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  1. Winter dungeons

    drop rate seems better than horror. If they were too easy there is no point amping pve gear... saw many lvls 20 with lvl 18 items doing dg 28 on horror without problems... i like christmas dg
  2. Charmer useless in snow EVENT for sure, thanks GM

    they can do a lot dmg unless u have no amp, also they weak enemy resistances so everyone does more dmg to boss... and also his role is support bring lot utility to dungeon and is best PvP class... seriously u cant even cry ROFL go amp or use book to reset skills
  3. is dodge just a property for melee?

    It would be cool if they implement a way to check bosses and other monsters stats such as accurancy crit, power and extra info with small history
  4. Dying while crossing map from enemies dot..

    I think its made so u can bully low lvls on first irselnort cities with a druid/warlock, using bees/lock DoTs to finish them off until they cant even quest cus their weapon and equips are broken. Their only solution would be buying mcoins becoming p2p to repair stuff, its a nice way so we will get better updates
  5. You should write russian on this section. Im not agree with you, i hope the dungeon require +9-+10 dmg dealers but the drop rate becomes a bit better, horror lvl 28 dg was way too easy but the drop rate sucked
  6. Root vs Charge is unfair

    Developers said many times they do not class balance for 1v1 but just for arena, that is PvP for them and what i meant. And link is very OP there in my opinion The day developers decide to start balance about 1v1 mcs will be funny. You have to be really dumb to lose 1v1 as warlock,charmer, deathknight or high amp 1h barb vs elf/chosen classes* I think they do good 1v1s with their own faction, saw many barbs rape warlocks for example
  7. Root vs Charge is unfair

    Chargue can go up to 7 yards with relic, and even if root was 7 yard, barbarian can use immunity and still nuke you (such a hard class to play)). Devs already aware about how imba barbarian charmer and deathknight are on PvP, they may do some changues on future. I dont see the point to cry as druid on PvP either tbh, you may survive barb with normal heal + barrier and you still have permastun, ink restores full hp instant...
  8. Ban this trash

    chineses been doing that to some people and guilds on EU mc side for months and none of the famous sellers banned yet as far as i know, And they were abusing a price glitch on appstore, not just country set price like the guy on picture. Would ban or send a warning to both tbh but is up to devs, send ticket to support
  9. I'm damage and healer, SEE the picture.

    If they do not want inv charmer because they think its bad they are noobs anyway. Yeah everyone expect some nerfs, you cant just be best class on PvP and PvE lol its a new class some adjustment should be made
  10. I'm damage and healer, SEE the picture.

    This is just a proof that will make silent all noobs screaming that charmer sucks on PvE +2 charmer outdamaging everyone while also healing almost same as the shaman, lmao (+reducing def of boss) At the end most people were right, if charmer needs anything is a nerf :)
  11. The Art of Kiting

    1v1 and seals lock is brainless broken, but 2v2 and 5v5 arena a good ranger can make warlock to call you daddy

    nice video
  13. A faster way to chat on pc

    It didnt work for me, ill try with more time later. I think an option on settings to switch between new hotkey/old hotkey would be a nice idea, most players i asked using steam version didnt like new hotkey