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  1. Went to my holiday trip with my relatives and family.. Now came back for one day to see what's going on.. And what I see ? Bunch of people fighting each other because Developers made mistake by creating such "OP" skills for ranged classes.. Tho' I must agree most of you guys that those skills are OP compared to others.. As what I have seen people are complaining about CC skills of ranged classes.. In a fact melees need more CC skills since they have least of them. But why does Aigrind apply CC skills to this game ? CC is meant for PvP since it doesn't work against PvE bosses.. Isn't that weird ? If I remember right they said that this game is meant for mostly PvE, not PvP. So why do Aigrind still apply more and more CC skills, while those are actually useless in the main content ? My suggestion is that every class have some sort of healing skill, it doesn't need to be big neither average.. So small healing skill with some sort of buff or damage dealt on it would work.. Changing these CC skills to buff, heal, damage, buff, debuff, DoT, AoE skills would be far more interesting than CC spammers in the Arena. So Aigrind, what are you up to ? Making game with full of PvE content with PvP skills ? Greatest idea I have ever seen yet.. GG..
  2. Bad Developement thinks only about money. Good Developement thinks both, profit and players. Suggestions are meant to be creative and useful.
  3. Round 86 BO Zombies just made new high score and still going. Map is Kino der Totem with two players and only 1 Down yet.. Btw does anyone have ESO ? I got gift code and now I have 2 months of gameplay..
  4. Yes there have been similar suggestions but for different meaning. Also those suggestions are older than few months.. Anyway for Ibn Rushd, my idea is to add new faction with its own quests and profits.. I would bring some more end game content and more challenges for lvl capped characters.. I have modified my suggestion with red lines again :) Thanks for ideas Born and Ibn
  5. Thanks for warning me :) I fixed it to show where to put these crystals instead of commanding to put it them certain slots. This build is meant for every armor, that's why I'm just telling where you can put these Crystals and Runes, because your build might already have this stat capped without implementing any Crystals or Runes.
  6. Wars in Warspear are usually made by one to five players because they were killed so many times by opposing alliance players. These wars bring more and more people from each of the alliances until it ends in less than hour after it started and without any profit to the players who joined for fight. So my suggestion is to enchant these wars with some different attributes like adding new faction with new Market, daily quest(s) for getting Crimson Corundum and maybe longer wars with more than one huge fight in it. Some of the features might be impossible to make happen in Irselnort. Daily Quests: War quests are new Dailies and can be acquired by talking to your own faction Warleader which can be located at T5 and Nadir-Shard. Nadir-Shard gives Daily quests for war against Berengar's forces, while T5 gives Dailies that are against opposing Alliance. Nadir-Shard Dailies can be completed in a new zone under Nadir-Shard and Berengar's Tower. There players of both Alliances fight together against evil forces(NPC) of Berengar. There these mobs have same skills and stats as normal player does and will be hard to killed alone. At the end of the war scenario there will be Berengar's own Warleader as World Boss. Unlike other World Bosses this one doesn't drop anything. New Crimson Corundum Gear & Market: Crimson Corundum can be consumed in a specific Market at Nadir-Shard. You can buy Gear, Consumables, Spheres and Minions there with Crimson Corundum. The Gear's stats are always randomized when bought. So there wouldn't just one kind of "Blade of Deepest Core". Gear can have any stats that is related for that kind of item type and armor type. So you won't see any magic damage on your gloves if you are Heavy Armor user. Also with Crimson Corundum you would be able to buy consumable called as "Brawlers Ticket". Brawler's League & Brawler's Den: Brawlers Guild is owner of the Brawler's Den (Market) and they are hosting little PvP arena inside of it. This Arena is 6x5 big and is used for 1 vs. 1 battles (I know this idea has been cancelled but its just a doubt and it would work..). To enter this fight you need use Brawler's Ticket by talking to "King Brawler". After it, game will search opponent for you. When your opponent is found you will both enter to the arena when it's empty (Only one fight at time is possible per server). Other players can spectate your fiersome battle. If you lose you will go outside of the arena with nothing, but if you win you will receive certain amount of Crimson Corundum or Gold. Brawler's League (As faction): You can earn reputation slowly when you complete War Daily Quests. Also winning a match in Brawlers Guild Arena gives you some reputation if it's not capped yet. If Brawler's Guild reputation is maxed, you can buy slightly