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  1. Technically vampires are part of the whole undead group. And anyone can be turned into a vampire, I don't see the problem with his idea.
  2. Unfortunately most portuguese speakers who are comfortable with english are in the english speaking servers. You will definitely find some but it will be hard to fit in
  3. I agree with your firstborn idea, but I think I'd prefer the forsaken class to be pure dmg as they lack a dmger that can compete properly against rangers/seekers Warden was nerfed hard enough that its only just barely better than dk. If possible a vampiric or demonic class would be cool, which could transform into their other form, and it would, just like the second heavy armor mermen skill, dramatically buff some stats while giving some downside while transformed. Their key ability could be basic and look like this, tell me what u think Skill with constant en
  4. Nicely done, and it was your first time doing something like this too. I just noticed how much the commentary helps, that voice fits very well into a story like that. (I didn't have time to add an actual commentary to my video, rip) The audio sounds fine to me btw Why skip the isle of Mountain Clans though 😞
  5. it's very rare, but i've seen or heard it happen in multiple different dungeons
  6. It never worked that way, i tested multiple times Kinda sad but understandable
  7. rafa9876

    Nosense skills

    Dang a party of mages can do what a single seeker can do while afk, amazing
  8. It’s pitch black. He opens his eyes and looks up to the person who brought him back from near death. His injuries still throbbing while they were being closed, but the pain of his previous failure hit harder. He hears the noise of fighting and what seemed like hundreds of creatures, millions of legs, crawling everywhere and doing all sorts of sounds that appear to come from every corner...and they are all utterly disturbed by something. Slowly coming to his senses, he stands up to see chaos unfolding around him. The faint light of a torch a small
  9. rafa9876

    Nosense skills

    Ennoblement makes sense to me as it gives the mage time to do his thing when he's close to the enemy, otherwise he gets stunned instantly and enemies have time to move away. As for magic ban, I have no idea. Probably would have made more sense on charmer or warlock. Either way you shouldn't focus on their primary role to decide all their skills, all classes need a few other things that they can perform well, the problem is balancing those things.
  10. rafa9876


    Should never have been a thing in my opinion. It's probably too late now, as most content has been made harder due to vampirism... Possible fix would have to include a slight nerf to most pve content, which is too tedious to do.
  11. I've seen this happen before, the only solution is to logout so you can restart the dungeon...
  12. I think the only one that could be introduced without too much trouble is a nadir faction for the chainless league, which would offer 4 classes that can pick a side after clearing their map 1. The Nadir area could be slightly expanded and the story would involve them choosing a side by doing trade quests and increasing their reputation with either the sentinels or the legion. Their classes would basically be mercenaries, but there could also be an internal conflict in the chainless league where the players have to pick a side. Your idea could also work of course, but I'd
  13. rafa9876

    Charmer's Bird

    Looks to me like the common species Chaosidiae, also called Purplidia Chaotica due to their purple color. They are abundant in the northern region of the Chaos lands, however their numbers have started to dwindle due to how many of them get killed when being summoned by Charmers. Tragic, truly tragic.
  14. I actually thought about a new stat, one that increases skill damage by X% and effectiveness of skills by half of that. Maybe it would help casters a bit. You could also separate those stats into two of course but I think casters need both of these, particularly the damaging ones. However it's hard to find new space for stats on gear. So maybe just add an enchantment on your off hand slot that increases your damage, stun duration or healing. And you could amp it of course. But it's difficult to give anything to casters without making mages too good again
  15. It doesn't seem like a skill designed for pvp... Looks like they just made it to increase damage against bosses. Most I'd actually do to buff them is giving them 30% of all the user stats. But I don't think they deserve that much of a buff at all, as if rangers needed more damage.
  16. You sound like a warlock player. I'd rather buff warlocks...and you should hope for that too if you play them. Also you should be looking at nerfing lifesteal...I feel like that's your main problem here
  17. They are broken in certain aspects of the game that's true. However they feel much weaker when doing important endgame content. I wouldn't nerf anything but I play mage so I'm really biased...but I could see the reasoning behind a nerf for dragon eye, barrier and/or stuns. The AoE damage could be capped at a certain amount for big groups sure, as long as the same is done for all other similar skills. (same for paladin's banner, which would be buffed by this change) As for the skills that you mentioned, as a mage I couldn't care less about their dama
  18. bruh both of those abilities are already almost useless anyway if for some reason you still want to nerf mages you seriously shouldnt be looking at their damage output
  19. I thought about a help chat that questers can use whenever they need help for something. It would be like a button in the quest info screen and the help chat would work like info chat, showing the name of the quester and his level, the quest and its location. Might sound like too much work, but world chat is too full of people talking...to the point that I actually turned it off despite the fact that I like to help sometimes. Also needing to use two teleport scrolls to help someone because otherwise i spend over 10 minutes just walking...and if they need help with a dungeon that
  20. Looks like much of the new content will require a guild but I'm sure you'll easily find one. Also sadly you just missed the spring event, but the anniversary is near so there's that
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