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  1. Charmer - Trolls in Solo

    25% is cap yes.
  2. Charmer - Trolls in Solo

    I think 25% is max.
  3. Only in full screen mode. You can remove full screen mode and still make the window (almost) full screen and then you will be able to switch between tabs. It will just show the upper bar on the screen.
  4. There is definitely a problem with small windows, you can't minimize them, when you do, it pops up again to the screen. Same thing when you resize them, they either go full again or just black out the whole screen.
  5. Ikr Btw there is a problem I guess with small screen it is a little buggy and sometimes the screen goes full black when you move the window around.
  6. Apparently there might be no updates before Halloween event, which sucks because the game is in a very boring phase right now.

    That's right.. The best place to talk about those adult topics is in a 2d mmo game with random kids, and then posting ss on the forum to show how you 'rekt' that random guy behind your computer screen with info that you got from your butt, not very clever because it also shows your mindset, giving an idea about the type of person you are. You should have kept the PMs private.
  8. pala needs a new skill or update a current skill

    Yeah Paladin has enough damage and control, I think next expert skill could be something like a debuff that reduces damages of the target.

  10. Common mistakes on arena (wip)

    Nice topic. Lemme contribute and add some stuff if I may. #4 Don't follow the running characters. Focus on killing the enemies between you instead of running after a runner and getting killed by the other(s). Sometimes even when the enemy runs with 100 HP left, if you can't catch him with a jump or a ranged stun, don't bother to run after him, kill his teammates fast. #5 Spread in 5v5 and 2v2, otherwise you will leave an easy bait for Warlocks/Paladins/Druids/Charmers. In 3v3 seal, also spread even if you will leave seal for some time, better than getting aoe stunned. #6 In seals scenarios, if the fight is in the middle seal lasts a long time and you need more points, sneak to the enemies' first seal and take it. Sometimes the enemy could sneak to your first seal, one should go to block him, not 2, or you will leave the middle seal 2v1 and they will control it. #7 If you're in a situation in seals where you have to fight 1v1, always make sure you are standing on the seal, you will not allow the other to steal the seal or take it. If you can't lock the other outside the seal long enough to capture it, making it blink is also important because it stops their counter if they already captured that seal, until the opponent enters the seal. Every point counts. P.S. small seals give 2 points/sec, big one gives 3 points/sec, killing enemies gives 15 points. And it takes a single character 15 seconds to capture a seal, and I suppose 2 characters take 7.5 seconds, 3 characters take like 3.75 seconds.

    Wow if this system was applied in Warspear it would be amazing. Ban all win-lose party abusers.
  12. I want to buy/sell/exchange items

    Selling Spawn and Faceless costumes on US-Sapphire elf side.