better Randomized gear with Crimson Corundum than before and also buy unique Minion that can be only bought with Crimson Corundum. Last but certainly not least you are able to challenge "Brawler's Guild Masters" to Arena fight in their arena. These "Masters" are extremely hard to win and they will act like normal player do in PvP fights. So they have skills like Hamstring etc. But they can have multiple skills from other characters (Of course respectively balanced way, so you won't see 5 stun skills). There are five types of people in "Masters". These Masters are specially meant for people who want master their own classes. Tanky one which is extremely hard to kill if your DPS isn't high enough. The one who owns high support and is extremely hard to kill without good burst. DPS master which deals very much damage in a short time, so you want kill him fast and have high defence. The one who doesn't de easily and have high survivability with some life steal and attack speed The one who has a lot of enchanted CC skills(Crowd Control). So you will see your character stunned. You can challenge one of them once in a week. If you defeat him/her you will receive random loot with better than "Blue" item in it and some gold. After defeating every Master, you can challenge King Brawler itself. King Brawler is hardest one to defeat and will be impossible without good strategy and amplification level. Defeating King Brawler will give your character a new costume, some gold and title. If you lose you have to defeat Master Brawlers again. Titles: This is something that I have always wanted and is very often seen in MMORPGs. Titles can be seen after your character name and can be toggled off. These are some titles that came to my mind recently: Brawler: Win every Master Brawler at the Brawler's Guild Fighter: Achieve more than 4000 points at first arena "season"(Right term?) Challenger: Achieve more than 4000 points at seconds arena season Explorer: Reveal whole map of Astral Labyrinth and Irselnort Conqueror: Defeat every boss in Astral Labyrinth and Irselnort Swampy: Defeat all bosses in Norlant Swamps and reveal whole map. Enchanted: Owner of better than +8 set gear (Requires +8 item to be equipped in every slot at same time) the Millionaire: Own more than 1.000.000 gold with one character. Sage Brawler: Defeat King Brawler and his Master Brawlers in Brawler's Den Night Slayer: Defeat and receive Demonologist's Suit (If owner has sold or gave Suit he still gets title. Other player doesn't receive title if he haven't got it by himself from boss) Night Fighter: Defeat and receive Snorlar's Suit (If owner has sold or gave Suit he still gets title. Other player doesn't receive title if he haven't got it by himself from boss) The Night: Defeat and receive Beholder's Suit (If owner has sold or gave Suit he still gets title. Other player doesn't receive title if he haven't got it by himself from boss) I know it's a lot and would be better if I would made separated topics, but "Titles" are just more optionally than other are.. Hopefully it opens your minds and I can receive someanswers and modified suggestions from you. And sorry for bad language if there is some mistakes.. Anyway Thanks for reading and commenting.. - Pretty long ending too :D
  7. Don't you know that changing ip address isn't hard ..? Is voting via forums possible or is it possible for just Facebook people ?
  8. Hmm.. Just idea from my mind: Every class are able to schoose one of two different sub classes. "Tank" Classes have Dps and Tank sides. Tank side increases aggression generation and defensive stats while Dps side increases just offensive stats. Support Classes have Support and Dps sides. Support increases heal stats. Dps increases offensive stats. Dps Classes have two different Dps side. Another for high aoe dmg and one for high single target damage Mine suggestion is almost same without lowering any base stats and have two kind of sub classes for each class.. I know this have been suggested before too..
  9. Well obviously Born, you are like Turtle Hermit here.. Or like Uncle.. Well you know what I mean..
  10. Great suggestion :good: This is something that has been suggested but with different attributes on it. I really like it, but some changes is needed specially for "Sage" mode.
  11. Tomorrow some Smite match ?? :P I have whole day to play, if I don't go to gym.. But yea if anyone here plays it anymore come and join with me.
  12. Sorry and thanks for correcting Ninjaowl
  13. Yes, we have it as Born said. Arena "contest" lasts 1 year and after the contest first 3 players of any group (2v2, 3v3 & 5v5) will receive reward. Also it doesn't matter which level you are, you will be still rewarded. All information is from last "contest" which can be old information now..
  14. Well I can't see that any problem in system of reviving. There is no Hackers in Warspear Online, but if there is he won't stand too long around here. Players who use ID or Password to get your account aren't actually Hackers either, or we can call them Poor Hackers. Real Hacking happens in a different ways.. Maybe some extra info that isn't needed to say..
