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  1. i hope that id will be banned forever....
  2. pls pls...fix and balance it..... Arena is a private club where inside u find all kind of spammers...cheaters ... multiboxers....!!!
  3. this is great for new players... !! why don't u create a subgame called arenaspear ?? where u can put a tourn. only for the great winners... this is for you Roland ---- how a new player can win in arena vs those rewarded chars ? pls give me a good answer
  4. 2 years ago we did 1 week war ....big big war.... once u decide who'll be the leader ... pls pls ....pass the message to your GUILD MEMBERS The real Boss s Poley ! nobody like her ...
  5. yeahhhh LEG....... !! is time to revenge !! :diablo: :bomb:
  6. you still do the same error.....some ppl HAVE INTO THIS GAME to be OP compared to all other players.... now is a rule.... hope you create some regular items to balance that or.... they will win for ever in arena and your pathetic story will continue...
  7. best players are quitting.... you guys have to stop with the weak tournaments and focus for build new islands and raise the lv at 30 with all new gears and weapons.... BOSSES ...HARD QUESTSS..... review too the craft system ..... you have to complete that.... think about the players and not only your salary $$$$ .....
  8. Happy Birthday !!! :drinks: :'( :'( :'(
  9. ther's no WAY ! Is totally unbalanced .
  10. so ...this last new definetly KILL the free... concept.. and soul of this game..... you guys are totally right to do that due kids continue spending $ to became someone into the game.... why you don't make it official and create something for normal ppl ? what will be ?? rich vs poor ??
  11. marketspear.... :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  12. !!! Love Help ppl since my first connection !
  13. no way...... why attk him...is not a stupid post.... ! All know since the beginning the amplification and all the prices for the bd ( n only for bd coz in Mcs prices are differents ) are totally differents compare to all other classes....( the example is the new sword 19 compare to all new lv 19 weapons...only that shitty sword cost too much...other weps s like gifts ) . Bd still die against Rogue . Rogue have best Attk - Best Crit - the chance to attk u in stealth mode , and they add another DMG skill...and what for the bd.....THE RUN SKILL .. ( no word abt that skill... ). The Bd is the last char for devs ... when all other classes are able to kill him easy..maybe they fix some things or add a skill...
  14. When you guys will put again the Symbol of Greatness and the Cape lv 20 ??? When you will increase the bag space ? ( Gears + Weapons + COSTUMES .... no space) ??? Fix the Arena Algho pls..... is totally unbalanced for the normal users against guilds.... give me the black and the golden skull outfit.... :'(
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