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  1. I only amp weapons to +5, so i use another 25 signs for any new weapon and i am done ;D
  2. Tsja

    Lets grow up!

    Ingame moderators. Me and my girlfriend kind of quitted the game because of the community. I still log in sometimes, but only for a little questing for myself. And probably when the new Island will be available i go playing more again too. But only for myself. My elf-chars do not even have a guild ;D
  3. That's why i buy 15-20 healing potions for AP when i have ~7900 AP in the shop and sell it to the seller immediately for 80 gold a piece.
  4. For dungeons you need to complete all the yellow quests on the Island, i thought. So you need to be lvl 14 at least. The dungeons are not that easy, so on that level i suggest, only go easy (if you get a party for it). Arena gear is great, but i always advice a combination of arena-gear + 'boss'-gear. Highest gear at the moment is lvl 19 gear, dropped in the hard-dungeon (weapon, amulet and cloak). Arena stuff is max lvl 17. If you are able to get the lvl 17 arena-weapon for your class, buy it! :)
  5. It is hard to say "2,6% crit is more important than 2,5% resilence". i think it is about a little balancing. Often i use Arena hood and armor + Shroud gloves and boots, arena weapon and arena belt + resilence enchant. With too much arena items the crit (and some other stats) will get too low.
  6. When we are talking about lvl 18/20 chars, shaman is the best. By far. It is good in everything. Long range stun (blind) what a necro do not have. Great hold on spot with ranged quake. Can attack the stunned/quaked targets. Can heal himself while being stunned (because of heal over time). And the new expert skill is the greatest.
  7. I do not think GT is better than arena gear. Especially not full GT. But full arena is also not the best, in my oppinion. I have several equips and always make combinations of GT + Shroud, or arena + shroud. My druid is going full lvl 18 gear, GT armor + hood and VS gloves + boots, but that is risky. Also look at your enchants. Do you use resilence in your belt? Crit in your amulet? Do you use an arena staff or doom-staff? In arena i think the arena staff (the word says it) is better than doom.
  8. Same here :) Bye the way; we are not complaining or crying. We are discussing the use of the new skill. If the conclusion is 'none' then it is. But i will not cry about it.
  9. +5 weapons and +1/2 gear here. And still people think i am doing a great job :)
  10. I always find my players at the tower-area. So indeed, not high amped players, and not all lvl 20. It even was normal, not hard ;D But it is because of doing damage on a mob. When everyone is targeting the goal-mobs, and i do damage on a non-goal (even when it is 30) i get the aggro of that mob. That's also how my minion so often die in dungeon. When i want to nightmare a mob i often does 1 normal attack on that mob and my minion think i want to kill it... and the minion keeps attacking that mob and gets the aggro. Even when it is only doing ~80 damage per hit.
  11. Probably another server, but on EU i tried a lot but the last time i got into a 5x5, with at least half an hour in the waiting line (i even still remember the fight because it is so rare), is now almost 1 year ago. Yes the skill is interesting in a fight with a lot of players but 3x3 is not enough for that.
  12. For now the skill failed a lot in dungeon ;D Next to healing the tanks who are attacking the targets i had to heal myself too because of the skill. It was a fail. More busy saving myself than the tanks (ok, i used a healing minion and some pots for this).
  13. If you have patience enough to make your own gold instead of buying you can have a very strong char in a year :P
  14. As far as i can see it it is bad for dungeon/arena/lab. Dungeon has a lot of mobs where only a couple of mobs should attack. We necro's nightmare the mobs we do not need to kill (and why should we do damage on mobs we are not going to kill in the first place). This skill breaks nightmare... There we come to arena, where necro's usually try to nightmare a player fast, which makes the new skill unuseable. In lab we healers TRY not to be the tank, and again we try to save time with nightmare. In questing i think only at innas it is usefull ;D War, Yes. But what are we talking about. The skill only works a couple of seconds. and with a normal hit of 200 it is doing 35 damage :lol:
  15. EU-emerald down? Nice.. i was killing winged :( Good i just received free repairs as gift...
  16. Good snow skills removed :) Let's try the new skill.
  17. Probably because you get on lvl 20 2 skill points.
  18. lol! we got snowball and snow explosion as expert skills ;D
  19. I got a new quest at the tower. Bye the way; generous gift :)
  20. I still have a yellow quest "quest not found".
  21. Wait a minute; did i just saw my heal (necro) go up from 657 to 690+?
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