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  1. Well myth sea is kinda easy you need only to lvl up some of the talants or just stack alot of solidty so you wont get nuke crits, other than that a +8 char can do it easy, as for merman i agree its difficult but only cuz of the shark room alot of warriors have fallen to perma hydropbia debuff
  2. By reward you mean the battle pass chance or some random reward from dung, cuz i did 15 runs myth nadir and didnt get any reward at the end
  3. First connection can affect maximum 5 players at a time 4/4 from 1 necro , second infection dmg is neutral witch means it doesnt share necro stats like pene and fero and 3rd there is 75% chance only to spred to everyone witch means not all the time everyone will get infected, soo for the video abouve you see at 5:13 min that only 5 targets got connected, the priest down there didnt recive the debuff soo the skill works correctly, so in theory yes it may look like broken combo like 10 necros connect every elf and then others use infection to destroy everyone, BUT first you need to find 5-10 necros witch will to sacrafice 4 points in a super sitional skill second they need good amps and pvp armors to make it work and last that combo require very good organization almost a voice commincation one and that if you stand still and do nothing, now if you decaide to weak up you can see that there combo can be easly be desrupted by cc and lag, and all that work for 3 gvgs in a week.So if you get constently destroyed by this combo then you cant blame the opposing guild haveing godlike organisation and will to maxsimase the use of 2 skills, and lastly i dont think this combo needs nerf cuz some people use there brains, its verry hard to pull off can be easly disrupted and besides gvg its almost useless everywere.
  4. Yea the idea is great, almost every dung recive update expect kronus dung, and its perfect place to add some amors with active skills like mermans just much much less powerfull, i wouid like to see some some skills witch summons minions like event ones, have been aweys been fan of those
  5. t5 down the map those green and blue jellys witch fear you every 1 sec xd
  6. Medusas are very profitable to farm as well and there are some areas witch have 1-2 of them
  7. Necro and priest shields are bouth bad, i tested it 5/5 with 1050 magic power and it didn't absorb more than 1800 points of dmg witch is verry low for max lvl shield
  8. also death solder skill, all summons got buffed expect necros skeletons they need some love too
  9. Only that, thats not enogth were is: infection rework dead solder skill changes( like skeletons have same pene,crit and attack speed as the necromanser and way to guide them to chosen target) boneshield buff (like i made 5 posts about that, this skill needs buff from long long long long time)
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