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  1. oh really.? i dont know that. so i can open my 300++ days old letter. hope it have 300 sign in that chest ;D **if dev not delete it yet..
  2. well, i always open my letter, just not sent it to bag. hope it not been delete coz i have 1 my first letter keep in there its about 300++ day since i receive it. it my way to check how long i plays this game. :snorlax:
  3. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: honestly. u are stupid..
  4. JaaZ

    Ancient Samurai

    pray to let me win #1st. then u can buy it.. xD
  5. where is pool for my lock :diablo: ;D
  6. JaaZ

    Ancient Samurai

    new add. -random color
  7. JaaZ

    Ancient Samurai

    not many ppl like samurai.? tell me what u like i try make it for u :blush:
  8. JaaZ

    Fiery Dress

    wear it and burn alive ;D its pretty. :good:
  9. JaaZ

    Ancient Samurai

    update. side view.
  10. JaaZ

    Ancient Samurai

    do your best. senang la nk buat klu tau guna bnda tu ;D kalah la aku nnt :facepalm:
  11. JaaZ

    Ancient Samurai

    eerrrr last.? :shok: oh nooooooo pls dont die yet :lol: :lol:
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