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  1. The unique holiday Lifesteal armor is the same as drops raids bosses every Haloween?
  2. Ah I see, thank you. Lots of grind ahead to open these up then
  3. Hey, I managed to grind my way through the talent tree to this Talent block thingy and I wanted to ask how exactly it works. I assume I can only choose one of the three for the price of 63000 knowledge? Can I only choose one of the talents in the block if Ive unlocked the talent above, e.g. in my screenshot I arrived from the left side so I can only pick the most left talent in the block, unless I grind down the other side as well? Or can I unlock all three for 63000 each?
  4. Whats the point of comparing 2 different types of classes by the pure amount of magic?
  5. Its supposed to be the AOE damage class of Legion but they made the AOE build irrelevant because reasons, there is a reason to worry
  6. This won´t give right to life to other types of weapons, this will just make every single Chieftain go the full phys build way which is gonna be superior to any 2h build.
  7. Yes, the servers are dying on stage 6, we were in a dungeon while the event was going on and the whole party started lagging and it went away right when the event ended. This was on EU-EM
  8. False False False True False, nobody levels their Thrashing to 5, there´s much more important skills that need the skill ponts
  9. My class bad, please buff, other classes strong, please nerf. Am I doing it right?
  10. The title is really self-explanatory. The Relic daily quest is in my opinion the coolest daily quest in game. In the times it was released the reward was fitting since the best weapons cost 500 CC at the time. Nowadays the inflation of CC is so high, the quest is not worth doing at all for 5 CC which is sad because its really cool quest which doesnt deserve to be abandoned. I suggest the CC reward should be increased to an amount worthwhile coming to this remote location, I say maybe 50 CC?
  11. How does somebody dare to deal massive damage to this guy and his group? Devs? Can we make sure this guy and his group do not take any damage?
  12. Yeah but one time payments would generate way less money than a continuous stream of sign purchases, stanimas, chests with best in slot runes and all that stuff so that is never gonna happen, which is what makes me sad since the game has a special place in gaming heart.
  13. Yes, so we do the hard maths, 1+1=2, without people spending money you can´t reach the endgoal of the game which is getting the best possible gear for your character. If only what you said was true, bosses and dungeons dropping signs, maybe with the slightly higher rarity than damage spheres, the game would be so much better, but sadly thats not the case because that would destroy the income generated by the game. All the success you can see in the game has money behind it. It´s like a big casino.
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