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  1. RIP Well that answers that question haha.
  2. I'm always hit with massive amounts of Nostalgia when visiting this forum.

  3. Lmao. Heya mate! Still around eh? 😛
  4. Here on my once in a blue moon visit haha. I Remember ya mate, hope you remember me even in the slightest haha. And i also remember most names on your list. Lost touch with all there but @Zythus. Spoke to him couple of months back on steam. He was doing real well. Good luck with your re-adventure 🙂
  5. Heya Russ! I Myself log in once in a blue moon to poke around. Good to see ya around. I Did try to keep in contact with Ladygi via steam, but she kinda moved on with her life. Last i heard, she was doing well. Tis the thing about mmo's. You create memories, friends, and people move on. Some sooner or later than others. This game has a lot of historical nostalgia for me also, as i played in the early days of its life for over 6 years. I Would love to come back one day, but i sense the things that made me leave, will never change or return. Hope you are doing well in life buddy, and also for the future.
  6. Old forum members will remember this well...


    1. PoleyKathi


      Azzzzznn bot xD

      Lets pollute 

    2. Zeusthegod




      Or something Like that

  7. If you happen to find one, let me know :C I Miss bacon too ;_; Yeah i know.. such a late response. 1 Year! lmao! Are you guys even still here to see it? xD
  8. To any old friends who happen across this. Feel free to send me a friend invite @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/BJDware just be sure to drop a profile comment if you do so i know who you are.

  9. For those who personally know me, feel free to add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BJDware/ ( Just be sure to let me know who u are on my steam profile comments )

  10. Only because so many people didn't check the forums on a regular basis lol. I'v been well. Still alive and kicking. As is the wife. As for steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BJDware/ If you use it, or decide to, i can always be reached there. Anyone i know are welcome to add me, providing you let me know who you are in the profile comments there.
  11. Hey hey. Good to see you alive and kicking Zythus. I Have not touched the game in years, though i do pop onto these forums every few months to check on things. Spent too many years with WS to not. lol. I miss Cerberus. ( for those who do not know, i was the rogue in the front row "Darkborn" ) Those were the glory days when the game did not have a clan system. We had so much fun.
  12. Hard to find familiar faces from my day. Anyone still round? o.o

    1. Hazelnut


      Nestly here, Blueborn

    2. Blueborn
  13. Poke :3

    1. PoleyKathi


      Oh nyybguuuuuud ist this my aussie darling?

    2. Blueborn
  14. Been a long time, but if memory serves, I regularly solo'ed B3 & B7 with necro, 3 manned ( 2x necro, 1 shaman ) B1, B2, B4, B5, & B6. 2 Manned ( 2x necro ) B8 & B9, as well as a few elf side ones. But that was back in the day and mostly with LadyGi. Good to see Astral Lab enthusiasts are still around.
  15. Nothing much changes here.
  16. *Rides the pig* Bit hard.. idk if i want to ride it or eat it.. Panchen xD
  17. Blueborn


    Wow, seems the new mod for this section missed this topic.. partially cleaned the topic. Oh you know, here there and everywhere.. just not warspear so much. C: Hope you guys are doing great.
  18. Blueborn


    Great to see Juju with their very own topic. Rudi, grim and swift ( and yes you as well bop bop ), are great people and old friends of mine. Definitely a guild worthy of considering.
  19. Dead? Well that's a shame. Who is still playing? ( in or out of guild, yet from vortex )
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