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  1. Ayyy, lets go! Solo dungeons are the best, cant wait. P. S. Add solo dungeons that would be available all year round, maybe a special level in all the current dgs
  2. Mercurry

    Crystal price

    @Krystal so whats the outcome? Did the devs not have a look or is it the price supposed to be 119?
  3. Mercurry

    Charmer as tank

    While I agree charmer still doesnt work as a tank, I think your idea is kinda overbuff, maybe just make it the same skill as dk aoe agro but without the damage.
  4. Mercurry

    Trade gold

    I´m looking to trade my 50k from Sapphire elf side for your 50k at Emerald legion side Post here if you are interested and we can figure out the safest way to make a trade 🙂
  5. If the topic has been already covered on the forums, am I allowed to make my own guide on the same theme?
  6. Mercurry

    Crystal price

    Oh so pretty much hes being toxic, posting stuff unrelated to the topic, what was I thinking lol
  7. Mercurry

    Crystal price

    😶I believe you guys made a mistake with the prices. Shouldnt magic crystal (mace) cost as much as physical crystal (mace) ? Right now the price for one handed magic mace crystal is the same as for "two handed" crystals.
  8. There seems to be a bug with bird, dude is spawning them in numbers. (I dunno how, its another charmer doing it)
  9. 13/09/2018 (after the update) Legion Graybeard, Berengar´s stronghold The first relic of 7.7 is really nice! You don´t have to walk far from the Ghost village, it´s hidden in a clay jug at the Cup of Power in the cave infested by the Sentinel south of the camp of Legion!
  10. What do you mean they wont be able to choose? As far as I understand the post, they will be able to buy both old and new set pieces
  11. What do you mean useless? It is as strong as before the update. The fact theres better gear doesnt change the strenght. Dont you think it would be stupid if they gave you the best gear every time they release it?
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