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  1. used 60%heal pot and it gave my paladin op dmg wtf!
  2. exactly how a game should be
  3. good idea but i think this update isnt for 1 month play, i think how the devs planned it to be is to last for quite sometime and while lvling talents and passives and skills you will find it easier and easier to travel underwater
  4. Sorry for the wait guyz and galz im working on something simpler and more effective on eye sight, rather than you searching for best area ill put for you best areas for each daily quest ^^ ill update it frequently again
  5. update on the quest with new ss, i know it doesnt matter much but just reporting it hehehe
  6. UPDATED ill check if can make it simpler, please if you got any ideas also please share ty ^^ Next update on map is: mobs skills and boss and suken ship locations
  7. Quest name: Archipelago Divers i couldnt take the diver at this location: so i continued my journey and i reached this area where i got 2 divers xD i saw 2 clicks btw but couldnt take screenshot of it because i already clicked 1 so here is these ss
  8. yes very hard no problem im guessing they will fix it sooner or later np dont worry
  9. now ill make it extra special with detailed updated all town 5 related
  10. is it bug? it says 4% per buff and maximum is 4 buffs but its giving 1% so 4% total if 4 events which is wrong @Reivenorik @Peony
  11. I know its not big deal tho its funny this guy suffocating from water this guy suffocating from stone
  12. after few hours ill update more than half of the map + something cool ( number of how many mobs/mini bosses located in area )
  13. if u want to use this for exploring achievements
  14. Full Map (no details) Full Map (updating details frequently) Temporary (i will update it to make it simpler) Number of Mobs in each cross map: Columns: 1>11 Rows: a>o example: i will updated the number of mobs continuously but this is temporary: what to do? check your quest name example: see the name of the mob its "deepwater redfish" so its dr if u want to confirm it with the list below for the abbreviation of each mob than check the Rows for which area has most dr in it, 1dr means only 1deepwater redfish in that area Row A: Row B: Row C : Row D: Row E: Row F: Abbreviations, Ranks and Skills of each mob: Green Rank -------------------------------------------------------------- Bloodthirsty Shark (bts) -------------------------------------------------------------- Yellow Rank -------------------------------------------------------------- Rainbow Pearl (RP) i will update this map frequently, be sure to check it from time to time for an easier questing for you, also to save oxygen and lifes
  15. russians have it abit easier for them because same time zone i support the cause yes 5min increase on last stage or maybe all stages ty
  16. u said good awwwww ty some people dont appreciate good editing if anyone need help in ideas or editing im always up for assisting
  17. heheh honestly i just saw the post i did not know about this contest good thing i had half of the day free, took me 10 hours but finished editing it, i hope its up to standards i thought id share it here also, i hope others do also to support each other as a community
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