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  1. Oh fuk! x2 drop rate actually exists now People were losing hope on the previous events due to few drops Hope we get more of this kinda events in the future
  2. Shitzo

    Random bans in eu

    Thank you for checking into it. I've one more request, I've sent a pm.
  3. Shitzo

    Random bans in eu

    I have sent an email to support since the ban, no reply yet. Mei - EU Emerald Also, it's funny. Many people who have been blatantly sharing accounts recently seem to be unaffected. This can't be justified since some people who have been banned have not shared accounts for a long time, or as far as I can remember/to my concern.
  4. Shitzo

    Random bans in eu

    Yea, happened like 2 weeks ago, though it was fixed when they relogged. But still blocked here, on multiple devices and IPs. JUSTICE
  5. Shitzo

    Random bans in eu

  6. Shitzo

    [2018.06.29] Game servers restart

    Devs' vodka leaking on the server
  7. The unseen troll is the deadliest
  8. You probably have no idea how much work it takes to make content and patch the updates. Compared to other popular online games out there, AIGrind does not have a big developer team that work on the updates. This update has specific features which may cause problems for them, such as restoring very old characters and recycling inactive names. They are obviously patching the game as fast as they possibly can, not only for the players, but for themselves too. It's their source of income and not only that, it's their own creation, I'm sure they are as excited as everyone else is about the update. All we can do is wait. It's not like complaints will magically speed up their work.
  9. Shitzo

    Press F to Pay Respects

  10. Shitzo

    Dance of War

    ex dee
  11. On the description it says there will be a portal leading to them, plus it says it's a guild event. I'm sure it's just like this for the test server. They will probably have their own areas on the live version. Nevermind, I just re-read it. LUL RIP PvP cave
  12. I'm guessing: Techno will drop lv28 weapons. Heroic Nadir will drop lv26 gears with set bonus. Berengar's Tower will drop lv18 rings. Not sure about the Mythical ones though. I was thinkin they would drop based on the Easy-Heroic table; Garden = Capes/Rings, Term = Amulets, Tree = Armours, Tech = Weapons. But I can't really tell since they have level requirements that are far off.
  13. They might be Mythical Berengar's Tower drops
  14. We all were. Got jebaited so hard into new town + lv30 New items though, can't complain. Ayyyyyeeee