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  1. So is there another plan like this in the future war(s)
  2. Yes and no. Yes im kidding, for healers with +6 equipments can do the new dg or at least 440+ magic damage. Because most of the time they only have to do is healing tanker/damager, focus to the party member. No I'm not kidding, BB +6 tanker who can't amp their equipment or can't even buy a signs. U have to farm more or buy mcoins. Including me. I stop buying mcoins since blade of sudden doom appears. I use almost 70set for +7 to +8, luckily no +8 so I deside to stop purchasing. Crazy amplification. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying why.
  3. Easy way? Really? U think a normal tanker bd player like +8 - +6 amp can do this? Well i think this dg is for full +9 +10 player. Specially for those tankers. Then if u not or if u have a def 5k below well good luck to u. Bb all +6 players like me. This dg is for high damage, def,heal,amp only. And powerful guild level 7 or higher with a buff of skill damage. And its not enjoyable dg. Or at least make the mobs wave a bit slower. Or add the 14k/16k mob in the 2nd wave or frst wave even better.
  4. Is this is normal? Or a bug, when i tried to enchant the level 25 unique (blue or 3 stats) dagger and shield with mechanical crystals and runes it wont effect. I mean it says in info chat the dagger has been enchanted, but if i look in the main dagger or shield there is no crystal enchanted on enchantment slot. Its empty.
  5. Lots of people requested this long time ago. So i think its not gonna happen. Sorry
  6. Question, the daily quests in new map isnt a bug all the boss and minibosses apper at the same time/day.? But i like it
  7. Can u add or put some rooms houses or hotels for rent in the game where we can sleep :-D just kidding
  8. Xwickedeye brother name wickedeye. The good person who pay the 1 set stamina
  9. This druid scammed all seeker stamina from aoal guild storage. Actually they r 2 person keep sending a pm to me and they say buy seeker Heres what happened. This YASINXTR ask me first. He want to buy an stamina and i said i dont know the price, pm xjullianx. And i just ignor his request for explorer rank. Then after a few seconds this druid name GHEALER pm me, he ask the same question as YASINXTR person. He want to buy stamina. But i really dont want to sell because i dont want too, to change their rank to explorer. Because this is not the first time happened to me. But in a few sec
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