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  1. Hello my name are swagarhero from the themercer guild. Im Indian from india, pls my forgiv englis. Why are nerf bd again i ask? i was kiil evryone with counter attack with one press button but not can now. why!?? Mc becom more n more stronk evry updat but bd make gay. I was not can kill mc now so now mi wife left. she say she will make mc char and marri a shaman coz they big dmg heal. She say my pp smol coz me not can rush 7 yrds like before. My guild stealing my leader rank and give to chinese becaus more dmg than me. Again u ask for nerf bd. Where is justice in game? Gm pls u are make bd moar gay every update mc kill me 1 hit. Pls help.
  2. Yes hot in a sense that it will continue when our sun turns into a gas giant and wipe the life as we know it off of this Earth. Then we'll finally have the start of Stage 2
  3. Thanks I was losing my patience with every breath. When will Zeus complete his guide I asked myself as I refreshed this forum page every hour.
  4. Good good, but is it better than that sexy moustached hunk's guide? I don't know
  5. Devs are making sure there's no competition to Skylore hence are killing this game
  6. I'll take it you're my friend now. One more mod friend added to the list. I can feel elm costume dropping soon in my bag.
  7. Bro so true. That Pala Gladiator from Themercs also has a seals map in game to suit his gameplay. Recently devs gave him mcoins for free for some story and shit. I ask devs why this partiality. He made topic on fetter and devs saw his topic and made fettter stun.I think pala Gladiator from Themarcs is hassn from EU. I know they're from same country as well coz im is spy in themercers hahah but they not know coz mi pro. Like WHERE JUSTICE I ASK? And while we're on the topic of justice. I have 3 mod friends but higgins is notmy friends. Still i have no elm costume. Like wtf? How many more mods do i have to annoy before i get free elm costume?
  8. Yeah 8 minute warning totally is fair and justified when you're farming a raid boss or in middle of a potted spam with other players
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