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  1. Cuz relic reduce the max hp not current hp, soo if you have dmg the boss and applay the relic boss max hp will reduce, thats why it looks like his bar start to become short,the relic is good at start of the battle to reduce the boss hp witch will "dmg" him, if you prock it when boss is half hp then the relic will do nothing cuz boss allready lost hp, its all in the mechanic of the max hp reduction debuffs when you reduce someones full hp and after some sec debuff is gone the reduced points of health does not regen, thats why it looks like those debuffs do dmg. P.s that relic get resisted time to times from bosses so not everytime you can debuff them.
  2. Also i want to note its not 100% chance to applay the relic to boss they resist it sometimes.
  3. Maybe its some way to say they like the curnt system higgy, and they think it dont need change, ofc how you can blame them everybody like free merman buff, if you ask me i find it unfair when some guilds need to figth it to the core for chance to obtain opi armors and others litterly go stay 10mins and they have it without any figth.
  4. Well i did 10 runs myth sea and i got cape, before that 5 runs myth nadir and got helm, and in general i saw ppls geting alot of stuff soo i gues that dude is unlucky happens
  5. Someone needs to go outside more often. Maybe go get high like the normal kids
  6. higgy remmber you are good boy rigth will you do coldi a faveor when we are in nadir
  7. I test it in hero sea and nadir, well i can say it was not much of a help on walking zones skeletons just do whatever they want and agro mobs around them witch after agro on you when they die, in boss room its helpfull since you can use the permament corpses of bosses to spawn mobs.Note skeletons spawn from the killed plants too and even from dead bonefires.In nadir was well kinda okey since there is alot to kill there but its useless in boss room since there is no mobs to kill so you can use it, unless you are bloodtursty and ask pt member to die so you can ress him and use his body to spawn skeletons.Over all idk look like medum decent skill for now ateast (in dungs) ill test it more in live servers and will tell if its worth it
  8. am why the test server client is the old one none fullscreen, or its just me
  9. New raid boss book, the texts says: Incrase the dertion of positive effects on char, includeing relics with specify % of the magic deff parametar
  10. dont worry probley we will need 200 runs for 1 pic to drop
  11. Im i dmger or support srsly, give us some sort of a buff or shield not dmg skill agine hello
  12. Will be there multiple winers witch can get the buff, or there can be only 1 winer witch will have the buff from all guilds in the server?
  13. Rest in peace sparing event we will miss you In serios talk this was so far the best event we had in years, here some things i liked in the event: good design on the gvg and snark event(10-15mins events are aweys wellcome than 30min staying and hiting stuff). dung was somewhat enterntaneing too. passive skills witch reduced the time of stamina recharge was good addition, haveing 5 stam everyday felt good. reption spending was awesome idea. repition was easy to get. map was short witch i love it too Things i didnt like: the amount of chests from events were too low(come on atleast guild event couid of give 5 chest insted of 3) drop rates of pink/blue weapons were too low(4 spams, 1 blue weapon drop per spam on 2x drop event) guild event chets were droping only 1 magic/dmg scrools that too was ammm to low
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