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  1. Mercurry

    Winter minions

    Hey everyone, I wanted to ask you all about your opinion on winter minions in PvP, especially in arena. For me, playing the arena with these minions has been insanely painful. Especially the Oulbert one. With the game already flooded with stuns, now everybody can summon a minion that has stun thats so broken that you get pretty much perma stunned if 2 of those are attacking you. I know the event is about to end so there is no reason to talk about changes to the minions, but I am still interested in your opinions about these minions, and also if the developers think the minions are ok.
  2. Im 24, its not that impressive @Higgings
  3. @Higgings So I pushed for the achievments and got the skill. Without the aura, the damage output is noticably lower (it takes longer to kill the bosses), but the survivability is way better. Tried to kill the eye, it was sort of working out until I somehow aggroed all the wrong groups of mobs So not there quite yet, but definitly on the right path. Now Ill need to get the rest of the vamp runes (they are hella expensive) and push my def and mdef up. My current stats without any buffs or skills is: 624 phys 100 magic damage, 7200 phys, 3421 mdef, 7,3% parry, 18.7% block, 11,9% vamp.
  4. It´s gonna take some time for me to unlock the 200 achi points skill slot but I will report how it works when I get there
  5. Yes, my HP is just over 4k, Ive got 12% LS now, but still gotta buy 2 vamp runes and one life steal ring (im going for one block/regen/accu ring and one horror dmg ring)
  6. Hey guys I´m building a lv24 DK for solo farm of old lab, Id like to farm Eyes as well, ive seen lv20 dk do it so it should be possible, so far I´ve been able to solo up to b4. Im running 3/4 hurricane and 3/4 aura. My question is, would it be worth to get saturation and put it to 3/4 instead of aura, to pair up with the hurricane to improve the surivability, will my survivability go up or is it not better than the aura? Or is it worth to get it and use it at 1/4? Again, the build is fully focused on the solo farm in lab, so huge amount of ads to heal of.
  7. The rules of the contest say this tho 🤔 it should be video with your spoken commentaries
  8. Come to EU and watch the war. Ppl still think MCs have the upper hand in massive PvP because warlock has the Dark circle....The war is over in 4 minutes and then the elves just spawn kill the couple of guys who are still dumb enough to waste their time and defend the flag. @Morgana
  9. Mercurry

    Crystal price

    Hello? PS. At least ban the scam spammer in WC
  10. Mercurry

    So.. t5?

    I, too, wonder sometimes, what happened?
  11. 11 years, thats a long time! Been here for 8 of them and I´m hoping it will be another 8!
  12. Next try and survive against players with gear
  13. Ayyy, lets go! Solo dungeons are the best, cant wait. P. S. Add solo dungeons that would be available all year round, maybe a special level in all the current dgs
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