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  1. silenced he cropped the image so u don't see the debuff
  2. themercs quit warspear not thinking of coming back too much drama and stress when 1 guild vs everyone, majority of elf afk in war and logs their lvl5-10 warlocks to help mc im not here to complain just wanted to let other servers know now in sapphire its peacespear the only guilds left playing are all allied with each other, not sure about eu much whats going on, i wont be surprised if my haters pops up on this topic after i comment, im still active on forum tho for chats and fun opinions later ill quit forum when i get bored of it also
  3. not gona reply to your drama, keep it for in game not on forum thank you im simply talking my opinion about game not about you or anyone in particular if you want follow me, do it in game stop following me on forum each time i give my opinion
  4. just 1 last reply to a fellow warspear player xd i only still play warspear cause of friends not cause i enjoy the game anymore since more than 3 years maybe, and i bet majority of old community are the same, take out friends out of the equation and your left with a routine based game
  5. 2 scenarios can be here 1. their team is small and they should have expanded by now, as players grew as does the company but lack of ads and publicity to international community i doubt will happen now or later, game reached it limits in popularity unless something new or drastic is done to increase costumer service and game issues, players going to quit and get bored of routine 2. their team is big enough to solve issues but they deem them unworthy because russians didnt complain about it and thus making it delayed more and more each update till it becomes bad enough people dont care to complain anymore or play lets say you found a bug or something overpowered and u explained it really good, but you didnt have resources to proove yourself, it doesnt even get considered in devs eyes, it gets rejected even tho they can try and test it themself in few minutes, maybe their team is too small to handle everyone i dont know, but considering the amount of revenue we can predict warspear generates i think they can expand but they refusing to do it and this isnt problem of the employees in the company its the company manager or owner himself maybe, he choose to decide to expand or keep small team and get enough revenue till game dies eventually i myself stoped making videos of warspear because i got bored of routine same quality, and knowing game wont expand so why should the players expand let me summarize it with few words: i lost hope and got bored winning or losing doesnt matter both not enjoyable when seeing russian section gets more replies and attention than international
  6. need a full balance on all classes elf, mc, forsaken and chosen, new meta and new classes makes things different most games got skill balance updates frequently except warspear i see they delay it on major updates or when they decide things are game breaking but thats hurting game mechanics each complaint should be checked and inspect and fixed or at last have 2 weeks or monthly patches to fix anything broken not wait years for it but lets be honest here i dont want be racist but they give more attention to russian complaints than they do to international complaints they even said so themselves after that is said we wait patiently for a skill balance update thank you
  7. awesome editing and video concept wish you good luck
  8. actually that even more better idea than i could imagine, Mark of Guild like in dota we do signal on the map to alert players it really helps alot i wish it will implemented thank you
  9. yes also gd idea, blue dot actually to make it unrelated to quests, this helps heirs/leaders see afks and if many people in same area or not
  10. update commander relevance also in everywhere on map make it so commander is always appearing in all maps and events making lower level guild and inexperienced members more easily to be led
  11. jejeje amazing looks like a trailer concept i guess i liked it even tho i think you need english commentary on it to fit rules but good luck amazing trailer
  12. jajaja ur ending was funny good video bro gdluck hope u win
  13. if im not mistaken i remember players do have animation of shield attack when using 1handed + shield
  14. i have video about this bug but didnt have time to post it yet he is right at 20 stacks of new talent, it starts bugging and stops 32 gear from working and also takes long time to reach 21,22,23,24,25 stacks of new talent i think something related to total counter of skills applied or i am not sure i will try post my video by today to show details
  15. i totally agree with you i even get spammed in world chat daily say: Zeus go cry on forum each time i report bugs and glitches and about the bugs posted in this topic i agree with all, 1 warlock able to silence a whole army is silly and should have been fixed asap, game is unplayable and i dont see any reason for this much delay i hope these bugs after fixed and or a total re balance of all skills legion and sentinel by end of warspear anniversary if not than im really disappointed because some bugs making game unplayable now let hope no drama get started on this topic also, keep your drama in game please whoever going to quote me thank you for taking time and explaining all @king death
  16. great video but i think you should reconsider your editing to add commentary Video requirements: This should not be just a game video, your comments are required, as well as a meaningful gameplay: passing a dungeon, fighting a boss, completing a chain of tasks, participating in a battle for territories, etc. Simply put - it should have a plot;
  17. 12 august is early extend it please, video editing for not professional people will take time, i think you will have more variety of videos this way if you extend it i think it should be 3 weeks maybe but i guess maybe on 12th if anyone wants you can extend it maybe other than that: let the games begin Ideas for other people: Zero to a Hero (fast paste montage of how to become a better player over months or years) Achievement Hunter (hunting hard/fun achievements which requires cool video editing) The Assassin (hunting enemy factions in a cool way with pro video editing skills) The Flash (special video for seeker/chieftain running fast completing exciting stuff) Death Match (like concept of other games 100 zombies vs 100 skeleton, u can do something cool 10 bd vs 10 dk or something like that in a bigger scale and in different numbers make it a close battle depending on gears, maybe even 1 class full greatness vs 20 pve) Arena God (comment while your playing in arena how you use your class skills efficiently and skillfully) Movie Related Title (you are obsessed with a movie that you found something similar in warspear to it? recreate your adventure and edit it like they did in the movie while showing a side to side double screen view of the movie and your editing, something cool and rare always amazes the judges) goodluck all
  18. its on all devices and everywhere not related to warlock i think, we cant use skills properly in gvg and wars now because of this bug @Nolan
  19. paladin or templar shield (in arena) can be removed by new chieftain skill at lvl1, mc has counter skills for sentinel shields but yet again we talking about charmer dog summons and not other classes there is no counter much to them if sentinel has same summon capabilities with such powerful stats, forsaken cant enter town also
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