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  1. thas not my zeus fake mc creating accounts claiming its me, i never log mc side to chat world chat even
  2. im shocked and surprised thank you so much and congratz for all Merry Christmas and Happy new year special thanks always goes for our admins and mods, mods got prize so ill give the admins a gift tomorrow something special @Nolan @Holmes @Peony @Akasha did i miss anyone else active?
  3. awesome awesome cant wait test server thank you i did not understand this, 2 winners and 2 losers, who? is it related to factions also?
  4. сделать death knight разделенный урон умением и ограничен количеством игроков в области, но все еще влияет на флаг, как и banner паладина
  5. the only issue i see here is u have too many friends, thats illegal
  6. a ddos attack currently being done on us-sapphire server, check it out @Akasha @Holmes @snorlax
  7. 1. demand full party sure i dont see why not, would make arena harder actually 2. the rotation of arenas i like it, but if can keep all 5 actually i wouldnt mind xD thats my personal opinion unbiased of my server drama, other than that thank you for the update
  8. welcome welcome @Nolan i love the movies u made especially dark knight trilogy, inception and interstellar also tenet the new movie was amazing also! keep up the good work
  9. New map graphics ✓ New rides ✓ New GvG ideas ✓ New Bosses ✓ Related to our day life disease ✓ 9.9/10 ill give u 10/10 when i see the new weapons,gears and books sneak peeks in test server overall ty again for this amazing update
  10. my bad, i rechecked 2012 update and 2015 and you are right it depends on the magic of necro and priest, i dont know why they cancel each other with paladin shield tho but anyway your right necro and priest shield sucks less damage than paladin one my bad took me like 20 minutes of reading old news jajaja gracias
  11. google translate isn't much good xD what the issue here? i can help because i know alot about templar currently playing it and know the current skills effects to full potential did he mean that mantra should protect from tower damage in swamp or did he mean that mantra shouldn't protect from tower damage in swamp? my experience is: mantra isn't protecting damage from towers that hits by %hp damage (swamp towers, arena towers, dungeon towers, ect..) is that a bug tho or thats how the mechanics should be?
  12. skills of each class arent based on soloing in pvp nor in pve skills of each class in each faction are based on the server full balance between legion vs sentinel would i like a sacred shield self casting? sure why not would it not give a 2nd shield to ur 2nd partner if 3/4 or 4/4 and self casted? sure why not is it necessary? nah here is why: in 1v1 pvping that the game clearly tries to avoid, i will be too op u wont be able to kill paladin easily unless u timed disables correctly in arena if u play correctly u can survive with ur partner long enuf to kill enemies, if ur
  13. @Maleknecro gg wp bro, damn veteran defended so badly that globe on mid gate was bad idea, gz u deserve it
  14. dude 2 shields 1 shield depends on paladin hp which is the shield on your paladin 2nd shield depends on the mobs hp that u casted it on any sacred shield or priest shield or necro shield depends on the ally its casted on, your paladin shield that you received is related to your paladin hp not the mobs u casted it on xD
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