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  1. Yeah but nobody takes part in the war (at least on EU). Sentinels just take the boost in 3 minutes and its over so I wouldnt compare it to this. Way more people take part in these events.
  2. Yeah, the dogs are gonna be really effective dealing 10 damage while youre using a staff.... Good one brother
  3. It´s ridiculous to actually fight against an enemy in arena, because 99% of arena nowadays is lose/win, or lose parties
  4. Not like it matters anyways how many stuns does a side have in total because the spread of players on classes is uneven, people can complain about WL stuns but in reality nobody plays WL because the class is not good overall. But when you are in a war and you look at the players on location, theres tons of mages with stun and aoe, tons of palas with stun and aoe etc...
  5. According to your history you: Cheer on buffs of Elven classes and complain about buffs of Legion, why cant he do the same for his side?
  6. Not for you Birdie, since you own one, but for us Legion, yep, it sucks
  7. Yeah but when that BD also has buddies that will back him up, and do it better because one side has overall better classes than we have a right to complain.
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