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  1. Make up your mind. First you complained that opposite alliances aren't fighting. Now crying about getting killed by opposite alliance.
  2. Since you're new here, AIGRIND should tell you that you will see a lot of such players and reports. But yeah, you'll get used to it.
  3. I wouldn't mind it if the mode wasn't as bad. If we can demand in full pt, I don't mind it.
  4. Everything about reward changes is fine. But: Allow full pts to go in. What's the point of not allowing them? And this rotation thing seems bad, why not just replace it the normal 3v3 mode, it will add variations and different modes to play with in the arena, rather than removing a unique mode like seal. Now we have 2 boring 3v3 modes whose matchmaking will be abused due to now being able to demand in party, in addition to 5v5, 3 modes with the same abuse-able mechanics. Good job AiGrind...
  5. Everything here is personal opinion
  6. I gotta say, I really like the dungeon boss mechanics, the bombs thing (Though I wish they were more punishing, as they are pretty easy to avoid), the teleport and then ranged shooting, it looks cool!
  7. Great! Arena needs a rework for sure. My biggest concerns are: - Random/Solo demands in 3v3 and 5v5 are constantly being abused as mentioned in the original post. Make demands in party possible. - Castle teleport, cleanse and invisibility pots give unfair advantage to some classes over others (Other buffs are fine IMO, at least they don't give unfair advantage, for example you can't use cleanse on a fear/blind but you can on a fetter/roots) - Last but not least: Inactivity problems. I don't know how to solve, but I think cross-server arena would be the most optimal f
  8. In other words: They wanna milk every last drop of money they can get out of lvl30 gear before moving on to lvl32.
  9. Am I missing something here? It already works like that. Also fix the russian parts in the ''Fixes''
  10. How is playing like that more efficient than landscape mode?
  11. Ah I see a timely theme, I love it! Very nice graphics and art. I hope to see more depth to the theme than just aesthetics, like some ''infected'' areas where you need special equipment (masks ) to enter, or you'll receive poison damage; Poison damage is increase when there are nearby allies (social distancing ). Area effects kinda like the underwater. But nonetheless, great theme. But I gotta say, that skeleton in the picture needs to wear the mask over his nose! I love the idea of seasonal arena modes! Does that mean we will also see a special mode for Christmas every year?
  12. Yeah, piercing is definitely not the answer for a Paladin. Only if using 2 handed weapons. And especially not if using magic weapons, obviously. However if you're using physical damage build, and you feel like your mana is doing fine, then a bit of piercing won't hurt. And then whether you want stun or CD on boots, it will depend on your other gear. For me, since I already have 24% CD, and since I use stun mace and enchant shield with stun, I do stun on boots. But it's totally up to you.
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