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  1. Kinda boreing event, class books drop rate is super low(idk why after all thats the main reason of the event) no 2x drop rate/2 drops in chest for the main dung drop loot, hard pass for mi.
  2. Ill miss this event soo much, the tameing, the rep rewards and most the solo dung its soo peacefull there no need to look for people no need to deal with everyone demands like the dude who never bring ls, or the dude who do 3 runs and says he dosent have stam while you cleary ask who can spam 2h, or the dude who is unhappy you didnt spam 8h nonestop orrr the dude who never stop chat in pms and do nothing entire dung.I know solo dungions are sparing event specal but ill really love if we you guys bring them in snow and horror as well, i really like when i can spam how much i want and when i want, without depending on others wishes P.s tameing was soo fun i hope in future we can have perma pets and maybe a way to be able to carry for them like feeding them, walking them and playing with them(a.k.a something like warspear dog)
  3. Soo basicly a pvp mode (on and off) wich exist in some mmos in theory its good idea maybe even there can be more rewards for questing in pvp mode on, but do we really need this here besides t4 quests everywere else you cant find much people questing and if you find someone from enemy alliance 90% of the time they ignore you.
  4. cc as term is also used for the single target control as well, also hello necro panic is aoe cc(o tho is point melee range and its verry hard to pull off), hunter confuson arrow is also aoe cc, even chiften trashing can be consedered aoe cc since it stops you on place, bouth sides have good aoe cc,s even tho i agree elfs have them abit better than us.
  5. In fact mc side have more cc,s and elf side have more dmg, thats 1 of the reasons why alot of people chose to play elfs also they have a support tank(pala) while mc doesnt have such char. Main problem people don't complain is how most of the cc are unfair and unfun, maybe fun for the user but verry unfun for the enemy's, like you go arena bam got stunlock at the first seconds and dead without even chance to play(yes there is resist status but its luck based) suddenly you feel empty and useless cuz someone press 1-2skills and you lost control of your character, all cc,s(besides slow and maybe sleep) shouid be nerfed or replaced with debuffs/buffs so your enemy's have chance to react or counterplay and not those who have more stuns,fear, silences, roots(with mute effect) wins.
  6. yup 10mins pass and mobs dont spawn at all also guards are still missing
  7. Still not fixed mobs dont spawn also guards dont appier too.
  8. its againe bugged mobs dont spawn today im waiting 10mins and quest mobs didnt appier, rip 20% dmg buff to bosses (on eu-emerald btw)
  9. Nope cuz tommorrw is merman gvg, wich i big event, update will be probley thursday.
  10. actually i mean they to let the tamed monsters to stay with you in main lands and not only be useble in blissfull map cuz at moment they can not be used anywere else beside the event land, but ya in the future will be cool if we have this mechanic permamently. That will be fun indeed mini sharks runing around and buffing the hell ot of you, this can become addinal reward for the killer guild members you kill the raid boss, and all get egg in there pokets, and when they feel loney they can use it to call mini verson of the boss to acompani them, also good reason to make all to perticepite in raid bosses kills.
  11. I really love it, esspecly those wich buff you but is there any chance we can keep em in main lands too?That will be awesome.
  12. Yup, you can use 2 accs. In same time if they are logged form different devices but its and if you can solo laby and t3-t4 go ahead is allowed.
  13. yes rottuing and nocturna guild events give 100 knowlge each , also raid bosses elm, enginer, oricnus and octopuss give 100 knowlege as well but it maybe hard to grab them if you are not in verry good friendship with the top guilds who farms the raid bosses. And last battle pass also gives 20% knowlge buff till the end of the season it needs abit of grainding till you reach it but its worht it.
  14. Depends on your gear, if you have sea boots fastest way is farming t5 pirates quests since they give 80 knowledge, and are fairly easy just do all expect fish meat quests, i think they give you 800 knowledge and the left knowledge you can obtain from the merman quests trindents and capsule quests are the easyest ones, and if you have decent sea wepon you can go for elite mob kill quest(sea witch minions) and the bait one and have 2 extra quests for reporting next day, as for the dung(cuz you can get max 900 form quests and max 900 from dung) myth sea is fast depending on your pt member gears. If you do not have sea boots and you are underamped then better stick with t1 and t2 quests in avyndil and myth tehnopulis.
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