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  1. Same story all over agine, players playing overpowered class crying when there char gets balanced.Now you will be tank, not a brick/rock you will need to take druid/priest to help you servive in dungs/bosses/events as it shouid be, not just takeing 4 rangers and doing whatever you want.
  2. larona event will be missed.See ya next year horror circus and wellcome snow event after 2-3 weeks, in conclusion, i got bloodtursty pupet, 3 dmg capes 2 dmg amylets and 2 30lvl lifesteal axes. im happy
  3. I got it 3 days ago and im verry happy.Free to play players do get good drops time to times
  4. Finelly, i was sick of dieing every event cuz the dumb stunlock from those things.
  5. Come on guys thats t5 gvg with horror mobs, couid of you think about something abit diffent, abit more fresh and entertaning
  6. At this point just say we wont get horror event and lets move on, anyways it wont be plasent for anyone cuz will be grind fest.
  7. Diver mob now ress every 5min, good job guys i gues we cant have nice ways to earn gold, expect 10h farming/dunging for 20-30k gold you really care for the free to play players, also thanks for the buffed normal sea dung as aweys silently.
  8. Come on guys this is unfear let the timer be as its now, its not that op conseder we need to spend oxysgen to farm him.
  9. Huge lag spikes every 5-10min its verry annoying to play like this, yesterday at nigth was the same.
  10. Thats what we needed, abit more sorces of pirate chest key, maybe make them drop from bosses too? More way to obtain gold is aweys welcome, thank you for that
  11. I have question how much time it takes for the chest to spawn in sunken ships?
  12. it on a land dont worry you dont need oxysgen to run it
  13. problem is Oxygen runs too fast, esspecly when figthing and you figth almost all the time cuz mobs agro on you nonestop.It will be more easy if we can purchse vuals in npc shop with gold not that speal couns, cuz not all can spend 5k all the time for oxysgen tanks
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