies DoT debuff and any other blazing ground on top of it will do nothing.
  16. In theory turning it into an "almost" passive skill could be seen as an upside. You spend less time clicking on it throughout the fight and can free the skill slot for other skills/potions/etc. Of course this ignores the fact that you lose out on valuable relic activations so overall it is indeed just a nerf.
  17. I'm assuming you will be able to use the relic that halves energy cost but still Also you would have to sacrifice your current relic for it
  18. Should be same as now, 15% of magic + character lvl + ~20 And around 10-20% more damage per rank
  19. Actually if it is 90 and he is full greatness it would be 90 x 1.60 (counting all accessories and guild buff) for a total 144 magic damage loss.
  20. If you have 80 mana regen and use mermen set and the changed dk saturation you will instead have 48, which will then be 24 during combat.
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