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  1. Exactly, even perfect stun cycle classes like Charmer, Druid, Warlock, and Deathknight aren't much of a threat these days, and those can actually make optimal full stun keeping their resilience and defensive stats to a better extent than Paladins. It's just not a reliable build anymore. Sure you can go for it for the fun of it, but don't make it your main.
  2. I'm skeptical of how better this is than full resilience or mix with resistence, because even with 60% cd there were some gaps, that are enough for them to break your cycle and kill you very fast because of low defense.
  3. Changed the first skill, didn't feel right to add area stun skill to a damage type minion.
  4. Well, what I wanted to show is that it's almost transparent. Thus the blue background (ocean color)
  5. Introduction The deep sea is filled with dangerous creatures that know no mercy for any foreign incomer that tries to disturb the Biotope. It was known in the world of Arinar that one who goes too deep into the sea, doesn't come back to report of his findings. And after the Warriors of Arinar knew that their fate will be going down into the sea to find the Clock of the World Creation artifact, chosen alchemists and scientists of Langasard started preparing to help the warriors by breeding sea creatures to get new species that can accompany the warriors. They tried breeding many sea creatures selectively with special characteristics from giant sea horses, to octopuses, to squids, and even manta rays. But all trials have failed. The last trial of breeding such dangerous creatures was when they tried to get human-friendly types of sharks through inbreeding, since they were known to be one of the most powerful creatures of the sea as well, but many Warriors were still eaten by them during their adventures. The last resort was jellyfishes, no one had ever tried breeding them, because not only their reproduction cycle can take up to a year, but also scientists were afraid to be stung and poisoned as soon as they touched the jellyfishes, but with the help of the advanced technologies of the Fauns in Pelion, that they acquired through defeating the Engineer and his minions, they managed to capture tens of different species of Medusozoa jellyfishes in huge aquariums that enabled the breeders to safely do their experiments. The Story of the Inbred Jellyfish Breeders spent months of inbreeding many generations of different species of the Medusozoa Jellyfishes under controlled conditions to get certain traits that would make them human-friendly and at the same time fierce against enemies. After a while multiple random mutations occurred in one species of sky-blue Medusa jellyfishes, that caused the jellyfish to be too fast in movement for the breeders to catch and to further breed, it started to kill other jellyfish kinds, which was not familiar to the breeders before at all. As it grew, it reproduced without the control of the breeders, giving birth to hundreds of offsprings at once. This species, like many other inbred kinds, didn't attack the breeders, but the difference to the other kinds is that they killed every other creature living in the aquarium except for their own kind. They tested their power by putting them to the test against different types of dangerous deep sea creatures, and they all were paralyzed and let bleed to death. Since this kind was very different from the other jellyfishes, it was assigned as a new jellyfish species, and was named as a mixture of the place where it was created, Arinar, and its color, sky-blue: Medusozoa Azurinarae. After a long time of training, the breeders learned to control the jellyfishes, and warriors started using them as hunting pets for sea adventures, since they are very quick, strong, and also have a good camouflage with its blue color, which was later discovered through putting the creatures in new environments with different background colors, it was only blue because the sea was blue, but in fact, it was pretty much invisible! Mechanisms and Description - Damage dealer type; also assuming the aim is mainly for PvE-purposes - Very fragile (Something like 1k-1.5k HP) but very powerful, its strength isn't in dealing big chunks of damage at once, but through little bits of periodic damage with very high speed - The mutations caused a radically shortened life span for those jellyfishes, normally jellyfishes live up to 2-3 years, but this one lives only one or two hours - Very high reproduction rate, which means they are relatively abundant and affordable - The mutations also caused a big improvement in the movement mechanisms of the jellyfish, making it incredibly fast in movement and attack (Movement speed x2 the normal character speed, and attack speed comparable to Labyrinth Parasites) - Typical of jellyfishes to be transparent almost like plastic bags. So they are always under invisibility effect, as long as not in battle mode Skills 1. Paralyzing Tentacles: - The jellyfish spreads its poisonous tentacles and wraps the enemies in an area of 2 yards around