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  1. [Fu Hao] did you get this costume?
  2. Gladiator

    Battle Royale Mode

    Would be cool, but good luck getting 100 people to demand when you need lose pt for 2v2.
  3. Gladiator

    Paladin Defensive skill?

    Neah. It absorbs 1.6k damage but without the defense and resilience of the Paladin, so at the end, not really 1.6k but also 1.6k.
  4. Gladiator

    Paladin Defensive skill?

    Yes, Paladin has Sacred Shield that absorbs damage depending on the character's HP (40% of the HP at 4/4 and can be casted on 2 characters)
  5. Gladiator

    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    is it possible that it will be released for PC once?
  6. Gladiator

    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    not available in Germany
  7. What??!! I'm literally in shock. Wow, thank you very much guys, I'm really flattered. I don't know if I deserve all of this praise, I almost teared up reading the description of my title, wow. Thank you again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hopefully 2019 will be a great year for everyone and for the game.
  8. I'm afraid that future content like next Ayvondil section will have the same problem. Hard and challenging at the beginning, and then becomes too easy after people start complaining. To solve this problem I wish dungeons had different difficulties that offer different drop chances so that people who want a challenge can have it for a little more drop chance, and weaker/lazier people can have their easy boring version of the dungeon.
  9. Gladiator

    [2018.12.07] The XXV Arena season is open!

    Yeah, a test season for cross server sand would be cool then!
  10. Gladiator

    Inequality of classes

    I'm not against complaining and suggesting for fixes. But at least you gotta know what you're talking about. How did you come up with the claim that Warden gets more HP than Barb? You are not comparing two players that have the same gear, otherwise obviously barb will get more HP because of the 4% extra HP. And as for the other points you've made, I haven't understood anything.