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  1. No help from anyone i guess
  2. its getting very annoying now happened 2 times in 2 days
  3. Ive come across a problem while playing on my android phones recently. Warspear randomly resets and clears data and cache.(while not in use) Ive recently bought a new phone and the same thing happens on it as well. Ive had to put my skills and other settings on over and over again..
  4. Well the amping system wont be changed any time soon and we are straying too far into that specific topic. Yes we might need to tone down the p2w a bit to attract players but it does allow older players to steamroll ahead more doesn't it? I haven't seen any comments from a support person or a dev yet... 😂well all we can do is try.
  5. In my opinion its a mild p2w than compared to other games ive tried playing. Thats why i am concerned or i would quit as well. Has potential but its not being tapped into...
  6. Thats where population comes in if people are unable to sell useful or meta items gears whatever, its cuz the drops have surpassed the amount of people.. Thats one of the points in the topic how to get new players to interact with the older player base... We can have one hell of a community. If Devs are expecting suddenly random increases in population like 3-4 years ago its not happening. Imagine getting awarded for registering at the forum. And having level locked internship in the guild, meaning u are a passive member of the guild. You might not be able to join events and stuff but u can use the guild buffs to level up get a grasp of the game. Well only if devs read these suggestions.
  7. well the number of replies to this post shows... and honestly cmon how many new serious or growing players have you seen. I have seen like 8-10 for the past few months and some just quit already... Having actual players is whats the problem... Especially right after horror everything went silent like boom event ends active players went half and atleast 8 players i know straight up quit.. Infact even one guildmate quit today after deleting his own gear and stuff.
  8. I can be technical here if you want.. Heres an idea Help a new player = get a reward in order for this system to not be abused add a daily limit AND add a system where u can only avail these rewards if u have played for a certain amount of days for example 30 days of login. And the level gap between you and the new player. And a system where its recognized that its an actual new player not an alt. Therefore u can't abuse the system. maybe its a wishful idea but i have seen it in other games and it definitely works
  9. And talking about helping new players people wont walk and help every other new player because 100% being curt and no filters people are selfish in some way or lazy in the end and we can solve this very very easily. By adding a reward system for helping actual new players...
  10. I get what you're saying but is it that easy because of the state of the game players are very laid back about sharing anything related to WS and there is no integration of sharing the game on social media kind of stuff in the game itself.. The administration itself has been very passive about advertising because it doesn't show anywhere honestly or i maybe blind but yea this is my opinion I
  11. Its dead inside atleast. Its hollow is what i mean. Maybe its not close but its getting there init? I was pointing at the Non Russian servers specifically...its happening everyone knows... Advertising is kind of not our job.. but people tried i mean making WS videos although not a lot of stuff to show. We might brush it aside as a casual clicking mmorpg but definitely its not.. cuz u fall behind very fast if u quit for like 3-4 months...
  12. I've been playing this game for quite a few years and its sad to see this happen. Its the truth and its happening the non Russian servers are dying people around me are being inactive or leaving. Its become a seasonal game honestly You play at either of the 3-4 yearly events or you don't ... Guessing from guild population and people that log atleast 4 days a week its less than a thousand players on both sides in total (specifically talking about Eu Emerald). The game move to add it on steam hasn't worked out quite well for increasing the popularity of the game. I feel we have to take some sort of measures to get more players. Its been awfully quiet and very robotic in terms of any changes in power or population growth and if there is a new face in the game its usually old players coming back but 2 others leaving... Merging servers is quiet impossible in terms of timing the events but other stuff like merging dealer or having some sort of cross server event would be a good idea. Knowing that many people still love 2D pixel rpg games i think WS can do better.. Rather than (don't want to be ungrateful or negative) having same repetitive events we could add something like sharing achievements or other game stuff to social media and earning rewards. Having collabs and crossovers with other games/animes/movies like other games. That's it for me. what's your take on this and how can we increase the population of the game?
  13. imagine clicking dmg3 while rushing to bank stam
  14. Hello guys i want to ask if botting is allowed in this game i ve been playing for a while especially in arena level 28-30 3vs3 random on EU-Emerald server so i am not able to win because of these bots who are online 24/7... If so can i start botting too?I have reported these people couple of times(few seasons ago and last season) but it seems like support is allowing such behavior. Anways here are some names on EU-Emerald server who bot and few clips and screenshot.Also one guy logs around 3-5 chars to spam arena name is Douluo He logs his elf chars (Imhungry,Mindized) and afks so they have and advantage. Well we are able to beat the bots but we are human and play only few hours... in the end they come out on top So tell me guys can i start botting too? as u see in the videos how aimlessly they follow my friend without using any strategy and in another video they just dont atk and randomly move around one guy has even kept a name Bots funny.... So here is the list Douluo jing jingx megnan xss zhunao thrthrfour luckyka rigo bots these are online 24/7 i dont wanna mention more names they aren't online as much but they bot too Got a player admitting his friends are botting too... Warspear Online VID-20200108-WA0011.mp4 VID-20200109-WA0038.mp4
  15. @Akasha there is no image for the new crystal in all attributes 😕
  16. This is just one event thats been made public and got a 1000+ views many people have been through this and have gained way less support than this Since we are getting a chance why don't we ask the questions now and then so next time something similar happens we atleast know why or how. Or we have to make a topic and wait for another few weeks if it happens again. I don't wanna stir up trouble or something.Its just that this matter has been unattended for too long and given chances to cheaters than having good and honest players winning.
  17. dead topic? keep it alive till we get a response
  18. Erm hello? You were losing by 150k ap so you reported him and your winning.
  19. Time doesn't stop you know. The time for arena season is running out while we sit on out bums and watch it happen. Tbh comparing to other communities which review bomb or take the game down completely. (sue games in some cases. WS has a really peaceful community and that's actually what makes the games administration carefree. Like earlier in spring event we had these server issues people lost sets of stams it was going on for a week and then what we get messages ingame after a week that server isn't stable don't do anything at that specific time. And the disruptions kept happening people complained a lot. After that they "fixed" the issues. But hello? where is the compensation? Where is my great upots stams minions? Just an example not putting it on u higgs showing people. Played since 2012 but never have the admins been so carefree like the past 2-3 years.....
  20. The thing is on EU-server Chinese players are really known for rule breaking mostly to arena related stuff. Like buying and selling accounts with rewards or paying some money or mcoins to spam arena for them. Most of it goes unseen for some unknown reason. The most pathetic part about this topic here is we still don't have any response from the support team on the forum. (not talking about mods) Actual proper "technical support". Hey do you realise your lying to yourself. Am in your qq group just dont know. let me strip you guys So when muyan got banned his guild quit and left a lot of characters to this person named Iyouhun this guy can log everyones accounts in his group and also a few elf chars to afk. He wakes up first starts spamming with 6 accounts logged in.He takes all the wins because rest all of em are afk then other two(vsopsb and gzgzgz) wake up and log their own accounts and when elf come to block they log afks. Then when they have work Mymia and Macabre log all these accounts for spam. The funniest part about this is these people take ranks both in level 28 and also 22. WHICH IS HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE TO CONSIDERING YOUR HUMAN. So ofc they are cheating and its obvious. The difference in skill and the combos its obvious. Also ivyouhun is a bought account and i know for a fact so does the "technical support" cuz i already sent hard proof.
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