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  1. About activable bonuses

    I was actually being sarcastic. Do you read how dumb that sounds. Of course it's not a solution, and there should be smaller pots.
  2. About activable bonuses

    Yeah don't use exp pot if you're not gonna play 12hrs
  3. What changes when you level up "Switcheroo"

    It just reduces the slow down effect for the warden, the usage distance stays the same. Pretty useless if you ask me.
  4. What are you ?! Charmer?

    Oh boy 630 pdmg and 396 magic.. Would be fun if Paladin used cloth armor. I mean, I know Charmer op but come on, those opponents you fought were so bad and half afk. Can't use them to justify charmer's OPness.

    1h mace can reach 900+
  6. Shield rune for tanking

  7. Shield rune for tanking

    You have a block armor, you can capitalize on block. Enchant belt with block as well. Are you leveling blessing? If yes then I think you can make a good 20% block build. But I don't know if it is an effective build for Charmers, since they aren't really tanks. You can ask this pro +200IQ in the game player @nabnecro
  8. Weapon Is Lost

    Welcome to the game :)
  9. Shield rune for tanking

    Many "good" tanks enchant defense to reach cool looking 10k def without any buff. But little did they know is that it adds only 1%-1.5% defense to them. So definitely +3% is block better and stay 9.5k def. For defense around 6-7k, it could be worth it, because enchant would add around 2.5%, but I'd still go for block because at higher level damage from bosses becomes 500+, better have more chance to block it all, than to reduce by 10. Also not forget it helps against magic damage.
  10. A faster way to chat on pc

    Is this new? I to open inventory M for map Z to chat C for Equipment menu S to open skills A to show stats J to open quests
  11. Charmer - Spawn kill in solo

    Nah most classes can do that.
  12. Abyss Guards

    They drop castle items.
  13. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    I didn't mention Barbs and DKs because they aren't really like charmer's 7 yard stun, and you mentioned why and how they can be countered. You can't kite out the Charmer like DK, because he can just cycle the 4 skills again and again. Then there is this little chance that this hit gets blocked (not everyone can) or dodged (accuracy solves it). Charge also has chance to fail AND chance to miss with dodge/parry/block, so we're fine on that. It also increases the damage a lot, so not even the best shield (unless maybe maxed up, which isn't really a PvP build) will make it deal 0. Now the funny part about Paladins.. It is very rare to get advantage of that 6th yard unless you're talking about 1v1. In Arena you don't wanna sacrifice the whole radius to catch the farthest dude, normally, you wanna catch as many as possible, and that can lead to stunning in range of 4 to 5, or even 3 yards > easily outranged. And if you don't catch all, then you're getting controlled and eventually killed, so add to that the high risk, like Barb's Charge. And it's funny how you kinda contradict yourself mentioning 4 classes that can stun the Paladin before jumping, and then wonder why is no one talking about Paladin being OP for the 5-6 yard AoE stun. And if it comes to being 5 yards, then you can add almost every class can stun before the Paladin jumps. Also Call can easily fail due to screen bug even if the opponents didn't give any effort to separate and avoid getting stunned in that small 3x3 radius. You talked about that kind of people that complain about stuff that may look OP but you can easily figure out. You're not one of those who stand on top of each other in a 3x3 radius in Arena, right? So let's and stay in the topic and not act like perfect community-healthy players and all-knowing and belittle everyone who oppose us.
  14. Question about 3 relics

    just pay someone else to say what he says?