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  1. bought account?

    Other say new owner from usa I'm sure he bought barb too from Finland guy an barbarian named mythality idk spell << that barb have barb lvl6 10+ full reward rogue with bone winged lvl14 10+ shaman 16 10+ barb 26 or check his lvl n say barb lvl 26 True its up to gm to check and not allowed to say anything, but it kinda annoying see friends leave and see new people who not even worked on them to buy acc and pretend they did all, atte was good guy, it shame others use his acc now to troll
  2. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    You had 2days to make 1post, it was in game world chat, Facebook and forum, its 1min post and tbh update will be next week so not long waiting
  3. Seekers Mana Drain

    Use relic
  4. Lennojx Scammer Exposed

    Omg wont load full reply
  5. Lennojx Scammer Exposed

    This makes me laugh
  6. Lennojx Scammer Exposed

    0.o wont let me put full post
  7. Lennojx Scammer Exposed

    This makes me laugh
  8. Truth behind lies

    Fights and drama im not after, i ignored you to end that and had no drama but as i saw you was joining in on the bullying of mia, that i cannot ignore. Also seeing more than one perspective normally helps solve an issue, the reason i messaged other moderators to see if they can add their opinion, if u wish to be sour go ahead, but one last thing if i wanted to make you look sour in every topic then why didnt i comment on the bullying of tetmas friend in the beauty contest ? Now the drama begins ? I dont need to make you look bad and as of now your going back to being ignored
  9. Truth behind lies

    I still dont recall telling you that, weird also that you been on my ignore for so long, following a lie with more lies never helps, also back to the point about your posts as it is not locked yet, to state his opinion is fine but when it comes to bullying is it write ? If i made a forum and said you was a harlot, would it be removed ? Its my opinion after all, and refering to your original comment you refer to me saying something to which i had not, as way to support that comment, innocent it would seem if you had just said that but the blah lol she isnt famous on warspear, i see noone saying she was, i feel you are saying that as to say she is a nobody ? The blah kinda shows that...
  10. Truth behind lies

    Whilst waiting approval of my comment i will post here the truth behind some foolish childs lie. The lie is that from logan that, mia also known as queeencleo is a guy and pretends to be a girl. Sadly due to a friend believing it better to help logan spread hate he took an ss of a group chat and there is an icon hiding this, mia was trolling in group chat, some members still new didnt realise we joke in that chat, so mia decided to troll those silly enough to think its her, but the clever bit is she never said she was era, she was enjoying troll but thought to end it and started telling people its not her, reminder not once did she say it was her. Logan saw its not her and the ss of troll and choose either to be fool and think was real and was trolled by mia, or that he wanted to direct hate towards her, no matter the case he should have thought before he acted and personally i would not want to be known to be friends with logan if he was just doing this to be bully, but i already seen his bullying and they way he bullys girls until they have to become like his slaves, ofc mia will never stand down to a bully and not will i, would also like to see if forum moderator would like to take this post based on the defense of someone being bullied by a bully who has support already of one forum moderator. Overall i feel this is an attempt to bully but i guess maybe he might have been trolled so badly he made post.
  11. [2016.08.03] Game servers stop on 04.08

    Glow has been mentioned many times and they said they will sort asap, it is only a glow xd not major issue