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  1. Can hide, just dont rely heavy on bleed
  2. @Reivenorik hey do you have the two new skill books % stats They drop from pirate chest
  3. Ye im in on this one too, much work for lil reward, u gotta hope to win the 5-5 match too so 25 maybe 30-50 matches daily
  4. Hey message support and tell them the issue clearly and politely, they have a speed checker link they normally send to players to double check its not at your end @Reivenorik can you find the link and make a subforum in support forum so players can check before message support ?
  5. Not meaning to sound like a troll but if you cant connect how would u spend a cent ? And message support with ur details saying cant connect, talk politely and explain clearly the issue at hand
  6. Either that or increase stacks
  7. Ye 1-2month is something however the more active players find themselves clearing their bags more often
  8. This is all in the rules, you can be perma banned straightaway for breaking the rules sadly. They dont need to provide evidence but if you speak nicely im sure they might do for you bro. You gotta remember these guys busy for t5 release soon
  9. Counciler

    Server lag

    Hey guys, these guys dont work saturdays and sundays, so they cant help till today so give em a lil break
  10. Yeeee i think you leaving for 1-2years meant you have less stuff stored, yes clearing ur bag helps which i do, but im doing often just so i can pick up drops or buy mcoin items.
  11. Pvp i can 1:1 some classes but relies heavy on what skills u use, for pve i can solo spiders and some t3 bosses without minion or pot. Our shield needs buffing imo im terms of how much dmg it takes as at the minute my shield goes in one hit. A defensive skill would be nice or a stun 😢
  12. Cause something is 50% chance drop doesnt mean 2 run = drop Of course the % is way lower but just means keep try and hope for the best
  13. Kk enjoy japan, try that gambling pinball game they have there seems pretty fun
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