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  1. Will the next season rewards be the same? kinda pointless to get #1 and only to get same rewards x2 :bomb: haha
  2. Vomm

    Quiting the game

    Good luck Jon :friends:
  3. You just don't get it. The old ABC is dead! And it has been dead for nearly a year. ABC will never be how it used to be. Simple. In this tournament we tried to revive it back from the dead. Which was very challenging because there were only a few ABC members who actually want to compete. And so it was decided if we were to compete for the top 3 we had to get help from none ABC members. The non ABC members worked extremely hard playing night and day to ensure we stayed in the top 3. They do more Guild points a day than an ABC member would do in 3 days. In the end, it was not about f
  4. Gets killed 30x+ in arena and a few times in pvp by a Barbarian... Let him calm down for couple hours ;D ;D
  5. R.I.P IN PEACE Gaycuriall'
  6. I am tho.. Was 2 - 1 to us xD You guys were pro :give_rose:
  7. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    True that! But how else can you be the tank when you have Rogues, Shamans and Locks who are doing far more damage then you? xD Going 1h and shield does have its pros and cons, like everything else.
  8. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    @ Supre. Yes, I agree. But not many will have a +10 1h. Their damage will be extremely low when hunting a boss in a party. Taunt will allow them to be the tank, for a short period of time anyway. Yes, it changes. It goes up +1 every time you level a skill. Which is not a big difference.
  9. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    It is a 50/50 chance. There is no such a thing as an 90% successful charge rate. That would make barbarians cray!
  10. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    It is still under development and not 100% finished. I am focusing mainly more on the skills and equipments for now. But I will definitely try adding stats and other interesting tips before the contest ends. Ty for commenting xx
  11. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    Coming very soon! .-.
  12. When are you returning?? miss you :cray: @ Jamie - Hope things get better for you irl. And Dont worry about these dramas, they're just pointless.
  13. So you have chosen the path of a Barbarian? Good choice! Read this guide, it will tell you all you need to know about the warriors of Mountain Clan. - Table of Contents: 1. Introduction to Barbarian 2. Active Skills 3. Passive Skills 4. Skill builds 5. Equipments 1. Introduction: The Barbarians are the mighty warriors of Mountain Clan who rely on their strength and incredible toughness to win battles . Their unhumanly strength, beastly rage and ruthlessness in battle makes them a truly fearsome enemy. No one wants to start a battle waiting for the enemy to come at you, and ge
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