  15. Let me explain it with three letters: OCD
  16. So I would like introduce myself. I'm Dupmass (Soon Frostheim), Bladedancer in EU Emerald. Currently my amplification stands at +8. What I'm looking for is which stats are majority and minority for Bladedancers. Also I would like to know how many percents is required to reach "cap" with each stat and reveal it here for the other Bladedancers. These stats and percents are meant for 20 level Bladedancer. I think that myself these stats are Majority in PvP fights along with resilience, which isn't told here. Later on I will think and try different builds for being best tank and have highest dps in PvE. Offensive Stats 1. Accuracy. You will need this unless you want lose some dps in battles. Should be capped around 20%. 15% will do it great but never let it go under 15%, otherwise you will see some misses and dodges a lot. Accuracy Crystals can be implemented on Amulets, Helmets and Gloves 2. Penetration. Your attacks ignore target's armor by percent. This stat increases dps slightly against low amped players but greatly against players that have over 3.5k defense. Make sure to have around 5% of penetration to increase your dps. You can use Penetration Crystals on Rings and Gloves 3. HP (Health Points) HP is very important specially in PvP fights. Always make sure to have at least 3000 HP. If your HP is lower than that, your HP is equal with every other class and that's bad. You can build your HP as much as you like, it won't hurt your character. HP Runes can be used on Rings, Cloaks, Amulets and Helmets 4. Critical Strike. Critical Strike increases your character's chance to deal critical damage with any damaging attack and skill. It's very often undervalued because it gives just a chance to critical strike, but with proper build you will see critical strikes poppin all time. So make sure to have at least 20% of Critical Strike chance. In other words every fifth hit should deal critical damage with 20% chance. You can modify this to be good for you, so there isn't best amount of Critical Strike for every Bladedancer. Critical Strike Crystals can be used on Cloaks, Gloves and Amulets 5. Attack Speed. Attack Speed increases your character's basic attack speed. This will come very handy, specially now when Bladedancers can wield Axes. Attack Speed is good to stack up to 5% and can be increased as you want. Even 5% is a lot in arena fight which last long. Attack Speed Crystals can be used on Chest Armor and Boots Skill Build Basic Skills 1. Flash Strike 2. Aggression 3. Parry 4. Sap 5. Hamstring Expert Skills 1. Rush More coming soon if you like.. Also Feel free to share your opinions :) I would like to see your ideas and builds here, so please share them with us :)
  17. The story was quite impressive and funny.. Always wanted to join but I thought that I would have been one of those guys who mess it up.. Also that time I was new in forums.. Time when I thought that Born, Ladygi and Azebu were moderators or "hiding" developers :D
  18. Sorry I must reply with phone because my PC isn't working... Probably it's dead now.. Anyway let me fix some of them. Well.. I have many skills left to be revealed.. Heroic strike always ignore all defense. Heroic strike and Shield Bash never critical strikes. Also Shield Bash can be balanced to proper damage dealt.. Maybe Shield Bash deals equal damage of armor in your shield with 50% reduced damage Piercing shots is kind of poor compared to others, but I think it will balance game little bit.. During Ice explosion Mage is not in combat so he can receive full hp and energy regen during that time. Also this skill has high cooldown and the explosion damage isn't high (Same as Earthquake's). You forgot BD and feel free to modify these skill suggestions as much as you want if you like them :)
  19. Thanks.. Missed last few pages when I stopped reading :D Just thinking is it going to continue ever again ..?
  20. Where did that one topic go, where players made their own story, characters, items, everything from their imagination.. Was it "Play by Post" ?
  21. Bladedancer's: Retribution(I can't remember is this name already taken). Every damage that your hero receives will increase your Hero's attack power by 12% of the damage dealt. This effect can be stacked up to max. 140 attack power. Barbarian: Heroic Strike/ Shield Bash. Your Hero goes to fury and causes heroic strike which deals damage to equal of your weapon's base damage ignoring defense of the enemy character. If you have shield eguipped this skill will deal damage equal to your defense points but 75% decreased damage and have 100% chance to stun enemy character for 1.5 seconds. Ranger: Piercing Shots (Passive). Your BASIC attacks will ignore enemy characters armor with 33% penetration. Mage: Ice Explosion. Mage transforms him-/herself to ice and ignore any damage taken with in 10 seconds. After 10 seconds or earlier if pressed again your Hero will be freed again by shattering the ice that was around him. Shattered Ice will deal damage and have chances to root enemies it. Explosion will be 3x3 aoe. Just some new ideas that have came to my mind.. Still have whole talent system with my laptop including few new skills and more than 15 different passives for players... Tho' people nowdays wouldn't probably like "new" system... Well you know what I mean
  22. Usually rich or famous players are insulted often in the World Chat. Insulters are either scammers, players who want to be like them (Newbies/Bullies/"Bad asses"/Lazies/etc.) or players who have hatred towards them. My best advice is to ignore those sentences and move forward. Best way to find out who people really are is by yourself.
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