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  1. Yes, the higher the level of the chest, the higher chances of getting costumes and skill books. Though, I would recommend getting the ones from Irselnort. I've opened over 200 chests from Ayvondil arena shops (highest one) and didn't get anything while I've seen people getting more than 1 costume/skill book in a few sets of Irselnort's chests. But in the end, it all comes down to luck. So if you do alot of arenas then it would be better to open the ones from Ayvondil.
  2. EU Emerald - ABC Family

    Hola gatita
  3. So I connected my Facebook to one account then removed it Now when I try to link it to an account, it says that it's already attached to one. And when I try to log in using that Facebook, it says that it's not connected to any account. Halp
  4. Damn. About time. Hopefully this will be the first step towards much needed features, such as the ability to bind skills and function buttons to any key of your choice. Let's not forget extra hotkey slots too.
  5. When you enter a dungeon, you get a specific quest of that dungeon that tracks the objectives to progress through and to finish the dungeon. That's how the system was designed. It's completely appropriate.
  6. Warspear doesnt work with vpns?

    VyprVPN VPN Gate for PC

    Day later Hassn logs. Coincidence? I aren't think so
  8. Multiple set of skill builds

    Book of Oblivion isn't used that much right now, it'd be too costly to keep changing between 2 separate builds. I highly doubt adding this feature would change the numbers that much. The majority of players only use one skill build or switch between on events. Book of Oblivion is like, what? Chump change for developers. There's nothing wrong if it wouldn't be used as much, especially for something as good as this. Like I've said there are literally no cons from this. It's like in every game out there with skills and stuff like talent/mastery trees, There is PvP and PvE. There are certain enchantments/stats which are better or bad for the other so we have PvP and PvE sets. There are skills which are only useful to study for PvE and same could go for PvP but not really as much as PvE. I mean it's pretty simple from just looking at that. We need separate skill builds for PvP and PvE.
  9. Multiple set of skill builds

    Agreed, I think I suggested that long time ago too. Most MMORPGs have a feature where you have 2 equipment sets and can alternate between the two from character equipment menu, this wouldn't be so hard for Warspear, I imagine. Multiple skill builds are really needed in my opinion. Imagine Healers for PvE who invest into supportive skills which aren't really much good in PvP than investing points into offensive skills and leaving the supportive ones at base level. Same with Tanks, who need to invest points into aggro skills, which is completely useless in PvP but mandatory for PvE. It's pretty much the same idea as resilience equipment sets and physical/magical defensive equipment sets.
  10. Multiple set of skill builds

    Exactly this. I'm using a pure dodge build atm, it sucks for arena and vs druids compared to using damage accessories with lifesteal to sustain the free damage you get from being cc chained nonstop and having low level gouge, which is hell. Plus having Sinister Strike on 4/4 would be a HUGE help in arena too but I have to sacrifice points to put on dodge skills to beat BDs that hit like trucks. I'd enjoy the game 5 times more if I was able to have both dodge and PvE/Arena based skill builds. I mean it's nothing game breaking. There are literally zero cons to having this implemented, since you can do this by having 100 Book of Oblivions in your bag (which is @#$%ing stupid) and changing your skill build depending on the situation.
  11. Multiple set of skill builds

    Seeing how far the game has gone with the PvP and PvE system where the developers have added unique stats for each category which affects performance dramatically if you were to use certain equipment with these stats for PvP or PvE (Ferocit & Resilience) and with all the experts skills in the game which are both good and bad on certain categories if you were to study them. I think it's about time that you allow players to have multiple sets of skill builds, most likely 2 possible skill builds, which you can switch between any time you want. This would vastly increase the limitations of both PvE and PvP, especially for classes like healers and tanks who would have to study more defensive or supportive skills instead of the offensive ones and DPS classes who would have to study crowd control skills for PvP which would be inferior to debuff or damage skills for PvE. Perhaps make the 2nd skill build unlockable through quest, achieving a certain level or, even make it purchasable for Miracle coins, if need be. I'm pretty sure this would make players enjoy the game more. I've known some players who wouldn't do PvP but PvE, vice versa, this would likely motivate them to do otherwise. We really need something like this. Most RPG games have this feature since they both have completely different systems for PvE and PvP, and now that Warspear Online has got to this point I think it's time we've added this feature as well. TL;DR - Add multiple skill builds for players, perhaps 2, which we can switch between any time. Another suggestion I've made related to skills, which we really need too - Actual Descriptive information on skills.
  12. EU Emerald - ABC Family

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  13. EU Emerald - ABC Family

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    Where is my 1 point of armour?!?!!?!?!?! TRIGGERED

    This has happened a lot in the past (2013~ especially, when the grind fest was on 24/7) There was this screenshot where some RU player got 3 weapons from Khazh-maar (blue eye), which was like a once in a life time thing It has happened many times in old times too when people used to farm Granite guard and Genie, getting 2 of either weapons, amulets or helms in 1 kill when people used to camp them 24/7. Though I'm pretty sure OP is referring to getting 2 of the same drops in 1 kill, which was the point of this topic and it being so rare.