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  1. You had it right for the first half, it would increase the 30 by 72%, so 30 x 0.72 = 21,6 21.6 + 30 = 51,6% Would be the only realistic and balanced explanation.
  2. This is huge and really impressive, I wonder if this is the end of talent updates or if even more will be added. I'm also assuming it will completely replace new experts. The only other thing that I think should happen is cheaper costs for the first talent update that we got, to make it easier to catch up...the talent trees are starting to get quite overwhelming (although I like it).
  3. It does indeed mean character. In the spanish community they call characters "personajes", but shorten it to "pj". Obviously google translate is unable to understand this, so when they translate their text it remains as "pj".
  4. I think in the spanish community pj means player characters. They use their usual term for it but obviously google translate is unable to even see it as a word. For a similar reason in the russian community google translate gives us "persians" when we translate their term for "character". Back to topic, dk could use a few fixes (there are a few bugs) and a buff here or there. Against an equal opponent their stun and silence is barely enough to make it a fair fight (if we ignore a few matchups...)
  5. Actually that was the tradeoff, mage skill used to stack but it did not do damage after you moved away. After it was changed not to stack it now continues dealing damage after you move. Personally as a mage I'm actually cool with it, just makes the ability much less useful in big fights. I was fully aware of other abilities still stacking, and it's completely fine as long as it's not abused. But just as a warning, mage ground was changed to not stack because it was abused, especially on the brazilian server. So regardless of how many people you bring to defend it, if you abuse it it will be changed. Only because something has "always worked this way" or "it's normal for X class to have this" has never stopped devs from changing it once they deem it necessary.
  6. It literally says "skill with delayed area damage, as well as traps", which does not include Shattered Stone. Now you are just trolling. But good thing you bring it up, poisons and bleeds shouldn't be able to damage destructible objects.
  7. Most damage over time effects are harder to apply and already have a 30 stack limit. So why not this one. Since most effects have swapped to being restricted to a party, easily placeable damage over time effects like mage ground, druid root dmg, warlock pool, chief swooping army and maybe others could have a maximum simultaneous damage ability (to players) of 5. Meaning a player can only take damage from this skill a maximum of 5 times per second. Alternatively, as another similar fix, if a player takes more than 5 instances of damage within less than 1 second from the same type of skill, then the player gains damage resistance against that skill for a few seconds. If you want to reply to this do not mention my numbers as those are purely an example, mention the effects.
  8. Considering how much the classes can change every rebalance I do think he has a point. You could put special restrictions on it like only being able to transfer books among characters on the same account, or only being able to unbind lower rarity books (no sea or other new books), or only 1 book every anniversary event, or even all of these combined.
  9. It got a reward not very different from #2. Probably just means they really like it but unfortunately cannot, or do not want to, add it to the game.
  10. Wasn't it only reduced for gates in the first stage of castle capture? The second part where it's a 1v1 remained the same.
  11. Are you on mc side or elf side?
  12. If you started on the weekend just make a new account with a new character, if the problem persists then your IP was restricted.
  13. Try to push through with what you get from quests as far as possible because they will stop giving you gear as often after level 20. You should have gold ready when it happens.
  14. This type of talent applies immediately to any enchantments active on gear you are currently using and stops working while said gear is unequipped. For example, try to unequip your helmet, then look at how much resist your helmet gives before equipping it again. The strength of the effect should be 1 level higher. If this is not the case please make screenshots of your talent, the helmet unequipped and then while equipped. With the talent and a great charm you should be getting 4.1% from your helmet.
  15. yea any emoji = above average luck And you also got bars which is decent
  16. Also if they determine that it was your mistake in any way then the odds of them restoring anything is 0.
  17. He has relic for 100% crit chance, but it doesn't matter if it's a crit or not, you still see the damage difference...
  18. It did...I've seen you ask it repeatedly so I guess the only way for you to believe is to see it. Mage in castle dungeon, 6 months ago The mage in the video uses dragon eye talent, there are several points in the video where he casts warp or shatter without eye active so you can compare. I saw at one point around 1500 damage without eye and 1720 with.
  19. Personally for my mage mobs do not live long enough for them to reach the limit. That nerf does little to nothing to me in the game as it is currently.
  20. What do you mean? It's a simple area attack, it has no duration during which it can "stay active".
  21. It doesn't matter because it was removed, but if you want to know, it means bonus damage of a skill based on your character level. So if your level is 32, you do 32 x 5 for a total bonus damage of 160. Simple multiplication
  22. To calculate the damage difference just assume physical damage is 1000 or 1500. In this example with 1000 Before : 2 per level = 64 (level32) 64 + 100 + 1250 (125% of 1000) for a total of 1414 After : 100 + 1600 (160% of 1000) for a total of 1700 It is simple, in a minute there are 60 seconds. Before : 10 uses of the skill for a total damage of 1414 * 10 = 14140 After : 6 uses of the skill for a total damage of 1700 * 6 = 10200
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