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  1. Counciler

    Craft Idea

    To boost people into getting in crafting, maybe in seasonal events like hween u could get seasonal craft jobs, which create gear with rare bonuses such as ls, but to balance this somewhat make it so that these jobs cannot be selected for 49mc so its random, and have it only with certain gear so people still go to dungeons. For example a dmg amulet % with ls Mdef dmg ls attack speed Or Belt Def stun hp pene These dont drop at dg and shouldnt affect ppl go dg still.
  2. Counciler

    New Players Aid System

    Ur guidance is from quest description and map, minion does heal or dmg, example when i was lvl17 and in swamp plague witch doctor helped me kill blue slugs for quest in swamps, theres no need for what i imagine is a helper = ask random player to help you ? To ask wc or pm most will help the only way this would benefit ppl is by tele can be 1g, other than that your making it so ppl expect something for helping newbies.
  3. Counciler

    New Players Aid System

    +9 daggers i choose be druid so its now +9 staff ? Or u mean helper is like minion cause we have minions
  4. Counciler

    Display error or no added bonus

    Bump or can someone explain the 5%
  5. Counciler

    Display error or no added bonus

    Relic castle adds 5% chance relic activate, it worked with shield relic on my vamp rune but on attack rune kept at 10% maybe display bug maybe doesnt add, can you check for me ? Both relics are on the same skill
  6. Counciler

    Fero cap at 50%

    Is this right as fero daggers 27 take u just over 50 if enchant fero 54.8% so making cap 50 means why great enchant them ? Is it bug or implemented ?
  7. Top #50 get currency is okay as in 3-4months ill have new gear 😎
  8. Removing 6-16 arena gear just means they save for high lvl items ? Or they wait items come back ? Kinda made it so low lvl arena for buy high lvl gear only
  9. Nice Does matter drop from bosses ? Spraying is disassemble So purple drops purple and lower Blue drops blue and lower Etc ?
  10. Counciler

    all accounts sold/traded

    some professionalism would be nice, or at least try to appear less biased
  11. Counciler

    all accounts sold/traded

    Hi can someone explain to me why any other time support would close the topic and refer to send a ticket, but in this instance when it seems to involve characters of interest, support mods can take it as place to gossip ? @Reivenorikcan you please look into this as this has become apparent across a few forum posts and i can link if needed
  12. Counciler

    Why nerfing Paladin in this way is a bad idea...

    While this seems like buddy moan club, you realise pala has combo stun which includes fetters, makes it hard for dmg class to fight back if caught, it must be fetters or one of other skills be nerfed, and tbh you can still stop enemy run away and hit from far with fetters..... also all the options in the survey show the biased nature of this pala had nerf coming, maybe in future gm will amp one of their skill but atm they been needing a nerf just like warden and charmer did
  13. 40% auto dmg yet u complain 0.0
  14. Waiting test servers :3
  15. Any info on % skilk dmg for seeker skill ? Or cD as kinda seems nub skill atm, unless has okay cd