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  1. you right but a shield in gvg is really noob but ye in arena its pretty strong ahah
  2. sadly your not right, if bd are really op why in br server they dont want any bd ? BD are funny to play and a little bit cool in arena but that all, some class can counter others class so if ur vs a bd go play with hunter, warlock, mage or ranger, the game is truly balanced but we see it only when we play all class that why everyone claim an nerf or buff without 100% of the knowledge.
  3. no worry im men i didnt been selected too but its their first time so let hope to be in the next private test !
  4. Sadly you right 78k mcoin and 1.2m gold I Would like use only 46k mcoin but the reality is that i used 78k mcoin +1.2m gold+ the next day i used like 20 set to +10 ... That a bit sad but m'y weap are+10 both and im happy!
  5. Sadly Crit wont work in Arena buddy
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