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  1. Good times for sure. RIP Unforgiven, Ecuador when I met him... Mercurial Sulla and overall Hassn noobs
  2. You know who doesn't get scammed? ...lol
  3. Thank you for a great horror event. Only disappointment was Miriam. Drop was not that great for tough boss. Excited to see what next event will bring us. No luck getting zombie or smileys from quest but got enough drops in dg. Thanks you.
  4. Lucky indeed, I've done quest every day and got no smiley and no costume. I want noob costume so bad
  5. It's a shame, rangers used to be the kings of damage for hunting and farming. I bet its due to the fact that your faction doesn't really have good tanks and its overpopulated with op offensive bladedancers. Maybe someday developers will consider making dungeons separate from each faction. That will be the day.
  6. It's unfortunate but " the drop system is common for both factions, dungeons can't be made separately for each faction "
  7. Help! My friend Belkens from EU says no drops all event and still none with 2x drop rate. Help! Xd
  8. Dodge is useless in DG because mobs have such high accuracy. Tank (shield users) can't have that much dodge. So basically we use a dodge armor that is useless to us like a 3 stat armor. It doesn't hurt to give us block in armor (something useful).
  9. If you don't express your concerns then nobody will hear you. A few salty players? I speak on behalf of all Legion side. Game Can be fixed but they decide not to. Why? Because not all Legion have expressed themselves like I have. This is called the power of unity. Dungeons can be made separately if you know the mechanics of the game. A true developer can tell you how. But since I don't have enough support I will be silent about this from now on. I love Warspear and simply suggesting an improvement.
  10. Well that sound more accurate but its a shame when legion drop it. This means Elf have a better drop rate on a useful item...
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