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  1. Guys are you sure there is double drop rate in technoplis heroic? Because it doesn't seem like it has. I personally ran more than 70 runs and got only 1 weapon drop. Other friends ran like 100 times and got only 2. Totally we did more than 2m GP from Technopolis and the drops we got could be counted on one hand. It's getting frustrating.
  2. Ew no. It's windows 10. I don't know that's how I take ss or record, through xbox. It shouldn't appear though, like the remaining ones, but I was spamming buttons to take ss.
  3. How to be a Paladin in dungeons 101. And when your mage dies, so you have to be the mage.
  4. So we time travel when we go to t4? :o Even swamps btw, shit is from the future.
  5. Nah, I just know that they didn't pick me cus I won the previous contest, it wouldn't be fair, even though I'm the most beautifulest.
  6. Congratulations beautiful ladies and gentlemen.
  7. Weekend's over.
  8. I guess there is a hidden message, they put troll because they trolled us and the contest's results won't be announced today.
  9. Well, I think Warspear civilizations developed technology to make robots already, Technopolis.
  10. Nice, but I wish you'd put different costumes next time, like Snorlar, Serpent. It's been always demo or trolls.
  11. I thought it was a clickbait title, but no, it's real. Wew that's really nice man.