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  1. 12 august is early extend it please, video editing for not professional people will take time, i think you will have more variety of videos this way if you extend it i think it should be 3 weeks maybe but i guess maybe on 12th if anyone wants you can extend it maybe other than that: let the games begin Ideas for other people: Zero to a Hero (fast paste montage of how to become a better player over months or years) Achievement Hunter (hunting hard/fun achievements which requires cool video editing) The Assassin (hunting enemy factions in a cool way with pro video editing skills) The Flash (special video for seeker/chieftain running fast completing exciting stuff) Death Match (like concept of other games 100 zombies vs 100 skeleton, u can do something cool 10 bd vs 10 dk or something like that in a bigger scale and in different numbers make it a close battle depending on gears, maybe even 1 class full greatness vs 20 pve) Arena God (comment while your playing in arena how you use your class skills efficiently and skillfully) Movie Related Title (you are obsessed with a movie that you found something similar in warspear to it? recreate your adventure and edit it like they did in the movie while showing a side to side double screen view of the movie and your editing, something cool and rare always amazes the judges) goodluck all
  2. its on all devices and everywhere not related to warlock i think, we cant use skills properly in gvg and wars now because of this bug @Nolan
  3. paladin or templar shield (in arena) can be removed by new chieftain skill at lvl1, mc has counter skills for sentinel shields but yet again we talking about charmer dog summons and not other classes there is no counter much to them if sentinel has same summon capabilities with such powerful stats, forsaken cant enter town also
  4. i think i know what is happening here when someone enters it that has more priority of getting silenced, they take ur turn in being silenced but when they die or exit, u receive the silence thus making this glitch flicker on/off @Nolan what u think?
  5. duly noted who talking about last war? i never said charmer are in any reason elfs losing war, i said its hard to enter mc town when u have a massive pack of zoo animals inside of it that cannot be killed easily, i know you guys hate me in game and spam wchat saying i cry on forum each time i lose but thats not the case here, i just saw a topic about charmer dogs and im commenting my opinion unrelated to what happen in sapphire server exactly, this topic about charmers summons im not complaining about anything else other things u said about druid bd and templar i respectively read all of it but i want keep discussion about charmers here need remove resilience of all pets of all classes maybe its ridiculous cant kill these summons easily in war or gvg or arena
  6. @Nolan yup thats what usually happens cant use any skills its not only in battle of territory tho
  7. agreed for sure but this topic about charmers, another topic would be needed explaining why some sentinel skills need to be nerfed here we talking about how 1 charmer can summon multiple dogs stacking and unable to die easily and hits harder than a player does
  8. i will try all of these and than record next battles not only during the battle for territories, i think as @Jcbreff said maybe related to zone of weakness being casted in same area maybe im not sure hard to tell when its massive battles, but it happened when there is 100+ combined players in area skill glitchs and if there is 200+ players than graphic glitchs happen ill try record next encounter and will do the reinstall and clean of game files ty ill check if this is related maybe cause i remember i was on top of zone of weakness i thought i was silenced than i saw skills on/off flickering fast so yea ill record and watch the video to find out what is causing it ty for the tip
  9. Since last few days due to massive battles in sapphire i noticed skills been glitching i didnt record but is it happening in other servers also? it used to be the map glitching due to many number of players but now due to many skills being used the skills are being glitched on/off ill try record big battles to show it, i thought it was my device but than i saw other people commenting on the issue so im not sure what is causing it or who is affected by it when massive skills or players in location are being used, hotkey bars skills locks on/off in a glitch way u cant press it than u can than u cant than u can, very weird i thought it was related to being silenced or stunned but that debuff doesnt come on/off each 1sec repetitively, anyone else experiencing these on mc or elf side on any server?
  10. templar pet at lvl1 it lasts 10sec with 24sec cooldown at lvl4 im not sure but it cant be cycled to have more than 2 or so, unlike charmer who can cycle 6 dogs without the need of a target to hit making an auto click charmer not hard these days
  11. templar summon can only be casted if there is an enemie and doesnt last more than 1 druid can be casted but also cant have more than 1 mostly they both disappear fast won by multiple unity and bless skills and waves after waves legion stays in base spamming defensively bro barbarian has same skill 100% resist + he can use skills on flag same concept, any barbarian can do this and even survive longer due to his passive ability at low hp if he puts skills 4/4 on both of them he wont die easily on flag + 32 heavy gear exists on both sides how u say thats personal bias? both factions has same gears same skill gear yea i know u won cause of the 15 lvl6-10 warlocks spamming flag with stuns im not complaining about that im complaining about charmer dog in arena and war cant easily be killed due to its resilience acting like a pve mob with pvp stats his resilience reduces dmg of players his pve mode reduces fero dmg thats why low dmg on it + ability to have more than 6 of it each charmer im not being baised im being realistic few pics to proove my points
  12. we going off topic here about other classes this topic is about charmer dog filling up mc town making elf unable to enter it and in arena impossible to kill them using pvp weapons, im not sure if dogs act like pve mobs so pvp weapons very low damage on them but they inflict big damage on enemies counter-wise no need discuss other classes in a topic related to charmer, make other topics in other sections
  13. please keep your drama off forum, damn my fans follow me everywhere lol keep your drama in game i wont respond to bullies on forum i agree
  14. charmer pets and necromancer skeletons in war is a big issue its ridiculous never ending pet zoo in towns cant kill them easily in arena also u do low damage to them not sure if its because they act like pve mobs so ferocity damage to them is reduced, but they need to be fixed or give sentinel same type of skills to be fair i think best scenario to fix this issue is to give same abilities to sentinel as legion has thus making it fair to both sides in terms of skills, priest can have skeletons (revived wisps) and templar can have 1 more minion with low cd like dog
  15. bro lol since when disabling skills stun people mage chains = doesnt stun paladin fetter = doesnt stun shaman quake = doesnt stun chieftain trashing is like chains of mage they never stun stop writing in caps mate
  16. reminds of new warspear updates the hotkey takes time to adept to it but in end it doesnt even matter I had to fall to lose it all But in the end it doesn't even matter One thing, I don't know why It doesn't even matter how hard you try Keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme To remind myself how I tried so hard
  17. @Holmes @Akasha @Peony @snorlax @Nolan congratz on the new forum look and style i love it!
  18. mermen trails needs a total change in how guilds meets each other, like if you lose many times you stop meeting same guild or like a winning system of points depending how many times you win you will meet that guild, now considering the active and passive skills are disabled if high meets low so its ok if a higher guild who won 100 times to meet a lower guild who won 100 times also, this system should take old data maybe of win/lose ratios also this will make more guilds apply because they will have chances to win in mermen without having to leave their own guilds + will make more people apply lower level guilds, not having 1 charcater in them but many active characters so 2 factors in this mermen trailers matching system Factor 1: how many players applying Factor 2: how many win/lose ratio the guild has test it out for 2 weeks maybe and see if it makes things balanced if not than try make new system
  19. barbarian is also called chieftain still 2 different classes emerged
  20. i think 2 new classes coming later sorcerer (elf) and witch (forsaken) 50% sure, new gear were named after them check it out i think sorcerer will use heavy and light gear witch will use heavy and cloth gear
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