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  1. Story continuues.. :* :*

  2. Are you sure its not Yurosai back on business again? That guy has temper issue.Big LOL Bro. Tips: Don't give unknown new player heir status who would happened to make few Gps for week. Save the guild. Btw making war is ridiculous this days with few mcs against huge Elfchosen players.
  3. When disturbers get themselves disturbed.Epic dead of Sapphire most annoying disturbing guild.
  4. This is skill actually very fun to cast and very helping in both PVP arena or against PVE during farm to safe your team mate life. Suppose,if you party is running in dungeons or Labyrinth and one Party mate is stuck with many adds on attack.You can move forward and bring near you.This way you can save him. I enjoy using this skill.
  5. +1.Totally agree, every class is built now 1 vs 1 and have some great changes in skills.I think Necro is still overshadow.Priest and druid are supporting class too but they have change to OPness. :unknw: I was wondering if Necro gets skill like Life exchange, from which Necro can exchange of enemy if it's HP is getting low. It's not agreeable for this class but possible,right! lol just my opinion. I am not fan of Necro but will like to change drastic since every classes getting so. :yahoo:
  6. Here. It is called Spawn. You'll find it in dungeon where we do satraps quests. If you want to enter,you must have satraps quest and will need key. It has 1 M + HP and it drops spawn costume just like other costume bosses it drops costumes and other crafting items.
  7. Welcome to forum,Mr Noob. :snorlax:
  8. Totally agree. +1. O:-) It only takes rogues and rangers to kill druids 2-3 hits with their new skills. This skill balance it all. :snorlax:
  9. I see same complaints from my friends. But I think every class have their own advantage at this stage of game with such advance skills. Before this new updates,paladins were just another melee toy for range classes.Like most classes like present OP classes BDs,Rogues,Druids,Priests,ranger so do paladins is it at their best. Game is always optional anyway,you can play which ever you think it's OP!
  10. Sorry,i don't have another guide on this new dungeons cos i am not playing much online and don't have time for this.Sure, you'll know them better if you try them personally.
  11. 1216 is your expert heal or critical heal at level 2? Mine is around 468. It is good skill like priest heal and better than shaman new skill.More impossible to kill druids.
  12. Fran,now i know why you're obsessed with yellow color. ;D lol I do like too little chicks.
  13. I guess it will be Kinda Dota or LOL conquering towers! But in those games there are specific number like 5vs5. I don't know how in this game will it be. But if won't be great if a guild have 40 members attacking 15 members at one time.Lol i can't imagine low level guilds screaming their castle getting plundered.That would be so funny lol I wouldn't say i will come back cos this game Dota which i am playing is better for me.since i don't get time to play.As in warspear it needs more time.It's endless. This game is irreplaceable for who likes Rpg in Mobile with low size. Only one thing what i like about this long waited update is it have many dungeons and every player gets to play since not like Astral lab where one party only get to farm 24/7 and it's boring and selfish.
  14. I wouldn't mind if any other person will be in his place.He have bad attitude against people whom he hates just because he hates them in game. He isn't just suitable for being as Game forum moderators if he can't control his foul attitude. I would be really glad if Devs removes him soon from moderator.Forum isn't like before.I am sick of watching his posts spam in tavern. :facepalm:
  15. STFU i wasn't talking about you nor with you.so why don't you mind your business. Whatever, read again what i wrote on my first reply.Stop making yourself look stupid and ugly person by making wrong meaning of it. It is quite frustrating actually to see your bad attitude in tavern section.All i see is your post arguing with other users. Amen. I am done here.
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