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  1. It's funny how they are complaining about Imawizurd being able to fight in the arena for unusual hours everyday, yet isn't it the same for them? Or anyone who has competed for the #1 rank against others? If you've checked the number of total fights, it was close between the 2 groups, he only had more points from the bonus of the 3 day war reward and probably great gladiator potions. Hell, let's not even get started with the previous season; Same people, online everyday, demanding AFK for hours and hours. And what's wrong with that? Anyone dedicated enough can do this easily, 4 hours
  2. You guys should change the required time of being in the GvG event to 5 seconds, like you did with the PvP event on Christmas. Yesterday, my guild completed the event too fast, both of my characters didn't receive the chest. #Edit, just want to add, I was there from start to finish - from gate to boss.
  3. Nope, at 10 damage stacks the next shield doesn't add/overwrite to the damage buff. Also, if you have 9 stacks of damage from the first usage of the shield and take damage from the 2nd usage, even if the shield isn't fully consumed, you will get 10 damage stacks once the 9 stacks expire. Though, this isn't really a common situation. Not exactly sure how this happens, but it only occurs to me at 9 stacks.
  4. Almost missed this part. Should put this kind of info on the top, or in a separate post.
  5. There seems to be a problem with the Seeker's skill Harad's Shield When you use it for the 1st time and get 10 stacks of the damage buff and then use it a 2nd time, before the damage buff from 1st usage has expired, it will not overwrite/extend the buff from the 1st use of the skill and the buff will expire based on the duration of the 1st usage making the 2nd shield damage buff useless. It's not really a major issue if you use it at the right time but this will make the "shield" aspect of it kinda pointless if you study the skill to lvl 5 and have the continuous relic since t
  6. It may be forgotten, but it will never die
  7. This has been a problem since the beginning of the game, and sad to say, it can't really be fixed. Most people call this as "Bug position" which is basically a position desynchronization of characters between your client and the server . While bad internet connection can be one of the causes, even with a good connection you'd still be getting this problem since it is also caused by your location from the server (Which naturally gives you delay) but there are also other causes that aren't related to bandwidth, this is because of the movement system of the game. I can't really explain it br
  8. Don't bother with defensive stats for PvE, you will be the most useless one in the party. BDs aren't good tanks compared to shield users. In the current state of PvE, BDs are just another DPS class. Yes, you can tank certain bosses/dungeons but you don't need to use equipment with defense/hp/parry bonuses to do that anyway so there's no point in using those items. PvE builds can vary depending on your skill build. Say. if you were to level Enlightment you wouldn't need to get that much accuracy from equipments anymore and can focus on critical and penetration and you'd be able
  9. What do you mean? I don't play this game
  10. BDs are shit for PvE though #MageMasterrace
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