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  1. New relic fails to work

    The new relic is supposed to heal 10% of dmg taken, I did on low mob where u should get 1hp :( but instead no heal, and with larger mobs same result just I die quicker @Daria
  2. @Daria is possible to consider change event with shadowing so that mob cannot be damaged by players, as many trolls kill and ruin event for rest
  3. Amp is broken

    140 could be just unlucky if ur trying +10, can be expensive amping

    Also @Jessie I reported 2-3 weeks ago to you and your response was you are aware of the problem and ur trying to solve, no link provided, I took link from friend who also messaged u

    I can send ss to support of results rather than here if I can please, or direct to u if required, And other guy who ask what the links are, they are there for test speed
  6. Insults and racism in the game

    This is kinda like when you read in your terms and conditions and see something like, you are above the age of (said age) or you are mentally sane, they don't enforce the rule but if it comes an issue then someone reports it to staff and they sort it, for example Facebook users must be 13+ if they lied about their age you can report the account as being someone underage, and then they must provide proof they are over the said age to gain access to their account. This swearing in game we have a profanity filter, if you are being bullied so much you feel you need gm, or they offended putin, then report them, but don't need an active sorta police

    This is am issue with mobile users using data
  8. [2017.09.25] Game servers restart

    Just to let you know stability has done nothing for problem for data users trying to log, just so you are aware the problem is still here, thought worth check with you messing with servers
  9. [2017.09.25] Game servers restart

    Hope this may remove bug about log for data users

    Ty for replying :P

    @Daria I know I sound impatient but is there any sorta news you have heard on this ?
  12. Insults and racism in the game

    Again to disconnect players can.be abused although annoying, can be time waster if spam offline, like kick from dg, waste arena pot for block, and to disconnect someone for a sec isn't really threat as they can just go back on and continue, its lovely idea but best way gm solved this was by adding a profanity filter and allowing remove wc from being seen, maybe extending the profanity filter might be a better suggestion, and you can always report people for racist remarks which can lead to chat bans
  13. Insults and racism in the game

    Even with this, we will still have people using powers inappropriately, even with moderation, people can be banned for example outta a dispute which would not normally deserve a ban, this can be checked later and aigrind can reverse this but thats not the point now a player has had unknown time wasted banned while aigrind reviewed his banning, this can help with arena season for example, although this person who mods for aigrind may be removed still doesn't remove what happened, gives others the same idea really, I mean if they did on friday when gms gone home then we won't see unban till monday -Tuesday, you could say they could request ban to gm instead of them quick action do it, but thats system we have now, Also this should be in suggestions
  14. CAN'T CONNECT!!!

    Muffin others waiting too, just see if gm can find problem they aware of the problem I got response the other day