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  1. The rules of the contest say this tho 🤔 it should be video with your spoken commentaries
  2. Come to EU and watch the war. Ppl still think MCs have the upper hand in massive PvP because warlock has the Dark circle....The war is over in 4 minutes and then the elves just spawn kill the couple of guys who are still dumb enough to waste their time and defend the flag. @Morgana
  3. Mercurry

    Crystal price

    Hello? PS. At least ban the scam spammer in WC
  4. Mercurry

    So.. t5?

    I, too, wonder sometimes, what happened?
  5. 11 years, thats a long time! Been here for 8 of them and I´m hoping it will be another 8!
  6. Next try and survive against players with gear
  7. Ayyy, lets go! Solo dungeons are the best, cant wait. P. S. Add solo dungeons that would be available all year round, maybe a special level in all the current dgs
  8. Mercurry

    Crystal price

    @Krystal so whats the outcome? Did the devs not have a look or is it the price supposed to be 119?
  9. Mercurry

    Charmer as tank

    While I agree charmer still doesnt work as a tank, I think your idea is kinda overbuff, maybe just make it the same skill as dk aoe agro but without the damage.
  10. Mercurry

    Trade gold

    I´m looking to trade my 50k from Sapphire elf side for your 50k at Emerald legion side Post here if you are interested and we can figure out the safest way to make a trade 🙂
  11. If the topic has been already covered on the forums, am I allowed to make my own guide on the same theme?
  12. Mercurry

    Crystal price

    Oh so pretty much hes being toxic, posting stuff unrelated to the topic, what was I thinking lol
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