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  1. Malekh ... i cant vote for u now :'( . But i will very proudly give my place for you .
  2. From the first im back i said not want the reward ... its okay and im agree we take random . But kick a char whose on the list because he have something important in real life then give a spot to whom going night and day for only several day ... im not play for night and day , but at the last 3 day i cant collect any quest cause all done . I asked many times to inv back just to give my gp . And no one inv me back .well i quess at the end maybe i dont have a guild . No ss for the Real ABC member without a tourney costume .... i want celebrate it as part of ABC , (sorry its the ss after u
  3. One thing i want from ABC now is put my name in RIP member or delete it . But its not the end of my friendship with ABC members . We just get different opinion abt a definition of friendship and thats okay for me ....
  4. Wooow its the rule , sorry idk abt that . If u say like that then why put ABC member name at the first page ? Everyone can be ABC now , cause he can run with (ABC) at their name .
  5. Nida ... im not join this tourney from the start . I realized it & never ask the prize for this tourney cause it full list and i know it . Idk who been kicked for this prize ? Cause skyhealer is not a member and not in the list before . The fact he got the prize .... One thing i realize now , i cant join ABC anymore cause im not a gp collecter . Next or someday i will be kicked to if not collect gp like at aoa guild . Its better i choose RIP frok ABC like ani . And never been kicked from ABC at thw future .
  6. Congrate ABC for the winning the tourney ... im not participating this tourney . And never want to participate again . Im out of this guild . Thanks for old player ABC . The reason : This not like an old ABC anymore , the participating member can kick for GP ... When skyhealer ask for helping count gp im at the guild. No doubt , he collect many gp ... but he just a voulenteer not an ABC member . Then u all ask to kick someone at guild (idk who) just to put skyhealer in ... Hahahahha its not abt friendship anymore , now its only abt GP . And it same like AOA . To whom which po
  7. ganbatte for this tourney !!!
  8. Hi All .... Long day not see u all. Im wishing u a very glorious new year
  9. :rofl: finally now i will have a good minion for taking GP at next tournament ..... :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i'm just hoping hassn sell this minion [ Summon Caza ] and tell me a good price . :pleasantry: :pleasantry: if other need , please pm me ... maybe ill share it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :spiteful: :spiteful:
  10. Idk what happened with malek and some member here But i know malek not good before , but he change good now. Personally i say YESS for give him a chance if we got a space at this guild .
  11. Oooo that u mean 28minute :rofl: ... i thought i must wait 28min for someone leave . I pm qiara to inv and she said full :rofl: :pleasantry: :pleasantry:
  12. Tonight no one cant invite me back to guild cause its full .... when i online this afternoon i fojnd many player off over then 6hr... and some player is online but afk and not do anything .. :wacko: :wacko:
  13. Real mikoshamet is my best friend at ws, & its a girl ... Untill a poor boy use her kindness to use mikoshmet and make the real owner shy to use it cause many ppl hate him. Thats the story eskinol
  14. Helppppppp :tease: :tease: a boy said i flirt him :rofl: :rofl: i better flirt your father :pleasantry: But if it is real SS , so u re a lucky boy :good: :good: many man flirt cindy but cindy flirt a boy :fool:
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