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  1. Counciler

    Mana And Mana Regain

    Ye kinda bs we need such high regen but its to make us rely on pot, Message me in game if u want *anubis us server Seeker has two issues, no real stun which is bad for a melee char and mana regen
  2. sem link, estou baseando isso anterior isso acontecer, por favor fique calmo
  3. Counciler

    Mana And Mana Regain

    So for good mana on seeker to use skills no need pots, i recommend 90 mana regen, for dg thats what i use anyway, but i think it would be good idea as means can free some for other stat instead need full regen
  4. Counciler

    Acc blocked in middle of spam

    True no arguments with that, but would say make it clear that u think its bug or otherwise gm will get spam tickets, better keep ppl calm at times like this 😅
  5. Counciler

    Acc blocked in middle of spam

    Im just advise as those sorta apps ik gm not as keen on, it is frustrating to watch this happen ik
  6. Counciler

    Account blocked

    I would personally say wait till the morning when gm wakes to see if they announce it as a bug, instead of spam gm with tickets, as i would imagine its time consuming reply each person say its bug
  7. Counciler

    Acc blocked in middle of spam

    Hi, yes but across many server, and all same time, and only device bans, it kinda points towards an error in the system, i did check a few ppl from diff server before came forum, on this occasion i would say is bug
  8. Counciler

    Acc blocked in middle of spam

    Dont try bypass block on ur device, i wouldnt personally advise anyway,
  9. Counciler

    Acc blocked in middle of spam

    Hi, im from us server, dont worry its a device ban as i said, its a bug im guessing, simply change device to log ur acc for now, it should be fixed tommoz
  10. Hi, i am purely speculating on past mistakes and presume an error has marked our devices as bots and auto banned us, as u can see accounts are not banned and u can log them by other device, please be patient while gm wakes and sees
  11. Counciler

    blocked account

    Olá, eu não falo português então por favor, perdoe se houver algum erro, atualmente muitos jogadores foram bloqueados ao mesmo tempo por uma proibição de dispositivo, em que eu acredito ser uma proibição de dispositivo, tenho certeza que os moderadores irão corrigir de manhã, por favor paciente e usar dispositivo diferente para registrar até então
  12. Counciler

    Acc blocked in middle of spam

    No 😛 its bug idk what went wrong im purely speculating on previous times this happen, im guess it see all device as one user
  13. Counciler

    Acc blocked in middle of spam

    Yes as i say it acted up, it thought we bots so ban us, like chat bots in wc or bots arena or bots for farm, gm watch for all, give some patience
  14. Counciler

    Acc blocked in middle of spam

    hi guys, this is just from me, but from what im aware gm has a system in place catch bots, our devices look dodgy so it acted up, its a bug,happened many ppl, dont worry gm will most likely fix when awake, atm change device as it device block only