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  1. SUOMII!!!!

    Eipä ole Lefua hetkeen näkynyt. Tervetuloa takaisin!
  2. Old days!!!!

    Hey! Long time no see!
  3. SUOMII!!!!

  4. please, clean your cash and reinstall directly from the official website
  5. acc recovery

    You must request to the technical support to add an email and generate a password that you may change in future, proving that you're the first and only owner of the account through data such as: • proof of payment • Account ID • creation date • quantity / nicks of the characters, items from bag, gold, etc. • device / location where the acc was created • your network's name.. Anyway, data that only the account's creator has access to. - Send the data along with a new email address for the account to be linked to. The support team will check the authenticity of the information and possibly restore your access. https://warspear-online.com/en/support
  6. HELLO! :)

    Hey there and welcome! For an MMORPG, Warspear is quite easy to get into but still offers quite a lot of depth as you said. Feel free to ask any questions you may have here on the forum; you will surely get answers. Have fun in the game!
  7. Optional notifications for craft tasks

    Small but useful. I'm amazed this isn't already a feature.
  8. Post Your Drawings Here!

    Looks great! Do charmer next, with a beast of course.
  9. Ninjaowl - EU-Emerald

    Thanks for the support! Haha, smart girl!
  10. Ninjaowl - EU-Emerald

    Cool down! How lovely, thank you sweetie ♥
  11. Ninjaowl - EU-Emerald

    Hey! Decided to join the contest too. Good luck, everybody!
  12. hello . I am newbie

    Hey there! If you're not intending to stay at a specific level, I would advice you to do all the available quests and reach a high level before concentrating on upgrading your equipment (unless you want to spend to have it easier). I'd recommend to start doing arena early. Yes, there is a level limit to dungeons; too high level and you won't get anything. I'm not sure of the limits but maybe someone else could help you with that. Good luck!
  13. Magnifica ❄ BR-Tourmaline

    The contest's over. We have a winner!
  14. New Forum: Visual Pollution

    I agree that the new forum has way too many visually striking features that don't really need to be that way. The gray bar in the spoilers is also something that really serves no purpose and shouldn't gather so much attention, the idea is to hide something anyway so it could be more discreet.
  15. Deleting accounts

    Suomalaisia spotattu! A quick Google search suggests that it should indeed be possible to delete accounts, but you should contact the admins in order to do so. If this is about your display name, it can be changed too.