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  1. That's a big RIP... Type Fs in the chat
  2. Good job to the new mentors and lords! FakeUser will be a good representative for me in mentoring newbies when I'm unavailable. Also big thanks to our good ol' mods and admins. Oh this got me emotional and I'm flattered
  3. Actually after reconsidering, especially in arena against all ranged characters who could interrupt rush, I think it's fair. Update looks fun and it looks like there is much to do, hopefully I can find some time here and there to participate in the events.
  4. Let's be clear on something, just because you lost some matches to Paladins in Arena in test server, does not mean that the skill is overpowered. Maybe you just didn't have the right partner, or their equipment were better, or they simply outplayed you. If we are gonna judge a skill on personal experience. I'm a Paladin, +10 with 6/8 arena season reward gear. I did arena with another +10 and still lost to druids, bladedancers, Rangers, paladins, charmers, shamans, and even rogues. So Paladin needs a buff? The skill actually protects the player with 7000-8000 hp effectively by 3000 HP (since it counts 0 def), which is pretty fair considering the cooldown. The skill is needed as it is for the new meta with increased damage and healing from druids and shamans. Maybe in the future when the skill is properly tested, there will be changes if it seems OP, now it's early.
  5. I'll say this in English and hope that your translator does a good job. It's very important to keep in mind when calculating how much damage the shield absorbs, that the damage is counted as if the player has 0 def. So even if 125% of 10k is 12.5k, when you (with 0 defense/resilience) receive 2500 damage from Bladedancer (with ferocity and damage buffs), shield will take only 5 hits from that bladedancer and it will disappear. Even if the bladedancer hits you 1000 with your full defense. That means the shield has protected you in that case from 5000 damage, not 12500. 125% might seem like a lot, but it really much less than you might think. That's in general how shields work in the game. So I think it's only fair if Paladin received shield at level 3 and 4. They already nerfed fetters last update and now Harad Call, slowly Paladin will have very little control and heal and shield is all it has left.
  6. I wonder how Hunter + Shaman couldn't fully control druid, so he can't heal 🤔 But when they did, they killed him.
  7. I think you guys went too harsh on warden. The only good thing about them is that they were tanky. Very low damage and control, and now you over killed it. I don't see their role in PvP whatsoever. Maybe remove damage reduction penalty from fortification
  8. Let's hope that new Sacred Shield will apply a copy on the Paladin on lvls 3 and 4, if not, I think we might be completely out of the Arena scene xD Especially that most classes got buffed real good. I guess we wait and see.
  9. Can't really pick one. In Arena probably Shaman and Necromancer (and Charmers?) on MC side, Druids and Rangers (maybe Paladin too) on Elves. If I had to pick one, Rangers. Next update will have new expert skills?
  10. I'll wait to test new changes before giving my opinion, but overall it seems promising. However, one thing I can't get behind is I don't see a point in making druid and shaman heals stack to 2 times. If devs aren't planning to remove castle buffs from Arena, I don't see how 2 druids in 2v2 Arena will die anymore.
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