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[2013.11.07] In development: Map of new continent

Guest LaOnza

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Dear friends!


We are continuing our series of publications about new island – Ayvondil. But first I would like to make small note. Let me introduce myself – LaOnza, PR Manager of AIGRIND company. This means that I will tell you about situation in company and about future of the game. Simply – I'm your “spy” in the developers team! :) Together with snorlax and r0land we will continue answering your questions, watch your forum posts and tell to dev team all your opinions and suggestions. Your opinions and expressions are represented in different threads on our forum, which we are reading carefully. I look forward to a constructive dialogue within the rules of forum.


Let's come back to Ayvondil – this announcement will differ from previous ones. It will look like dialogue. Today we as developers will not just unveil new part of information about long-awaited Ayvondil, but share plans for the nearest future, tell you why it’s happened that Ayvondil was announced at the beginning of the summer, but still “in development”. Interesting? Let's go!




So, we told you about our plans of development Warspear Online at the beginning of the summer, promised you to increase max level from 20 to 30, new continent, guild development and many-many more you can read about in special thread on our forum. To make you try all new features immediately and not waiting whole year or more till release, as it happens in other MMORPG, we decided to come back to stage-by-stage update system, which was known to oldschool players from releasing Irselnort. So, for the last six months guilds began to grow and develop (only to the level 4) and this is just beginning! We have plans to make 10 levels for guilds! Previously announced minions were added to the game as well as all other features – this is a preparation for releasing new global update, which will open up new opportunities for guilds and parties. Laborious and time-consuming work of the whole is behind these words. Sometimes it takes many months from the words on paper and until new island appearing in the game, but what is the result!


Ayvondil, here it is!


Today we finished another but very important phase – we continued history of the world! Every quest, every monster or NPC that you'll have meet on continent will “breathe” with the history of Arinar. Every monster is on its place, quests are thought over. Ayvondil will be a turning point in the confrontation between good and evil, and those who will possess it, will determine the future course of the war. And this is how you will see Ayvondil (click on the picture to enlarge map):


Опубликованное фото


Maliat – old capital of the Firstborn, devastated by Orin's Legion and partially rebuilt by Dark Elves. Majestic Tree of Life – heart of forest – rises in the center of the city. Abandoned houses conceals mysteries no less than forest thicket, which lies outside the city walls. From recent times Taint – an echo of the terrible curse - began to spread from Rotten Garden. Will the Dark Elven brotherhoods throw away controversies and fight evil creatures?


Lizardmen, also known as tlalocs, had their own country long before the first War for the Spear. However, after the Great Rift they were scattered throughout the Arinar. Here, on the banks of Ayvondil, lizardmen found new capital – Tlasco. Raised the pyramids in honor of their gods, tlalocs for a long time enjoyed peace. So it was until the earth erupted from its depths out hordes of termites - warlike tribe of pale-skinned creatures.


Cat tribe of shadders has chosen these places a long time ago. Forests full of wild animals and rivers with fish helped shadders to stand in a fight against bloodthirsty neighbours – werewolfs. But clans of riders on vaires appeared far more dangerous than werewolfs. Vaires are winged creatures, dragons look alike. And it is no coincidence that people say about one of the first dragons of Arinar who lived in this part of forest


Satyrs are cheerfull and friendly nation, appreciating good wine and a good joke the most. But lately, quarrels between become more frequent and part of tribe left the Piliom, the main village of goat-legged people. The elders are nodding heads – neither give nor take, it's the fault of elven magic which is still alive in the ruins of the white stone tower. The greatest druid of Ayvondil has built it, but what happened to him? Why his masterpiece was set to serve evil?


Azure Shallow is the home of tritons – sea nation. Five centuries ago this part of Ayvondil went to the bottom and since then life here flowed with a completely different laws. At the bottom of the sea you can find countless treasures, but before that unlucky explorer will meet death from claws, teeth and harpoons of underwater creatures. The true root of the evil is hidden among the dark fragments of elven fleet lost during the assault of Maliat. There you can find the keys to many mysteries of Ayvondil.


By now we made over 300 locations, hundreds of new quests are added and tuned, hordes of dangerous and insidious monsters are waiting for you. These unexplored territories only the tip of the iceberg on which we are currently working on. We still have much to add and improve. But we don't want you to wait many months, until all job will be done. So we will open the continent gradually. You will see Maliat capital and nearby territories first!


To get into the city you will need to ask Captains, but do not forget that Maliat is designed for 20-24 level characters and open for both alliances. And while you will explore new territories, crush unseen monsters and solve secrets of Arinar, we will continue our work on the game and will open next city! So, step by step, city by city, gradually adding new features and expanding opportunities for your game characters, we will open for you whole brand new island – Ayvondil.


In conclusion we want to say, that we are already testing our new features for dungeons, about which we will tell you more next time.


We hope you like the new format of communication! You can ask your questions in this thread and we will be happy to answer!


Good bye and see you soon!

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omg i've been longing to hear about ayondil  ;D ;D :friends: :drinks:  and nice to meet u new moderator AKA "spy" :lol:  and also u added new smiley  :snorlax: :snorlax:  haha very nice

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So im guy who is only intressed about Dungeons mostly. So if i can get answer for this: When we might can test dungeons out ? :) Anyway thanks awesome work i see in the map :good:


I guess we have to wait for the next "In development" post. It'll explain everything.

And we didn't forget about regular updates :)

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A PR manager? Awesome, just what the company and its clients needed.



I Am agreeing with Shitley, friendlist including bag space limits need to be increased. I Do hope Aigrind sneaks that in the next couple of updates for the players.



Welcome LaOnza,  i have but one question to ask you. Will you be reviewing the past suggestions made by the players in the suggestion section of forum? Many old yet repeated suggestion's have been in high demand, as such as i have mentioned above.

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very good preview of what the new to come.

I guess open to kill bosses, just a suggestion that does not happen it's hallowen event where bladdancer have no opportunity to kill sam hain therefore can not do quest, only that is balanced for all :snorlax: 8) :facepalm: :clapping:

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