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  1. So final boss heal is so high mc + elf cant kill Its like 300-400k heal in 10sec Us sapphire server @Reivenorik @Cardinal SVID_20190315_134023_1.mp4
  2. What cd increase does medusa give as her passive ? @Reivenorik
  3. This can be done with nub gear, any heal class should be able to do, let 2 spider spawn and let them attack 2 totem in ur path,even with heal aggro i not seen any issue with get it done, imo its easiest swamp quest, alongside finding mask in chests and will o wisp
  4. @Reivenorik What % crit and pene does the minion add? What mana + hp regen does other minion add?
  5. @Reivenorik hey gonna ask they usual bro, whats the passive % on minions ?
  6. Hey i have this issue too, maybe its the music bug, try play warpsear for now with no music see if it helps
  7. Was world event, i finally did, but issue was although recieving chest and buff for last part of the event and having all the buffs from the other parts of event, if you die at final stage, it didnt give point for achieve. Although the xmas event over now
  8. Odd Q but what timeline are we on for skylore, as i think i seen engineer, im wonder is it before the great war or just after 😛
  9. Post ss of skill changes, i can provide pot if u need
  10. So twice this has happened to me and now others saying same, at final stage world event if you die before event complete u dont get achieve, but i had done 30seconds and got chest so i had completed ? Just happened again this event -anubis
  11. @Reivenorikany idea how u complete killing campaign ? Like is there set rules ?
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