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  1. I mean, you technically could, but I don't know how well that will go
  2. I found out that these offers are mostly a coin toss, sometimes you get paid and sometimes not. But it feels good when it works.
  3. Riiight, I missed that part. Well, I don't necessarily support giving the more advantaged team even more advantage, but whatever. Back to the topic: Wooooww great event!
  4. Yo it's not relevant but why did all teams except 1 have no revive attempts at the survival games?
  5. Ok let's get this out of the way: Don't nerf it because it's rare even if it's OP or don't nerf it because it's not OP? 1. If you're saying don't nerf it because it's rare, then you admit it's OP -> nerf it. Stop bringing up this stupid point of its rarity, it doesn't mean sh*t. If it's OP, it's OP, I don't care even if only 1 had it in the entire game. For all I care nerf it sooner better than when 100 people have it, it will cause less people raging because they paid 50m for a book that got nerfed later and then think it's not worth what they paid for. The more people have it, the more people will complain about it, the fact that you don't see many topics it about is because not many people have it. It's a matter of time before you see more topics about, and the more people complain about it, the more likely and the sooner devs will nerf it. So I think it WILL get nerfed eventually, it will happen, the question is when. I would say now better than later. 2. If you're saying don't nerf it because it's not OP, then you're delusional.
  6. I don't see why you keep saying this. Paladin + BD vs Shaman + Chieftain for example is a fight that could typically last more than a minute. That's a lot of time for Distortion to provide value. And that's in 2v2, which is the shortest mode in arena, if we're talking about Seals or Crucible, then Distortion is even more valuable. I don't care how much 1 or 2 seconds feels to you, as long as the fight lasts long enough, the book will provide good value. If you're saying that 1 second is an eternity, then 1 minute is 60 eternities, and like I said, there are many scenarios where fights go long enough for that. I don't know what you're talking about, where did I want to buff broken skills? And I didn't admit to anything. What I was trying to do here is not in what you quoted, but the context around it that you didn't quote. I was trying to show you that if you apply your logic to a different class, the book suddenly becomes very effective making an already good class even better. So the problem isn't the book, but maybe your class. I was pushing your arguments logic to the extreme. Let me give you another example: The only Octo book in US server is owned by a DK, and together with like 10+ other books, he is pretty nuts. It's making even DK look like one of the best classes in arena, and that alone should say a lot. But what I wanna say is, thank god a DK has it and not literally any other class, because if it was one of the S tiers like Shaman, Charmer, Paladin, Druid, BD etc.. we might have had a single unbeatable party in the server. But that is not the case when a DK has it, in fact, in a lot of cases it's actually only delaying his death, is it a problem with the book? No it's classes' imbalance, totally different topic. So like I said it's irrelevant to talk about books with consideration to who is using it. It's a classless book, we should be able to determine if it's good or not without thinking about the classes using it, sure some classes can benefit from different books more than other classes, but that's not a characteristic of the book. My point was if you're using DK and you can't feel the power of Distortion, it might just be the fault of class imbalance, because I can assure you other classes feel differently. I honestly don't understand what you're trying to say here. If you're receiving 4k damage every 2 seconds, you are going to die eventually, should any book or skill for that matter be able to prevent that? I'm missing your point.
  7. It sounds like your problem aren't really the books at hand but your class being underpowered, and to that I can agree, go ask for a buff. But that's irrelevant to the discussion here, and you're using the DK's weakness as a reasoning to why 2 seconds is too long or why the book isn't good enough anymore. Maybe a Paladin would say holy sh*t this books makes me even more immortal. See where the argument quickly falls off? We have to talk about books regardless of who is using them, because it's gonna be relative. 2 seconds is nowhere near too much, most end-game arena fights between balanced team compositions, e.g. a healer and a damage dealer, can easily go for 1 min+, no need to count how many times Distortion could proc in that fight. I don't get it, delaying death isn't good enough anymore? Can't you say about all defensive skills that they 'just delay death'. It's not simply delaying death, it's giving an opportunity to come back. So it could turn a death into a win in a some of cases, people just overlook it. What should a rare (defensive) book do besides delaying death if not making someone immortal? Because I think we both know the latter is dumb, no book should do that regardless of rarity. So if just delaying death isn't enough, what would you want it do? It is supposed to improve survivability when you're most vulnerable, nothing more. So yeah just delaying the inevitable death, if you wanna see it that way, it's still good, and like @vavavi is saying, it's still one of, if not the best book besides Octo and Orci, at least in the defensive department. So if you're telling your friends not to get it, that's up to you I guess. Yeah I know it's a heavy nerf, but was it warranted? I believe so. And Octo deserves a heavy nerf, but just like Distortion it will still be good. I mean if we're gonna all agree to a 30% cap, that's almost a 50% nerf, it's a heavy nerf. And guess what, it's still very powerful and would still be the best book, and maybe the single best item in the whole game, it just would not be out of the world OP. It's a testament to how crazy it is right now.
  8. I love how people here are complaining about their books not being OP enough while I'm sitting here with 0 books like ''wow yall got those books and want them better?'' Saying Distortion book is not good enough is just laughable to me, I would bet if it were released this way everyone would be going gaga over it. You just got used to it being as OP as it was. You basically get a chance to not lose any HP (even gain some) during a stun, god forbid it has a little bit of a cooldown! Also I love how the argument is basically: It's not worth 10m anymore. Well thank god for that, because anything above 5m just straight up means it's very VERY strong. And if you're just upset that you paid 10m for it and now it's not worth that, well idk what to tell you, it ain't getting buffed so get over it, at least you got to enjoy being broken for a couple of months. That's not even the worst part, Idk how Distortion got wrapped up in this topic, if you're afraid they'd give Octo book the same treatment, well they better f*cking do! Cus that sh*t is still very good, and more importantly somewhat balanced all things considered.
  9. If you think they're E or anything less than A, then I would definitely say so.
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