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  1. Malekh ... i cant vote for u now :'( . But i will very proudly give my place for you .
  2. From the first im back i said not want the reward ... its okay and im agree we take random . But kick a char whose on the list because he have something important in real life then give a spot to whom going night and day for only several day ... im not play for night and day , but at the last 3 day i cant collect any quest cause all done . I asked many times to inv back just to give my gp . And no one inv me back .well i quess at the end maybe i dont have a guild . No ss for the Real ABC member without a tourney costume .... i want celebrate it as part of ABC , (sorry its the ss after u
  3. One thing i want from ABC now is put my name in RIP member or delete it . But its not the end of my friendship with ABC members . We just get different opinion abt a definition of friendship and thats okay for me ....
  4. Wooow its the rule , sorry idk abt that . If u say like that then why put ABC member name at the first page ? Everyone can be ABC now , cause he can run with (ABC) at their name .
  5. Nida ... im not join this tourney from the start . I realized it & never ask the prize for this tourney cause it full list and i know it . Idk who been kicked for this prize ? Cause skyhealer is not a member and not in the list before . The fact he got the prize .... One thing i realize now , i cant join ABC anymore cause im not a gp collecter . Next or someday i will be kicked to if not collect gp like at aoa guild . Its better i choose RIP frok ABC like ani . And never been kicked from ABC at thw future .
  6. Congrate ABC for the winning the tourney ... im not participating this tourney . And never want to participate again . Im out of this guild . Thanks for old player ABC . The reason : This not like an old ABC anymore , the participating member can kick for GP ... When skyhealer ask for helping count gp im at the guild. No doubt , he collect many gp ... but he just a voulenteer not an ABC member . Then u all ask to kick someone at guild (idk who) just to put skyhealer in ... Hahahahha its not abt friendship anymore , now its only abt GP . And it same like AOA . To whom which po
  7. ganbatte for this tourney !!!
  8. Hi All .... Long day not see u all. Im wishing u a very glorious new year
  9. :rofl: finally now i will have a good minion for taking GP at next tournament ..... :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i'm just hoping hassn sell this minion [ Summon Caza ] and tell me a good price . :pleasantry: :pleasantry: if other need , please pm me ... maybe ill share it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :spiteful: :spiteful:
  10. Idk what happened with malek and some member here But i know malek not good before , but he change good now. Personally i say YESS for give him a chance if we got a space at this guild .
  11. Oooo that u mean 28minute :rofl: ... i thought i must wait 28min for someone leave . I pm qiara to inv and she said full :rofl: :pleasantry: :pleasantry:
  12. Tonight no one cant invite me back to guild cause its full .... when i online this afternoon i fojnd many player off over then 6hr... and some player is online but afk and not do anything .. :wacko: :wacko:
  13. Real mikoshamet is my best friend at ws, & its a girl ... Untill a poor boy use her kindness to use mikoshmet and make the real owner shy to use it cause many ppl hate him. Thats the story eskinol
  14. Helppppppp :tease: :tease: a boy said i flirt him :rofl: :rofl: i better flirt your father :pleasantry: But if it is real SS , so u re a lucky boy :good: :good: many man flirt cindy but cindy flirt a boy :fool:
  15. This Guild is really Crazy ... very friendly people :drinks: :friends: ... I love this Guild Much :yahoo: see what we do when an accident click force us to meet at arena ... wakakakakak so funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: dont open or u die cause laughing
  16. Happy Birthday nelson and bris , better late then forget .. wish u all the best im 26 this year... but gonna 27 next january
  17. :wacko: always a costume for a man . Why never think about a girl player here , maybe i suggest a girl character get a girl prize edition .
  18. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: THANK TO EVERYONE THAT SAY "YES" FOR ME ...
  19. :mega_shok: :mega_shok: hik hik hiks im just asking . and i ask that cause u and me win many in arena .... just that ... :unknw: :wacko:
  20. My question, why gamemaster update skill character without asking? i think they should make a quisioner before we entering the game and give question like this which caracter should be reduce skill in ur faction? which caracter should be increase skill in ur faction? and asking what update it should be? If you do that, u are fair. But this last update i think its not fair :'(
  21. >:D i lost 490m coin and 3pots just because i dont want out of kotaravva. please fix it soon, and giveback my mcoin.
  22. give plus karma tooo please :yahoo:
  23. let say it was NOOB :lol:
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