the jellyfish disabling their movement for 4 seconds and causing them to lose accuracy and attack speed. - Cooldown: 15 seconds 2. Infectious Sting: - Sting that deals big instant damage followed by a periodic bleeding for 10 seconds (1 tick every 2 seconds = 5 times). During the bleeding time, the target can infect the enemies in 2 yards radius around the target, making them receive periodic damage of the same amount and duration. Infected targets can also infect more surrounding targets and so on... - Bleeding debuff doesn't stack from bleeding skills of other minions or other infected targets or bleeding skills of players, but only replaces/renews them. - Damage type and amount depends on the character (I'm thinking that the damage ends up around 100 damage per 2 seconds on a medium defense monsters, making it 500 every 10 seconds with a possibility of multiple targets) - Cooldown 10 seconds 3. Reproduction: - The jellyfish produces 3 offsprings (same design but smaller) that attack enemies nearby for some time (10 seconds) - Low HP (something like 200 HP) - Speed is slower than the original jellyfish - Damage depends on the character but also weaker than the mother jellyfish (Thinking of around 50 damage per hit) - No skills for the offsprings. - Cooldown 30 seconds 4. Cnidocyte Explosion: - When the jellyfish dies, its toxic stinging cells (Cnidocytes) splash on the enemies in 2 yards around the jellyfish, causing them to suffer additional bleeding for 6 seconds (once every 2 seconds) - Activates when the minion dies or when the duration of the minion ends - Damage type and amount depends on the character (ultimately this would be stronger than bleeding effect of the Infectious Sting, something like 200-300 per 2 seconds on medium defense monsters) **All mentioned numbers are just to give a concept and are subject to change Design As you probably could guess, I'm not the best (pixel) designer... Gladiator, US-Sapphire
  6. Yeah just happened to be for the minion contest, I'm working on something
  7. Not bad on paper, but I'd pick mana enchants on cape, chest, and mana regen on belt. Since you have high cooldown, you will run out of mana before you cycle your stuns, so you'd need a lot more mana than this. Actually even with the enchants I mentioned, it can still be tough in longer fights. Also better to go with resistance enchants on both amulet and helmet.
  8. If I'm giving the minion skills that are completely new, can I suggest numbers for the skills, like how powerful and how much cooldown they would have and such, just to give an idea of the concept?
  9. Seems like an acid trip
  10. It wasn't my best performance against Bladedancers there. Mainly because Coldblade was very good at dodging and i wasn't using the best build against bladedancers in 1v1 or against any melee. That would be 4 Sacred Shield and 4 Harads Prayer. In the vid I'm assuming I had 3 Banner 3 Prayer and 3 Strike, which is just better against healers and maybe damagers but weaker against tanks. Actually 4 shield and 4 prayer is better against rogues and rangers. But in general I think 4 sacred shield and 4 prayer is probably the best build overall, in 2v2 and 3v3 arenas, 1v1s except vs healers, and tanking solo in PvE. Of course it has its downs in some Arena and 1v1 situations especially against healers, because you don't deal as much damage and can't buff allies damage a lot with banner, and maybe in 5v5, but I didn't test it yet in 5v5 so can't say for sure. Another good combo against bladedancers is max banner and shield strike. you'd be able to 1 combo them if you are strong enough, but its a bit risky, especially against full resilience and high dodge bds, also you'd have to always get the starting combo which is not always the case.
  11. Not really, maybe more like this. Didn't expect much, so nothing really disappointing other than that 5v5 will become inactive again really fast. It takes a long time to get into fights right now already. The game needs to get more players and to get players that quit interested again.
  12. So no seasonal rewards for 5v5 at the moment? Very good stuff btw, I love the new 5v5 and its daily rewards. I also like that we can't make full pts. However I suggest to make the daily rewards go higher than 25 wins and more than 3 stages, no need for more imperials if you don't think it'd be suitable I think the amount is fine, but there is a big room for other rewards for example: 1 win: 1 Gladiator's Chest 5 wins: 10 Imperials 10 wins: 1 Sign of Imperishability 15 wins: 50 Imperials 20 wins: 5 Gladiator's Chests 25 wins: Gladiator's Great Elixir 30 wins: 100 Imperials 40 wins: 5 Signs of Imperishability 50 wins: Set of Arena Conqueror's Runes 100 wins: Achievement for 100 wins in 1 day + Choose between Resilience or Ferocity book or any of the Arena chest Costumes. Idk That way, it will take people a bit longer to acquire the full reward and it will keep 5v5 for a longer time, but people who just want imperials can still get them with the same amount of wins (almost)
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