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  1. Let me guess, those classes will be "premium classes"?
  2. I think it'd make more sense to get to choose between the full def heavy and full magic cloth armors, magic on heavy is too much, same thing for max magic staff or 1h mace with magic stats and tanky shield set.
  3. Exactly! Btw I have one point that I'd like to point out if I may. Exasperation: increases character's autoattack damage while the skill is active, each autoattack reduces the enemy's movement speed for a certain period. The skill constantly consumes energy. Why would decreasing enemy's movement speed be a good thing for melee class? I think this secondary buff is pretty useless, it'd make more sense to increase the character's attack speed or something, since it is using daggers or 2handed weapons, which both go well with speed. And making the enemy slower with hitting is impossible if you can't reach him, so I don't see the point in it.
  4. Why not then allow paladins to wear cloth (and possibly staffs).
  5. Good point. Though I wish elves had this chance too, a class that can equip cloth and heavy, staffs and melee. It's cool with big potential. Combat healing: instantly restores a certain amount of health point of a character or an ally and casts positive effect "Healing" that gradually restores health points during a cert Are those 2 different heal types in one skill? Like, instant regeneration and then heal over time?
  6. I wish the charmer was sentinel, it looks so fun with mixing gears. I guess it's time to make an MC main
  7. Gotta wait and see them to pick the new class, so excited.
  8. Those classes will get 7 new unique experts each?
  9. Seriously even if 1k isn't that broken? Casually getting 7k extra HP... You know what's funny? Paladins' basic HP is lower than all other tanks because we can heal. As if this is not a heal skill, heck I need to heal 7 times with max magic to get that HP. You can't balance when you have a broken logic.
  10. HA! loser. No seriously though, one does not simply put glad on the list without zeus, but I think it's her opinion anyway. I'd make my own list but it's boring, and being a top player now isn't like it was before, it got pretty easier now.
  11. I don't know if I fully get what's going on but I think there is no bug, the regeneration is double your calculations because you're not in fight mode - in fight mode regeneration is halved. So basically for fairer gameplay, this skill must be nerfed. It's crazy broken. I don't understand why it was buffed in the beginning...
  12. Add Rangers: Alejanbro and Pvprange
  13. Better rewards? Or at least make resilience buff doesn't affect PvE like the basic 5%.